125 Top Natural Hairstyles That Will Give You A Bold Look!

Guess the famous hair trend in 2018? “Naturalness”. This makes you return to the origins, where you actually belonged. It is a vital part of the Afro-Asian tradition. But how can you use the exceptional texture and incredible volume of the natural locks to your benefit? Get the best natural hairstyles here. Also checkout our another post “Best 49 Senegalese Twist Hairstyles You Need To Try In 2019

Let’s discover!

What Is The Natural Hair?

The “Natural-hair” is actually a movement that helps ladies of the African origin sustain their particular “afro-textured” locks. These hairdos can be coiled, curled or even left natural; however, no straightening will be done (utilizing chemical texturizers or straighteners). At all cost, go for the hair braids, twists or locks, however the “afro-textures” must stay. Here’s a short video for you.


Tips To Take Care Of Natural Hair!

Natural hair requires as much treatment as any some other hairdo.

  • Before you get on hair styling factor, nourish the hair, and also the scalp with the natural oils. Additionally, you can use hydrating balms


  • Stay away from fast-tricks just as much as it is possible. Allow the hair to dry out overnight


  • Shield the hair from severe temperature by sporting a hat


  • Try making this a routine to rest with the “satin-scarf” on the head


  • Wow! This was protective and natural hairstyles for you. So how did you discover it? Which of them would you test yourself or recommend to your buddies? Comments invited!


The Following Is A List Of Top 59 Natural Hairdos For Ladies!

  1. Natural Twist Hairstyle:

Having the short hair does not mean there’s lack of choices. You can look for the bigger twists that let you take pleasure in a “textured” updo, whether or not the hair is actually in a bun or a ponytail.

  1. Protective & Twisted Hairstyle:

The issue with the natural short hair is “shrinkage” they endure after the head wash. It makes the locks look somewhat cropped. However, if you desire to add flair or texture, look for the individual braids or twists.

  1. Classic Braids Hairstyle:

How does this concept of “Bob-size braids” all around the head seem? Superb. They’re not a 1-day affair, actually, they can continue for weeks. Not to mention, the top part is that they take absolutely no efforts to maintain.

  1. Pineapple Updo Hairstyle:

Feeling great on the thought of a pineapple? You must. Whenever you pile the hair in the front of the head, you’ve created an attractive pineapple updo. So did you truly know that you can fall asleep with twists and curls, without hindering the style?

  1. Cornrows Hairstyle:

Have relaxed and short hair and desire to protect and extend them? Choose cornrows. This will give you a sense of looking gorgeous in days in the future.

  1. Short-N-Sweet Protective Hairdo:

Protective Perfecto Hairstyle! Wear this during the daytime, simple to sleep at night. It is special, pretty and simple. Put in a little extra moisture just before you begin on this particular one.

  1. Layered Hairstyle:

The issue with women having the natural locks is they need to work harder – quite harder – in growing the long curls. Additionally, because of the curls, hair roots appear 3x shorter, however for layered haircut sported by “Kelly-Rowland” that proves it usually.

  1. Two-Tone Ponytail Hairstyle:

Jordin Sparks most often sports her adorable curly textures with the wonderful light brown tone. This fits her skin tone and the dark-brown eyes. It is her approach to add spice to the natural hairstyles.

  1. Curly Updo Hairstyle:

Jada Pinkett went ahead accomplishing her oval shape of face and elegant neckline simply by lifting up the natural curls, away and up into the sassy updo. Not forgetting, this “high-pony” with the thin wispy edges as well as braided headband – tends to make her the “Queen-of-Grace”.

  1. Asymmetric Twist Hairstyle:

We all know that “Corinne-Bailey-Rae” loves her longer natural curls. However is actually open to keep them stylish. Like wearing a “sweep” on a single side that looks sweet! This kind of is her fresh nature with the curls which she maintains them well defined on a day and also fluffy on another.

11. Curly And Long Pony Hairstyle:

How stunning “Ashanti” is! With the fluffy curls firmly tied up within a “long-pony” falling in the backside of the head. So are curls genuine or comprised in a pony? But whatever, Ashanti proves how persuading natural hairdos can be.

