11 Most Exciting Unsolved Mysteries Of America That You Need To Know!

Mysteries are something everyone enjoys, while the secrets bring a lot of curiosity in everyone’s mind. Especially when the unsolved mysteries are from one of the most powerful countries in the world – the United States of America – everyone likes to put their interest on.

Well, so this article shall provide you mind-blowing unsolved mysteries of America. These unsolved mysteries have a rare chance to be solved shortly, but one cannot lose hope so quickly, right? So, without making more comments, lets straight into the mysteries below! Now it is the time when your mind blows instantly!

11 Unsolved Mysteries of America!

  1. Moon Landing:

For you, this might not be a mystery. Why is this thing even in the list of secrets? Because we think it is not what the entire world thinks it is. Or, maybe just for fun, but at least let’s go through the facts presented below!

We all know Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon on the 20th of July 1669. Some pictures convey his walk on the lunar surface. But, was that walk indeed on the lunar surface? What else proves that? Many of us claim this to be simply a dramatic display of the event which never happened in reality. Neil Armstrong did not step on the actual moon is what most people support.

Okay, so what is the concept behind? The stage has to be made up. Well, the entire thing was perfectly staged. It has to be shot in the Hollywood studio room. The decoration or fake stage has to be prepared by Stanley Kubrick, the director who had already wowed the audience a year back with the realistic ‘Outer Space’ epic 2001 called A Space Odyssey. Does not this sound so real?

There can be some general queries from the picture itself. Look at the position of the well-placed flag. Then the word C., of course, NASA will never accept the fact, and the whole United States will refuse the hoax of the moon landing. Even Aldrin hit a man for bringing this conspiracy theory out, but still, one can think about it.

It has to be one of the mysteries, of course.

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  1. Bigfoot:

Bigfoot, as defined, is a hairy character that is lumbering and looks like an ape, but massive in size like a beast. This prominent hairy character leaves its vast footprints all over the places that it goes. Bigfoot sightings were happening in the USA other than Hawaii. Only the vast prints were seen in North America, and no other sights were there. The tales of Bigfoot are popular bedtime stories, and some kids’ favorite character is Bigfoot.

The gender not identified, either he or she, the Bigfoot likes Pacific Northwest though has never been caught on camera. Despite having no proof of its existence, there are so many hoaxes even in 2015 when Rick Dyer, the self-claimed Bigfoot hunter, shot and killed the hairy giant. The man also decided to take a tour with the dead body of the so-called Bigfoot that he had killed. Rick Dyer was famous for his courage and ability to kill the most popular unseen giant back then.

But well, later on, the most profound secret was out. The so-called dead body of the Bigfoot was a prop that was made out of camel hair, foam, and latex. Well, the question of the decade is, if there is such creature like Bigfoot, why has not anyone ever encountered or shot him with a camera yet? And, even if there is such a creature out there that is supposedly harmless with no signs of kills, then why are people so worried about one? Let that creature hover around making the giant steps, and why doesn’t one go to see a unique animal instead of a hairy ape? Maybe we shall go check out a penguin?

  1. Who Fired “Shot Heard Round The World”?

It was the 19th of April 1775 when it was the official start of the American Revolution. It was the battle between Lexington & Concord. Enormous numbers of Colonists attacked British troops because the British have been wrecking the ammunition and guns which they had confiscated from the nearby Concord.

Famous poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his Concord Hymn, created a viral poem back then in 1837 called ‘Shot heard round the world’, which described how someone’s weapon was fired. The battle was ongoing while this poem came out. But the mystery is that people have no idea who shot that gun. Some claim it to be American who did it while the rest believe it has to be from the British troops. However, this attempt to make the first fire was a massive attempt in history.

  1. Ghost Road:

The Gurdon Light, which is harmless, has been one of the unsolved mysteries of America. There were strange flying lights seen all around the country. But the Gurdon Light was distinctive out all the light floating. It was one close to the railway tracks in the Gurdon, Arkansas. Being not elusive at all, this is something were local children found out, and everyone wanted the explanation for that.

It is not something one or two people noticed, but by hundreds of them and few townspeople as well. It did not appear just once but every day, which became a part of the locals’ everyday lives. There have been distinct tales but no explanation of its origin. There are unique stories or statements from a different group of people.

The prevalent explanation is that a railway worker being injured by the train and decapitated; the light is something that carries the ghost of the person to stroll the tracks, which try to find the disembodied head. Some also claim that it is the light of the railway ghost that was killed by the employee with a hammer or railroad spike. The began to appear after the offense took place, which has made it a well-known one.

  1. Black Dahlia:

There are some mysteries of murders. This case of murder backs in 1947, which became the most unsolved crime of Hollywood, and is nasty. The beautiful actress late Elizabeth Short was found dead in the empty lot in Los Angeles.

he body was not just dead but was chopped up in 1/2, and 3″ gashes cut in every corner of the mouth. It left a clown smile on her dead face, which was a little creepy.

No evidence of killing was found out, and this mystery became popular as Black Dahlia. Some people tried to take the credit of this just for the offense. Black Dahlia was the nickname of this late artist who loved trendy black dresses.

There were many questions, suspects, and articles out. Along with that, there was a book named “Black Dahlia” by Red Rose, who suspects bellhop as the murderer of Elizabeth who has been in custody before but later released. But this case has been closed already with no justice to Short.

  1. Taos Hum:

There is a little town in North Central New Mexico known as Taos, where there is a mystery. The locals heard a weird low-frequency noise that is buzzing like a drone in the early 1990s, which kind of fascinated and irritated the locals.

