125 Unique Octopus Tattoo That Will Make You Excited!


Octopus tats are undeniably getting a lot more popular in recent times. Octopus tattoo has the power to make you gorgeous with a bold statement. Who might have believed that a “deep-blue” sea creature such as octopus can certainly be a great topic for tattooing?

There’s no chance you can’t make everybody’s head turns after they notice your octopus artwork. Apart from the point that an “octopus-designed” tattoo can also be an extremely gorgeous decoration on the body, such graphic will also indicate many things.

Among all those extremely lovely tattoo designs which you can notice nowadays, it is probably the most unique one. This kind of tattoo will make you turn out to be an appealing individual in the eye of many individuals, convincing them to understand you a lot better. Here’s a short video for you. Also, check out our another amazing post here “Best 85 Neck Tattoos That Will Make Anyone Look Stunning!

Meanings Of Octopus Tattoos!

For sure, you’re not that conscious that tattoos such as an octopus usually are symbolizing lots of things. Of course, you read this right. These tats have way significant purposes aside from getting your physical look interesting and cool. From this point of view, listed below are a few of the important things which are symbolized:

  1. Courage:

The most important thing which is represented is courage. However, the true reason for this is actually that this particular “sea-creature” is capable sufficient in re-growing the limbs after getting cut because of numerous reasons, for instance, predator assault. As days pass, the “cut-limbs” will grow again causing the octopus to enjoy its life once again like nothing happened.

  1. Resilience:

Unquestionably, octopus is incredibly resilient in “deep-blue” sea as it can safeguard itself against some other sea beings which can cause harm to them, and also those a few other creatures which do not exist in sea just like humans. This can encounter and conquer many dangers which may arrive on its path. That’s why it is a famous choice of many resilient individuals across the world.

  1. Adaptability:

Not to mention, an “octopus” is quite an adaptable “living-organism” in ocean. Whenever it senses risk like a specific predator is running after it, it possesses a special system which allows this to discharge a black fluid substance which can assist them in the camouflaging to attract their predators. This can also change its colour like chameleon.

  1. Mysticism:

As humans aren’t that conscious of exactly what is going on under the “deep-blue” sea where numerous octopus and a few other ocean beings are living, it’s just typical for individuals to consider the octopus like a mystical thing living in the ocean. What is possibly making this more mystical can be the truth that it features quite a unique image and form?

Placement Guide For Octopus Tattoo!

The positioning of a tat is mostly decided by its design and size because the bigger the dimension of tattoo, the bigger is its area requirement and also it needs to be flawlessly inked on such a part that meets this criterion. As an octopus features in total 8 limbs that are flexible and long, a tattoo style featuring the particular creature can additionally be small or big.

A large style that displays the tentacles prolonged over a large area can be ideally inked on the lower back, thigh, shoulder, rib, stomach, with tentacles scattering out to hide the spine and the hips. Similarly, this can be began at shoulder and expanded across chest or even the style would even look great on legs, reaching around the feet.

Bigger ones are desired by men, whereas women enjoy flaunting elegant and small tattoos. These kinds of designs can certainly be highlighted on the fingers, wrists, ankles, sleeve, backside of the neck and ear. An attractive and cool option for ladies is to get it inked particularly on belly button along with tentacles reaching across the stomach region.

Trendy Designs To Pick For The Octopus Art!

As soon as you have decided finally to select octopus art, you’ll surely be satisfied to discover that there tend to be numerous designs which you can have a look at that will certainly be carved on the body. These amazing designs will undoubtedly mesmerize you, yet you can’t choose them all of course. Although they’re all gorgeous, a number of them won’t match your goal of having this kind of tattoo. That’s why you have to be very careful in selecting. Listed below are a few of the styles which are worth taking into consideration:

  1. Animated Octopus Tattoo:

This look is similar to a cartoon along with protruding eyes, huge tentacles and vibrant purple body, giving this a crazy, sometimes terrifying look.

