Top 43 Thigh Tattoos That Will Spice Up Your Beauty!


Having a gorgeous tattoo is becoming increasingly a trendy and fashionable phenomenon with folks from all stages of life enthusiastic to showcase their hottest tattoo designs. As time passes, tattoos have changed from being only basic marks on skin into significant designs, common in both women and men.

Women and men of different backgrounds and age brackets get tattoos for reflecting their preferences, tastes, and style. A few body parts appear ideal for flaunting gorgeous tattoo designs as they look excellent at particular parts that are revealed whenever you spice up for a special occasion.

As an example, the thigh tattoos are able to make a female look more attractive and beautiful than in the past. Tattoos on thigh will look superb on women, old and young alike, and contributes to “sexiness” of their legs and things. On the other hand, the most significant thing is actually to pick the right kind of design which suits your personality and body. Take a look at this post also “Best 87 Waterfall Braid Hair Ideas To Make You Excited!

Factors Behind Their Reputation!

You will find many factors why the thigh tattoos tend to be so famous. First of all, this area of your body will probably be exposed in different types of dresses, letting you to showcase your sophisticated tattoo. Believe it or not, you do not need to make an enormous effort to show off your gorgeous tattoo. Additionally, having a perfect tattoo on outer portion of the thigh is highly preferred and much less painful in comparison to the inner portion of your thigh.

On top of that, these amazing tattoos are preferred highly due to the best part of body they’re inked on. For that matter, you can virtually do everything you desire on this portion of your body. The tattoo designer has sufficient space and an appropriate canvas on that to make your tattoo. Here’s a short video for you!

Sexy Thigh Tattoo Ideas And Designs!

These designs are available in different sizes and shapes and they possess a “symbolic” meaning as you can obtain almost any design you desire on the thighs. These kinds of designs usually vary from a little design in inner area of the thigh to a larger design which covers outer portion of the thigh.

One more position to have Celtic or tribal patterns, the flowers or perhaps words or even quotes is actually the part of thigh. Some other famous designs for thighs are butterflies, fairies and roses, some people prefer to pick more masculine elements for example skulls, tribal and Celtic.

Another appealing design is a snake or dragon, which will wind around the leg and the thighs, providing you with a stylish look. The floral designs for example roses, cherry and lotus can be extremely attractive as well. Birds, warrior, feathers, as well as graffiti designs also have become famous in the recent times. Additionally, you can choose themed tattoos styles, for instance, nautical, native, skull, and pirate designs. Don’t be scared to experiment with various designs, as many of these styles will look astonishingly wonderful on the woman body.

How To Choose The Best Tattoo For The Thighs?

The key factor to take into account when picking thigh tattoo is to choose a pattern which suits the shape and kind of the legs you possess. You will find several choices accessible; therefore you’ll definitely discover the ideal one to suit your needs. Make sure to perform your own research thus you can discover a certain tattoo design which will look excellent on the thighs.

Additionally, it is vital to try to find an experienced tattoo designer who can offer you with high-quality services with the best tattoo design which will certainly reflect your personality, style, and tastes.


Best 43 Thigh Tattoos For You!

  1. Intriguing Snake Tattoo On The Thigh Of A Lady:

This exciting tattoo easily captures the graphic of a snake which is writhing the way around as well as amongst many branches with a few flowers. This snake continues to be drawn with various shades and patterns to show various portions of its body similar to its underbelly. On the other hand, the flowers have a dirty tone of the red.

  1. Awesome Tattoo Of An Owl On A Guy’s Thigh:

It is possibly the best tattoo idea which a man can get accomplished on the thigh. However, the tattoo shows an owl having black feathers set on the branch. Also, this owl possesses blue eyes as well as seems to have elegant patterns on the feathers of chest and on top of the head.

  1. Sexy Rose Tattoo On The Thigh Of A Girl:

This hot tattoo of the rose is placed best on the thigh of a girl. The red-roses seem to by resting among a few leaf plants. A “black-bird” seems to be hovering over the blooms while a little black cross seems to be dangling below the blossoms.

  1. Amazing Floral Tattoo On The Thigh Of A Girl:

It is an attractive thigh tattoo which fits a lady best who desires something hot on the front thigh. This white and black tattoo shows 2 rose blossoms lying among the leafy vegetation. This tattoo makes use of different shades of the black to display various petal levels.

  1. Cute White And Black Thigh Tattoo:

It is definitely the best tattoo on thigh which a woman can get to boost the art of her body. This tattoo by itself appears to be of the chandelier drawings. This tattoo being all white and black has lots of details to this even showing the chandelier hangings.

  1. A Perfectly Decorated Thigh Tattoo:

This is an awesome tattoo concept where thigh is decorated nicely with exactly what looks like incredible patterns dangling down from the line. This tattoo is an incredible idea, and even many will jealousy all the exceptional decorations.

  1. A Gorgeous Octopus Tattoo On Thigh:

Octopuses are noted for their higher intelligence as well as getting one on the thighs is an excellent way to value lives in seas. This tattoo looks wonderful because the octopus attempts to spread its arms on your thigh.