The townspeople made several complaints to Congress in 1993, which was done research. There was some research out which tried to determine the actual cause of the noise coming out, but there was nothing with full support.

Is that because of a high-pressure gas line? Or is that a piece of industrial equipment? Could it have been electromagnetic low-frequency radiation else? Or maybe any top-secret army experiment is hidden by the government? Nobody knows what was making that noise. And, nobody could do proper research either. There are no more researches made on that.

  1. Lizzie Borden:

There was this mysterious death of a wealthy couple back in 1892 in the Fall River, Massachusetts. The end was suspected to be made by their 32-year-old daughter Lizzie who resided with the couple.

The whole town believes she has been a sinful daughter all her life. While there were investigators who came to investigate the case with Lizzie, she was not very cooperative. After the demise of her parents, she also burnt her old, outdated clothes, which people believed she did to hide the pieces of evidence.

The investigators found out she was having a wrong time with her parents, who did not help her with finances and were annoying her. The stepmother and Lizzie could not bond very well. Everyone claimed Lizzie was responsible for the murder, and she had been the killer who escaped without justice.

Lizzie became to be the topic of rhymes of kids. She did not get to escape so well because of the hurdles she faced. There was no one in her support despite not getting any proof to support this evidence. So, was she the one to kill her parents? If not, who did the murder?

  1. Nixon – Missing 18 Minutes:

Out of all the mysteries of America, there is a lot of people who do not know about the Watergate Scandal, which came out during the presidency of Mr. Richard Nixon. It compelled him to give resignation back on 8th August 1974. The most outrageous mystery was the missing 18 minutes and a half from the tapes of Nixon, which was made out of the discussion in the Oval Office. So the thing is the secret recording that was in 18 minutes, and a half might have something important to tell.

What could have been in the missing part of the tape? There could have been a discussion between Nixon and Bob Haldeman, who was the particular chief of the staff. Also, there was a claim made by Nixon’s assistant – Rose Mary Woods which made an obligation for some of the erasure which said she unintentionally hit the record button while she was transcribing the tapes but only took the blame for the missing five minutes of the tape and not the whole missing part.

There were numerous culprits as suspected, which included the lawyer of Nixon, ex-Chief of the staff – Alexander Haig, who back then blamed the thing was because of a sinister force.

  1. What (Or Who) Actually Murdered Harry Houdini?

Out of all the death mysteries that are still unsolved and might be unsolved forever in America, this one is also quite popular. The death of the famous escape artist Harry Houdini back in 1926 was due to complications from the ruptured appendix. However, after the demise, newspaper headlines came out with the anticipation of Mr. Houdini’s death with the title of their newspaper headline – Was Mr. Houdini Killed?

There is a biography published by authors Larry Sloman & William Kalush in 2006 called – The Secret Life of Houdini, which was a case next to the Spiritualist group who claimed they could talk to ghosts and spirits. Houdini never accepted that while he was alive and even laughed at when he was made such claims.

Well, nobody knows what is behind his death. It can only be because of the complications from the ruptured appendix. This mysterious death or the claims made by the suspects let you think, “What (or who) murdered Harry Houdini? However, it is fun to think about this death, which is one of the famous unsolved death mysteries in America.

  1. Disembodied Feet Mystery:

There is another mystery regarding death. It dates back on 20th August 2007 wheen a disembodied foot of a human with a tennis shoe of Adidas brand was found on the beach near Vancouver, British Columbia. Then, a week later, there was surprisingly another foot washed ashore, which had a white Reebok on. Then, eleven years after that, there had been thirteen feet, each one with a sneaker on was discovered on beaches of British Columbia.

Moreover, the most recent foot was found earlier this December. Is not this spooky? Where is the rest of the body? I mean, why just a foot was there? Several feet means multiple deaths. Where are the remaining?

There are many hypotheses made about this mysterious appearance of the foot. The serial killer might like to make several deaths and leave only the strange foot out in the Salish sea, burning or disappearing the remaining. But after DNA tests from the remaining foot, many deaths were identified. But the fascinating thing was the DNA matched people who died of suicide. Two feet were of the same woman who died by jumping off the bridge in the New Westminster back in 2004. What a mystery, right? What are your thoughts on this?

11. Area 51:

Do you know Area 51? It is quite popular in and out of America. This area is believed to be the area allocated by the US government for all the aliens from the space. It is at least what the general public thinks.

This remote Air Force base at the center of Nevada desert, which is approximately one fifty miles away from Las Vegas, brings some odd rumors every year. Okay, let’s reveal the alien theory that dates back in 1947 when an extraterrestrial craft was crashed in the Roswell, New Mexico, when the craft and alien bodies were taken to the base to study. It is the little part of the vast secret going at Area 51.

These might be myths for the local people, but they are secretly managing everything for the government. It is where the time travel units are being created. People also believe this is the region where they maintain the mutant little people that were caught flying in the Soviet planes. There is Peter Merlin, who is an author and historian who has been doing several research on Area 51 for more than three decades and made a statement that the forbidden element of Area 51 is precisely what makes everyone want to find out what there is.

Images From Some More Mysteries:

The above mentioned are 11 amazing mysteries of America. Below are the pictures from six other unsolved mysteries. Look at all of them and guess what mystery do they hold! Do you already know the secrets behind the images below? If yes, comment on the comment section, and if you do not know, at least make a random guess!


Well, mysteries are something that are missing the facts. When a secret has a background and has something in support, it does not become a mystery anymore. But when there are the mysteries that are kind of unsolved, that gains a lot of attention. Didn’t the mysteries, as mentioned earlier, blow your mind? Do you have something to support your idea behind any of these mysteries? If yes, give it a try. Let’s see what you have in support of your plan.

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