Best 85 Neck Tattoos That Will Make Anyone Look Stunning!


Neck tattoos are usually a big dedication; it is not for faint of the heart. Regardless of your clothing options, the tattoo is going to be visible regardless of what. Based on your work atmosphere a “neck-tattoo” may well not be the top choice to you. It is quite a visible portion of your body; therefore, make sure that you’re fine with that standard of commitment.

It is important to consider the different ways it may affect your individual sense of fashion. As a lady, we frequently embellish our neck with precious jewelry and that may be difficult in case you get a tattoo on the neck. There would primarily be no cause to wear the necklaces in case you had the best neck tattoo.

The neck tattoos, on the other hand, are thriving in popularity as they usually look incredibly awesome. One thing which you must know about having tattoos on the neck is they’re very painful. The tattoos are usually painful regardless; still, the neck typically can be a lot more painful as the neck spot is delicate.

The neck area is usually small and thus is the style. Not that designs must be little because there are often where individuals will choose the large tattoo styles for the neck area. Here’s a short video for you! You may also love this post “Best 67 Infinity Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Think Twice!

Top 85 Neck Tattoos To Make You Look Gorgeous!

  1. Colored Beautiful Flower Tattoo:

Do not just stay with the “standard-black”. If you possess the budget, absolutely nothing will make a “flower-tattoo” more gorgeous than having this done in bright, beautiful colors.

  1. Classy, Intricate Details:

One more neck piece that will need none other accessories. Be sure to sport something which can exhibit such an extraordinary design.

  1. Sophisticated Neck Piece:

Amazing! The sophisticated details of the tattoo here are truly astounding. This seems as if a heart encircled in a “heart-formed” jewel, after that you’ve got dangling details. However, you will not require a necklace if you get this sort of tattoo.

  1. Butterfly Tattoo:

Exactly what makes it quite exclusive is actually the inclusion of the “thick-band” across the neck. This now appears like you are sporting a “butterfly-choker” and not simply wearing a tattoo.

  1. Easy Geometric Shape Tattoo:

A tattoo doesn’t need to be excessively complicated. This can simply be about enjoying the easy shapes, for example, this triangular nape tattoo.

  1. Anchor Tattoo:

Here is one more variation of anchor tattoo, yet now more details tend to be added, for example, the rope across the anchor. Additionally, the positioning is unique, with this tattoo being positioned beside the neck rather than the back.

  1. Bird Tattoo:

Choose something easy for the nape tattoo, such as this bird which looks like it is about to fly

  1. Yin & Yang Tattoo:

In case you do the research, then this symbol represents 2 opposing forces which interact to create a whole.

  1. Eye Tattoo:

Expand your creativity to opt for something unusual and unique with this neck tattoo.

  1. Dual Fierceness:

You can double the particular fierceness of the neck tattoo simply by pairing this with a few fierce jewelries. Not to mention, the tattoo of a spider fits the earring perfectly.

11. Exciting Rose Piece:

The floral tats are usually related to women, yet this tattoo of rose also looks great even on males. The tiny droplets of the water on tattoo truly add an authentic detail.

  1. Elephant Child And Parent:

You can get this to represent a loving connection between child and parent, or as you just love elephants!

  1. Mandala Neck Tattoo:

The Mandala will represent balance and wholeness. This particular tattoo is really unique and intricate. It may feel pain when it is being done; still, you see that the final result is certainly worth it.

  1. Gorgeous Floral Tattoo:

Check out how this unique tattoo tends to go from shoulder to your neck. This may be large but just how it was sketched and shaded yet makes this very feminine.

  1. Leaves Tattoo:

The placement can be uncommon but this particular piece draws sufficient attention to begin a conversation.

  1. Love In The Infinity Tattoo:

Enhance the romance in you along with this unique back “neck-tattoo” of the term “love” with exactly what appears like a “heart” as well as the symbol of infinity.

