Best 87 Waterfall Braid Hair Ideas To Make You Excited!


“Waterfall-Braid” just as its name signifies is actually “plait” of the hair developing a style with flow of the strands similar to a stream via it. This is a kind of hairstyles which fit in each and every outfit no matter if it is “casual” date or special occasion. This gives a great look regardless of texture of the hair. Continue reading to get a simple steps concept for the waterfall braid. Have a look at our another post “125 Amazing Pixie Cut Hairdos Just For You!


Simple Steps For The Traditional Waterfall-Braid!

  • First of all, part the hair into 2 sections and require a section of locks from a single side.


  • Create 3 sections of locks from the section. Now we are going to follow “French-braid” hairstyle.


  • Right now, cross the portion 1 (from back) over portion 2 (the center) and include a little bit hair from back to new back portion.


  • Cross the portion 3 (from front) over portion 1(new center section) as well as drop the portion 1


  • Now cross the portion 2 over portion 3 and include a little bit hair from back again.


  • Pick “strand” of locks up from front-bottom for replacing section 1.


  • Now cross “strand” with portion 2.


  • Finally, repeat it till the level you desire your locks to be perfectly braided. Here’s a short video for you.


87 Amazing Waterfall Braid Hairdos You Need To Know!

  1. Boho Multiple Braid:

The vacation is actually not a “vacation” until you visit the beach, click a pic with the Boho Braid as well as get tanned. Consider this super awesome Multi-Braid for turning the heads.

  1. Bouffant Dual Crown Braids:

The irritating thing hair easily may be sweetened using Bouffant and Braid as flavor. Choose this style in case you need to give volumes to the thin hair.

  1. Colorful Braids:

Colors are adored by nearly every teen. If you’re not scared to experiment with tone, then try out this look for being the core of attention.

  1. Stylish Braids:

Firstly Dual crown “Waterfall-Braid” is made at top hair. Just a little “braid-strand” is made of a small hair portion from every dropped portion of hair as well as is embellished upward with the flower accessory.

  1. Double Strand With Double Braid:

Double Strand with Double Braid can easily be made by making 2-sided “Waterfall-Braid” and braiding every side separately.

  1. Half Updo Braids:

Half Updo is the ideal solution to have the locks out of the face and additionally showcase your facial features. Little face aperture individuals will be happy to try out this.

  1. Short Bob Asymmetrical Braid:

You should give the messy Short Bob Asymmetrical Braid a try to get a puzzled look. Just leave some locks in the front for bangs to go with your facial structure.

  1. Short Bob A-Line Braid:

Do not worry if you actually have an event approaching and even you have short hair. Not to mention, this Short bob A-line Braid is simply the thing you’re trying to find in a hairstyle.

  1. Bang ‘S’ Braid:

It’s time to offer yourself a “Barbie” appearance with this gorgeous Bang ‘S’ Braid. Wear the pearl necklace for enhancing the look.

  1. Dragon Tail Braids:

Do you wish to appear like the dragon queen? Needless to say, this sophisticated hairdo looks like the dragon tail. On the other hand, the hair toward nape of neck is wide with the fishtail braids in the center and eventually mixes to make a sole twist.

11. Straight Braids With Side 1-Strand Braid:

This is actually a “go to school” Braid. The kid loves this appearance as this is easy yet alluring, as well as the “side-braid”, will look kiddish.

  1. Ponytail Folded Braid:

Ponytail Folded Braid is also a Braid you ought to try out for messy yet lovely look. Firstly, it is created by making the dangling “Waterfall-Braid” and after that messily binding the pony.

  1. Ponytail Love Braid:

Ponytail Love Braid is probably the most wonderful hairdo. If there is a date, then try out this look to get blushing compliment from your beloved one.

  1. Flower With Braid:

Accessorize the hair braid using some flower for getting a perfect look of the flower kid. This hairstyle shows your wild inner child.

  1. ‘S’ Long Braids:

The long is the “hair” for the “S” Braid method, the greater is the best “view” of this artsy twisting of the hair. Additionally, this particular Braid can be easily paired up using a cool outfit.

  1. Ladder Pastel Pink Braids:

The “pastel-pink” color to “Ladder-Braid” gives quite a girl vibe, as well as the ombre appearance with a soft wave, adds the flavor to your style.

