Best 49 Senegalese Twist Hairstyles You Need To Try In 2019

The “Senegalese twist” is probably the most cherished African hairdos worn by ladies all over the world. All these convenient braids are additionally known as the rope twists and even are one of the protective hairdos that black ladies have available. Besides their shielding attributes, Senegalese twists also are gorgeous to sport.

Having an excellent hairstyle is probably the creative way to show your personality. However, manipulating your locks excessively with the harsh tools can result in breakage as well as growth retention over time. If you desire to preserve the hair from harm with a defensive hairdo, continue reading our “Senegalese-twist” hairdo inspirations for ladies. You can also read this post “30 Best Black Hairstyles To Get Right Now! Things You Need To Know

Find out how it is possible to rock with the best hairstyle below.


What Are The Senegalese Twists?

The African ladies know best in terms of taking a great care of the hair. No surprise, protective hairdos are typical for them. An awesome thing, the protective hairstyles such as Senegalese Twists, rope twists or crochet twists will certainly keep you trendy while supporting the growth of your hair and protecting this from breakage particularly if you are fond of curling, coloring, ironing and manipulating the hair excessively.

Did you know Senegalese twists descend from “Senegal” in Africa? The truth is, it is a protective hairdo which works best for ladies with kinky locks. The hairdo is called the twists as you will wrap the hair extension across the ends or roots of the natural hair. An incredible thing, the locks will grow quicker if braided in the Senegalese twist that is ideal for ladies transitioning from short hair to long hair. Here’s a short video for you.


What Kind Of Hair Extensions Should You Employ In The Senegalese Twists?

In terms of Senegalese Twists, take into account that the synthetic hair extension such as Toyokalon, Kanekalon, and Marley are desired over the natural ones. Exactly why? It is due to the fact their texture can help to prevent unraveling the twist. The Marley extensions for hair are coarser, however, have an all-natural finish.

Although the Toyokalon extensions for hair have a fluffy and light texture, they can tangle easily. That is the key reason why they’re better reserved for shorter hairstyles and smaller braids since they are very higher maintenance. Alternatively, the Kanekalon extensions for hair are simpler to handle, low maintenance, a lot more natural look, and affordable.


Things You Need To Know Before You Install The Senegalese Twists!

  • Clean The Hair Extension In “Apple-Cider” Vinegar Before You Use:

Protective hairdos are designed to protect the hair, not harm them from the lye and some other chemicals. Therefore, clean your hair extension before affixing them to the natural hair. Allow them to dry first because utilizing them while moist will encourage the growth of bacteria and lead to a “mildew” odor.


  • You Should Not Put A Lot Of Tension On The Hairline:

Are you aware that you may lose enormous hair from very tight braids? Actually, some extreme instances include traction alopecia, hair loss, and some other damages. In case you are not acquainted with the traction alopecia, it is just a state of “hair-loss” due to a lot of pressure on hair shaft. Keep in mind that, you must have a minimum of 1″ of the hair growth just where you will install the hair extension devoid of putting much tension to the scalp.


  • Choose Coarse Or Kinky Hair Extensions On The First-Try Over The Smooth Ones.

Did you know a straight “hair-extension” will get the job of installing the Senegalese twists more difficult? Of course, it is a lot simpler to twist coarse or kinkier hair extension on the soft ones. It is particularly true if you are just beginning to learn the twisting strategy. A smooth, silky hair extension can unravel easily for sure.


  • You Must Secure The Finishes Properly To Prevent Unraveling Prematurely.

In terms of braids, protecting the finishes of your locks sounds easy. Unfortunately, twist hairdos such as Senegalese twists can be a much more difficult. According to the hair specialists, you must seal the finishes of the “hair-extension” to prevent ruining your locks. It is under your control whether you desire to “dip” the finishes of the synthetic locks in boiling “hot-water” or apply a curling rod to master your twisting strategy.


  • Remember To Learn The Twisting Approach Rather Than Doing This Immediately:

Protective hairdos take some time for installing and require the right technique and tools for making it effective. In case you would not practice just before doing this, you can do the 1/2 of the head wrongly. Keep in mind; it may take a minimum of 9 hours for hiding the undone locks. Therefore it pays for learning it first just before committing the hair into this.


  • When Installing The Senegalese Twists, Try To Make Size Of The Twists Uniform.

Getting too big simultaneously too little twist would appear unflattering. Therefore, before beginning the twists, it is best to divide the hair into parts accordingly. Many times, you can begin twisting in nape of the neck moving way up. Just do not miss to seal the twists once you finish them.


Best 49 Senegalese Twists To Wear!

  1. Sweet Half Down Half Up Styles:

For starting our top Senegalese twist concepts, get influenced by this extremely cute half-up hairdo with a classic twist. Like previously we described, you can easily unwrap the twists from 2nd half of the hair to get a “curly” effect.

  1. White Twist:

For free spirit, the white braids can be an incredible concept. The contrast along with the darker complexion is impressive, and also the universal effect the look tends to leave.

  1. Colored Senegalese Twist:

You can additionally concentrate the highlights on only one spot of the braids for defining them. Highlighting simply the top can make any updo appear exceptional, and also when you keep your locks down.

