48 Awesome Purple Ombre Hairdos For The Beautiful Ladies!


A couple of years ago, whenever you thought about purple hair, usually you associated this with teens who were dealing with their rebel stage, Clowns or Halloween costumes. But not any longer. For the last few years, the purple ombre hair has turned out to be a great way to become creative with the hair color, display your unique side, as well as make a difference which will easily get you spotted.

If you actually feel the necessity to choose ombre purple hair at this time, like we did, listed below are 48 awesome ideas which will motivate you for such a wonderful and big change. Check this article also “Best 49 Senegalese Twist Hairstyles You Need To Try In 2019″


Why Should You Choose The Ombre Hair?

To start with, it looks stylish without being higher maintenance. Additionally, it makes your hair-ends look thicker, concealing any broken ends. This makes the locks look more voluminous and dimensional. It even makes you appear fresher and younger. As the colors and chemicals which come with this – do not reach your scalp whenever doing the ombre, it’s a better hair coloring style compared to those like the global.

This is a simple transitional style which you can easily move on if you wish to, and this offers you a chance for experimentation too. Lastly, this can be done at your home effortlessly! How? Continue reading.


5 Important Ombre Hair Tips!

Ombre hair continues to be well-known for a long time, and it appears like this awesome hair trend can last permanently. Why awesome? Because you will find tons of advantages of having the ombre hair.

It is an excellent solution to the root re-growth difficulty and it is low maintenance. The ends are you only sections which need to obtain a perfect shot of the color consistently that means the roots should stay the way they’re. Although you can have your ombre locks done once as well as overlook it for a couple of months, still you have to stick to some ombre hair-care guidelines. Here’s a short video for you.

Ombre hair is usually supposed to trigger less damage as you do not put a “hair-dye” on the scalp. On the other hand, the ends may be damaged greatly, particularly if you tend to bleach them very hard. In case you ignore this, your strands can look dry and dull. Listed below are some important ombre hair tips to take into account when you’re attempting to breathe the life back in the ombre hair.

  1. Wash It 3-4 Times Per Week:

It is a genuine challenge; however, washing the ombre hair every day (or perhaps after 1 day) can easily strip the locks of the natural oils as well as make your tresses look too dry or too oily. In addition, the ombre color can fade much faster. Make an effort to wash the ombre hair 3-4 times per week and ensure that you wash this properly. If the hair is excessively greasy, choose for the dry shampoo for cleaning your hair within a few minutes without having it moist.


  1. Keep This Moisturized:

Exactly like the dyed hair, your ombre hair is usually brittle and dry too that is why it is important to moisturize this regularly to keep the hair healthy. Whenever washing the hair, pay much more focus on your ends because they suffer greater than the roots. Use conditioner to the ends and then leave this for approximately 5 to 10 minutes rather than rinsing this off as soon as you apply this.

Do a “hair-mask” once per week or consider utilizing hot oil therapy once per month at least. Also, coconut oil can be the most effective moisturizing hair treatment. It works effectively to the recondition damaged as well as dry ombre locks.


  1. Avoid The Heat Styling Products:

Although flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers make our charm routines simpler, they cause drying, damage and even breakage. When used on a regular basis, heat styling products make the ombre hair appear boring and unhealthy. You will find many simple ways to straighten or curl your hair devoid of heat. Simply get innovative or check a few tips on the internet.


  1. Try The Purple Shampoo Out:

Purple shampoo assists to eliminate yellowy hues in your hair and sustain a considerably paler blonde appearance. Just do not overdo it. Or else, this particular purple shampoo may stain your shower curtain, towel, and your locks. The final thing you need is to have a “purple-hair”. Use the purple shampoo for boosting the brassiness as well as do it very carefully. Leave this on for approximately 2-5 minutes and after that rinse off.


  1. Juice Of Lemons:

If you do not feel like utilizing purple shampoo, then give juice of lemons a try. Based on “length” of your hair, juice of One to Three lemons can assist you to keep the blonde tips remaining blonde for a long time. Add some honey to the lemon juice for preventing the damage of hair and keep the locks moisturized.


Top 48 Ombre Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind!

  1. Neon All Around:

No ombre purple hair list can start with the concept of dying the hair in complete neon hues. We have had tips, obviously, but the entire of hair is something totally different. Keep in mind that it is a unique style you should commit to!

  1. Amber Heard Style:

An accomplished actress and style icon, the former wife of Johnny Depp knows the way to bring this. Here she’s sporting a wonderful shade of the purple hair, blended with the signature blonde as well as some pink, to get good luck.

  1. The Easy Ombre Hair Purple Braid:

Here’s a look that you can easily try out at house, on a hectic Monday morning while you got up late. Apart from looking relaxed and effortless, it requires a very limited time to accomplish.

  1. Bohemian Ombre Hairstyle:

This bohemian look isn’t hard to accomplish at all. Exactly what you should do is simply to dip tips of the hair in pink or purple dye and also sport those outstanding oversized “woolen-knitted” sweaters.

  1. Curly And Short Ombre Purple Hair:

The curly locks can be extremely dull sometimes. As a result, for breathing life into this, you can usually go to ombre purple hair as the safe option. You can also blend and match up the colors to get a wilder appearance.

