125 Amazing Pixie Cut Hairdos Just For You!

Short hair is the main attitude of this post. I understand it will sound like cliche but it is true. In case you have not had the short hair, then you do not know the feelings so these pictures of excellent pixie cuts can tempt you for going short!

Whenever you do the transform from possessing long locks to the short hair, you’ll feel so rejuvenated. Trending hairdos nowadays are getting shorter and much shorter. On the other hand, the shorter hair is the greater, in the eyes of many people. To tell the truth, having checked out our best pixie cuts, we’ll find exactly why.

This is quite a convenient hairdo for busy females. Many people want to have the short pixie haircuts because they can’t maintain the long hair. Additionally, they are living a busy lifestyle and understand that short hair works more effectively for them. Others love the short hair irrespective of their way of life and many celebs choose a short haircut as well. There are a lot of lovely, pixie haircuts to pick from. In case you have the thinner hair, then pixie styles can work greater for you because your locks can feel fuller as well as adds some dimension and height. You may also enjoy this post “29 Medium Hairstyles For Women That Will Amaze Unbelievably !

8 Factors You Should Have A Pixie Cut!

If you’re still not sure whether or not to take such a bold step and cut off the long locks being “cared” for many years, listed below are some factors you should know. Here’s a short video for you.

  1. Maintenance Made Easier:

Before heading out, long hair always must be combed properly and stylized which, sometimes, requires a particular time. The short locks are practical and are intended for ladies who are busy and employed, and they possess more significant things planned from the continuous hair-styling. The best tip: you just wake up as well as you are ready in terms of hair.

  1. You’ll Feel Freer:

The long hair often can become a load on the shoulders and head, while the short hair offers you a feeling of spontaneity and freedom.

  1. Will Bring Back To Your Youth:

The short hair always can be adorned with the colorful pins, however in order that it doesn’t look funny. Generally, these absurd accessories aren’t the top on the long hair. Furthermore, shorter hair offers a youthful look, so in case you feel aged than you’re, always you can try out a short haircut.

  1. You Can Easily Comb The Hair With Fingers:

The long hair can often be tangled as well as you need to brush the hair all through the day. Having short hair that’s not the fact, because the fingers are effortlessly going through your hair, leaving this more disheveled.

  1. This Gives You Sharper Look:

Concretely, pixie haircut offers a sharper appearance to the oval face. In contrast, long hair offers a softer and feminine look and in case you have a sweet and cute face already, don’t hide this under long hair. Just highlight your gorgeous face with the short hairstyle.

  1. Less Balsam And Shampoo:

Consider it. Perhaps it sounds humorous, but saving balsam and shampoo from month to month will truly amaze you. The consumption of shampoo is minimum and you will no longer require treatment oils or creams.

  1. Style And Originality:

Whenever you cut the hair you’ll mentally estimate the point that at the spot you go you’re always the only one with shortest locks, except on the rare events as a number of hipster situations.

  1. Almost Everything Looks Lighter:

Factions, head shape, neck. Additionally the accessories, such as rings, scarves as well as the clothes.

Top 38 Pixie Cut Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind!

  1. Curly Pixie Haircut With Trendy Design

If you’re looking for the shaven pixie-cut look, after that maybe you wish to customize your hairdo. Having an exceptional hairstyle feels wonderful and nobody can have exactly the same. Now be your individual trendsetter having the “shaven” design. Also, you have got the trendy pixie hairdo so why don’t you make this your own. An attractive pattern, style, or wording will be shaved in your locks and we believe it looks superb.

  1. Layered, Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut:

Adding layers can add texture. Rather than simply adding the layers to the pixie cut, experiment a little as well as add asymmetrical side. This will certainly compliment your face and your hairstyle.

  1. Wavy Long Pixie Haircut:

It is for the naturally wavy locks. If you possess naturally wavy locks, pixie hairdos look so girly and cute. They will easily frame your look and face adorable. This picture shows a long pixie cut with waves as well as you can find how great it looks!

  1. Grey, Grown Out Pixie Haircut:

When you have an excellent pixie cut, have fun with this when it is growing out. Whenever you go out of hairdressers when you get the pixie cut, then you’ll feel great and fresh. Once you have a superb haircut, when this begins to grow, it will appear amazing as well. Embrace the stage of growing out by simply celebrating with an exceptional color for example grey. Do not rush to hairdressers to get it cut again; you’ll look the long grown out, the grey version.

  1. Short And Cute Look:

This short pixie and cute cut will bring interest to your own face. In case you could walk into the hairdressers today as well as say “I desire a short pixie-cut” it is what you’ll get. That is the basic, short and classic pixie cut which will speak for it.

  1. Choppy Bangs With Longer Blonde Pixie Cut:

Blonde has a lot more fun…

We all know this saying. Are you ready to try out this? Deciding on a “light-blonde” color will showcase your pixie haircut a lot more than the darker shades. This will showcase all the bangs and choppy cuts.

