45 Best Purple Hair Ideas That Will Give You A Chic Look!


Offbeat and unconventional hair-colors have been the trend within the previous couple of years. They started as the preference of the music festivals, beginning what now we call “festival look.” Next, they spread completely to Hollywood and following that they overcome the whole world. And additionally, the “purple hair” is a precise star in terms of this charming trend.

On the other hand, one of the causes, why a large number of people choose purple hair over anything, is this particular color has numerous shades to select from. Beginning with seafoam or pale lilac and ending with wine, raisin, and burgundy there is a shade available to suit every personality and mood. Listed below are 45 purple hair suggestions to assist you to find out yours. You may also enjoy this post “125 Top Natural Hairstyles That Will Give You A Bold Look!


8 Best Tips For Purple Hair!

Purple is definitely the greatest and craziest hair color ever been around. Not every woman dares to get this particular hair color, however, people who step out from the box, as well as dye the hair either medium or dark purple, will be happy with themselves. However, the challenge is exactly how to take care of the purple hair to ensure that the “color” remains vibrant so long as possible? So the solution is to adhere to 8 easy “purple hair” treatment rules outlined below. Here’s a short video for you.

  1. Try Using “Sulfate-Free” Shampoo:

These days over 90% of most marketed shampoos have sulfates so discovering the one which is “sulfate-free” is no simple task. On the other hand, you require this shampoo for keeping your hair healthy and color vibrant.

The shampoos which have sulfates not just fade hair dye; also they can trigger dry hair issues, split ends, hair loss, and scalp irritation. Dandruff and clarifying shampoos aren’t good choices for the purple hair as well.


  1. Make Purple Conditioner:

Whenever you can discover a “purple-hair” conditioner, then you’re lucky. People who cannot get it done need to create their particular one for maintaining their “purple-hair” bright for a long time. The technique is including some hair color to the conditioner. Simply a bit, no a lot more. You’ll see the difference in no time.


  1. Be Extra Cautious With Ends:

All you require to “wash” is just your scalp, therefore concentrate on it. Don’t use shampoo to the ends, just a “purple” conditioner as well as don’t leave this for longer, only a minute will be enough. Avoid rubbing very hard and don’t towel-dry your ends. Simply wrap the hair in towel as well as wait for a couple of minutes.


  1. Avoid The Hot Water:

I’m absolutely not suggesting you to rinse your locks with the “ice-cold” water. However “hot-water” is probably the biggest foes for the purple hair. Two hot water washes will be sufficient to spoil the bright color of hair. If the cold water isn’t your thing, then choose the lukewarm water, if you possess a greasy scalp.


  1. Now Wash The Hair Two Times A Week:

No matter if you have purple hair or natural hair, you have to wash this maximum of two times a week. It is a general guideline. Daily washing can dry out your locks and strips the shade from the hair. In case you have quite an oily hair, think about using the dry shampoo whenever you require that fast fix.


  1. Try To Avoid The Hot Oil Treatment:

Natural “hot oil” treatment is good for the natural hair. The purple hair doesn’t need it. A few deep “fix” masks or even your preferred hair mask will be sufficient to keep your locks healthy and shiny. If hot oil treatment is an element of your charm routine which you can’t avoid, then ensure that you don’t “hot-oil” treat your locks immediately after dyeing as well as within a minimum of 2 weeks of new color procedure.


  1. Use The Heat Protection Spray:

Before you make use of a “hair-dryer”, flat iron or curling iron, ensure that you use a “heat-protection” spray to the hair. Search for one with much less harsh substances, or utilize a natural “heat-protectant” such as processed avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil or argan oil.


  1. Use Swimming Cap:

The summer is simply on the way, which means the swimming is inevitable. Protect the locks from chlorine simply by sporting a “swimming” cap. In case you are seeking to invest most of the summertime on beach, spend money on an effective sun hat. This will assist to keep the purple hair bright for weeks.


Best 45 Purple Hair Ideas Just For You!

  1. Long Braids And Top Knot:

If you really have a luxury event to be present at, then it may be the hairdo for you as well as the purple hair. This updo includes a messy long bun including an easy braid on both sides.

  1. Queen Of Fairies:

A way of highlighting your purple locks is by utilizing different colors with this as well. Therefore, aside from the purple colors, this beautiful woman also has yellow, orange and pink hair. The shades of rainbow can even be your buddy if you understand how to create them right.

  1. Highlights And Sangria:

Have a “cue” from Spanish drink Sangria and sport the particular color on the head. It is a very awesome look for spring, once you can easily braid the hair and sport an extra-large sweater to match the trends.

  1. Delicious Eggplants:

Aside from eating, the eggplants can additionally serve as motivation for the next hair-color. This soft and dark purple hair shade is ideal for winter time. Just pair this with minimum jewelry and makeup. Using this method, it will certainly have the capacity to shine by itself.

  1. Bandanas And Top Knots:

You may additionally consider a hairdo with a little more “street” credibility. Choose a “bandana” attached in the “West-Coast-Tupac” way on the head. Tie the head in messy bun utilizing a “doughnut” and you are ready to go.

