45 Most Popular Rappers Around The World!

Rappers are making not just music but also stories, cultures, and that, a lot of fame & money. What makes a rapper accessible? Is it just good music? There are certain things that a rapper might require to stand out odd and perfect. Just like the number of fishes in the sea, there are rappers in today’s world. But, why only some can rule our heats and fill their pockets while the rest are still struggling despite good music?

This article tells a lot about the stories behind the most popular rappers. One might look at fame and money, while the most successful rappers have been through a lot of struggle. Well, after a lot of effort, one gets to make a lot of money and fame.

This article consists of 45 most popular rappers, the wealthiest producers, rappers, and record-label owners who have made their way to the millions in the net worth. Check them out.

32 Rappers Around The World!

  1. Fabolous:

Well, who does not know Fabolous? He is one of the rappers who has made a fortune of USD 25 million from this rap industry. The most popular singles that made him this wealthy and successful are “Throw it in Bag,” “Make Me Better,” & “Breathe.” Rich Yung Society is the clothing line that has made him more popular and thriving instead of damaging his bank balance. Moreover, he is quite the rapper one should know.

  1. Kendrick Lamar:

Kendrick Lamar is not just one of the rappers who stick only with rapping but instead is a songwriter, singer, and a rich man! He has earned USD 30 million, which is estimated to increase rapidly in a short time. Well, his full name is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. Rapper Duckworth hailed from California and started rapping carrier while he was just in the primary level of school. Moreover, he connected himself with some prominent people after he attempted some singles. He always took Dr. Dre as his idol.

  1. Tech-N9ne:

Tech-None is one of the American rappers who was born in Kansas City in Missouri. His estimated wealth is USD 25 million. Starting his career with a successful group – Black Mafia, he is recognized with the tech industry. Therefore, his name is unique and receives uniqueness because of the same reason.

  1. Cee-Lo-Green:

Cee-Lo-Green is a successful rapper with a worth fortune of USD 24 million. Coming from a hip hop background, Green is recognized for his talent for nontraditional improvisations and with solo acts. Moreover, there is a popular reality show called The Voice of NBC, where he is also one of the judges.

  1. Mike-Shinoda:

Mike Shinoda is one of the icons of the records of the popular band called Linkin Park. He has been recognized as organizing and supervising the “Reanimation” album back in 2002. This man has made a few hits that made him quite rich with a worth fortune of USD 24 million. Also, he has performed with Jay Z & a few other stars.

  1. Lil-Jon:

Lil Jon is a rich rapper with approx USD 3 million. He is also a leader in the crunk movement called Dirty South in Atlanta that began around in the 2000s. Likewise, he is one of the reputed rappers who has been involved in some entrepreneur things like the food and drink industry to make more money.

  1. The-Game:

The Game is this man’s rap name or the name in this industry. This name is quite close to his heart as his mum gave it as she believed ‘he was the game for anything.’ Moreover, this risk-taking man has mentioned how he was raised in risks like gang wars, drugs, dangers that made him quite into his career, and he has said his stories in the lyrics too. Well, this rapper has approx USD 35 million worth fortune.

  1. Soulja-Boy:

Soulja Boy is the name of De Andre Cortez in the rap industry, a rich rapper with a worth fortune of USD 35 million. Also, he has been a performer and has a love for music from his teenage years. He started his music through hip hop and gained a lot of fans while he was just eighteen. And Cortez is quite popular in rapping and has made incredible connections from a young age to be in this position today. Well, he is living his dream life at such an early age.

  1. Flo-Rida:

Whenever one talks about Florida, it is not the city that strikes in mind, but the rapper Flo Rida who is so popular with this hit ‘Low’ that people have forgotten there’s a city called Florida too. That was a duet with T Pain, which gained them a lot of popularity. Moreover, this was able to become the number one hit in America for straight ten weeks in 2008. Of course, this lifted his entire career in weeks. He is the rapper with a good fortune worth USD 35 million.

  1. Ludacris:

Ludacris is one of the most popular rappers who is an actor and an entrepreneur with an American origin. He likes to call himself as “Mouth of South.” Moreover, this rapper has been spreading his ventures into a lot of vast areas and is considered the most prosperous rappers of all time. He has a net worth of USD 32 million, which he made from the rapping industry and his own business.

