145 Amazing Mohawk Fade Hairstyles That Will Gain A Lot Of Attention!

Mohawk Fade Hairstyles!

Mohawk fade is one of the trending hairstyle ideas. This hipster hairdo is, without a doubt, the most loved hairdo. Most people find it an attractive hairstyle idea, while some see it as a rebellious hairstyle. This hairstyle is a convenient design that will provide you a gentleman look.

Mohawk fade involves a strip of locks in the center of the head, leaving the sides all shaved well. The center hair lock is well styled with various ideas. The center hair lock can be generally left on the back by combing the hair towards the end of the head. This style is a man’s best hairdo. People can wear it even on a formal occasion, on informal occasions, job interviews, night clubs, sports, etc. So, this is a savior for men!

This article deals with the different perspectives of Mohawk fade hairstyle. Go through the entire article to learn and fascinate the beauty of Mohawk fade!

What is the right procedure to get Mohawk Fade Hairstyle?

You can wear Mohawk fade hairstyle in various ways. There is no particular procedure to get the right Mohawk fade. But if you follow a guideline, it always ends up with a perfect result. Mohawk fade hairstyle is a cool one and might look simple to get. But it is not simple, but rather tricky if you are not good at handling your hair. Do not worry if you are a newbie. Anyone can be a pro with proper guidance. Here presented is a procedure to get the Mohawk fade hairstyle with appropriate guidelines. Check it out!

Step 1:

You need to wash your hair before doing any styling step. The hair has to be freshly shampooed. You can apply a regular shampoo. If your regular shampoo is making your hair fall or causing some irritation on your hair, then you need to change your shampoo! Applying shampoo will make your greasy hair oil-free. It will remove the natural oil and the hair products like gel and spray out from your hair, making it fresh and ready for a new look.

Step 2:

Condition your hair with an excellent conditioner. A conditioner makes your hair smooth and healthy. Apply it only on hair ends and not on the roots. It will let your hair be fresh and soft. Apply it every time after washing your hair.

Step 3:

Apply hair treatment to your hair. Do this occasionally. Make a soft hair wash routine with applying treatment cream once or twice a week. The treatment cream will make your hair healthy. It will help to get rid of split ends, and rough hair.

Step 4:

Dry your hair. You can let the hair dry itself after consuming a specific time. Or, you can blow dry your hair. It is least suggested to use a heating device like a dryer to dry your hair. If you are not in a hurry, you can let your hair dry naturally. It will avoid hair damage.

Step 5:

Comb your hair nicely. Untangle the hair especially the roots and ends. Prepare your hair for styling.

Step 6:

Section the hair. You need to divide your hair into three parts. The center one is the most critical part of styling. Both sides are to be shaved or made cornrows while the center one has to be made Mohawk Fade. You can use elastic to part the hair into three equal sections.

Step 7:

Now, apply hair cream that will keep the baby hair in place. You need to wear a little amount only on roots else you will end up with too shiny or sleek hair later on. In case if the cream is excess, you might need to take a shower regularly, which is not a good idea.

Step 8:

Now the sides are to be braided. The cornrow braiding is preferred. You might require help in this step. If you are not comfortable making your braids yourself (just like me), you can ask for a helping hand or visit the nearest hairdresser. But with particular tries, you will be quite perfect. After all, it is all about practice and efforts.

Step 9:

Style Mohawk now. It is the most important and tough part. The hair on the central part is longer as compared to the sides so that the braiding will take more time. There are plenty of ways to style Mohawk. Wearing a hair gel can help the hair be firmly in place and have better results.

What is the perfect hair length to get excellent Mohawk Fade?

The Mohawk fade is of different types. You can find plenty of choices, even for different hair lengths. The perfect Mohawk can also be in long hair, a medium one, and a short one. But the procedure to get the ideal Mohawk fade can vary for different lengths. Let’s categorize the hair based on three hair lengths: long, medium, short.


By long hair, it does not mean extremely long. For men, long hair can be longer than their average hair, just like in the picture below. The hair in the image below can be considered as reasonably long hair. But even for hair longer than this, it is still possible to get a perfect Mohawk fade. All you need to do is make the central part of the hair sleek and well-combed backward. Add plenty of hair gel to keep the hair firmly in position and flowing backward. Simply adding hair spray on the final Mohawk fade will set the hair for a long time.


For medium hair, it is the safest case. The Mohawk is comparatively easier to form in the medium hair length rather than in long and short hair. In the case of long hair, the shape of the hair might not be developed well. Or, there might not be enough fluffiness. Similarly, in the case of short hair, it will be challenging to make the hair flow backward because of its tiny hair length. That’s why it is more comfortable and better with medium hair length.


For short hair, there are multiple advantages when getting Mohawk fade. You will require hair products like shampoo, conditioner, cream, gel, spray, etc. Moreover, wet hair will also dry quickly. But, sometimes, the hair will not cooperate. It happens when the hair refuses to go backward and instead come forward and spoil everything. Adding hair gel will somehow solve the problem, but it is not as easy to work as with medium length hair.

What are the different styles possible with Mohawk Hair?

Why stick with only a hairdo when you combine so many other styles and get something more with that? There are plenty of options that can be done along with Mohawk fade. Sometimes only having a Mohawk fade is not enough, and one has to try something extra along with that. These following ideas will help you match your hair!

Hair Dye:

Dyeing hair has always been a trending way of hairstyling. There are plenty of hair dye color options. You need not dye the entire hair, but dye the central region where you form the beautiful and bold Mohawk fade. Colors like blonde, gray, red, brown, etc. are quite popular. But people also get exotic and vibrant colors like purple, blue, pink, green, etc. for specific occasions or daily life.