  1. An Exceptional Carriage Tattoo On Thigh:

This tattoo is an ideal concept with carriage drawn nicely on your thigh. It is the historic carriages witnessed in the old movies. This carriage has the hooks around this and a few strings possibly for affixing to horse or even whatever animal which will be tugging it.

  1. A Great Kite Tattoo On Thigh:

All of us loved the kites while we grew up as well as getting this particular tattoo of a kite on your thigh will possibly “remind” you of best moments you had while you were just a kid growing up. This is a fantastic pick which does not need to fill up all space on the thighs.

  1. An Excellent Square Thigh Tattoo:

This tattoo is an easy one as well as looks great on the thigh. It is probably the best tattoo you may have if you do not desire something too large on your thigh. It is an exceptional one but quite detailed.

11. Bad Weather Thigh Tattoo With Grace:

In case you have suffered all the bad weather such as the typhoon, after that, you have pictures of the trees falling down. This special tattoo concept has brought that and made an awesome tattoo of big falling tree possibly from the strong winds.

  1. Gorgeous “Red” Tattoo Of The Birds On Thighs:

The red is a color you easily can notice from a long distance. Getting such an excellent bird tattoo designed on the thigh is a superb concept as “red color” is actually noticed from a long distance. The intertwining twigs of tree make this tattoo an extensive masterpiece.

  1. Two Special Animal Tattoos On Thigh:

A gazelle and an owl aren’t the sorts of animals which you discover together quite often. This tattoo is an excellent concept as both the animals perfectly have been fitted on legs with every single having words under them. Anybody can choose exactly what they desire written on the thighs simply beneath the animals.

  1. An Exclusive Ribbon Ties Thigh Tattoo:

Not to mention, a “ribbon-tie” is a superb tattoo matched on the thigh of a woman. These ribbon ties usually are complementing on both the legs with very similar design completely down. This is an awesome concept for tattoo in case you do not desire something too typical on the body.

  1. A Nice Cat Tattoo On Thigh:

All of us love the cats because they are the best friend of man next to the dogs. Getting a tattoo of cat on your thigh is an amazing idea. This cat continues to be imprinted nicely to look as if it’s gazing at you. This cat also has been encircled by a lot more decorations which make it look quite cool.

  1. Tattoo Of An Owl On Thighs:

Tattoo of an owl is a great fit on your leg with image of an owl painted nicely. Those blue eyes emerge clearly with an owl showing to stay on the twig. Additionally, this twig has been drawn nicely on the thigh to match exactly what you see in the forests.

  1. An Awesome Secret Tattoo On Leg:

This tattoo creatively has been drawn on leg with exactly what seems to be an amazing lady performing some miracle. It is an awesome show of the power if you love those films where witches exhibit their powers. You can choose to use the colors which match with your common clothing.

  1. Crown And Birds Tattoo On Thighs:

This crown is painted nicely on the thigh with the tree twigs where the birds have a rest. This is a great concept where you envision of the birds resting on tree in the backyard.

  1. A Mix Of Flowers, Birds, And Gazelle:

This tattoo turns the leg into the nature. This tattoo is actually a great concept as gazelle seems to conceal in flower bushes as well as searching for predators. On the other hand, the birds hovering over gazelle are an authentic show of the nature in your feet.

  1. Camera Tattoo Amazingly On Thighs:

It is a 3D tattoo because the camera seems to be positioned on the thigh and not merely painted. This is an excellent tattoo concept for the photographers. It suits the ladies well because they’re more probably sporting the short trousers.

  1. Love Band Thigh Tattoo:

We must admit that this particular tattoo is designed to look as though a “band” is actually tied around your thigh. This is an innovative idea because the band appears attached to your skin through the cuttings all over your skin. Additionally, the knot tends to come out clearly as well as can be easily viewed from a long distance.

  1. Spider Web Thigh Tattoo:

In case you thought that a “spider-web” won’t be an excellent tattoo idea, and then think again because the web matches the thigh nicely and looks awesome. After that, there is a spider in middle as though looking forward to something to arrive at the web. It is an authentic creativity in terms of tattoo designs and ideas.

  1. An Attractive “Red-Flower” On Thigh:

An extremely stunning “rose-flower” on your thigh is an ideal concept to boost your looks. This tattoo is nicely designed to looks as if developing from within your leg. This is a superb design and also one which will appear great for individuals who desire to showcase their thighs. On the other hand, the “red-color” is an outstanding choice if you desire to get some attention because it can easily be noticed from very far.

  1. A Lovely Mosaic Leg Tattoo:

The tattoo is crafted to cover your leg completely down with the patterns in shape of the mosaic. This is one greater tattoo choice if you do not desire something with a number of images. This is a unique and great option which you’ll not discover in folks a lot.

  1. Thigh With Awesome Muscles Tattoo:

Make the thighs look as if they are skinned off using this astounding muscle tattoo. This tattoo looks as if the external skin is taken off leaving internal parts of your body exposed.