11. T Pain:

T Pain is one of the rappers who is also a songwriter. He has an American origin and has been widely recognized for his songs. He has a worth of USD 37 million fortune. And, one of his best hits is Akron that uplifted his career very well.

  1. Common:

Common is one of a genuine rappers who is a Chicago indigenous having full support towards PETA. What makes him a nice guy is his speaking against the homophobic language in the lyrics of his rap. Smoking Aces is his film credit of 2007 & Wanted is of 2008. And, this man has an amazing fortune of USD 40 million!

  1. Ice-T:

Ice T is one of the wealthiest rappers who have USD 45 million worth fortune that he made out of his careers as a rapper, screenwriter, producer, and businessman. Similarly, his name is unique and common in an alcohol shop. Sire Records signed this rapper in 1987 & he launched his track – Rhyme Pays shortly after signing the record.

  1. Big-Boi:

Big Boi is big with amazing entertaining ability renowned for his numerous contribution to the rap industry. This man with American origin has several talents, including writing, generating, and dealing with many materials that earned him USD 35 million! And, he proves how the rap industry can be a combination of richness, wealth, fame, and royalty.

  1. Rick-Ross:

Rick Ross or ‘Rich’ Ross? Kidding, this rapper has a considerable fortune from his rap business, which is USD 43 million. He has been an American rapper who has also performed debatable songs about drug trafficking and some other issues, which has made him even more popular. This man was able to sell 187000 copies of his hit track ‘Hustling.’ He is one of the rappers who has provided more to society instead of just good music.

  1. Darryle-McDaniels:

Darryl McDaniels is one of the wealthiest rappers with a worth fortune of USD 50 million, which he earned out of the rap industry alone. He is one of the local rappers who has earned a lot of fame along with money. Being a disc jockey along with a rapper, he was known as DMC with stage name Grandmaster Gel High. This American musician has quite a fantastic journey ahead without a doubt.

  1. Bones-Thugs-N-Harmony:

Bones Thugs N Harmony is one of the rap bands who are from Cleveland in Ohio. A group of five rappers, namely Layzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh & Bone, Bizzy Bone, & Krayzie Bone. This group of fantastic artists has been very famous for their talent along with teamwork in a band. They have gained enough honor from this industry and have made an estimated worth fortune of USD 50 million. One of their popular tracks is “Look Into My Eyes,” which was featured in “Batman & Robin”.

  1. J-Prince:

J Price, with a cool name, is one of the chief executive officers of Rap A Lot of Records, which is located at Houston in Texas. He was also in charge of ‘record label’ in 1986 AD, which gained a lot of success and fame. Being an irresistible promoter of quite a lot rappers, he has an aim to assist underprivileged neighborhoods. He has a significant influence in Houston, particularly.

  1. Andre-3000:

Andre 3000 is an American rapper who is also a versatile personality with professions like actor, record producer, singer and has mind blowing talent in some instruments. He has received most recognition in OutKast duo. The mind blowing thing about this guy is that he has been the CEO of a clothing line called Benjamin Bixby. This man knows how to handle everything with great enthusiasm. Without a doubt he has amazing worth fortune of USD 40 million!

  1. Afeni Shakur:

Afeni Shakur is one of the female rappers who has made quite a good fortune out of the male-dominated industry of rap. Her estimated worth fortune is USD 55 million, making her one of the world’s richest rappers. She has been a member of the popular band – Black Panthers. She has also been a political activist and also a philanthropist. Her son Tupac Shakur was a well-known rapper too, but he is no more in this world now. This woman has been slaying all her life with her talents and successes!

  1. T.I.:

TI is one of the famous rappers who has been making a lot of fortune out of the rap industry. His worth fortune is USD 55 million. Atlanta born & raised TI has generated some of the fantastic hits for most popular singers out there like slayer Rihanna & Kelly Rowland. Stepping out of the box, this rapper has been staring at plenty of TV shows and movies that helped him get a position in the show business in the most significant way. His most famous record label has been Grand Hustle that has provided him all the name and fame.