  1. Modern, Messy Pixie Haircut:

Messy hairstyles are usually a girl’s companion. We do not need to stress too much regarding our hair throughout the day having a messy hairdo. Messy hairdos are ideal for evening, day or any occasion. They look excellent with any dress and will showcase the sassy side.

  1. Longer Front, Shorter Back:

This is perfect if you need a long fringe. Getting a superb pixie cut can boost your face however if you desire your locks to be main center point, pick a long front with shorter back.

  1. Pastel Pixie Haircut:

All of us love pastel colors for the pixie cuts. The smartest thing about trying out pastel colors with the short pixie hairstyles is that in case you do not like it, begin again! It is not just like you possess longer locks to dye, therefore enjoy your pastel colors this summer.

  1. Pixie Haircut With Longer Sides And Choppy Bangs:

This choppy pixie haircut is yet around guys, therefore, do not overlook it. This has existed for many years and it in no way disappears completely. With the unique trending ways and hairdo coming into the play, we often forget about older vintage styles.

11. Undercut And Long Bangs:

Do it now with the undercut style and long band. Having described it previously in this post that shaving the hair is very popular these days, the undercut also is popular. It is a somewhat less challenging shaving adventure with the hair. This is usually a little section of the hair that can be effortlessly covered with longer sections. So are you finally feeling it? Opt for it!

  1. Pixie With Swirls And Curls:

This is exactly about the curls and swirls for this hairstyle. Choose a pixie hairstyle with edgy. Take this back to vintage curls and swirls and you’ll not regret this. It is sophisticated, sassy and sexy.

  1. Greyish Blue Hairstyle:

We have observed how good purple, red, grey, brunette and blonde look but exactly what about the blue? In case you love blue shades, then you will enjoy it. This is a great blue tone that will compliment almost any complexion and will be noticeable from crown. However, we completely love this.

  1. Layered, Longer Pixie Haircut:

Layers can assist thinner locks to feel textured and thicker. Having layers will add weight, texture, and also make your hair feel fuller and thicker. Take this layered, sassy longer pixie hairstyle. The long side looks so shiny and healthy. If you’re hot for voluminous hair, then add some hair product for lifting it even much more!

  1. Two-Tone Pixie Haircut:

A pixie haircut mixed with 2 colors, looks superb. See for your own in this picture above. Also, you can notice that sides are “dark-brown” shade as well as the “heavy-top” is a light shade. This is the best contrast and once again, you do not have to have the same style always. Maybe change the parting and get the “heavier-top”, over another side. No matter what you choose, will look amazing!

  1. Bangs With Classy Cut:

This pixie haircut is so sassy and classy. The color and style are fantastic. If you’ve ever desired to wake up in morning, try looking in mirror as well as not need to do lots to the hair, it is the hairstyle for you. This is actually low upkeep and it is easy to style in a different way every day. Everybody will enjoy it!

  1. Blonde Shaved Pixie Haircut:

Shaving the hair is being increasingly famous. I know this can come as a big shock but this is true. Numerous girls are choosing the shavers instead of scissors currently. A bold and daring cut that will certainly get much attention. This is an incredible hairstyle to showcase your stunning face. Although it is a quite short hairstyle, you will have the capability to get the long section of the hair. Even you can tie this back or even cover your shaven parts.

  1. Short Back And Super Longer Bangs:

This hairdo looks wonderful from every position. This oozes style and sexiness. These turbo long bangs make a hairstyle of its very own. It is girly and fun and it is easy to style this in many unique ways every single day!

  1. Blonde, Longer Haircut:

Check this long pixie cut out with an edgy and choppy style. This appears gorgeous and with blonde tone, this showcases the hairstyle a lot more.

  1. Shaggy, Longer Pixie Haircut:

Shorter pixie haircuts aren’t your particular thing? The short pixie haircuts may be very scary even to consider for a few girls. It is easy to understand as we understand our hair indicates a great deal to us. In case you are planning on cutting your locks and enjoy the thoughts of pixie haircut but do not wish to proceed that short, do not get worried, we’ve considered about you as well! The picture above displays a shaggy cut, longer pixie that we love. This is a shaggy style implies that you can easily play with the long lengths as well as style this in numerous ways. This is flexible and appears amazing in this color!

  1. Edgy Pixie Haircut For Bold Ladies:

Take the brave and bold route with the pixie cut. Show your fun side and character with this truly amazing style. It is stunning, striking and will certainly make the edginess shine thru. The color will bring a lot of attention and after that, it will showcase your pixie haircut!

  1. Curly And Long Hairstyle:

We love this curly and heavy long pixie haircut. Getting a “heavy-fringe” will give an impression that the hair is long but the backside will be shorter. This is very chic and sexy! It is an awesome style for an evening or day look.

  1. Platinum, Short Blonde Haircut:

Are you all set to join platinum pixie-cut club? Now brighten your hair up and go for the platinum blonde. This is a stunning color for this hairdo and will certainly show your face and your hair off. So will you become the next participant?

  1. Layered, Voluminous Haircut:

The standard pixie cut is quite flat and short. If it is not to suit your needs, pick this layered, voluminous pixie cut. This will be always rich in live and bouncy.