  1. Purple Icy Lavender Ombre Hair:

All of us imagine that in case Elsa desired to go “hipster”, it is exactly what she might have appeared to be. The “silver-chain” headband is actually optional, obviously, however, this hairstyle and color are a complete “must” for this particular season.

  1. The Purple Classic Ombre Hair:

Here’s an illustration of the purple classic ombre hair accomplished to perfection. In case you do not think that you can accomplish this at home, on your own, then visit your preferred salon.

  1. Purple And Gray Ombre Hair:

We all know that the benefit of this particular color combo is it will certainly elongate the face, regardless of what kind of facial “bone-structure” you may have. Use this to your very best interest, particularly if you possess a few pounds extra and wish to miracle them away.

  1. Purple Glamorous Ombre Hair:

All set for a “night-out” on the city? Then this particular look is almost everything you require. The “messy-beach” waves in an attractive ombre purple hair color as well as dramatic makeup along with purple lipstick and long eyeliner line.

  1. Fairies, Assemble Now!

Having ombre purple hair may be the ideal way to explain a fairy. Now style the hair into a few flawlessly balanced curls having “inky-blue” on the top as well as smooth purple on bottom. However, the metallic silver flowery “headband” is important.

11. Wine, Anybody?

Continuing the countdown of unpredicted yet amazing color pairings, here’s an appealing combination of the platinum or burgundy or icy wine and white. We simply can’t look away!

  1. Purple, Silver, And Braids:

To clone this look, you’ll need to color your locks a dark as well as silky purple in the roots, “lavender” for length of hair, and also silver at bottom. Do not forget about Viking influenced braids.

  1. Ready For Big Day:

In case you desire to make the big day a lot more exclusive than it was already, after that you can choose a non-traditional color. If you don’t desire to make this change long-term, then you may color some strands utilizing some highlighters.

  1. The Purple Short Bob Ombre Hair:

Usually, you do not need to have the long hair for sporting a number of these incredible hair colors. It is a “jaw-line” short bob, blunt pink, and ombre lavender tips.

  1. Purple Lavender Ombre Hair:

So, is anyone to be found who does not like lavender? “Sunny” fields of the Provence happen to be the motivation for almost everything, from the paintings to scents. Therefore, they now can become your perfect hair color motivation.

  1. Rock On Forever:

Does it truly get more gorgeous than it? The “cartoon” purple to the green ombre can highlight both colors of the eyes and also your complexion. Cat eye “make-up” is very important here, girls!

  1. Queen Of Dessert:

In case you are planning to, let’s believe, “Burning-Man” this year, as well as you need to fit in, then the purple hair can be a must. Simply pair this with a “scruffy-gray” tank top & oversized jewelry having an ethnical motivation, and you are already there.

  1. Comb This!

Very straight locks were the staple of 90’s and the early 2000’s. All of us remember “Rachel”, of course? Currently, after so a long time, it is making a great comeback. So all you have to perform is simply to straighten this up and utilize plenty of “coconut-oil” to hydrate this.

  1. Purple Royal Ombre Locks:

Mona Lisa? Gorgeous hipster with purple royal hair? Of course, please. You may choose a nude “make-up”, as the beautiful model in this picture or for an even more spectacular one, in the “matte” shades of scarlet or violet.

  1. Dark As Night:

Contrary to famous belief, midnight isn’t dark black. The truth is, it is a witching hr which is actually colored in a superb dark violet. On that basis, this is a cue for the inspiration.

  1. Retro Ponytail:

Choose a “Brigitte-Bardot” vintage look with twist. On the other hand, the blonde celebrity was probably the most attractive lady ever before to grace silver screen. Still, we are sure you will top that in case you choose an attractive purple color.

  1. Straight And Long:

Just to clone this look, you’ll need to get your previous hair “straightener” from your closet. Ensure that you use state-of-the-art hair care items, and also something to guard your hair against heat.

  1. Violets And Ink:

In terms of ombre purple hair, the sky may be limited. Blend and match up all shades you need because there may no wrong or right here. For instance, it is a mixture of icy lilac, violet purple and inky blue.

  1. I’m Titanium:

Not to mention, this lady truly means it. Also as you all can see, it is an incredible blend of black pearl, amethyst purple, hot pink and titanium ombre purple hair that you definitely need to check out if you’re a woman with edge.

  1. Braids Done Properly:

Probably the most secure way in which it is easy to display your purple locks is by simply braiding it. It works particularly well in case you have multiple shades in the hair. The braids will certainly bring all underneath locks forward.

  1. Purple And Strong Pink Ombre Hair:

It is quite a drastic and bold combination between the violet purple and strong pink hair. Just curl the “tips” of the hair to ensure that you are able to give some dimension and depth to this awesome intertwining of the shades.

  1. Purple Fire:

The hair is quite purple and it almost appears like red. Exactly how will that sound? We’ve found this incredible shade of the wine purple which simply appears reddish whenever you pay close attention. Say farewell to the Purple Rain as well as greet the “purple” fire.