  1. Anchor Tattoo:

Not to mention, this gorgeous anchor is perfectly placed at the rear of the neck. Also, you can have this in case you prefer sailing, or perhaps to simply tell you to keep your body anchored and also not get grabbed away because of your circumstance.

  1. Grim Reaper Tattoo:

If you’re trying to find a badass type tattoo, after that look no more than this Grim Reaper. It is colorful in style and occupies a large part of your neck.

  1. Personal Message Tattoo:

It is definitely a private message. However, the name might be a “nickname” placed on the angel wings. Also, you can easily add name of anything to angel wings as well as get an excellent tattoo.

  1. Small Dream catcher Tattoo:

Another illustration of a lovely dreamcatcher yet on an extremely smaller scale. It is detailed as well as in white and black which looks beautiful at the back of the neck.

  1. Peter Pan Tattoo:

If you possess a love particularly for “Peter-Pan”, then you’re sure to appreciate this tattoo. He is tucked in directly behind the “ear” as well as is not a very big tattoo.

  1. Kissing Lips Tattoo:

Put a lovely “tattoo” on your throat of lips of the lover you have. Why not get her cute lips upon you forever? This appears like a genuine kiss and also can be utilized for a female or a male.

  1. Intricate Keys Tattoo:

One more sample of key tattoo. It is a straightforward design with less detail. It is simple because it is really an outline rather than anything.

  1. Meow Tattoo:

This small pussy is guaranteed to make you stay happy. This might be a tiger or a lion; it is difficult to tell, yet it is an exciting tattoo. It is a lovely design with lots of flairs.

  1. Sword Of The Choice Tattoo:

This style is not just colorful but exceptional. There’s a snake along with the sword plunged deeply into neck.

  1. Different Styles:

These styles are different; however, they make an exceptional line together. On the other hand, the colors truly pop and even make this tattoo be noticeable.

  1. Origami Flower Tattoo:

These blossoms are like the art forms. At the same time, the style is unique as well as in white and black, it is beautiful.

  1. Diamonds And Wings:

It is an excellent idea for a person that adores the luxury which life can provide. It is a combination of designs which complete the individuality of the user.

  1. A Rose Tattoo:

The rose tends to cover the part of neck, but it is a stylish style for a woman or a man.

  1. Perfect Statement Tattoo:

Discover a statement which you feel seriously about and put it to use for your amazing tattoo. This covers the entire back of your neck.

  1. Tiger Butterfly Tattoo:

It is an extremely unique design which combines a butterfly with a tiger. This particular tattoo is multi-colored and looks superb together.

  1. Tiny Triangle Tattoo:

This tattoo is little, and also it can practically go unnoticed. In case you are in search of a tiny tattoo that is quite subtle, then consider this for size.

  1. Tree Guitar Tattoo:

In case, music is an integral aspect of your happiness, then this little tattoo can be exactly what you’re trying to find. The guitar can be symbolic of the “tree-of-life” and giving birth to the music.

  1. Falling Stars Tattoo:

The best part about this unique tattoo is that it appears like stars which are decreasing from your skin. They trickle the back down beautifully.

  1. Crows Tattoo:

The crows comprise a big tattoo. At the same time, the “trees” in distance accomplish the look jointly.

  1. Star Cluster Tattoo:

All these amazing stars at the rear of the ear tend to be falling the neck down. They are full stars and outlines looking great.

  1. Ornate Key Tattoo:

A big key that would be ornate in style. It looks excellent in white and black and fits perfectly on the rear of neck.

  1. Twirling Flowers Tattoo:

This stunning flower style is completely magnificent. This goes from right behind the “ear” to the base of another, and it is quite eye-catching.

  1. The Eye Tattoo:

This particular tulip flower includes the “seeing-eye” inside of this. If you’re trying to find something spiritual after that try this eye out.

  1. Wounded Knight Tattoo:

This potent wolf is injured by numerous arrows still its power hasn’t faded. In case you desire something powerful with some blood, then it is the particular one to suit your needs.