  1. Long Bangs With Cute Pixie Haircut:

Getting a pixie haircut does not need to be overwhelming. Many individuals that choose from longer locks to short, the pixie haircuts are petrified as all they understand is the longer hair. In case you truly are ready to have a pixie haircut and the hair is long currently, then why don’t you choose this hairstyle to start with? This is yet a pixie haircut but with comfort of getting longer bangs that will give you a sense of feeling confident. Whenever you get accustomed to this, perhaps you may cut your bangs off! Try it out and see.

  1. Red, Curly Pixie Haircut:

Rock the curls. When you enjoy your curls as well as desire to grasp them, then dye the hair a lively color like this “red-shade” and get a pixie haircut. Everyone will compliment on how incredible you look! Therefore seldom delay, proceed and book the hair appointment thus you are all set for this summer.

  1. Beige, Short Blonde Hairstyle:

Going blonde and short is the best pixie haircut for many individuals. We are considering it is much like Emma Watson’s style. It is classy, elegant and low maintenance. It will enrich your eyes as well as give you a sense of feeling fabulous!

  1. Pixie Haircut For The Thick Tresses:

If you possess thicker hair, then a pixie haircut will look wonderful on you. Getting a pixie haircut will immediately boost your hair as your hair is actually thicker and makes that special boost.

  1. Short Pixie Haircut For Black Ladies:

Many people have a tendency to think that pixie haircut will not suit them. Just how mistaken are those individuals! Today you will find a great number of short haircuts which are extremely versatile and even look great. The Pixie haircuts on black ladies, whose locks are naturally curly and thick, look gorgeous. This pixie haircut is shorter and hair is calm which produces an attractive pixie haircut.

  1. Vintage Pixie Haircut:

Are you too feeling this “Betty-Boop” hairstyle? We are! Yes, you also can channel the inner Betty simply by having this hairdo. It is a fantastic vintage hairstyle which will showcase your style and character. It looks great exceptionally with the darker hair.

  1. Blonde Pixie Haircut For The Round Face:

It is the ideal hairstyle in case you possess round face. The pixie haircuts look great on all types of face shapes and hair types but particular haircuts can easily flatter the face even much more. This particular blonde pixie haircut will boost the round face as well as you’ll look amazing. Having the sidebands can narrow the form of round face. In case you take a look at celebrities with round faces, all of them look superb with the pixie cut.

  1. Purple Pixie Haircut:

If you are there, then do that having grey locks, try the purple hair. Whether or not you have tried the grey hair, the purple is alone a striking and powerful color with the vibrancy and it is exciting. Teamed with the pixie haircut and you’ll be ready for the catwalk. It will certainly complement the face and you’ll look awesome. Keep in mind; if you possess dark hair, for achieving a “light-purple” color, you will need to bleach the hair at hairdresser after that they will put the color toner after. It is to simply lift the color in advance and then you’ll get better results.

  1. Grey Pixie Haircut:

Come on girls, grey is just trending and also you can be the top fashionista by blending grey as well as a trendy pixie haircut! All of us love grey color that everybody is going in love with. This is a delicate, soft hair color and hairstyle. This has a vintage vibe and it stands perfectly out from crowd.

  1. Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut:

Asymmetrical pixie haircuts are as famous as ever before. Frankie from “The-Saturdays” is an incredible lover of such style. This is an “anytime” style and appears so great with outfit. It is girly as well as looks classy. Also, Victoria Beckham had this hairstyle at a stage, both as brunette and blonde.

  1. Long Bangs With Blonde Pixie Haircut:

If you’re trying to find a complete change, then have this hairstyle. Dyeing the hair blonde as well as getting a short pixie-cut with the side bangs, appears perfect. One side will be considerably shorter compared to another and it truly works. Getting a new hairdo can be knowledge alone however whenever you choose a revolutionary change and get your locks dyed as well, you feel fantastic. Treat yourself for a makeover as well as get a pixie haircut and color for the summer.

  1. Short Haircut For The Natural Hair:

It is a beautiful cut for the naturally curly locks. Showcase your pretty curls with the short pixie haircut. This has low maintenance and appears perfect for almost any event.

  1. Messy, Longer Haircut With Highlights And Bangs:

A pixie haircut does not need to be quite short. Get this long pixie version along with highlights and bangs. It is a perfect hairdo for the people not attempting to go very short but still want a “heavy-fringe” and full texture.

  1. Bangs With Pixie Haircut:

It is a sexy, neat and classic pixie cut. Blend a vintage pixie haircut with bangs as well as you get it. This includes one “heavy-side” and another side, is quite shorter. Although it is shorter, this style is usually very versatile. However, you can easily dress it down and up.


Finally, we are on the edge of this post. All the best pixie haircuts are just mind-blowing. You just have to choose the right one which fits your needs best. Now, you will look more gorgeous than ever before. Hope you tell us about your feelings in the comment section below. We’re waiting for your precious comments! Hurry up!








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