150 Incredible Tiger Tattoos For The Boldest Look!

Tiger tattoos are one of the popular animal tattoos. They are one of the popular animal tattoos for several reasons. This article is the source of answers to all the curiosities relating to tiger tattoos, the historical value of tigers, their importance, different symbols connecting them, average cost, maintenance ideas, image gallery, and everything else too.

As we also know how tiger extinction has risen. Initially, there were nine types of a tiger in large numbers, while only six remained in a small number. Some remaining types are found in Southeast Asia and few in Korea & China. Because of this, the tiger tattoos can also be the symbol of love and their value towards them. People all over are getting them to raise awareness and thus making it super popular.

What is Tiger Tattoos?

Tiger tattoos are the tattoos that will include single or multiple, full or some part like paws & face, colorful or colorless tigers ink in the skin. Tigers are always one of the brave ones. They are the symbol of strength, courage, and dominance. Being the most powerful animal in the cat family, tigers are the royal creatures with their fan base.

But as well all know how the number of tigers is reducing every day, its value has risen. This creature is dying because of deforestation as their habitat is being destroyed. Moreover, the tigers are killed by the poachers for selling their skin and bones. Despite all the security and animal rights’ activists, the extinction of three types of tigers has taken place already. It makes the tiger tattoos more classic.

They are also available in a large variety of sizes, colors, positioning, scenes, etc. They can also be modified to resemble your personality. After all, there is a tiger inside every human being.

Meaning of Tiger Tattoo:

There are the specific symbolic meaning of tiger tattoos. They are having some hidden meanings as well, which you might have no idea about. These meanings are resembling several personalities. You might be fascinated to find out about all of these. Go through some of the purposes explained here:


The popularity of a tiger is because of its strength and power. Without any doubt, they are one of the dominant creatures in the world. Therefore, they reflect safety. With a tiger tattoo, you can feel safer. It somewhat acts like a protector and will protect you from several harms. Do you have any idea regarding tigers and the protection of dead people? Historically they were considered to be the protectors of the dead people. It is one of the firm beliefs of Chinese philosophy. They used to engrave the picture of a tiger in the gravestones of their late family members with an understanding of being protected by the tigers. It also made it famous in terms of tattooing. Tiger tattoos are regarded as safety purpose tattoos.


The culture of wearing tattoos by the gangsters, criminals, physically strong & aggressive nature people was popular and is still accessible. Tigers are considered one of the strong creatures. Somehow, it also gradually became an animal of violence makers. As villains wore the tattoos of tigers to feel secure and dominant, their popularity gained. Tiger tattoos became the tattoos of the violence makers. They are one of the cruel predators who also kill human beings, and their demand has been more in this field.


Tiger is also a national animal of India. There is a spiritual belief of Indians with the tiger. They have this belief that tigers are bad to only bad people while protecting the good ones. There are some wrong thoughts of people that tigers are harmful and are a symbol of violence. But this is not true. The bad one is the victim, while too good one gets the blessing.


Tiger is always a symbol of strength, bravery, and power. Without a doubt, they are one of the dominant predators. They are the representation of the power of a man too. Wearing a tiger tattoo by a powerful man can represent the parallel power. But if a weak man wears it, it is believed how the energy of a tiger is transformed in him. Therefore, people are fond of tiger tattoos worldwide, especially the fighters, army, boxers, and others.


Tigers are very ferocious. They are the giant cats. Sometimes they can be compared with lions who are the kings of the jungle. Their wildness is unique, though.

What is the average cost of Tiger Tattoos?

If someone can give you the actual price of a tiger tattoo throughout the world, then, believe me, the person is lying. There is no way one can determine the average cost of a tiger tattoo. It is because the price is not constant throughout. Several factors always fluctuate the amount of tiger tattoos.

The first factor that determines the cost is the size of the tattoo. Greater is the size; higher is the price of the tattoo. It is because of the value of the ink again. Sometimes the quality can also make the cost fluctuate. If the ink is of better quality, the price can be slightly higher. But do not get it wrong, if the size is enormous, but it is empty, the amount can be lesser than the small size tattoo with thick lines.


The price can vary depending on the colors used. If you make a simple black outlined print, the cost can be cheap. But if you wish to get multiple colors and 3D effects, the price can be doubled. So, color also plays an essential role in determining the cost of the tiger tattoo.

Most of the tattoo artists charge based on hours. For instance, a medium tiger tattoo with minimum colors can be inked in $40 to $80 per hour. This price can be too high in some cities while too cheap in others.

The hourly charges can again vary depending on which city you are in. If you are in a trendy town, the prices can be high. Likewise, the cost can also vary depending upon the experience of the tattoo artist. Some tattoo artists can charge high merely because of their extreme demand. Those artists who tattoo celebs can command even higher to the commoner as well!


What are the possibilities with Tiger Tats?

There are several possibilities with tiger tattoos. It is one of the versatile tattoos. You can add a lot of effect along with that. Some of the ideas are presented below:

The Original Tiger:

The original tiger is a simple tiger that has no unique effect added. It has a realistic view. It is simply classic. A tiger itself is a beautiful and meaningful creature. Sometimes there is no need to make it look exotic or vulnerable as things can go wrong. The original tiger itself has a perfect definition and does not require any fancy stuff. Thus, it is not a bad idea to get a unique tiger tattoo.

The Face of The Tiger:

The central part of the tiger body is its face. There is this beauty with the facial expression of a tiger that can be related to various things. A tiger with a full open mouth can be a symbol of aggression, power, etc. If the eyes are focused, it can be a mystery, magic, etc. It is how a simple tiger face can be used to express several things. Moreover, wearing a just-a-face makes it able to adjust with any tattoos anywhere in the body.

