45 Outstanding Short Hair Ideas For Amazing Look!

Short Hair, Don’t Care!

Women all over the world are getting short hair these days. It is no more just a boy thing and has become part of women’s trending style. Not just a high school girl or a soccer player, but even the models and celebs are getting their hair shorter. Even the adult women, working women, and mother of kids are getting their hair shorter. What got this thing to get in trend? Find out every thing regarding types, ideas, maintenance tips, and all the gossips regarding short hair in this article.

Why Short Hair?

Before answering the question ‘Why short hair?’ instead the question should be ‘why not?’. Well, there are plenty of advantages to the short hair that we shall be discussing a little later. Basically short hair makes you have to worry little lesser about getting a lot of work done with hair styling. It gives you ever-ready look. You are having a visit, well, you need not find time for your hair, you are already done.

According to a survey among many people, women with short hair looks badass. She looks bold and strong. Moreover, a woman with short hair is often judged as a woman who knows a lot, who has seen a lot of the world, and who fears nobody.

The reason behind all these judgments are quite true. Women love their hair and they are often scared to make it short. Originally being a men’s thing, short hair is supposed to make a woman look ugly. For a typical woman, her hair is her ornament. Similarly in most countries and culture, women are supposed to have long hair, and in some cases, ultra long.

Something more..

Despite such a boundary and fear among the women that they will not be accepted in the society with short hair, if they still stand strong and get them short, they are heroes. Well, standing against ordinary and creating uniqueness is all it is about. This is why short hair makes a woman look stronger as well as bold.

But this is not the only case, even short hair can make one look beautiful. There are plenty of models and celebs who have proved it. They are the examples of how beauty cannot be defined by a length of hair.

Are you fearing to have short hair but deep inside want to get it really bad? Do not think twice, and just chop them off! Because, you will love the ideas relating short hair as explained in this article.

Pros & Cons of Short Hair!

There are plenty of pros and little cons to this length of hair. Short hair makes you feel younger every time, makes you carefree and makes you easy to go every time. But despite all these amazing advantages, there are few cons too. Find both below:


  • Less shampoo, treatment cream, conditioner, hair lotion, hairspray required.
  • Solution to damage hair. As the short hair can let all the damaged hair off the ends of the hairs, this is the solution to getting rid of damaged hair.
  • Escape of hair fall.
  • You save your time to get your hair ready for going out.
  • Simply letting it open will be easy and acceptable.
  • You need not spend a lot in accessories like hair pins, hair bands, rubber bands, etc.
  • The summer is an easy deal as you are carefree of excess sweats due to heat.
  • No need to carry comb and extra hair accessories in purse.
  • Goes well with any kind of look.


  • Sometimes you are judged by the society as going against the norms and values.
  • Lesser hair can let the scalp be severely hurt by the heat of the scorching sun.
  • You need to be extra cautious while picking up the clothes.
  • You might have to explain a lot of people the reason behind getting the hair short, LOL.

How do people react to short hair by women?

Mostly European and American countries are used to women having short hairs. But still in other Asian and African countries, the case is different. Sometimes it is the country, and other times it is the religion or culture the people are associated with that bounds them to have long hair.

Culturally dominant people shall react horribly to your short hair. They shall react you like you have got a tattoo or pierced numerously. Some people shall simply hate you for having a short hair because they believe it is a man’s thing and you are trying to be something different.

The new generation shall welcome your new hairstyle. Specially, youths and teenagers shall appreciate your big step. Even you shall be their inspiration. Most men also find it attractive. You will be receiving a lot of compliments even from the strangers.

Sometimes even the workplace shall not cooperate you getting your hair short. Even some high school or college might also not like that. Specially your relatives and people in a get together in family function might also make you feel low.

But you need to keep this in mind, people shall judge no matter what. Let them speak about you, and you can simply ignore it. This is your life and if you find it right for you, do not hesitate to do it!