  1. Senegalese Medium Sized Twists:

It is another instance of how the medium twists appear like. Additionally, you can utilize this as model for separating the roots into little squares.

  1. Side Cute Updos:

In case you enjoy looks which are usually quite exceptional, do not hesitate to test out the updo. Sweeping this on the side, as an example, can be an excellent way to allow your personality glow through your hairdo.

  1. Alternative Twists And Hats:

This adorable bowler hat will be a different option for the headwear to fit your twists. Also, you can easily use this as an accessory intended for an informal attire to get an effortless style.

  1. Updo Hairstyles With Senegalese Twist:

The step to getting this superb half up hairdo with the twists is simply to create several parts. Take every bunch of the braids afterward as well as weave them just one over another.

  1. Color With Senegalese Twist:

If red, purple or pink are not for you, then any tone of the purple is constantly an excellent option. If you do not want to be noticeable too much, then we suggest choosing a dark tone, such as the “plum” color like in the picture above.

  1. Twisted Back And Half Up:

Half down half up hairdos are clearly a few of the most popular methods you can use to style the braids. This particular “back-crown” is accomplished by twisting the hair to the side inwards and also pinning them with each other in the center, at back of the neck.

  1. Hair Crowns With Senegalese Twist:

You can easily get a “crown-like” impact by twisting your braids on the side. Just leave all the braids over just one “shoulder” to let the other one revealed elegantly.

11. Classy Circular Bun:

Not to mention, this “low-bun” is a great concept if you possess “medium-sized” Senegalese twists. What you need to accomplish is simply to pull back them and wrap around in the classy bun.

  1. Senegalese Twist Side Hairstyle:

Another approach to braid the twists is actually with this particular creative “low-side” ponytail. This chunky braid describes the shape of your face gorgeously.

  1. Senegalese Curly Twist:

You will often see ladies with the curled twists to get more volume. Additionally, you will obtain half of the hair completed in twists as well as leave the others naturally curly, whatever way fits you better.

  1. Blue Royal Twists:

The vibrant blue is still another extraordinary color you may get the braids in case you wish to show yourself freely. This looks wonderful with different colors, therefore do not think it will be very tricky to wear.

  1. Half Up Twisted Ponytails:

It’s time to take the half down half up hairdo to a completely new level having a basic touch. Right after getting “half-up” ponytail all set, part this in 2 and twist 2 bunches of the braids.

  1. Senegalese Brown Twist:

In case you would rather choose a natural color intended for the braids, then brown is constantly a wonderful concept. While it is not black similar to the majority of “braids” of this type, it is not too hard or flashy to match with colorful attire.

  1. Pink Hot Twists:

Do you love the pink and never afraid to display it? Choose some outstanding “hot-pink” braids. It is the ideal alternative for the girly women that need to show their beauty through their hairdo.

  1. Senegalese Chunky Twists:

In case you desire braids which surpass jumbo, then you can constantly choose chunky. These sorts of “Senegalese” twists usually are playful, original and sweet all in one. Do not forget about some hair beads for accentuating the braids.

  1. Low Elegant Bun:

Nothing can be quite compared to the beauty offered by a chignon or low bun. For making this hairdo look even smoother, consider parting the braids on the side. Right now you are all set to reach the “red carpet”!

  1. Natural Hair With Senegalese Twists:

This is a great example of exactly how all these braids appear on natural locks in the procedure of growing. As you know already, it is actually a protective hairdo which you can easily rely on to keep your natural locks healthy and happy.

  1. Half Down Half Up Sleeked Back:

If you are not in mood for intricate updos or buns, then you can usually sweep your twists back and also tie them half-down half-up. They will not get into the eyes and you will enjoy a classy and laid back hairstyle.

  1. Pompadours Hairstyle:

Ever since 50’s, pompadour is known as a sign of refinement just for females and males alike. Needless to say, you can easily sport this vintage hairdo if you desire to glam your entire look up.

  1. Mohawk Senegalese Twist:

Even though it is not a Mohawk literally, cornrow sides offer an outstanding faux hawk so that you can strut the stuff with. This is why the upper part is entirely made with the Senegalese twists. Therefore consider this particular look in case you prefer to have a “walk” on wild side.

  1. Marley Hair With Senegalese Twist:

Have the Marley locks and wish to mix this with the Senegalese twists? There’s no problem; you will love the ultimate impact. Additionally, you can include a little hair bead similar to the one shown in the picture above for a lot more sexy style.

  1. Fishtail Braids Hairstyle:

Although the Senegalese twists already are braids that do not imply that you cannot braid them further. This intricate “fishtail-braid” definitely offers the “whoa” factor going.

  1. Silver Grey Twist:

If you are up-to-date with the most recent hair trends, then you will obviously see that the colors of ash blonde, grey and silver are extremely popular. So why don’t you incorporate this elegant trend into the braids? It is exactly how they may turn out.

  1. Senegalese Ombre Twist:

Exactly what superior way can be noticeable than by mixing your preferred colors in the hair? It is a magnificent instance of how the ombre hair will look whenever twisted in the braids. On the other hand, gradient from the deep “violet” to the “lavender” makes the end-result much more unique.

