48 Superb Purple Ombre Hair Ideas For That Sassy Look!

Purple ombre hair color has a different perspective from different people. It has an unpleasant history but a strong comeback. The basic purple ombre is not for hair as per the people from the ancient times. The exotic purple makes a vibrant outcome and which is for Halloween costumes or Clowns. This was something in the ancient time, today, purple ombre hairdos are the latest trends.

The teens, youths, and even adults are getting purple ombre hairdos and slaying the age along with the hair color. There is a unique and drastic change in the graph of this hair color. People are nowadays attracted with the purple and want to wear it for simple reasons.

Few years back, the scenario was different. The teens who were into rebel stage wore purple hair. Sometimes it became part of funny costumes, and for jokers. But it was past and now the things have changed. Now it is a sign of bravery, strength, uniqueness, and expressing difference.

Everyone has this urge to have a purple hair in some part of their life. But only few can manage to wear it. Find out the best ways to wear it through this article. It consists of ideas, types, tips, picture gallery, and everything one is curious about!

Why to wear Purple Ombre Hair?

There are unique trends all the time. Today the weirdness has its own space. Nothing is weird as long as it is worn with confidence and class. The purple ombre was a tough choice at the beginning but today it is accepted well. There are a lot of reasons to wear a purple ombre today. The first thing is a personal choice while the other thing is a social urge. Therefore, purple ombre is slaying glamour and people are becoming its fan.

One looks stylish with this hair color. The styling technique for hair that makes one unique it purple ombre. This is the most primary reason to wear this hair color. The inner advantages with purple ombre hairdos are thick appearance, concealed broken ends. The locks become amazingly voluminous and get greater dimension. You feel fresh and young with this hairdo. The hair looks different after you have gotten it. This is a global thing and you need not worry about your hair.

You look confident with purple hairdo. Actually, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to get this hair color on themselves. But everyone makes a wish to get purple hair sometime. Those who actually get it are the ones who are not scared of anyone and living their life with their own terms and conditions. The ones who get purple ombre are confident and this is reflected in their personality too.

What are some cons to wearing Purple Ombre Hair?

There are certain cons to everything whether it be a really positive or a popular thing to something really important or loved. Just like this, this hair color has some of its own cons. They an be easily neglected but cannot be missed while mentioning the cons.

The first and the foremost is the harm that can arise due to chemicals. After all, the dye means harming your hair directly. The damage can vary depending upon the strength and quality of your hair. The harm can be enormous to weak hair. You need to keep one thing on mind, do whatever but not let the color reach your scalp. This can be dangerous and harmful. You need to be very cautious about it.



The another con to wearing this hair color is the society and it narrow mind! Fasten your seat belt and get ready to get all those staring by the strangers after getting your hair colored. People have not completely accepted unique hair colors yet. For most of them, the purple ombre is too exotic or vibrant. They simply stare at you to express their hatred. But not all the time. Some people specially young ones might stare at you because they find it cool. There are mostly two kinds of people out there. The one category of people are against it and the other category is dying to get one on themselves.

Usually the old people who have had a different life are against this exotic hair color. They believe it makes one look weird and is against ethics. This is simply rude and wrong. One can wear anything one wishes to and there should be no one who can ask another being to do things with their choices.

Well, if you want to have your hair converted into purple ombre, do it. You live for yourself, and no matter what, the society keeps on judging you!

What things are to be kept on mind while getting Purple Ombre Hair?

There are a lot of advantages on wearing a purple ombre hair. The list is out of hands. Though there are some cons but one can neglect that when the advantages are brought out. The purple ombre is well known from a long time and without any doubt it is the awesome one. It also is one of the trendy looks and styles.

One of the best things about this style is root re-growth is an easy task. Also, it requires low maintenance. The roots are untouched and there is no damage in that part of the hair making it a relief. As the roots are damage free, the entire hair is safe as new grown hair will be all safe and protected. There are various ombre hair care guidance that will guide you well and you can skip all the damages that can take place.

One thing people should realize is, the damage is not extreme. The use of purple ombre is a hair color but it is not a hair dye. The bleaching is not done and specially the scalp and the roots are untouched. You feel damage-free. But to be honest, the ends will be damaged. Even the lower hair can look dull and feel dry. There are certain things one can so to avoid some of the damages. Go through the tips mentioned below for the magical solution to these problems.

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  1. Wash Hair 3 to 4 Times a Week:

This is not a tip or a suggestion. One usually cleans their hair 3 to 4 times day in normal. If not, some might clean it twice or once a week and some might clean it everyday. Well, if you have purple ombre hair, you can avoid washing your hair everyday! Moreover, stop washing it less than three times a week. If you have oily hair, you need to wash it four times a week. It is a genuine and casual challenge.

The greasy hair will require extra attention. You need to choose your shampoo very attentively. Some people are allergic to shampoo in some ways like they feel irritation or itching in the scalp, and avoid washing their hair regularly. But to deal with this problem, one needs to find out which ingredient it bothering them. After that they can avoid the shampoo accordingly and avoid the damage and allergy.

  1. Keep The Hair Moisturized:

You will realize it yourself if you have a purple ombre hair. It is dry and brittle all the time. You will feel the hair being rough and might also break even with a little stroke. Therefore, moisturizing is important and essential. If you keep your hair moisturized, your hair becomes healthy. Washing your hair often can cause strokes to hair and causing it to break at certain points. Even a little action of washing can cause several hairs to fall or break. This is why it is important to use a moisturizer to keep your hair healthy and wet.

