120 Outstanding Studio Apartments To Provide You Space For Everything!

Studio apartments are a solution to a better living n a small space. Are you planning to shift to a studio apartment from your huge house for school or work? You will panic when you have to figure out space for your bed, kitchen, living room, and closets in a single area. But it is not very frightening when you have the right guidance. We make sure that this page will help you to figure out how to make that compact and small space fully utilized.

Find out everything relating to studio apartments, different ideas according to the studio you have, the cost of renting one, size, and many more. At the end of this page, you shall be able to make your studio not just perfect for a living but also how to make it look attractive, less congested, and something where you would like to spend your maximum time.

What do Studio Apartments mean?

Studio apartments generally mean a single room with a bathroom. The room can be huge or small, but there will not be multiple rooms. Therefore, the only place of every studio apartment has to function as a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. You can divide the kitchen area from the main living space or add small cabinets at a corner. The bedroom will have just a bed and some hanging shelves on the walls if you like.

Studio apartments are called self-contained units and are sometimes a house for the person living in it. One can create their rooms within the large room provided and can add furniture to build walls or borders. There should be a sleeping area like a bedroom which can have a bed, and that’s all then have kitchen facilities too either separated by furniture or simply lying somewhere within the big room, and there has to have a living space also. You are blessed if you manage to add dining too.

The studio apartments are also known as studio flats or single room dwelling places. There are various kinds of studio apartments. Some are of a straight studio type, which is the most basic one. Similarly, others are alcove studios that are having wings. Both wing and nook are off the main area that can be used for dining and sleeping.

But a studio apartment is different from single room occupancy, which in short is known as SRO. An SRO unit usually does not has a kitchen or bathroom.

Some facts about Studio Apartments

People generally do not have ideas on studio apartments, but it is a necessity of modern living. When people are away from home and have to live for work or school, studio apartments are perfect for a single person. This section will provide some crispy facts on studio apartments. Find about them below:

  1. In the United States of America, any studio apartment’s average size varies between 500 sq ft to 600 sq ft (46 sq m to 56 sq m)
  2. A studio apartment is cheaper than a one-bedroom apartment where you get a separate kitchen. But the price is not very high in comparison. But one can still save $50 to $60 or even $75 every month if they choose a studio apartment rather than a single bedroom apartment. Well, looking at the facilities, the cost difference is also fair enough.
  3. A studio apartment is also known as quitinete, which comes from the word kitchenette.
  4. A studio apartment in Italy is known as monolocale, which means a single room. It has a bedroom. Kitchen and a bathroom all in a unique space.

6 Tricks to increase space in Studio Apartments

This section is the most crucial section of the blog. Are you worried about not being able to occupy everything in your little studio apartment? Maybe you have a lot of unnecessary stuff, or you might not be very good at tricks and ideas that will help manage the studio apartments. Well, we are all covered for you. This section has some tips that will help you provide insights into handling everything.

There are plenty of cons that come with living in studio apartments. Though there are some advantages like you will have the warmest place to live on, find everything easily, living becomes fun and cheap, but you will have no space for a lot of things, and you will not feel like it is the same old house once you lived in. But with some tricks, you can still try your best to fit everything and make maximum comfort in that studio apartment.

1. Enclosing your bed

You can start by enclosing your bed. Do you have a closet that your mattress will fit into? Alright then. You will now have a separate bedroom with that huge closet that will act as a wall for your bedroom. If not, merely adding drape curtains will also help you to create some private bed nook. Nothing feels as high as having a bed in a separate space. So, enclosing your bed is the first step to better studio apartment living. You can feel free to live there and explore more private instead of keeping that bed around the living room.

2. Hang things as far as possible

People do not value empty walls and ceilings. Most people believe it is just for wall art and hanging paintings or clock. But there are so many ways to make maximum utilization of the empty walls and ceilings. You can find the hangers attached to walls that will let you hang even weighty things like pot racks. Add storage bins that can be hung. You can hang your clothes too with some hanging materials. Do not let any space go waste. If you have no space for little flower pots, get some pots that can be hung and add flower plants. Adding wall decors also makes the apartment feel more homely.

3. Use big furniture

The big furniture is a blessing to studio apartments. Sometimes getting a closet or a piece of mini furniture might not be possible in studio apartments because of little space. But if you plan to get a thin yet big wardrobe to function as a wall, why not? Bring them all in. Add big furniture which will all function like walls to enclose your bedroom, kitchen and living room. The more substantial furniture will be mess-free and stable, which will not make the studio look small but instead make it look big. Getting smaller pieces of furniture is a bad idea when you can fit that all in a bit of massive furniture. Give it a try. You will feel less messy and airier.

4. Lighten and brighten the space

Lighten and brighten the space sounds very cheerful and a need for any studio apartments. Because of plenty of things all piled up in a small area, lighten and brighten is essential. You need not make it all dramatic, but a little drama is required, after all, it is not a house but a studio apartment, right? Keeping it bright will make your small space look big and mess-free. Start with windows. Do not let anything obscure the light from coming in. Natural light is a blessing, and this will do most of the work. Try using light color paint for your walls and ceiling. Add curtains that are brightly colored. Use proper lights for the evening. Use plenty of mirrors, and it is a plus point if you have plenty of ventilation too.

