87 Fascinating Waterfall Braid Hair Ideas For Every Hair Type!

Waterfall braid is one of the different types of braids available. Well, though there are plenty of choices when it comes to braiding, but is every braid suitable for you? You might not able to adapt with every braid you randomly like. Waterfall braid is usually flexible and can be worn in any hair type no matter what.

This article is all about waterfall braiding. It does not mean that the article will influence you on getting waterfall braid, but instead it shall answer all your queries and you are supposed to judge if it is your cup of tea or not! This article is in fact the collection of answers of every frequently asked questions. Read this article to find out everything about waterfall braids!

What is Waterfall Braid?

Waterfall braid is actually an interesting name gotten by a braid. By name it is pretty clear the braid forms a texture of a waterfall. The name signifies it is actually a plait of hair that develops a style through braids that forms something like a stream.

This hairstyle requires a little bit of extra effort and might be little time consuming, but it is the best technique of styling braids. This hairdo goes well with every dress you are planning to wear on that event. The hairdo is worth the efforts and time it consume. Without any doubt, women are loving this braiding style and are dying to learn how to make it or wear it.

It is also getting a lot of popularity from GOT series where Danerys has worn the multiple waterfall braids on her hair in entire series. Similarly, there are other popular stars who have made this hairdo a thing to must try!

How to get traditional Waterfall Braid?

This section will teach you how to wear a waterfall braid. But the text is not as clear as the video. So, why not also check out a YouTube tutorial to get one? For now, go through this procedure!

  • You need to prepare your hair for any hairdo first of all.
  • Wash your hair with a shampoo that suits you.
  • Condition your hair so that the hair is smooth and ready for some braiding
  • Let the hair naturally dry unless you are in hurry and want a blow dryer to help you out.
  • Apply hair lotion that will avoid frizzy hair. Also, it shall stick the baby hairs on scalp.
  • Now that you are done with the hair treatment, make two sections of hair and require a section of locks from one side only.
  • Now, for one section, prepare three sections of locks.
  • Apply French-braid hairdo on the hair strands.
  • Pick up a different strand each time you have rolled the three together.
  • Now, follow a pattern of a waterfall or stream while you move below or on the side.
  • Repeat this until you have completed the braiding of desired section.

How to keep this hairdo last longer?

After you have washed your hair, conditioned it, prepared the hairdo, you are not all set! Though you have received the most perfect hairstyle with all that effort but you are not yet ready. You need to make sure the hair lasts all day, at least until you are back to your home.

For that, you need to apply hair gel to begin with. Adding hair gel will make your hair a little stiff but everything will stay on its place for longer time period. It also adds shine to your hair. Moreover, before you leave, add hair spray on your final hair. This will not let you hair messed up into something terrible. Adding hairspray will of course increase the lifespan of the beautiful waterfall braid.

You can also carry the spray along with you and add it once you feel like it about to be destroyed. Little extra care should be put forward by the people with extra smooth and silky hair. This will be a life savior for them!

What are the advantages of getting Waterfall Braid hairdo?

There are several advantages of the waterfall braid. The first and the foremost advantage is the attractive hairdo appearance. You will simply love the final outcome of the hair and do not regret anything. The hairdo is perfect to look at and also holds plenty of hair.

The another advantage is once you have known how to make it, you can make it easily. It is time consuming initially but once you have learnt the technique, it is not time consuming either. This can have multiple braids and can end up till the bottom of hair starting from the scalp.

Another advantage of this hairdo is that this hairdo goes well with any look. You can wear it to office and as well to a party night. Either be it in clubs or weddings, feel free to wear it.

Also, this hairdo is really light. You need no hair extensions. The hairdo is quite loose and the scalp is free from pain. You do not feel any kind of pain at all.

Moreover, you can form your own design. There are plenty of ideas associated with the waterfall braid that will provide you enormous amount of ideas to wear it. Add a little change in the braiding and it becomes a new style of waterfall braid.

Lastly, it can be worn in any hair length, and any hair type. The length can be long, medium, or short it does not matter. Similarly, the hair can be straight, wavy, curly, fizzy, etc. it goes well. It also does not require any hair accessories to fix this hairstyle and you can wear it simply with a help of few rubber bands. You will not even require that if you have clever ideas.

In this way, there are plenty of advantages of waterfall braids one can try on.

What are the disadvantages of Waterfall Braid hairdo?

Well, everything has advantages and disadvantages. This hairdo also has some disadvantages. But there are only few disadvantages of this hairstyle.

You might require a help of another person to get this hairdo done. The reason is simple. You cannot make your braids on the back of your hair if you are not an expert. People find it difficult to braid themselves because they cannot see the hair. But some are also capable of doing it with a back mirror. And, sometimes simply even without a mirror.

Another disadvantage of the waterfall braiding is it might be difficult to carryout because it requires a little extra effort and practice. Even if you get the hair done, it might not stick on place if you do not apply hair gel and spray. So, make sure you use both of them.

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Does hair length matters on getting Waterfall Braid hairstyle?

Hair length has nothing to do with the waterfall braiding. If you are smart enough, you can get this hairdo done in any sort of length. But what you have to keep in mind is that the identical hairdo might not be possible in all sort of lengths. You might be able to get only crown or halo design on short hair, few extra on medium hair and a lot on long hair. So, basically, it is possible in all hair length but not exactly as you wish. Go through the sub topics below to find out more about the waterfall braids with different hair length.