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  1. Curls & Braided Headband Hairstyle:

When “Oprah-Winfrey,” thinks of choosing a “braided” headband on the black locks, she is successful with the cool & curly hairdo. Check out the “black-lush” curls for both long and medium hair lengths. They’re voluminous and bulky. Make use of a headband, in case you desire to lift up them a little bit off your face.

  1. Updo From The Thin Box Braid Hairstyle:

“Amber-Riley” opts for the protective hairstyles when it comes to length retention. Additionally, the box-braids assist her to have the most protective and “long-lasting” hairstyle. See how awesome Amber’s updos from the box braids look, and in sync with her outfit and necklace.

  1. Voluminous Times Hairstyle:

“Yaya-Da-Costa” is recognized to wear natural easy hairstyles. Brushing natural locks back! Her hair looks like voluminous cloud all over her face. This also decreases the dangers of hair damage.

  1. Low Pony & Box Braids Hairstyle:

Probably the showiest performance of “Keri-Hilson” was at Riddick LA. Premiere. This songstress made a great entry with the “below-waist” box braids. It is a Statement!

  1. Kinky Waves And Tree Braids Hairstyle:

What did “Jill-Scott” show up to? Was this a reality or a mystery? Both, really. She extended the natural curls as well as did some nice braiding of these. Now it is an all natural hairdo she wears nearly every day. In terms of the evening, Jill wears a gorgeous jeweled hair item.

  1. Two-Peaks Updos Hairstyle:

One of many good things about “Shingai-Shoniwa” is she is actually a lover of the natural hairstyles. Shingai juggles between the voluminous “bow-tie” to a heavy braided -bun or even long natural locks standing upright. Everything for the long hair!

  1. Twisted Braids Hairstyle:

“Jessica-Williams” loves to choose twisted braids that look intricate and easy as well. We might call this a hair design (without problem the ones that are in the cement-mortar) contemplating it has “fishtail-braid” on front, and knot with the braid hanging at nape freely.

  1. Roll Above Forehead Hairstyle:

Will you call this a Cannes hairdo? The one wore by “Janelle-Monae”. It is an excellent updo for the natural hair, in case you ask. May look much like the French knot – only big difference is it has moved towards forehead, now.

  1. Asymmetry Hair With Natural Hairstyle:

Lots of applause to “Teyonah-Parris” for revealing her magical and simple hairstyle for the natural hair. Check out the deep “side-parting”. And an amazing combination of kinky coils and sleek texture. She has got it!

  1. Black Curls Hairstyle:

Now, who would not desire to sport an updo similar to the particular one of “Shingai-Shoniwa” – rich in collective bulk of the shiny curls, stacked on crown? This is a splendid hairstyle concept for the night, don’t you believe? The curls received additional polished with the luxury looking jeweled “hair-piece” that looks like a perfect brooch in the hair. It is definitely a “show” stopper!

  1. Updo Pillbox Hat Hairstyle:

“Yaya-Da-Costa” is a genuine admirer of the natural hairdos. She prefers opting for “medium-length” curls as well as loves to game with the concept of stylish updos. Check out the smooth updo, and bun-worn like a pill-box hat. Pretty cool! Believe it or not, the texture of bun and print of the dress of Yaya are very much in sync. It is completely amazing!

  1. Natural Curls Hairstyle:

You know how “Naomi-Campbell” is so famous with the poker “straight-black” hair. But every now and then when she walked out in the natural hair, just like she performed on the “GLAAD-Media-Awards”, she looked genuinely SUPERB. The circular shape of the hairdo flatters her lovely oval face as well as the beautifully pointed chin.

  1. Layered Waves Hairstyle:

Wanna know the way to “relax-back” in the black tresses? Ask “Jennifer-Hudson”. Check out the “perm-like” waves as well as stunning volume on sides of “Jennifer’s” face.

  1. Smooth And Curls Hairstyle:

What makes “Kelis” kill? Kelis’ short ringlets along with wonderful texture offer a stylish and extremely neat appearance. This natural hairdo of Kellis is short on sides as well as at nape. Cool, right?

  1. Wispy Curls Hairstyle:

“Sophie-Okonedo” strikes the ideal chord with the “medium-length” curls covering the ears. This assists reveal her impressive hair texture as well as accentuates the neckline along the way. We love!