  1. Jeweled Braids:

If you do not find your Braid exciting enough, then you can usually choose to accessorize your braid with a few dazzling yet uncomplicated jewels.

  1. Multicolored Braids:

This particular Braid includes all the 7 shade of color which the rainbow gives the feel of a pleasant and bright. You will definitely give the concept of the joyous individual with this amazing style.

  1. Curly Crown Bob:

For creating a different look with your “short-bob” hair, you’ll need to swirl the “dropped” strand of tresses offering a mushroom form.

  1. Double Braids With Side Bun And Curls:

The hairdo can be easily recreated by making a Double Braids with Side Bun and Curls and after that curling the only dropped strands.

  1. Bun Braid And Woven Bang:

People who appreciate and are influenced enough by braids will in no way get fed up with the time-consuming but remarkable braid designs as well as try different ideas for making one.

  1. Crown Double Braid:

This Crown Double Braid has been in trend since “Roman” empire period. Many females relevant to the emperor revealed their personality via this hairstyle.

  1. Loop Braids:

In this hairstyle, the braids are usually done in a manner that they stand for a “knotted” loop. On the other hand, this hairstyle additionally gives the impression of headband.

  1. Blonde Ombre Dual Braids:

This method is another perfect way to showcase your contrasted beautiful Ombre hair. However, the dual braid displays the contrast far better.

  1. Bob Headband Braids:

The “headband” on top as well as bob haircut offers the concept of complete face features, and your makeup skills will make them appear more attractive than ever.

  1. Halfup Loop Bun Braid:

This amazing Braid has become the irresistible hairdo. The mixture of dropped strands makes loop buns just like rose as well as the “ash-grey” highlights are simply perfect.

  1. Perfect Crown Curl Braids:

This “Crown-Braid” can be your “Prom-night” hairstyle if you’re still looking for the appropriate hairdo for the prom outfit to look authentic.

  1. Backside Platinum Highlighted Braids:

In case your “face” is usually fair enough, yet you desire more illuminations, after that you should choose highlighted platinum Braid.

  1. A-Line Highlighted Braids:

The “A-line” has shorter hair at the rear and long in front. On the other hand, this particular “braid” is actually comfortable despite this “texture” of locks. The purple and pinkish highlight contrast displays elegance.

  1. 4-Strand Loop Braids:

This hairstyle is additionally the blend of different type of braid creating an “S” shape. Dutch braid, Loop braid add up to make this style.

  1. Mermaid Braids:

This “Mermaid-Braid” can be easily recreated by making a 2-sided braid as well as braid this together by including the dropped part of locks until no fallen portion is left.

  1. Pink Shade Braids:

The different tone of the pink “highlights” to your hair tends to make the contrast gorgeous. The roots usually are darker with the purple color and are also lighter heading down to the bottom.

  1. Middle-Bun Double Braid:

The casual “braided-bun” replaces the traditional Updo at the rear of the forehead, and dual twist replaces the braids.

  1. Sunflower Artistic Braids:

The Inverted S-shaped Braid will give a creative view of loosened-up “braid” that is outlined by different tones of color similar to a “sunflower” field.

  1. Waterfall Braids:

There are different Braiding strategies for the Waterfall Braid. However, the figure displays the “plait” of every type of braid.

  1. Two-Side Half-Up Pony-Braided Braids:

Mix up different Braiding strategies with each other to make an innovative style. This hairdo has fishtail braid and Dutch braid in combo to look.

  1. Lob Half Updo Two-Sided Braids:

This Lob Half Updo Two-sided Braid is certainly another cute hairdo. The light “Pinkish” tone provides beauty to your look.

  1. Balayage Curled Braids:

Nothing can display better color and thickness than Curls and Braids. This hairstyle offers justice to the Balayage hair coloring technique.

  1. Two-Side Middle-Parted Half Updo Braids:

Only altering the “parting-side” can certainly make a big difference with the styling. Two-side Middle-parted Half Updo Braid is actually a classic method which can make you appear simple but alluring.

  1. Waterfall Braid In 2 Dutch Braid 1 Strand:

The 2 “Dutch-Braid” from “Waterfall-Braid” as mentioned above is currently taken to make just one strand Braid.