Short Hair Length:

Short hair is a new trend these days. Women are switching to small haircuts like pixie cut, Rihanna cut, etc. These cuts make them look little naughty, little bold, but yet makes them a beautiful diva! Adding waterfall braids to short hair is without any doubts possible. It makes the hair look amazing. You can bring any sort of personality out of the combination of short hair and waterfall braids. You might not be able to make a stream fall up to the bottom because of small length but you can definitely make a halo or a crown or a basic fall. Be creative and try a lot of styles in the short hair!

Medium Hair Length:

Medium hair length cannot actually be defined. It might be little long than short and little short than the long hair. You cannot define it unless you have a reference. It comes out of comparison only. Well, there are more possibilities with waterfall braid ideas in medium length of hair as compared to short hair but less possibilities as compared to long hair. Medium hair length are loved and accepted by women more than long and short hair. This is what the survey says.

Long Hair Length:

Long hair length has the maximum hair ideas with waterfall braids. You get to prepare amazing waterfall designs and create your own as well. Though with long hair comes a lot of problems, and responsibilities, but also comes a lot of ways to make it look attractive. Look at the picture below and you will find out yourself how you can decorate waterfall braid in long hair very well and which might not be possible in small hair length.

What are different ideas of Waterfall Braid?

With waterfall braid hairstyle, one can add so many other ideas and make it even fancier. It does not mean that sticking to waterfall braid means you have to solely keep only waterfall braids. You can add a ponytail at the end, make complete hair braids, add dye or hair color, use hair accessories, create hair bun, make bangs, add unique hairstyle and so on. This article is all about different possibilities with waterfall braid. Go through each of them and fascinate yourself to find out the magic of waterfall braiding!


Ponytail is one of the most common hairdos in the entire world. It is done to usually keep the hair firmly into a roll. It is possible with most of the hairdos including the waterfall braid. Converting hair into a pony will provide you with amazing appearance as well as keep your hair mess free. You can add amazing hair band or hair rubber to make the ponytail look even more beautiful and stunning!

Basic Waterfall:

A basic waterfall is something that has amazing stream texture formed by braid. You will require a long hair to have this hairdo. The hairdo begins from top of the hair scalp and will go will the bottom. There is a curvy ‘S’ shaped hair along the braid from top to bottom. The final hairdo is amazing to look at and will go well with all the dresses specially if you are going on a wedding ceremony!


Braids and bun give a casual and a unique look at the same time. Adding a bun specially on one side of the hair will provide you pretty hairdo combination. The bun adds more charm to your hair as well make your hair mess free. Who does not love buns anyways? Buns go well with anything including the braids!


Halo is one of the fancy ways of creating waterfall braids into magical outcome. The waterfall halo by its name is clear is formed of braids to look like a halo instead of a waterfall. The halo like structure is formed out of braids in this hairdo which looks magical. Giving halo to your hair with braids is really a cool way to look all royal and classic. Do try this hairdo which works on any hair length and outfit!


Dyeing your hair before getting waterfall braid is a superb idea. You can add realistic colors like the one in the picture below. Add temporary dyes to play it cool and temporary. Do not damage your hair by extreme dyeing. Though the dyeing looks cool, but along with that comes a lot of other responsibilities, hair fall, damage, etc. Do not make the dyeing a problem by going into extreme level. But temporary dyeing or adding temporary colors cannot be a wrong idea. This really gives an amazing appearance to your final hairdo. Look amazing with this style and do not forget to take extra care of the hair after the dyes.

Extreme Design:

You can create some extreme designs with the waterfall braids. Be creative and modify the designs. Look at the picture below. You can see a beautiful flower like hair formation on the end of the braid on the side. You do not need any accessory to make the hair look cooler! It looks mind blowing and not less than something from the fairy tales. You can wear such hairdo on any outfit and it can be a great one for your evening gowns!

What makes waterfall braid so unique?

Waterfall braid is the most unique braid. It is the most beautiful one and requires a little extra effort. There are plenty of braid ideas but still waterfall braid stands out odd. The reason is its appearance. You look stunning with waterfall braid if you get it right. You can wear it with any hair texture and type. It goes amazingly well with straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, natural hair! You can also wear it on any hair length, after all length is not the problem for this hairdo.

It is also unique because it goes well with any outfit and age group. You can make this hairdo for your school going little girl, wear it on yourself for office or even can be a perfect combination with party wears. Add any kind of accessories like bows, rubber bands, bids, metal clips, shines and shimmers, etc. and you will not fail at getting all the attention from people around you!

Image Gallery!

This section consists of unique images of unique waterfall braids. Words are never enough to define the type of waterfall hairdo you can create. Therefore, this section will help you visualize the ideas through eyes. there are plenty of images in this section which are are  about waterfall braids not just from a single state or country but from throughout the world.

You will find the best images from the Internet in this section. Go through each of the images and find out something that goes well with your hair type, personality, outfit, and event.


To conclude, this article is all about waterfall braid. Who does not love the waterfall braids? Those who do not know about it do not like it! Well, now that you have gone through the article, you should have definitely liked this hairdo. If a person is curious about waterfall braids, this article will provide the person with everything.

There are several sections on this article. You will find out about the definition of the hairdo, different types of this hairdo, ways to wear it with style, and so on. There are several ways you can decorate your braids with the help of this article.

If you made it here, you might have liked the content. Did you like it? If yes, please share it with your loved ones or with the people who are crazy about braids or hair styles.

Happy braiding!


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