  1. Go Spiral Hairstyle:

When Songtress “Brandy-Norwood” wears natural hairstyle, she makes this a point for getting the perfect ringlets. After that she gets them cut to offer her a curved shape that is most appropriate for the “mid-length” natural hairdos.

  1. Cotton Candy Hairstyle:

Staying all-natural it appears is the concept of celebrity “Esperanza-Spalding”. That is the reason, she loves wearing natural “kinks” of the medium length. Whenever combed out perfectly, they look way too lovely. The textures of her hairdo match the flowers on her dress, quite cutely!

  1. Two-Tone Hairstyle:

“Growing” the hair can be a challenging task. Truly tough! Once began, one loses curiosity midway. Does not matter. Stay with your mane. Simply put a “pop” of color….a splash is enough. The cute tone of blonde which you get can hook other people to you. Frankly!

  1. Sides Clipped Hairstyle:

It is a curly wild hairstyle. Rich in appeal, confidence and BANG effects! It tapers curls are the back, which makes them look wee longer at the front. When you’re feeling bold sufficient, go and get this particular look. Want to look bolder? Team this up with a winged eyeliner and red lipstick.

  1. A Twist On The Natural Locks:

This is a simple natural hairdo for the Afro-American women in terms of short hair. This gives you complete curls without any heat. However, you can easily label this as the famous protective hairstyle among “naturalistas”. Simple to keep, you can also sleep on this, without ruining the curls. This protects the locks on edges that are vulnerable to hair damage most!

  1. Knot In The Headscarf Hairstyle:

Have love for the bandanas, headscarves or headbands? This particular look of these looks versatile, timeless, and great for protecting the natural hair. If you do not want to showcase your locks some days, after that it is the perfect look for you!

  1. Twist! Twist!

Bored of the everyday Afro? Are you searching for something totally new? Look for the short twist. A beautiful one! Simply pin up the hair on a single side for getting that extra style. It will work!

  1. Afro Bob Hairstyle:

Red hues are usually in! Always they were. Copper reds or plum reds – “red syndrome” appears fab on the natural hair. It is a “reverse” on ombre look, just by fading up into the bright burgundy. To put it briefly, add some color to the curls and also up the wavy natural hairdo.

  1. Coils On The Short Natural Hairstyle:

Coils are definitely the SEXIEST. No matter if you have the naturally firm “curls” or not, just you need to manipulate the hair. Choose twist out, flexi rods, or even straw sets for having that perfect hairdo for the short hair.

  1. High Puffs On The Natural Locks:

You desire a curly “ponytail” however do not have sufficient hair length. In that case, I would recommend an “afro-puff”. It is a great option, in terms of getting natural hairdos for the short “crop”. Do you know, this all-natural hairstyle appears smooth and glossy? Outstanding it is intended for official events to a nighttime when you’re on a lovely date. How elegant!

  1. Small Coils With Mohawk Sectioned:

Can’t pull the hair in ponytail? You can…Simply pin this into Mohawk in center of the head, devoid of forcing this into a small bun. Right now include a parted style to have that special natural hairdo (befitting the short hair). Being a choice, you can easily make this spikier. Go, give it a try.

  1. Frohawk Hairstyle For The Curly Locks:

This amazing “Afro-American” hairdo is a game changer- offers you edginess of Mohawk, on top of that, makes you appear chic. Just shows how Mohawk will take you to places even while sprucing your all-natural hairdo up in an exceptional way.

  1. Natural Updo For The Short Hair:

Natural hairstyle additionally means professional and classy. It is a fun hairstyle, all at once, it is versatile as well. You can easily braid natural locks, or even twist them in a smooth updo, or even make some smooth waves both for a night and when it is time to attend an interview.

  1. Shocking Pink Hairstyle:

Dye the natural locks a vibrant “shocking-pink” color for a hairstyle that will truly turn heads whenever you enter a room. For achieving this vibrant color you may have to bleach the hair first for preparing it.

  1. A Mohawk With Tight Taper Curls:

Tight short curls at back and side of the head graduate to tight longer curls at the middle of your hairstyle. Brush the curls forward for adding an incredible “floppy-fringe” to your amazing style.