  1. Bangs With Waterfall Braid:

The Bangs with Waterfall Braid are the hairdos on a big day where you’ll be the “bridesmaid” to your closest friend.

  1. Waterfall Highlighted Asymmetrical Braids:

This amazing look can easily be made by trimming the locks asymmetrically and also making this more stylish by utilizing the highlights.

  1. Loose Blonde Braids:

The loose Braids will be comfier than the tight braid in case the hair is longer sufficient for being on the place. As said already “blonde” highlights will be best for contrast.

  1. Blonde Highlighted Braids:

The Highlighted Blonde Braid can also be an option for the display of pleasing the contrast between hair sections.

  1. Twist With Blonde Braid:

There is different styling approach for Twist Braid. However, the fallen strand can possibly be left “untouched” or even be braided to get a different eye-catching look.

  1. Flower With Five Strand Braids:

Are you actually a summer and sunset type of person? Consider this Flower with 5 Strand Braid for getting a “bohochic” appearance.

  1. Blonde Highlighted Twist Braid:

Twisting is one more excellent work for the braiding. Just blonde the locks out to offer the dense a highlighted look.

  1. Half Updo Waterfall Braid In Dual Dutch Braids:

This puzzling Braid is extremely simple to recreate. However, the center portion hair is “Waterfall-Braid”, and the fallen section from both sides will be taken to make Dutch braid.

  1. Halfup Tied Braid:

If you desire to show off a great appearance for robust and beautiful hair of your daughter, Halfup linked “Waterfall-Braid” is a means to go.

  1. Rainbow Hairstyle:

Rainbow color symbolizes the color of life as well as sporting them implies you as the free individual that complements the stream of life. Do not be scared to try out this.

  1. Dark Brown Braids:

The majority of the celebs you know choose Waterfall Braids whenever they have particular occasions to attend anyhow and silky and shiny “Dark-Brown” Braid is in no way moving away from style.

  1. Dual Braided Waterfall Braids:

This particular “Braid” is equivalent to a traditional “Waterfall-Braid” but in dual row. The fallen section from the first braid is usually added once again to be easily left dangling.

  1. Bangs With Balayage Waterfall Braids:

Bangs compliment the facial structure. Therefore, Braid with the Bangs is a perfect possible path to look fantastic from every side.

  1. Side Low Bun:

In case you do have a “dinner” date right after work as well as need to look beautiful, then you can accomplish this Braid. It is like hitting 2 things with just a stone.

  1. Backside Braid:

This Backside Braid is as just an easy approach to “fake” the Hairpin. In case you face an issue with the hairpin, then it is a comfortable approach to put the hair together.

  1. Waterfall Highlighted Braids:

Highlights make a design with the Waterfall Braid. On the other hand, the non-highlighted dark portion appears and displays contrast that looks beautiful.

  1. Dense Hairstyle:

The hair appears more eye-catching with thickness. Try out this Dense hairstyle to look delightful and youthful.

  1. Blonde Sombre Braids:

Sombre hair coloring is the best highlighting strategy which makes you root hair a lot closer to lower highlights for giving the impression of all-natural hair.

  1. Long Crown Braids:

Now you can feel just like a little princess with Long Crown Braids. Blonde Balayage can be the hair color of the Disney princesses.

  1. A Ponytail With Wavy Braid:

Have you got half wavy and half straight hair? If yes, then this particular “Braid” is a perfect hairdo for you. At the same time, the Braid starts just below straight section and curved portion makes a volume.

  1. French One-Sided Braids:

Are you wild enough about the braid to test any look? If you do, then this French One-Sided Braid will be a crazily superb technique to display your inner crazy wilderness.

  1. Bob Braids:

Waterfall Braids are famous with any size of hair. All these “Bob-Braids” are as adorable as these can get.

  1. Ladder Crown Braids:

Grip the hair a lot more on place with the Ladder Crown Braids. The straight locks give a soft look.

  1. Side Ladder Braids:

Add originality to yourself using this eye-catching “Side-Ladder” Braid. Also, you can easily highlight your locks with wine color to beautify this more.