Maintenance of Short Hair With Easy Tips:

The maintenance of short hair has to be the easiest task among all the lengths of hair. This is because short hair do not need much of an effort that’s why they are picked in most cases. Specially working ladies and old women like to get their hair short. Similarly, those glamorous women who like to experiment things also choose it .There are certain tips to care your hair, some of them are as follows:

  • Massage your head once in a while with coconut oil or some other oil. This not just nourishes your hair but also your scalp. It can be the solution to the hair fall too.
  • Shampoo your hair well. You do not require a lot of shampoo, but make sure the shampoo matches your hair type.
  • Do not wash your hair everyday. The chemicals can lead to hair fall and other problems in long term.
  • Add conditioner after each wash. It creates smoothness and also makes your hair softer.
  • Occasionally add treatment cream to your hair ends. This avoids hair splitting and hair damage. This also adds softness to your hair.
  • Use blower to dry your hair only if you are in hurry. If not, let it dry itself.
  • Avoid temporary straightening or curling using heating devices which can harm your hair if done a lot of times.
  • Use proper scarfs or hats while exposing to sun. This shall act as a shield against extreme heat.

Unique Ideas With Short Hair:

There are certain ideas one can follow while having short hair. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Accessories: There are certain accessories that add charm to the short hair. They do not simply help you lift the hair or make it stay firmly in place but also makes you hair look flawless. Some accessories are simply made for the short hair. You can choose one depending upon what kind of dress you are wearing along with that and what even you are going to.
  2. Bangs: Bangs are simply the solution to anything. Specially, if you have big forehead, you can get bangs to hide it. Moreover, bangs go amazingly well with the upward brows and big eyes. You can get bangs in your short hair and look funky cool and super cute!
  3. Color Palette: Adding different colors to your short hair can make you stand different in the crowd of people with short hair. Actually, colors can also express your personality. Sometimes even the natural colors can be different and make you unique. Adding common colors like burgundy, maroon, blonde, etc is common and yet provides such an elegance. Try something funky like blue or even pink, whatever, you are going to slay it!

45 Ideas On Short Hair Styling!

  1. Twisted Low Small Bun On The Beige Blonde Short Hair:

This twisted low small bun short hair idea is one of the most popular ones among all the short hair ideas. The reason is because it is super simple to form it. Beige Blonde is the perfect hair for this category. You can form bun with the smallest hair you have, amazed? This makes your beauty bone and jawlines look attractive along with that entire neck!

  1. Puffed-up Crown With Side Bang Rolled Short Hair Idea:

How natural do you want to look? Or, are you a super lazy girl? Simply, do you like a messed up hair? If any of these questions has a positive answer, then you need this hair style! It also adds volume to your hair. If you have thin hair or hair fall problem, try this hairdo. With the shorter side bang, you look super sexy without a doubt. Adding that little twisted finish is just a bomb idea to this hairdo. Just like the girl in the image, you shall have the similar look because this hair has nothing to do with what kind of face shape one has.

  1. Highlights With Twisted Low Polished Up-do:

There is this little thing call highlighting the portion of the hair that can completely twist the hairstyle.

Center-part the hair up towards the crown as well as slick this back smoothly. At this point, twist up the hair collectively and form an easy updo at nape of neck. Furthermore, ensure that the particular highlights are noticeable in different turns in the bun.

  1. Wide Long Fringes With Beautiful Bouffant:

Bouffant is one common short hair idea which do not require much of a hard work. It just requires simple steps. Getting fringes adds a signature to the hairstyle. Elegance is the goal of this hairstyle. Do not hesitate to get this hairstyle if you really want to look flawless. This can be your new favorite hairstyle if you are a girl with a short hair and prefer fringes.