  1. The Goddess Locks:

Here is actually a “goddess-weave” shaped into ideal curls with 3 different colors: mauve, purple and blue. The truth is, the hair in by itself is quite surprisingly well designed that colors just tend to “spring” one from another as well as interlock flawlessly.

  1. Iris Hipster:

Here’s an extremely hipster look having statement glasses, face piercings, and iris shaded purple hair. The eyebrows tend to be a deep chocolate brown in order to frame your face flawlessly. The lovely girl is also wearing vintage “cat-eye” makeup.

  1. Festival Purple Locks:

As described in the intro, nothing says the festival seem like purple hair. In addition, if you include an extra-large flower braid, then your next look at Burning Man or Coachella is guaranteed to not be unnoticed.

  1. Purple Hair With Cruella De-Vil:

If the “Disney-villain-Cruella-de-Vil” decided to choose purple hair, it would happen to be her shades of choice. Nevertheless, this wonderfully quirky hairdo has nothing related to being villainess. The truth is, it appears as adorable as they arrive.

  1. Purple Hair And Sea-Foam Blue:

Not to mention, the title of this shade may be somewhat romantic here, yet that never halted us during the past. Purple hair-color and sea-foam blue have got all of us enthralled with simply how clear and icy it is.

11. Purple Hair With Viking Braids:

It is a fact that the most Viking females were blonde. Nevertheless, that does not mean you cannot still wear their mind-blowing braids. Straighten the hair using plenty of your preferred products. Consequently, you may go to braid a few of longer strands.

  1. “Katy-Perry” Purple Locks:

Perhaps the greatest promoter of purple hairstyle is the one and only singer “Katy-Perry”. In the last couple of years, she sported a number of colors of this beautiful color, being a motivation to us.

  1. A Wine Tone Of The Purple Hair:

The name really does it justice as this particular color is definitely so rich and beautiful you can simply scoop this up and drop this in the glass. This is quite bold but devoid of being very violent on eye, therefore it may simply be the ideal option for any event.

  1. Dark Purple Will Mean Goth:

Not to mention, you can get a bold and dark attitude with the goth twist in case you include a tone of the “eggplant” purple to the already dark locks. A lip ring, black choker, and quite dramatic makeup can complete this amazing look. Do not overlook the fair complexion.

  1. The Pastel Messy Braid Purple Hair:

If you have and/or choose to go for the pastel or perhaps better, the ombre purple locks, you can usually wear this in the messy braid. Have some of darker strands as well as use them for crowning your head. Using this method, they will certainly contrast with lighter tones on the top of the head.

  1. Orchid Tone:

The best definition of the “bed-head”, this beautiful lady is additionally wearing an orchid tone of the purple hair. Try keeping your makeup down to get a natural appearance, and you can’t make a mistake with this specific one. Not forgetting the selfie chances here.

  1. Blonde With Grape Crush:

Here is an extremely interesting option of hues and colors. You have rose gold and blonde on top as well as near your roots and an attractive shade that is called the grape crush near the bottom. On the other hand, the “color-palette” will be particularly visible in case you straighten the hair.

  1. Pastel Purple Locks:

What will you get whenever you mix “frozen-blonde” with the “bubble-gum” pink as well as different tones of purple? Pure perfection. Just braid this up in an easy 3 strand piece to ensure that it appears relaxed and fresh.

  1. Purple Ombre Hair:

It’s time to embrace the autumn with the excellent ombre hair. At the same time, the roots and the starting of strands are quite a deep “eggplant” color that then proceeds to become lighter & lighter towards tips of your hair. Pick your own tones and choose ombre before holidays.

  1. Pure Art:

There’s no different way to explain this “hair-color” and design than by simply calling this pure art. It is a glossy and classy combination of the dark roots, delicious purple just for tips and metallic turquoise color in the center,

  1. Framboise Tones:

Framboise is actually French for the raspberry. However, it does not need to be simply the taste of your preferred macaroons. Additionally, you can utilize this tone as a motivation for the quirky “hair-color” if none of other purple “hair-colors” do you the justice.

  1. Elegant And Short:

Here is one choppier bob, having longer strands and hugging your face, everything in the pastel purple, obviously. This model has and a “high-top” bun and side heavy bangs, which we’re going insane for now.

  1. Inky Tones:

This wonderful lady has picked ink as the favorite tone of the purple hair. Additionally, she is wearing a longer bob, with very smooth beach waves, “aubergine” dark roots and indigo tips. Keep the makeup down to get this one.

  1. Pastel Grunge:

A different take on “purple-hair” grunge look is the shoulder-length bob, tousled and layered. Add a theatrical and a choker makeup for completing this ensemble. Not to mention, you can easily sport purple “smoky-eyes”, heavy eyebrows and a matte “plum-lip”.

  1. Purple Deep Burgundy Hair:

For replicating this look, it’s essential to add a few “beach” waves to the long locks. Aside from that, always you can embellish “dark” burgundy color having a few hair pieces, exactly like this gold metallic “leaf” crown, perfect fit for you.