You are suggested to apply conditioner after every hair wash. A conditioner will keep your hair damp for long time. You need not apply conditioner on your scalp but only on your tip and 75% of a hair hair length from bottom. Apply conditioner and leave it for five to ten minutes and after that you can rinse the conditioner off.

The another way to moisturize the hair is wearing a hair mask once in a week if you can continue it. The hair mask is to keep enough dampness on your hair. The another best thing is oil therapy to your hair. You can utilize oil therapy once in a month. You can also use coconut oil for effective moisturizing hair treatment. This is the best way to recondition your damaged hair. If you do this right after getting the purple ombre hair, you will be able to avoid any kind of damage except some basic damages.

  1. Avoid The Heat Styling Products:

The purple ombre hair is already a weak hair below the roots! Adding heat to such a weak hair can be a bad idea. The heat styling products include flat irons, curl irons, blow dryers, and some other products. They might not make the hair damage in one use, but using them in a regular routine can be dangerous. The styling products can make the hair unhealthy and appear dull and boring.

You can sometimes or occasionally get the style but for regular basis, you need to avoid this. There can be some other ways or ideas to get the styling by avoiding the heat. There are some innovative ideas on Internet that you can apply. But though these products make your everyday routine easy, but you will be okay without these in a long run as well. So, to avoid further damage and weakening your hair, simply avoid heat styling products.

  1. Try The Purple Shampoo Out:

There are several types of shampoos that can assist your purple ombre hair. One of them is a purple shampoo. The purple shampoo will help your hair to eliminate yellow hues in your hair. There is this unusual yellow hue formation after you have this purple ombre hair. The hues will form a pale blonde look. This can be avoided if you apply purple shampoo. The purple shampoo, in particular, stains your shower curtains, your towel and also your locks. The purple shampoo also boosts the brassiness. Instruction is quite simple. Just rinse your hair, apply the purple shampoo, massage, leave for two to five minutes, rinse off.

  1. Juice Of Lemons:

Sometimes the purple shampoo can be less available in some places. Moreover, the purple shampoo can be expensive for people who are not much interested to spend unnecessarily for their hair styling. There is a homely alternative for this. If you apply lemon juice on your hair, it works the same way. The yellow hues that create stain will be removed. The amount or quantity of lemons or lemon juice depends on the length of your hair. You can apply two to three lemons for an average length. The lemons will assist on keeping the blonde tips for a long time. If you are cautious enough, you can also apply honey to the ends where the damage chance is a lot. This moisturizes the hair specially the locks.

What hair type will suit the Purple Ombre Hair the most?

Well, to talk about the type hair that the purple ombre will look fabulous on, this section deals with it. You need not worry either your hair suits the purple ombre or not. Basically, this hairdo is for all hair type. Specially when it comes to length, feel no hesitation. Because even the shortest hair can have this hairdo.

But if you have really short hair, there might be one problem, you might end up damaging the scalp too. You need to keep this on mind, if you really want to take the risk? For long or medium hair, there is actually no problems. This is simply a boon for them. They can also cut off the bottom hair if it is severely damaged.

For different structure of hair, either the waves, curls, or straight, or even the slick, there is no problem choosing this hairdo. This works well with any type. In case of natural hair type, some typical Afro hair, there can be slight problem, but still it is not really an impossible task.

The purple ombre hair is actually something that has no criteria about anything. This is an easy thing, yet people worry sometimes. They worry if they have weak hair. If you have had dyed your hair before, put it under heat for permanent straightening or curling, your hair might take the more damage. You need to consider that and might also avoid this purple ombre on your hair on such cases, otherwise, it is absolutely fine to get it.

Image Gallery | Purple Ombre Hair

This section consists of the images that show models, commoners, and celebrities slaying their hair with purple ombre. The models and commoners in this section will make you realize that there are multiple ideas even with this single hair styling. Either be in a short hair, medium hair, or long hair. Similarly, either be in a curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair, or natural frizzy hair. You can still slay the look!

Go through all these images and pick yourself something that will match your personality. As we all know, images speak louder than the words, this is what you need. Even if you avoided the most part of the article above, do not skip this section. This is the ultimate goddess section! Go through each of them and pick yourself one!


The Purple Ombre Hair is a trendy hairstyle for people all over the globe. This is the revolution in the fashion and glamour industry. The purple ombre is growing everyday but people still have least idea about it. As it has a rough past, there are only few articles about it. This is one of the articles that has dealt about the purple ombre hair. Likewise, this content also has a lot of images that will make the readers have clear concept on the multiple ideas.

The article consists of definitions, ideas on wearing it with style, different tips to avoid damage or wear it properly, image gallery, and some other sections that will be a guide for you. If you have any kind of interests on purple ombre, then this is the right page for you. There are sections that describes answers to your every curiosities.

In short, or to conclude, the purple ombre hair is what you need to look sexy and to enhance your beauty. There are some ideas that will rock your purple ombre hair. This post is the need to all the purple ombre lovers.

Hope this post has replied every curiosity and has become a help in some ways. If you liked the content, please share it with your loved ones and the people who are interested in hair styling. Feel free to leave your opinions! Have a happy time having your hair colored into purple ombre!

Thank you.

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