  1. Highlights With Twisted Messy Spiral Updo:

  1. Hair Bows With Angular Side Loop Bun:

  1. Heavy Fringes With Beehive Blonde Updo:

  1. Pinned Updo And Low Relaxed Folded:

  1. Wavy Long Side Sweep With Side Low Updo:

  1. Polished Top With Twisted Glossy Updo:

11. Random Turns And Twists With High Updo:

  1. Crystal Pins With High Folded Casual Updo:

  1. Volumized Crown With Hot French Twist:

  1. Folded Low Updo On The Golden Blonde Locks:

  1. Twists And Folds With Messy Casual Bun:

  1. Volumized Top With Twisted Smart Updo:

  1. Brooch And Textured Waves With Flowery Low Updo:

  1. Side Braids And Puff With “Neat-Braided” Updo:

  1. Bang And Messy Waves With Low Side-Swept Bun:

  1. Twisted Strands With Solid Low Highlighted Updo:

  1. Bangs And Heavy Fringes With High Folded Updo:

  1. Headband With Textured And Twisted Wavy Updo:

  1. High Polished Updo And Exclusive Grand:

  1. Crystal Clip And Brown Waves With Low Messy Bun:

  1. More Than One Braided Wonderful Bun Up-do:

  1. Textured Waves With Low Twisted Up-do:

  1. Several Swept Strands With Messy Up-do:

  1. Twisted Locks On The Back With Side Low Bun:

  1. Puffy Top With Semi-Circular Smooth Low Bun Updo:

  1. Bangs And Waves With Wavy Low Elongated Updo:

  1. Accessory And Pouf With Highlighted Huge Updo:

  1. Multiple Folds With Fluffy High Side Updo:

  1. Feather-Y Clips With Large Flowery Updo:

  1. Subtle Twists With Flawlessly Organized Bun:

  1. Textured Front And Puffy Top With Flowery High Updo:

  1. Textured Locks Wrap With Topknot High Updo:

  1. Wavy Bang And Puffy Crown With Unique Twisted Bun:

  1. Dual-Braided Wraparound With Blonde Messy Hair:

  1. Textured Waves With Rolled Up Hairstyle:

  1. High Volume Top With Simple Twisted Hairstyle:

  1. Texture And Puff With Angular Highlighted Bun:

  1. Thin Lock Wrapped in Basic Ballet Bun:

  1. Textured Messy Waves With Large Low Bun:

  1. Hair Wrap And Highlights With Folded High Ponytail:

  1. Stray Hair With High Side Messy Bun:

Short Hair Popularity:

Short hair is revolutionary. When women choose short hair, they are about to create revolution each time. This is not something which started from a single house. It began from the women who were into sports. It created an obstacle to them therefore women into soccer and basketball often made their hair short. Moreover, women into Karate and Kung Fu also did not prefer to have long hair. Having their hair short they also realized it was fine and they felt comfortable slowly.

Slowly, the celebrities also started getting short hair. They obviously stood against the odds and took this step. It was no more a skater girl’s thing or a bad girl thing to do. Women started slowly finding it acceptable to have short hair. Then the short hair thing started spreading like am in bread.


The popularity begun. You can still find the women flaunting short hair in the movies from the 80s or even 70s. But despite all the love by the women towards short hair, they are not freely able to have it in all houses. There are houses, where a woman’s hair is a family’s business and despite having the wish to have short hair, some women forget it. They simply think this is not in their fate.

In spite of all the odds, the short hair idea started growing and women all over the globe considered this change a beautiful one. Therefore, still struggling to get its own space, the short hair is really popular today.

Specially the musician like Pink and Rihanna are making it possible for other women or girls to look after them as an inspiration or role models. The popularity is believed to be double in some years to come. It is no more just popular among skater girls, fighter girls, celebrities and singers but among all the commoners.


In short, short hair is something that every woman should try at least once in her life time after her teenage years. The feeling one gets with short hair is inexpressible. Therefore, this article is all about creating positivity about short hair.

There are certain beliefs about short hair and how less ideas are available. In order to prove them all wrong, there are 45 ideas presented in this article which are unique and flawless.

The ideas, maintenance tips, pros and cons, and everything regarding short hair in this article provides answers to all the queries of the people who are willing to get the short hair but are somehow scared as well. Hope this blog puts together every scattered ideas and provides a lump to you.

Do not hesitate in getting your hair short and flaunt it while you have that funky mood!

“Short Hair, Don’t Care”

Well, this proverb is really a worth one. With short hair you really forget excess pressure. Shorter hair means less time in front of the mirror, less visits to the hairdresser, less expense in the hair products, and less energy invested into something less important! Therefore, agree the proverb, and get your hairs short to adapt all these positive changes! After all, this is one of the beautiful change! A woman should at least once in her life make her hairs short and enjoy the beauty of having it!

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