  1. 3D Realistic Octopus Tattoo:

This particular artwork features the octopus in its all-natural form that requires an excellent level of expertise on behalf of artist. Famous variations under this design are the blue-ringed style and Asian design.

  1. Octopus Blue-Ringed Tattoo:

The unique “blue-ringed” octopus is the sea creature that is featured by numerous since it’s a very lethal living organism. This can discharge a very dangerous venom that will can easily kill any person in only a few seconds. If you desire to reveal to the others close to you that you’re a person whom they must not mess with, after that why not think about sporting a “blue-ringed”?

  1. Japanese Octopus Tattoo:

Octopus is quite a significant symbol in Japanese culture. It is the key reason why getting a “Japanese-octopus” art is actually the wish of numerous tattoo enthusiasts. The entire style will look a lot more meaningful and beautiful when added to some other styles which have strong connection with Japanese culture, for example, lily flower.

  1. Cartoon Octopus Tattoo:

If you desire to be slightly playful on the octopus art, after that the “cartoon-octopus” design is definitely worth taking into account. You can also make the graphic of a human octopus-like by simply placing eyes on this, hat and some other things which humans are usually sporting. You can additionally decide on colors. In case you’re considering that it can’t look stylish, then think one more time.

Top 125 Octopus Tattoo Ideas To Look At!

  1. Stunning, Swirling Octopus Tattoo Design:

This is a super sexy, stunning octopus tattoo on the back showcasing a “tangle” of the swirls in middle where tentacles seem to offspring from, and then they curl wrapping their own way out from the shoulders to the ass in steady, highly comprehensive fashion.

Superbly lined and shaded and colored with flawlessness, this is a tantalizing tattoo as well as gorgeously offers octopus growing from deep inside skin, an incredible masterpiece of design enhancing the woman form in magnificent style.

  1. The Skull And The Octopus Back Tattoo Design:

This is a unique tattoo with “well-shaded” octopus, the tentacles turning and twisting around the flesh, spread over the back simply in amazing design, its head on a single side, evolving into the human head on another. The cranium and octopus’ head are perfectly blended, it is simple to skip the skull initially, but it shows up upon closer examination with a complex Mandela joining octopus and human minds, heads melting into a super wise life force.

Outstanding lining tends to make this a great piece, detailed highly, an octopus which will cling forever to the back of wearer, holding death and life in balance as well as bringing innovative and “transformative” water aspects to life. Marvelous!

  1. Hidden In Reef Octopus Tattoo:

A wild, somewhat complicated design, however, reads octopus in the vivid color and loudly. This orange and red spotted sea creature is actually entangled with the pieces from coral reef as well as disguises itself in them just given aside by stray the tentacles and also a unique eye in the middle of chaos.

Great coloring and amazing line work provide this design flair and some hidden mystery that the octopus will represent. On the whole, a sexy, well-placed tattoo with outstanding color vividness and selection of different colors that truly make this particular inscribe pop.

  1. Skull Of Alien Octopus Tattoo:

An exceptional take on tattoo of octopus with “skeletal-octopus” offering an “alien-skull” head written across spine and onto arm. Great shading and clean lines and highlighting with the in-depth detail work tends to make this particular brand a daring, very alien masterpiece more deepening the puzzle of octopus and certainly the roots of the beast in this unique tattoo.

On the other hand, the tentacles appear almost mechanized and one also reasonably pierces the backside of wearer’s arm growing from “under-flesh” and also continuing down the elbow.

  1. Gorgeous Octopus Spine Art Tattoo:

The particular detail in the gorgeous tattoo here is amazing with lovely markings which look like the fine cracks throughout the octopus. It is outlined well with consideration given to the particular details in each flap, suction cup, and also “wrinkle” of this smart, constantly changing creature.