  1. Dual Purple Shaded Hair:

Whenever you dye the hair with this color, this does not need to be a single shade. Keep this sassy with 2 or more shades, exactly like this beautiful lady did. However, the outcomes are guaranteed.

  1. Mermaids And Fishtails:

We are quite certain that if “Ariel” had an option, she might have dyed the hair purple too. Just look exactly how gorgeous this indigo light shade is “wrapped” up in the perfect fishtail.

  1. The Vintage Hairstyle:

They did not use to sport purple hair much in 40’s and 50’s. Still, you can make the “pinup” craze your own simply by wearing a fashionable and chic hairband. Tie your hair up in the overturned bun.

  1. Purple Hair With Candy Color:

Listed below are a haircut and a shade which can fit you for any event. You can sport it to your office, and also on a night out with girls. It is a medium “choppy-bob” in different tones of eggplant, lilac, and purple.

  1. Lilac Purple Locks:

Nothing says fragility and sensibility quite like the lilac hair. As you can see, this model also has added some indigo peek-a-boos to the lilac hair, in order to give this some more profoundness and depth. To replicate this look, you’ll need to consider a layered, long haircut as well as some elegant beach waves.

  1. Flowers And Fairies:

Once you have dyed the hair purple, then you may too go completely. Embellishments are usually in order, for example, these little white “spring” blossoms spread throughout your purplish hair. It has quite a “Midsummer-Night’s-Even” feel to this which every girl ought to experience.

  1. Grunge, Purple And Bob:

Here’s another layered, long and bob now. The “lilac” denim jacket and dramatic makeup will help you look all set for catwalk at the moment’s notice. Choose pastel or light highlights around the face to make your features softer.

  1. Steam Punk Style And Purple Hair:

The concept of mixing a deep tone of the purple hair along with a “steampunk” embellishment piece will be truly professional. The retro silver in the butterfly “hair-pin” flaunts violet locks in a superb way. Keep the hair straight as much as you can to replicate this look.

  1. Layered And Long:

If you decide to choose the long edition, though, always you can straighten this and get layered hairdo. By doing this, you’ll look like fabulous edition of a rock chick all set to rumble.

  1. Short Purple Locks:

Purple hair does not need to be longer to be beautiful. Here is a good example of an amazing purple bob along with the beach loose waves. The “cat-eye” makeup and nose ring make this even more feminine and special.

  1. Freezing Pastels:

Also, you can be the queen of ice in case you desire so if you wear this wonderful pastel light color in the locks. The purple tone makes this look like the ink mixed with the “ice” water and after that shaded onto the hair.

  1. Spirits Of Forest:

There is just something absolutely magical about the purple hair. Here’s a dark shade with just a few light strands. This is held jointly by French braid completely at the rear of your head that makes it appear much more surreal.

  1. Royal Amethyst:

The amethyst is actually a kind of quartz. As a result, it always has been a preferred among the jewel makers. Thus, now you can match the jewelry to the locks, with this gorgeous shade of the purple.

  1. Pigtails Hairdo:

As discussed earlier, nothing goes superior with the neon colored locks that braiding this. The waves will highlight all of the tones in the beautiful hair greater than wearing this loose can ever be capable of.

  1. Purple Hair Just For Special Events:

Although “purple-hair” is regarded as unconventional, you will find some shades that you can easily wear even at most classic and traditional of events. Here’s an eggplant tone loosely held with each other by a jewel-studded embellishment.

  1. Shades Of The Magenta:

Just another shade only for you in terms of “purple-hair” is magenta. On the other hand, the dark shades go on “crown” of the head whereas the light ones are set aside for tips. A braid and beach waves will certainly layer this and display all of the hues.

  1. Top Knot And Braid With Purple Hair:

Here’s a breathtaking hairstyle. Not just is the “purple” hair-color fantastic, considering that it features several shades, however, the hairdo itself is gorgeous too. Pick a larger strand on the top of the head and braid this half way. At the same time, you can easily tie the rest up in the bun.

  1. Violet Tone Of The Purple Hair:

Choose violet with some loose well-placed curls and messy “knot” at the back. For getting the curls, you’ll need to use the curling iron as well as a little mousse. Aside from that, you’ll need to tie this in 2 or 3 strand pigtails immediately.

  1. Bubble Gum For Princess:

One approach of channeling the inner kid is by simply dyeing the hair “bubble-gum” purple. The attractiveness of this effort is it does not need to be uniform color. On the other hand, you can easily add some blue and pink highlights in some places to spice up the things.

  1. Lavender With Purple Long Hair:

If you ever have long hair like this, then dying this in the purple shade can be truly a statement. However, the color, as well as quite a loose hairdo with a long simple braid at the back, will remind us of the pixies of olden days.



In conclusion, we must say that the purple hairdos are quite amazing and can make your look youthful and delightful at the same time. Make sure you leave your thoughts in the comment box below and start a conversation. It’s time to find your best match!






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