  1. A Tornado Tattoo:

If you really like storms as well as the concept of “storm-chasing”, then it may be the style for you. It is small and simple, but it is an excellent way to symbolize your special love of the powerful storms.

  1. Geometric Styles:

The style is so geometric and detailed that the elegance is stellar. It is a big tattoo which holds lots of gorgeous elements to this.

  1. Blue Bird Tattoo:

It is not positioned on neck, yet it undoubtedly could be. Also, the colors included in this tattoo are gorgeous and really assist to make full look go crazy.

  1. Unique Styles:

This tribal style is ideal for a guy because there’s lots of power to the style.

  1. Great Styles:

A unique style that is guaranteed to become a winner. The style is big but very exclusive. The style starts at neck and moves down the rear as well.

  1. Little Butterfly Tattoo:

Another little tattoo that is in the form of butterfly from alongside it. It is an easy tattoo which you are guaranteed to adore as this flutters aside of the neck.

  1. Footprints Tattoo:

It is a tiny tattoo which fits perfectly at the rear of the ear. Perhaps it is symbolic, yet the small feet might be that of an infant. In case you have kids, you could symbolize them like that too.

  1. Insect Garden Tattoo:

The backyard on neck is broadly colorful as well as with insects and flowers. It is a major commitment, therefore, be certain of exactly what you desire. The striking colors are actually neon, and also the insect is big, there’s no means to skip this tattoo.

  1. Chinese Lettering Tattoo:

A straightforward letter still it appears like art. Needless to say, I really like the “flowing-lines” of the style. It is long as well as trails the neck down causing this tattoo to become head turning.

  1. The Wolf Tattoo:

The wolf tends to cover a part of neck; however, there seem to be some other styles at the same time.

  1. The Cross Tattoo:

An uncomplicated cross tattoo may be a symbol of your religion or belief system. It is small sufficient that it easily can be concealed behind your locks or even to be displayed if the hair is usually up.

  1. Tribal Tattoo:

Another illustration of the tribal art which looks fantastic on a lady. The style is large as well as covers an enormous space.

  1. Feminine Tribal Tattoo:

This is an excellent tribal style with a womanly edge. It appears more like precious jewelry than a tattoo style.

  1. Mosiac Of The Flowers Tattoo:

This particular mesh of the flowers is an awesome style for a person who desires a floral tattoo. This addresses the neck as well as a little chest.

  1. Tribal Art Tattoo:

This tribal style occupies lots of space; however, it is an excellent looking style. If you’re trying to find something different, then try this style out.

  1. Creative Styles:

This is an innovative way of creating a “tattoo”, particularly of your individual liking. This can be an ethnical design, but it is very alluring and unique.

  1. Maiden Voyage Tattoo:

If you desire something exciting, then the ship style may be exactly what you’re looking for. It is colorful, and even it fits directly on the part of neck.

  1. Hindi Words Tattoo:

Having a tattoo design in a different language is usually an incredible idea. Not just does it appear cool but it is something which you can easily keep personal too.

  1. Origami Art Tattoo:

This particular tattoo is extremely original. In case you desire a big statement, in that case, this style might be precisely what you are looking for.

  1. Flying Birds Tattoo:

Another illustration of a “bird-tattoo”. These are usually my favorite as the birds usually are in the motion as well as flying along the neckline.

  1. Initials Tattoo:

This specific letter “M” retains some value to the user. It can be her initial or even that of a beloved.

  1. The Face Tattoo:

It seems as if there’s a symbol on neck, perhaps something in the literature or even of an individual he knows. You will find floral styles which go around another neck. It is an extremely detailed style and quite original.

  1. Swirling Florals Tattoo:

It is a rather big tattoo which does not just remain on neck but leads down the rear as well. In case you are trying to find a large tattoo, it is undoubtedly an attractive one.