  1. A Sunflower Tattoo With Creatures Appearing From This:

Sunflower is definitely a typical flower and getting it on the thighs will make you look beautiful and smart. This has been done nicely with the help of exactly what seem to be a few creatures with the horns appearing from flower. It is an amazing tattoo concept if you desire something which will leave the people guessing.

  1. Gorgeous Cartoon Tattoo On Thigh:

This cartoon tattoo can be another wonderful tattoo concept and will look great on the thighs. This tattoo is crafted nicely on both the legs as well as forms a strong match with your clothes worn.

  1. Floral Tattoo On Thigh:

It is another basic tattoo choice. This flower is quite simple as well as lacks the numerous decorations we notice on other flower tattoos. In case you simply want a basic flower which you have chosen on the thighs, then it will be an excellent option.

  1. A Simple Flower And Bird Tattoo On Leg:

An outstanding tattoo is an excellent option for folks who don’t want large tattoos on the bodies. This is an uncomplicated one yet looks pretty on your thighs with bird relaxing on the twig of flower.

  1. A Praying Woman Tattoo On Thigh:

It is an excellent tattoo to tell you the way to start every morning. This tattoo has exactly what look like a girl standing on the top of the flower as well as praying. This is quite simple but distributes a great note on the value of prayers.

  1. A High Heel Tattoo On Thigh:

It is true women tattoo with ladies “high-heeled” shoes drawn nicely on the thigh. This tattoo is designed perfectly for just one shoe which is standing while another seems fallen as the shoes would look on floor. This is an additional creative tattoo concept which will have the thighs looking spectacular.

  1. An Attractive Tattoo Of Bird On The Thigh:

If you adore these two lovely birds, after that you can prefer to have gorgeous tattoo on the thighs. Both the birds are perfectly designed to relaxing on twigs of the flowers probably taking pleasure in the sunshine of early morning.

  1. Beautiful Floral Tattoo With The Flying Birds:

This tattoo is an awesome show of the nature with blossoms and birds hovering over flowers. This tattoo is designed uniquely to suit on your thighs as well as has birds flying over the blossoms. This is a superb tattoo concept particularly if love the birds.

  1. Brightly Decorated Floral Tattoo On Thigh:

This tattoo is a big one covering the big portion of your thighs. Big lily flowers are drawn all over it leaving your thighs looking like they are decorated.

  1. Tattoo Of A Moon On Leg:

Not to mention, this tattoo features a unique concept with moon crafted nicely on leg in the dark images exactly like we notice it in skies. On the other hand, it seems to be completely surrounded by great decorations which make it beautiful. This is an ideal idea which will leave folks guessing exactly what you’d in mind.

  1. A Superbly Embellished Tattoo With Flower And Crown:

It is one for all people who desire to be the princess will desire to have. This tattoo features a crown embellished all over as well as making it challenging for individuals to identify this right away. Additionally, a blossom in the center of crown makes this appear cool and unique.

  1. Flower Tattoo Complementing Well With Dirt Jeans:

In case you the type of individual who loves sporting torn jeans for fashion, after that this tattoo can be an excellent complement. This tattoo is drawn perfectly at points just where jeans are ripped and can also be noticed from a long distance.

  1. A Young Gorgeous Flowing Flower:

This tattoo offers two fantastic ideas in this; beautiful and young. This flower tattoo appears beautiful and young and perhaps a better means to tell folks about yourself. On the other hand, the blossom is flourishing completely up. This has added a few images of animated man in flower possibly to generate some reactions and curiosity from people.

  1. Two Lovely Matching Tattoos On Thighs:

The 2 tattoos designed on both the thighs are complementing which makes the things look pretty. This tattoo concept here is just for the picture of some lovely queen looking upward as if thinking of attaining something great. It is an awesome idea, and you can pick what to replace for the pictures.

  1. Tattoo Of A Girl On The Thigh:

You can decide to get your image sketched on your thigh as your best tattoo. This tattoo features a lady who seems to stay on flowers while she movies her locks around. This tattoo fits nicely on your thigh with the lady seated on flower as well as holding her locks.

  1. A Magnificently Tattooed Leg:

In case you wish to have an amazing tattoo throughout your legs, then this tattoo can be a superb idea on exactly what to add on decorations. You will find blossoms of all types with images of animated little girls. This tattoo tends to cover much of your leg and also will make you looking strikingly good.

  1. A Beautiful Flowers And Birds Tattoo On Thigh:

If you enjoy visiting the beach quite often, after that it is a perfect tattoo to showcase. This tattoo has brought the concept of birds which suck nectar from flowers and flawlessly fit the area on thigh. This is a superb idea which will leave women eye-catching most often.

  1. A Large Embellished Tattoo Of A Skull On The Thigh:

It is a big skull tattoo design on the thigh and has a tendency to cover most of the thigh. The skulls also are matched with feather all over to make this look like crown. This appears awesome but not numerous ladies may choose this one.


To conclude, the thigh tattoos are just awesome. You will gorgeous if you sport such gorgeous tattoos on your thighs. Let us know how you feel and look after sporting thigh tattoos in the comment box below. Also feel free to share this post on social media with your friends!

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