  1. Purple And Magenta Ombre Hair:

In case you desire, you can easily take the matters in your hands and test this splendid color mixture at home. Otherwise, you can very easily describe this to your preferred hairstylist and see it become a reality from his experienced hands.

  1. Purple Romantic Ombre Hair:

It is a lovely festival hair color and style which we suggest for warm season. Just pair this with the light makeup and breezy shirt, truly to feel the summer has arrived and festivals are finally upon us.

  1. Peek-A-Boo Braid:

It is actually an “emo” motivated hairstyle that we adore and definitely wish to try out. The quite deep indigo “hair-color” is framed beautifully by quite a “heavy” set of the side bangs, and also by a very stylish but thin braid.

  1. Purple Bright Lilac Ombre Hair:

The neon color can be hard to accomplish, we know. On the other hand, it is totally worth this for that time when you understand you’ve succeeded. It is a fierce and awesome look which will certainly make you look like a “fairy” queen.

  1. Hipster Beauty:

Here’s a “hipster” lioness hair, in 3 colors – turquoise, purple and pink. The simple way to have those curls can be by braiding the hair and allow it to sit overnight. Whenever you release this in the early morning, you’ll have the instant curls.

  1. Purple Unicorn Ombre Hair:

There is mermaid, and after that there is unicorn. Because in case the ocean had its rep in unconventional colors world, so should have the “land”. As a result, meet the unicorn hair. An exceptional blend of the platinum as well as yummy “pastel” color, leading with the purple, obviously.

  1. Ombre Purple Hair Perfection:

All of us became adoringly obsessed with this particular color combination and also with these best curls. You have got almost everything here, from the “ripe-plum” to shades of the wine and burgundy. Do not forget the curling iron!

  1. Never Forget Me Blue:

Additionally, you can mix your ombre purple locks with any color you fancy. It is a blend between shade of the violet as well as a “watery” don’t forget me blue.

  1. Ombre Purple Hair Craziness:

Needless to say, this hairstyle has not just 1, but 4 colors in this. The madness begins at roots with the forest green, carries on the size of the locks with green, after that light turquoise, as well as, of course, an attractive shade of the indigo purple.

  1. Fishtails And Mermaids:

As we talked about mermaid style, here’s one more way by which it is easy to channel it. The gray locks with sea-foam blue and silver highlights, braided perfectly in the “side-swept” fishtail. Begin on a single side of the head as well as work your own way to another diagonally.

  1. Ombre Purple Hair Alternative Hairdos:

Thinking of becoming a member of indie trend? It is exactly what you must do. Dye the hair this incredible shade of the purple ombre, accomplish with the indigo peek-a-boos as well as add some “knock-out” hair pieces, for example, beads and feather.

  1. Purple Pastel Goth Ombre Hair:

Of course, you can easily do Goth having purples and pastels too, if you style this properly. This half pastel-lilac and steely gray with the dramatic “matte-lip” makeup definitely has won the hearts.

  1. Between The Dark And The Light:

Contrast is a great idea in terms of non-traditional hair colors. It is blonde platinum hair which has been colored half delicate shade of the purple as well as half very dark as well as velvety one.

  1. Purple Mermaid Ombre Hair:

Finding as this is very versatile; you may easily use the ombre purple hair to accept the mermaid hairstyle. With this particular indigo and “dark-sea” foam highlights and also those 90s plastic “sea-shell” earrings, you understand you wish to.

  1. Turquoise And Purple:

The elegance of ombre purple hair is it can easily be combined off with just about anything. Take, as an example, this exceptional curly and messy chignon that is actually held in position by a beautifully stylized butterfly “hair-pin”.

  1. Purple Cotton Candy Ombre Hair:

In case you were trying to find some whimsy for adding to your own life, you’ve found it. The “cotton-candy” purple hair can be the element you never believed you were lacking. Pair this off with the dramatic make-up and you simply found the excellent summer look.

  1. Perfect For Cold Months:

Just because it’s cold outside and you have to hide it under a hat, that doesn’t mean your hair has to be boring. To get this lovely combination of shades, you must first bleach your hair thoroughly.

  1. Life In The Pink:

If you actually felt like that something was lacking from your own life, and even you just did not know exactly what this was, then it is pink hair. It is a superb example as it blends both pink and cool purple which we love a lot.

  1. Purple Violet Ombre Hair:

You will find numerous shades of the purple available, and we’ve chosen to try out and list all of them for you in this article. Think about the violet. This begins with a simple dark color at roots as well as ends in an ideal “pastel-lilac” at the end.

  1. Neon Tip:

As if possessing purple hair wasn’t whacky enough, the creative folks around also created neon tips. We must say that we are crazy about this trend. This gives the locks a particular luminescence as though enlightened from inside.

  1. Purple And Brunette Ombre Hair:

We are ending you simply with this particular black – purple “ombre” hairstyle. It is perfect if you do not wish to make this type of important change to the hair or even if your work does not allow for the unconventional colors.



To conclude, the ombre hairstyles are exactly what you need to enhance your beauty. Hope this post has helped to find your best match. Also, keep all the tips in mind before you choose the right one. Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below. Have a great time.








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