  1. A Dream catcher Tattoo:

It is an in-depth dream catcher tattoo which is very intriguing. The details, on the other hand, are intrinsic as well as it looks excellent in white and black.

  1. Bird Of The Choice Tattoo:

Another illustration of exactly how you will add a “bird-tattoo” onto the neck. It is greater than most, yet there is additionally a name linked, possibly a beloved.

  1. Incredible Styles:

It is hard to determine a starting and a conclusion to this particular tattoo, yet the style is rather exceptional. If you need something different after that try this design out.

  1. A Message Tattoo:

A message which can be seen only if your neck is bent upwards. Discover something which is unique to you as well as make a tattoo from it.

  1. Floral Design Tattoo:

The green and purple style is amazingly beautiful. At the same time, the colors truly appear out on the large tattoo here.

  1. A Map Tattoo:

It is a unique style that looks wonderful on the back side of neck. It is white and black that is everything you need.

  1. One Bird Tattoo:

Just getting a bird at the backside of neck is actually all you need. This particular tattoo is small and simple in design.

  1. The Keyhole Tattoo:

I really like this “neck-tattoo” style because it is so simple but it appears to have an enormous impact.

  1. Elephant Tattoo:

There’s a lot happening with this image, yet the neck alone just has elephant with the bone horns.

  1. Birds Tattoo:

I am not certain what type of bird it is, but it is definitely special in nature. This moves from one part of neck to a new one.

  1. Scorpion Tattoo:

If you’re in search of a “badass-tattoo”, then check out this unique scorpion style.

  1. Tree And Birds Tree:

This particular tattoo not just travels the neck up but it is part of back too. It is a tattoo which needs a standard of commitment. However, I love the way the birds seem to be hovering up the backside of the neck.

  1. Exquisite Butterfly Tattoo:

I enjoy the gorgeous colors which are symbolized in this particular tattoo. It is a rather big design, but it is stunning.

  1. Snowflakes Tattoo:

These several snowflakes are an elegant and pretty style. If you enjoy the festivity of winter, after that it may be exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Full Neck Tattoo:

The entire neck and a few of the chest and shoulders are included with this style. It is a big commitment and also one which has a variety of styles. Make the style personalized to you.

  1. The Choker Tattoo:

This tattoo style is gorgeous. This appears like a “choker-necklace” and even the style sits at the backside of neck.

  1. Multiple Images Tattoo:

Many individuals like to pick plenty of various places and images all around the neck. Discover your favorites as well as create a style of your favorite.

  1. The Dove Tattoo:

Another illustration of neck tattoo which is placed at the rear of the neck. Not to mention, this unique dove is elegant and beautiful for someone searching for a little change.

  1. Chinese Designs Tattoo:

Red and black tattoos usually cause a really large pop. This special style is an extremely beautiful one.

  1. Floral Designs Tattoo:

This “neck-tattoo” is big in size, yet it is a very gorgeous design. This has delicate coloring which does not get lots of attention.

  1. Neck Star Tattoo:

It is a trendy place to fit a tattoo style on neck. It is a straightforward outline of the star for a person that desires something small.

  1. Fiery Heart Tattoo:

It is a fairly large tattoo style which is not just big yet fiery. If you’re looking for a unique design with vibrant colors, then try out this one for the size.


Pick your amazing neck tattoo very carefully as it is going to be quite visible for anybody to see. As soon as you know exactly what you desire and also where you need it placed after that start searching for a skilled tattoo artist. This does not matter whether it is in the color or white and black if you have got a reliable artist to focus on you.

Be ready that a “neck-tattoo” can be agonizing as the place is a delicate one. If you’re okay with that, after that, move forward with the style which can make you the most joyful. If it is a design which you love, after that you will not have any remorse.

Choose a style from the collection above and get going on your personal tattoo. Whether it is big or small, you are guaranteed to be pleased with the end result. We hope you loved the post and also inform us what tattoo style was your most favorite!



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