5. Use mirrors

The mirror is essential and very useful stuff in an apartment itself. And people enjoy it when there are big mirrors and plenty of them. Another good thing about the mirror is it also serves as a reflector of natural light that will bounce enormously into the entire apartment, making it bright. Mirrors can also act like cheaper, lighter, and more effective walls than other furniture. Therefore, get plenty of mirrors and make your studio apartments look fresher, brighter, and feel more comfortable living there.

6.  Make storage look invisible

The problem with living in a studio apartment is that you will be tired of all the furniture lying in that tiny space. It will be a mess if you have to go out or you are in a hurry. To avoid this, be very selective when it comes to choosing furniture. Try to get the furniture that can act like just a wall when not in use. Either use something that matches your ceiling or wall or add furniture that can act invisible. The best way is to use double-duty furniture. For example, add a table for having coffee or snacks which have enough drawers or shelves that will also act as storage, but outside it is just a coffee table with hidden storage. It will also help you to cut more furniture and have space for some other essential things.

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Budget-Friendly Decor Ideas for Studio Apartments

When you are getting a studio apartment for yourself, you would not like to spend a lot on it. It is because it is a temporary living space and you would not pay much for temporary living. So, it is preferred to get the budget-friendly decors instead of costly kinds of stuff which you have no space to put on. There are satisfied budget-friendly decor ideas that will take your studio apartment to another level. Check them all out:

  1. Get around the wall mirror. It will stick on your wall, and you need not require a private space for a considerable sitting mirror for makeup or looking. Thus, saving plenty of space and expense on buying huge mirrors.
  2. Try searching for various affordable arts that are available online. These are built based on ritual requirements and availability in studio apartments.
  3. If you are tired of adding a lot of furniture to add them as walls, try adding curtains instead. If you add thick and large curtains, that will stay and act somehow like walls saving a lot of space and unnecessary expense. Curtains are perfect room dividers.
  4. Add vertical gardening instead of keeping pots and vases on your table or horizontal surface. Vertical gardening not just provides you enough space or organic food, but also saves you plenty of money.
  5. Get all the floating shelves instead of an entire new cupboard or closet. It will stick to your wall and occupy only a little space. They are also comparatively cheap and look mess-free.


Some Alternative Studio Apartments Ideas:

There are so many ideas that one can perform in their studio apartments depending upon the studio’s orientation, size, alignment, availability of resources, facilities required, and so on. If you are mostly a person who works a lot at home, you will need tables and chairs for that purpose. But if not, you can avoid keeping it in your studio apartment. For alternatives, you can use your dining or coffee table for snacking as well as working or studying purposes.

If you have no space for the bed and do not think it is essential for a bed to exist except for sleeping, you can get a double-duty furniture piece. Something that will act as a sofa during the day but at night can be enlarged into bed. It is a widespread practice among people living in big homes too. You can find different kinds of such fold-able beds or sofa or even design one.

Before bringing in any furniture, ask a question to yourself, do you need that? Mostly we have things and furniture that we do not need, and their only purpose is to lie there doing nothing and having no other functions. So, before you design your room, bring only the kinds of stuff that are very useful and important to you every day.

Some more

Cut the utensils in your kitchen. For a single person, that is you, how many appliances might be necessary? Figure that out. Then, the rest are going out. It will provide more space for things like flower pots or even books. So, figure out the things that only should be in your kitchen area and keep the remaining away. It is better to add a washing machine to your bathroom and make the maximum use of the washroom space. Add all your cosmetics and, if possible, use the washroom space for a mirror and makeup.

If you are planning to share your studio apartment with a friend or colleague or your sibling, it might be a bad idea. You cannot add multiple furniture, so now you will have to share everything. If you are not comfortable sharing the bed itself, you cannot add another bed to the apartment, but what you can do instead is get a double floor bed with your bedding.

Use hangers, vertical gardening, wall furniture, and accessories that fit on the wall and do not need anything to stand upon. It will help you use all the empty spaces on the walls and make maximum use of the small space.


Image Gallery

This section consists of plenty of images of different kinds of studio apartments from different corners of the world. These images will provide you idea of managing your apartment depending on the resources available with you.

Decorating Studio Apartments Ideas For Decorating A Studio Apartment Archive Design Vagrant Best Model – Home Interior Decorating Ideas


To conclude, this article is all about studio apartments and the ideas to make them a better place to live in. People do not shift to studio apartments for fun or enjoyment but as a necessity. Nobody likes to live in a small area by sacrificing a lot of stuff but cannot maintain living comfortably. It is when one should know the essential tricks and tips to make the maximum use of the available space with the right budget expenditure.

Living in studio apartments can be a nightmare if you are a newbie and have no idea how to fit everything in that small space. What you can do is go through this article and make yourself benefited by all the tricks and tips from this article. We have made sure not a single idea be less of use to everyone.

There are also plenty of images in this blog that will directly provide insights through pictures to select something that resembles your current scenario. Do not panic anymore and follow the guidelines provided in this article. If you do not understand any portion of the content, let us know via feedback section, in comments. 

Did you make it here? If yes, congratulations! You have made it to the bottom of the page! Was it helpful? Did you figure out some excellent ideas that you will now work on? If yes, it is time for you to share it with your friends and loved ones now. Feel free to give us some feedback.

Have an excellent time sorting and managing your studio apartment! Share your modifications with us and we shall share it with all! 

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