Tiger Paw & Stripes:

Sometimes merely making few stripes along with a paw can also mean a lot. It only means a whole tiger itself. The strips are the identification of the tiger and the paws as well. So, you need not make an entire tiger reflect it but can get the stripes and paws instead.


The 3D tiger is a trending tattoo idea these days. A 3D tiger tattoo can slightly cost a bit more, but the result is worth the price. With a 3D effect, you will enjoy watching the tattoo every time. It also gains a lot of attention. With colors and a 3D effect, you will rock it!

Multiple Tigers:

Multiple tigers are always better than a single one. You can get small prints and show an entire crew of tigers. It can have a unique combination of tigers. You can place it in your back or chest or even thighs where you have enough space for your creativity.


There are no gender issues in the case of any animal tattoo. Even women love to wear tiger tattoos. But sometimes women prefer a tigress to a tiger. It does not vary much, but it provides them personal satisfaction. Some women can compare themselves to a tigress in terms of roles and power. Even men can wear tigress tattoos with their meanings.

What is the ideal placement for Tiger Tattoo?

There are several designs of tiger tattoos. They are mostly worn in colossal size is a belief of an average person. But this is not true. The symbol does not have to be substantial all the time. If you are planning to get a tiger tattoo, you get to choose the size. The size can now determine the ideal placement of the tiger tattoo.

If you are planning to get the large-sized tiger, entire body, or merely the head of the tiger in large size, the perfect place would be your back. You can feel that yourself how the big tiger will fit in your back and nowhere else in the body. If you want a reasonably medium-sized tiger tattoo, you can place it in your thighs, chest, shoulder area, or even belly. The medium size tiger tattoo can also fit in your arms or legs. If the size is small, wear it in your wrist, ankle, neck, shoulder blade, etc. If the tattoo is tiniest, the best spot would be your fingers, earlobe, even forehead, and sometimes palms.

The size you see is the determining factor of the ideal place of a tiger tattoo. You will again require an ample space if you want multiple tigers or tiger incorporated with several other designs or symbols. You can even start the tattoo from the back and come up to the chest. Or, you can also tattoo the entire arm.

The popularity of tiger tattoo is in the chest region, entire arms, and also the legs. So, you can tattoo these areas.


What are the procedures of getting a tiger tattoo?

There are specific procedures to get a tiger tattoo. You can do it on your own too. But with these steps, you are always guided and on track. Follow them for better results.

Step 1:

First of all, question yourself, “are you sure you want a tiger tattoo?” – If the answer is definite, proceed forward.

Step 2:

So basically, do you have a purpose? Some people wear it just because it looks fantastic. It is always better to have a purpose behind wearing any tiger tattoo. It makes it more meaningful. People shall continuously ask you why you have that tattoo and not something else; you should be able to answer that.

Step 3:

Do multiple types of research. Go through online papers like this one. Get detailed information on it.

Step 4:

Choose the perfect size of a tattoo. Whatever format you pick shall also determine the ideal place in your body to wear it.

Step 5:

As you have determined the size, the body spot can be selected now. If you want to make your tattoo visible, wear it in your arms or legs, but if not, wear it in the chest, back, etc. Also, with the size of the selected tattoo, pick the body spot.

Step 6:

This step is all about searching for a perfect studio. If you have already had other tattoos before, you can stick to the same studio if the results were excellent. Finding an ideal studio needs proper research again. You can visit all the studios available in your locality or also find it online. A perfect tattoo studio has to be well maintained; hygiene should be there, the artist should be experienced, the needle should be sterilized well, the cost should be average.

Step 7:

After you have found the studio, you need to have an appointment with the artist. You can also share your idea and ask the artist to modify it in case you are in search of help. The artists have an idea, and they can always guide their customers so that they do not regret it later on.

Step 8: 

After that, you need to pick a date. Could you not rush into it? Take a date where you can freely have the tattoo without any work pressure or duties. The time should be appropriate.

Step 9:

You need to hydrate yourself a day before the big night. It is preferred to avoid alcohol. You also can avoid smoking anything a day before. It shall help you to stay awake and also to be fresh on the big day. It makes you more conscious and active.

Step 10: 

Now that the day has come, you need to boost yourself. If it is not your first tattoo, you already know the experience of getting one. Some spots like the neck, head, face, etc. can be painful, but the other regions can have average pain. It would help if you made yourself relaxed and comfortable. It is stupid to ask someone to comfort themselves while their skin is being inked, but at least let go of the greatest fears. The pain will not be lesser, but at least you will get more strength to overcome it!


In this article, you found about tiger tattoos. There are the answers to all your curiosities. The definition, history meaning, hidden meaning, ideas, types, average cost, maintenance tips, the procedure to get one, sizes available, single or multiple tigers using, significance, and about the precautions to avoid infection.

Without a doubt, tiger tattoos are the fantastic tattoos that symbolize power, strength, bravery, sometimes violence, or even crimes. The use of a tiger tattoo or a tigress tattoo can mean anything depending upon the individual wearing it. This incredibly symbolic creature tattoos are not just profoundly meaningful but also have outstanding ideas that can be stylish as well as sexy sometimes.

We hope this article could answer all the frequently asked questions. With this article, one should be ready to get a tattoo now. With the image gallery section, one is more confident in picking one for themselves. It is how the selection is done.

If you are reading this, you have already made it to the bottom of the page. Thanks for making time to go through all. We hope it was helpful in at least some ways. If you found the content useful or informative, it is time to share it with your friends or loved ones!

Happy tattooing! Thank you!

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