  1. Wiz Khalifa:

Wiz Khalifa is one of the names among the rappers people know despite being in any part of the world. If someone has a love for rap, the one has listened to songs of Wiz. This emerging singer and rapper have already made a fortune of USD 50 million along with that fame of being a rising star of 2000. He is recognized for his ability to make creative rhymes. Moreover, this rapper could create some particular Pittsburgh sound, which made him stand out odd and loud among the rappers.

  1. Chad Hugo:

Chad Hugo is an American artist who has been a versatile one with professions of musician, Producer, and rapper. And, this rapper has a fantastic fortune worth USD 60 million. Being the most famous member of the band N.E.R.D, this guy has been tagged with a label of Producer of the Year in Billboard music awards. Also, he has been associated with The Neptunes group, which was the reason behind his name in the Billboards.

  1. Nelly:

Nelly is one of the common names that come to people’s minds when they think of a rapper. But, this guy is not just a famous rapper but also is a successful singer, actor, and entrepreneur that has helped him to gather a worth fortune of USD 65 million! Starting with St. Lunatics, a hip-hop group, this man signed Universal Record company in 1999 then worked with few other popular groups before his label was built.

  1. Busta Rhymes:

Busta Rhymes is a stage name of Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr. This rapper is also a producer and an actor with an estimated fortune worth USD 60 million. Back in 2012, he had a popular album out, Year of The Dragon. With nine amazing albums already out, this man has been able to earn platinum or gold status in each record.

  1. Joseph Simmons:

Joseph Simmons is one of the famous rappers who brought a revolution in the rapping business by earning USD 70 million and showing the evolving side of the rap industry. Very popular as Rev Run & DJ Run in NYC areas, this man is the noted founding member of Run DMC, which is a well-known rap gang. And, he also was an inductee in Rock N Roll Hame of Fame short back.

  1. Nicki-Minaj:

Well, who does not know Nicki Minaj? Every single person has to know her! She is not just a rapper but the first female rapper to be a part of the Cash Kings that had more than USD 7 million in revenue during the period. Moreover, this rapper is also a songwriter who is the only lady who made it to Forbes Magazine’s hip hop Cash Kings with a net worth of USD 80 million. Also, she is a diva when it comes to glamour; she is famous because of her styles and rapping skills.

  1. i.am:

William, who is as popular as i.am, is a producer, DJ, and rapper. His net worth fortune is USD 80 million. One of the most popular hits from i.am Black Eyed Peas that brought a lot of fame and success to his career. Likewise, he has helped to make and create singles from John Legend and a few others.

  1. Adam Horovitz:

Adam Horovitz is an American musician, rapper, and guitarist with an estimated net worth of USD 85 million. He is a famous band of hip hop artists associated with New York known as The Beastie Boys. Moreover, this man having an Irish & Jewish ancestry was born in New Jersey and has been in many famous TV shows like Godspeed & Roadside Prophets. With such huge net worth, success, and fame, this man is a slayer!

  1. Michael Diamond:

Michael Diamond is one of the famous rappers and songwriters who are very rich and has made a net worth of USD 85 million. Mr. Diamond is the founding associate of the band The Beastie Boys and has been known as The King of Lunch. He also co-founded The Young Aborigines in 1979, which was the ancestor of Beastie Boys. This man is quite popular for his works.

  1. Timbaland:

Mr. Timbaland is a rapper who has earned a lot of recognition in music’s hip-hop genre. Without a doubt, he has a considerable net worth of USD 80 million. This rapper, as well as producer, has worked with so many acts in this industry and owns Thomas Crown Studio, which is in Virginia Beach. He also has generated a hit record for some other famous artists like Justin Timberlake & Missy Elliott. He has earned a lot of fans and followers, along with his contribution to the music industry.

  1. Drake:

Drake is the one-person army when it comes to performing in bands. He is amazingly costly, with a net worth of USD 110 million. Being a Canadian, this man has a lot of fans from all over the world. This versatile man also has been a part of TV series as an actor in Degrass: The Next Generation. But, without a doubt, his chief fame comes from rap that he does best. And his unique ability is to able to convert a single song into a hit record in no time.

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