  1. Senegalese Micro Twist:

Without a doubt, there is an exclusive category for narrowest “Senegalese” twists. Frequently regarded as the “micro”, these extremely thin twists resemble the natural hair strongly, which makes them a popular for numerous African American ladies.

  1. Swept To Side Hairstyle:

If you are out of concepts for styling the twists, then always you can choose something easy yet effective. As an example, this particular look requires sweeping a little of top part on the side as well as pinning the tips up.

  1. Highlights With Braids:

Another innovative way to boost the twists is just by scattering some highlights in “color” of your own preference through them. As you can see in the picture above that how a little blue will make the whole hairdo look a lot more appealing.

  1. Senegalese Red Twist:

Aside from black and blonde, you will additionally find ladies who rock the red twists perfectly. Include a sweeping “half-up” hairstyle similar to this one as well as you have got an appealing look which will make some heads turn certainly.

  1. Metallic Colors:

Also, you can test out metallic colors similar to the gold bronze tone. It looks completely fabulous against the darker tone skin. Therefore this is an alternative that the African American ladies should take into account definitely.

  1. Senegalese Blonde Twist:

Even though dark brown or black is definitely the most well-known colors for the twists, blonde can also be a lovely alternative. This contrasts magnificently with the dark roots. Therefore choose this option in case you desire a 2-tone look.

  1. Twists And Hats:

This African hairdo is adorable whenever matched with a stylish hat. In the photo above, you can easily see an informal white hat that is more than ideal for heading out throughout the summer.

  1. Senegalese Long Twists:

Although there are women out there who rock the short twists, you’ll almost always notice them long. In case you desire the twists being waist-length, think about getting the extensions or even having patience simply to grow your natural locks out.

  1. Senegalese Updo Twists:

This is a great updo fit even for the most stylish of occasions. While the smooth ponytail is quite simple, the upper part is wrapped elegantly to form the entire hairstyle in an exceptional way.

  1. Top Half Up Knots:

In case you do not want to get the “turban-like” result to the bun, also you can try out this half-down half-up hairdo. It makes use of fewer twists as well as leads to a stylish top knot.

  1. Celebrity-Influenced Hairdos:

Many public figures already have rocked the Senegalese twists over the years. One of them, Brandy sports these with her high head. The singer’s beautiful hairdo in this picture combines an elegant chignon with an antique style upper part.

  1. Senegalese Twist Buns:

As much as the “Senegalese-twist” updos are usually in discussion, it is simply as famous as half down half up version. It is chic and comfortable, simply great for the hot summer times or your preferred street style attire.

  1. Additional Accessories:

In case you do not like a bit of “hair-jewelry” with plenty of chains, then you can choose one similar to this. Rather than having 2 chains on every side, it’s decorated with little golden discs throughout.

  1. Senegalese Small Twists:

Just after covering larger groups of the Senegalese twists, also we have the small varieties. All these slim twists, for instance, may take additional time just to braid, however, they look exceptional.

  1. Palm-Tree Ponytail:

You will often discover that the ponytails are a simple approach to style the Senegalese twists, therefore, they will not get in your way. This higher ponytail features a “palm-tree” like effect which allows the twists to gracefully fall on all the sides.

  1. Gold Accessories:

The “hair-jewelry” is getting a lot trendier, and it is also the ideal accessory for the Senegalese twists. On the other hand, a “golden-chain” accessory similar to this one can bring your entire hairdo to life.

  1. Senegalese Large Twists:

Although these amazing twists are big indeed, they are not very jumbo like first ones that we presented. On the other hand, they are somewhat larger than the medium twists, simply sufficient to be defined flawlessly and delicate all at once.

  1. Senegalese Medium Twist:

A few like jumbo twists and others prefer small ones considerably better. However, we have also the medium group, with the Senegalese twists which are not too narrow or too wide. It is exactly what a nicely balanced pair of the twists appears like.

  1. Side Part With Twists:

In many instances, you will discover Senegalese twists taken to back or even with a center part. However, side part truly brings a womanly touch to your whole look.

  1. Senegalese Crochet Twist:

In case you are thinking about getting the crochet “Senegalese” twists, then it is exactly how the end results can turn out. They are a gorgeous, stylish and sleek hairdo choice for the African American ladies.

  1. Half Down Half Up Bun Hairdo:

In terms of styling the Senegalese twist, it is undoubtedly the most repeatedly used hairstyle. To put it succinctly, it comprises in parting the hair half down half up and also wrapping the upper part in the turban-like, large bun.

  1. Senegalese Jumbo Twist:

Along with the Senegalese twists, you will find various sizes that you can pick from. The “jumbo” twists are very popular; because of the “dynamism” they offer for your entire look.



To sum up, there is undoubtedly a gorgeous Senegalese twist hairdo out there appropriate for your choices. Do not hesitate to experiment with different colors or widths until you have the results that you desire. Whatever style you choose, ensure that it is one particular you can design effortlessly and that you will feel confident and comfortable with.

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