The color injection, on the other hand, is awesome in this design with wicked purples and pinks, highlighted by the yellow streaks which come around and up to the eye. An exceptionally well-placed masterpiece covering the spine with a sort of menacing elegance, this octopus pulls you in, making you hypnotized and once it has grasped, this will in no way let go. Amazing work.

  1. Tribal Octopus Tattoo:

It is an excellent “octopus-tattoo” of tribal impact, draped over the backside of shoulder, cloaking skin in mystical meaning, and embellished in complex pattern work that simply begs for closer look. Coloring, shading and line work are all flawless in this masterpiece, and present you with a truly bold and very trippy design which is in line with the tribal aesthetics.

On the whole, a superb tattoo, definitely well placed, offering the individual a long-lasting octopus shield to sport with delight, and even making a “bold-statement” as well.

  1. “Neon-Purple” Octopus Tattoo:

Bold, bright, neon color tends to make this “octopus-tattoo” an incredible piece being noticed on the “pale-skin” in genuinely vivid perspective. Amazing, swirling blues and indigo decorate this impressive creature of deep while it glides throughout flesh in the supernatural shine of the intrepid color.

Truly fine “line-work” and extreme color injection help to make it a flashy noticeable piece that beautifully catches the fact of an octopus in incredibly dramatic style. Amazing!

  1. Menacing Octopus Chest And Neck Tattoo Design:

This tattoo of an octopus is actually a bold neck and chest piece accomplished with amazing color injection as well as beautiful highlighting creating this a superb standalone inscribe, that additionally works properly with other ink of the wearer, intensely “glaring” back at the onlookers with an atmosphere of menace for striking fear in hearts of the enemies.

Perhaps then this particular tattoo represents safety for the individual, as well as a totem for keeping evil spirits away.

  1. Ship Vs. Giant Octopus:

A vintage take on the classic style, this tattoo includes a large octopus as a sea beast taking a big ship down surrounded by the choppy waves. However, this octopus is usually inked in the classic red. Also, his tentacles turning around and also through ship, ripping it aside and dragging this down to watery, murky grave.

This perfectly placed inscribe features clean, nice “line-work” and amazing highlighting which gives this a 3D look. Similar to the “legend-of-Kracken”, this unique octopus is an embodiment of frightening stories of sea, where the entire ships might be lost literally to the depths of ocean following a strike from gigantic sea beast.

  1. Skull-Octo Tattoo Design:

A “warped-skull” with the octopus tentacles popping out, covering their way across the shoulder and upper arm, this unique tattoo is actually a perspective of the death reincarnate, such as the octopus came into a “cranium-shell” and now slides through abyss haunting everything it encounters.

However, this inscribe includes nice highlighting and great line work and combined with outstanding, good shading work creates a really bold, cool design that will be sported as a “dark-totem” to ward bad spirits away and also a dark badge of praise to go onto the grave.

11. Octopus – The Web Of Colour:

A tangled, twisted mess of the octopus tentacles covering around the chest, arm, and shoulder this particular tattoo is an awesome, fierce combination of orange, blood red, alien green and also hints of yellow and purple in mangled, yet defined clearly, web of the octopus greatness.

Very excellent “line-work” and outstanding bold coloring get this ink to be noticeable against the fair skin as well as its only put into by details in spiked fins on top of the head of octopus and the vivid yellow of eye.

  1. Ink By The Octopus Tattoo:

This amazing octopus tattoo hanging over its “ink-cloud” is a magnificent piece extending right down to hip as well as up to breast in genuine fashion. Worn out the deep classic red-orange, this octopus additionally has “light-green” spots out of all right places.

This octopus is actually an invertebrate, a symbol of agility, grace, and flexibility, the octopus thus embodies the aspect of water, shown attractively here in fluidity of inscribe, this octopus truly looks like it is floating.

  1. Octopus Watercolor Dream Tattoo:

A gentle tattoo, comprised mostly of the watercolor streaks the tentacles down and also swirled onto head in the fine style which appears like it was cleaned on just like the paint in purple and watery blues, further contributing to the marine effect.