  1. Grey Goddess Hairstyle:

Grey or silver produces a wonderful contrast from the natural shade. Possibly let the hair age beautifully or dye this for effect. Color all of the hair or simply leave a few black to generate a two-toned style.

  1. Short Sides And Back:

This “caramel” boyish haircut looks completely striking on the black women who are daring enough to sport this. Keep the sides and back short yet not shaven for adding a smooth touch to the style. Pair up with the big earrings for showing your womanly side off.

  1. Lopsided Fringe Hairstyle:

A lopsided “floppy-fringe” looks excellent on the natural hairstyle. This looks a lot more efficient as a part of an amazing style with the “short-shorn” sides.

  1. Bronzed Hairstyle:

This head-turning bronze color is perfect for individuals who desire to move away from the natural color. The particular bronze color will assist to enrich your complexion and your eyes.

  1. Highlights Hairstyle:

Whichever hairdo that you pick, adding the highlights can be an excellent way to change any short hairdos for black women. Caramel highlights usually are the hottest, but chocolate browns and reds also look wonderful.

  1. Short Cut Hairstyle:

Black short hairstyle like this appears fantastic and this is excellent for individuals who need a style that requires almost no maintenance. The short natural hairstyles like this will be perfect for individuals with the strong facial elements.

  1. Downwards Quiff Hairstyle:

This hairdo is commonly noticed among the African American ladies. Draw focus on your eyes and face by simply styling in downwards quiff. Pull hair from sides and back to develop voluminous quiff in front of the hair.

  1. Short Corkscrew Curls:

The short “cork-screw” curls aren’t as firm as afro and will require more upkeep. Whenever you style the locks, you may have to use “anti-frizz” products for keeping every curl defined.

  1. Two-Toned Mohawk Hairstyle:

This magnificent mohawk features a “caramel-quiff” for making it a lot more head turning. Shaven sides assist to generate a high trend look.

  1. Bouffant Hairstyle:

Natural hairdos for the black “Afro-American” ladies can be easily moved back into the classic bouffant hairstyle using an easy headband. Pick a simple band to let your style do the talk.

  1. Weeny Teeny Afro Hairstyle:

The teeny-weeny afro (TWA) is currently probably the most famous short hairstyle for the Afro-American ladies. This is a portal style to an even bigger afro as well as it needs not much upkeep at this phase.

  1. Tight Crop Curl Hairstyle:

A crop hairstyle looks incredible with tight natural curls. Keep the hair cropped nearer to the head than you’d with afro by getting your locks cut as well as styled regularly.

  1. Afro Short Hairstyle:

A shorter afro is definitely the easiest natural hairstyle which will look great on the black ladies especially. The only genuine care which your locks will require is cleaning and drying.

  1. Natural Mohawk Hairstyle:

Keep sides of the head closely shorter to allow the tight natural curls to increase upwards. Now color the caramel while leaving the roots natural for enhancing the style.

  1. Caramel Hairstyle:

It is a superb option for the black ladies with “short-length” hair. In case you wish to change the color of your hair, then a “warm-caramel” will certainly look astounding with the complexion. Coloring with lowlights and highlights will assist to keep the face soft.

  1. Frizzy Curls Hairstyle:

Do not spend hrs fighting the frizz whenever you can truly use this to boost your style. The frizzy curls possess plenty of volumes as well as they look remarkable when they’re brushed back off from the face.

  1. Straightened Bob Hairstyle:

It is an incredible black natural hairdo. People who are developing their tresses, a “straightened-bob” is an excellent option. Change the appearance slightly with diagonal “side-parting”.

  1. Spiral Curls Hairstyle:

Spiral curls truly look awesome on the African textured locks. Many individuals can get this look utilizing OTC curling products that are made for the coarse hair, instead of having to utilize the harsh chemicals.



In conclusion, natural hairstyles are exactly what you need if you’re a nature lover. The natural hairstyles mentioned in this post are perfect for you. Now, it’s time to choose the perfect one for you. All the hairstyles are awesome. If you need further help, then let us know in the comment box below. We will be happy to see you share this post with buddies on social networks as well. Have a great time!










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