  1. Messy Headband Updo Braids:

Not everyone likes formal. The Messy Headband Updo Braid is definitely best in case you desire to go messy pleasingly.

  1. Formal Headband Updo Braids:

If you’re visiting an official function and desire to updo your bun, then Formal Headband Updo Braids can be the perfection.

  1. Ponytail With Headband Braid:

Not everybody is keen on “ready-made” headbands. In case you have trouble with your hair everywhere, then this Ponytail with Headband Braid is the thing you need.

  1. Wavy Hairstyle:

As waves, this “wavy” hairdo can help you appear both threatening and pleasant. Therefore, if you’re an individual who is honest of your current boundary, then go with it.

  1. Got Inspired Braids:

If you’re a true fan of the GOT, then you have probably tried out this Braid. Not to mention, this hairdo will automatically offer you the character of Kind and Bold person.

  1. Fishtail Two Strands Ponytail Braids:

Fishtail Braid can be the satisfying and super easy strategy of all. In case you desire to appear pretty with much less effort, then you should opt for it.

  1. Ribbon With Dutch Braid:

“Dutch-Braid” is simply the “French-Braid” where a single strand is usually crossed under another instead of over. Including a “ribbon” at the back will give you the school vibe.

  1. Loose 4 Strand Braids:

This awesome style is Loose 4 Strand Braid just where one “Braided” strand is loosely crossed to the other to offer the fake jewelry idea.

  1. Loose Curl Braids:

When we discuss Beach, the initial thing which arrives at our thoughts is the loose curls. However, this “Loose-Curl” can be your hairdo if you’ve got plans for the Beach vacation.

  1. Artistic Braid:

You can easily create this “Artistic” look simply by braiding sections of the locks until the “end” gives a contrary “S” shape as well as be all set to get the attention.

  1. Crown Twist Braid:

If you’re in a rush but still wish to appear gleam, then you ought to try out this Braid. This is simple to make compared to other Braid.

  1. Waterfall Low Braids:

This “Low-Braid” is simply another “Waterfall-Braid” with Braid slanted. However, you should get this hairdo for an informal look.

  1. Waterfall Blonde Braid:

How frequently did you get a concept of obtaining or have obtained a “blonde” hair? In case you still have not then you surely should obtain it using this hairstyle.

  1. Crowned Braids:

The Queen sports the crown. In case you believe you can easily give “justice” to the words, then you’re sure to appreciate this particular Crowned Braid.

  1. Messy Braids:

Messy is now the newest trend. This is an ideal way to display how gorgeous you look despite having less effort.

  1. Waterfall Brown Braid:

“Call-Brown” hair, the classic fashion but it’s yet the most applied color of all as well as it manages to appear eye-catching in every hairdo.

  1. Ombre Aqua-Blue Braids:

This Ombre Aqua-blue Braid offers the feel of ocean. Try out this “Ombre” hair color with the braid and appear like a “mermaid” looking for sea.

  1. Highlights With 5 Strands Braid:

Create this 5 “Strand-Braid” and be ready to receive lots of compliments from the colleagues. Consider the “pinkish-blonde” highlights to get a more stylish look.

  1. Curls With Low-Back Braids:

Are you fed up with your thin locks? This Back Low Braid offers your hair volumes with bouffant at front-top and waves at the back.

  1. Flower With French Braid:

If there’s something which brings out simplicity and elegance both at the same time, it is the “French-Braid” with the flower hairdo.

  1. Bob Braids:

Bob is usually regarded as the sexiest hairdo. Make a braid at the front portion of this hairdo to add a lot more “cuteness” to this.

  1. Curled Braids:

This particular Braid is great enough for people with tangled and curled texture locks who actually have difficulty while getting the locks out of the face.

  1. Four Strand Braids:

Are you fed up with your normal hair pattern? Consider this Four “Strand-Braid” in which a single strand for third crossover is usually the first dropped braided section.



You will find different types of the Braid however not every one of them is adaptable enough for each length as well as texture hair. The “Waterfall-Braid” usually is the expert of Braids that are both unique and flexible compared to other braiding strategies.

Though it requires a little bit effort, it’s all worthwhile. It is probably the perfect styling technique for colored hair because it displays the gorgeous contrast of colors via the “stream” of locks symbolizing the waterfall.

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