Gentle injections of the black specify the tentacles and eyes bringing this gorgeous octopus rendition alive. A properly placed, beauty tattoo that will truly feel as though it’s under the sea, to last the entire life on the “pale-skin” canvas.

  1. Octopus Scarification Tattoo:

Ok, I know it is not precisely a tattoo, yet it’s a brand. It is an excellent one too. Scarification is definitely utilized as a ceremony of passage, also in tribal ethnics, it is utilized to mark the milestones in the life of a person, for example, coming of age, or even as a part of marriage ceremony.

It is increasingly becoming popular in the mainstream society these days. This masterpiece features very “clean-lines” cut into the flesh showcasing an octopus style, symbolic of flexibility, emotion, psyche, creativity, and transformation.

  1. Hot Rainbow Octopus Tattoo:

A twisted web of the octopus craziness in stunning psychedelic perspective. No to mention, this rather alluring tattoo is perfectly placed on hip and also features a “rainbow-colored” octopus protected in swirling “black-pattern” work similar to zentangle aesthetic.

However, this artwork stands apart loudly with intrepid color, bold injection which can last for a long time in sexy, bright style. Extremely “clean-work” and excellent positioning make this particular tattoo scream the octopus in “borderline-neon” fashion. Exceptional!

  1. Octopus Halo Laden Tattoo Design:

It is quite a simplistic, clean yet special tattoo with the ultra “fine-lines” and “light-shading” making this octopus stands out on the pale flesh boldly. Additionally, there is gentle dotting work highlighting the octopus which continues to the “blue-Mandela” style “halo crowning” this “transformative” sea beast.

A truly fresh style and a properly executed masterpiece, this unique tattoo will herald this octopus forever as a king of deep.

  1. Octopus Hand Design:

It is an incredibly “cool-hand” tattoo, placed perfectly to ensure that the tentacles of Octopus trickle off on the fingers finishing in small “spiral-curls” at knuckles. Coloring, shading, and lining are effectively executed providing this particular cephalopod a 3D look.

This Octopus moves elegantly through an earth which is in continuous motion governed by the period of moon, and although this octopus is actually an experienced traveler, it’s mostly a “bottom-dweller” which in representational terms is similar to remaining grounded in the life, reminding all of us that though we can be intuitively gifted or spiritual, we are the physical beings however and should temper the psychic gifts along with powerful foundational grounding.

  1. Compass And Octopus Tattoo Design:

This “aqua-green” octopus with spikes and spots is placed nicely on arm to ensure that this beast of deep-sea moves upside down, hanging over and inked skillfully into flesh. This octopus is additionally clutching a nice compass, symbolic of protection as well as a symbol of “good-luck” for sailors past and present.

This compass is as well symbolic of remaining your course as well as a steady instruction on always getting your home way back. Excellent lining and wonderful color injection generate this “octopus-tattoo” a great masterpiece to be loved for years. Great Work.

  1. Treasure Trove Octopus Tattoo:

This octopus seems to have nicely raided “treasure-chest” with pearls and jewels interweaved with, the tentacles as well as a key twisted in the grasp of octopus, perhaps indicating the octopus is a preserver of secrets here.

With clean, fine lines and bright colors, this particular octopus tattoo design will work on all the levels, is effectively placed and also will carry key to wearer’s tricks to a watery, very deep grave, and provide joy to the “skin-canvas” for a long time.


The tattoos of Octopus are worth contemplating tattoos which can look excellent on the body. These also can be utilized in highlighting your stunning body features. In addition, you can make the most of these tats in revealing your real “self” to the whole human race.

Not to mention, you can choose a beautiful design from numerous selections. However, it’s vital that you pick the one which represents the complete you. Also, you can choose a tribal style, the “blue-ringed” as well as a lot more.

Thanks a lot for your time. Make sure you share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. Also, don’t forget to share this post on social media with your friends. Have a great time.







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