But with dyeing your hair comes a lot of other responsibilities as well as damage! It does not mean that every strand will have to face the hair damage after dyeing. But, if the hair is super weak, thin, has split ends, and is rough, there will be the breakage of the several hair threads. You need to first make your hair healthy by applying vitamins and natural products that make the hair healthy then only think about dyeing the hair. Moreover, avoid dyeing from the roots, this will cause a lot of hair fall problems!

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Curl Mohawk Fade:

Mohawk fade is believed to be a straight hair hairdo. Well, this doesn’t seem right. People with curly hair can also get the Mohawk fade. Look at the picture below! It is simple and easy to have, just like any other hair texture. Though at some point, getting a pompadour or letting the hair stay firmly backward might be a little difficult, but not impossible, okay? Even the curly hair can have fantastic Mohawk fade! It might require plenty of hair gel and spray though making it a bit expensive hairdo.

Creative Cuts:

The sides are usually either well-shaved or cornrowed! But, some other options can be followed. The best way to make the shaved sides look creative is by adding individual designs accurate cuts. You can form any shape, symbol, design, or even any weird pattern! Look at the picture below and judge yourself!

The only problem is, this will not last long. After the small hairs start growing back, the designs will be filled again. So, you need to trim the hair repeatedly, maybe even every day if your hair grows super fast.

Central Braids:

Another cool style for boys and men with the Mohawk fade is braiding the central hair. Making braids for men might not be so familiar. But these days, it is coming out as a new fashion. The braiding lets all the hair flow backward and stays firmly in the position. It also requires less gel or spray to make the shape. It might not be for a formal look, but for casuals, this gives you a sexy output. You look hot instantly with this hairdo.


Mohawk & Beard:

Beards are men’s jewelry! Beard is a symbol of masculinity. Many years back, men shaved their beards to keep the face clean while going to formal places or college. Only the pirates, criminals and scary people were supposed to have beards. But there is a turn over to that chapter already. Beards have come to fashion, and today it has become the pride of men.

There are a lot of options to style beard. Any style can match Mohawk fade. Just give this combination a try and see how good you will appear. If you can grow a beard and have Mohawk fade hairdo, have them together!

Why is Mohawk Fade so famous?

Mohawk fade is one of the most popular hairstyles for men in every corner of the world in this decade. Not just men, but even women who have short hair are giving this hairdo a try. There are plenty of reasons for people to pick this hairdo, and these reasons are making it accessible!

Firstly, this hairdo does not require any specific length to form. It can be quickly done even in the shortest hair with little extra effort. Therefore, people with any hair length (except bald people) can wear it.

The second reason is that it does not require a helping hand unless you make your hair uncomfortable. Yes, that’s right. You need not visit a hair salon or hairdresser. There are simple steps that can be performed to get the perfect long-lasting Mohawk fade hair!

Another reason is flexibility! There are certain hairstyles that you cannot wear everywhere. For instance, you cannot wear dreadlocks to your school or office. Similarly, you can also not wear a few other hairstyles to your formal places. The dull office hair look will not suit your club dress or are out chilling. But Mohawk fits everything. You can wear Mohawk fade to school or office and the same hairstyle for the club in the evening. It shall match your suit as well as casual!

Moreover, it is also well accepted by celebrities. Talking about women, the artist Pink has worn Mohawk quite well. Similarly, talking about men, Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Zyam Malik are popular for Mohawk hair preferences. Therefore, this has covered a large group of people who follow these celebs.

How to make this style last longer?

Mohawk fade is already a long-lasting hairdo. Once you have made your hairdo by following the guidelines, it will last long. If you are outgoing and are outdoors most of the time, then you need to wear extra hair gel and spray to let the shape last longer. Avoid the dust and dirt to reach your hair. If the weather is windy, you can apply a cap to avoid messing up the hair. But if you are mostly indoors, there is no need for extra efforts to keep the style last longer.

You might need to give frequent trims to the hair and enough pampering at the end of the day to make it last even longer. Use better quality hair products only. Also, avoid the products that are allergic to your hair. It can create a lot of damage shortly.

Image Gallery

This section consists of only images. These images are purely the ideas of Mohawk fade. Every picture is unique and carries a unique style. Sometimes words are not enough, and it isn’t easy to visualize with mere words. Therefore, you can view the images and get a clue about what is being talked about in the entire article.

If you skipped the texts or sections above, it is outstanding. This section will be helpful as it has only images. These images are commoners, celebrities, and models with different hair textures, types, colors, lengths, thicknesses, and styles.

Remember, two hairs that look identical are also different in many ways. So, you will never find something equal to your hair type. But we can always reach the nearest to our hair type. Therefore, pick the picture that you can relate to and wear the style today!




To conclude, the article is all about Mohawk fade hair. Though it is not just a men’s thing, this article mostly deals with men’s hairdo. If you are a newbie and have zero ideas about Mohawk’s fade, this platform is perfect for you. If you are a pro and looking for different ideas possible with Mohawk, you can again benefit from this article. After all, there is always a room for improvement. Going through this article will expand your information and provide you knowledge about types you had no idea. 

This article consists of various sections. Firstly, you will know the definition of this hairdo. You will be enlightened with the different choices one can receive along with this hairstyle. Moreover, there is a proper guideline or procedure to get the perfect Mohawk fade at home without a helping hand. The article also has a section that gives an idea of how to keep the hairstyle last longer.

With this article, one can learn a lot about Mohawk fade hairdos and pick something for their hair type. If you liked the content and made it till here, please pass it to a hairstyle freak or someone you care about!

Do not forget to give us the feedback and also send us your Mohawk fade hairdo! 

Thank you for going through the article. Keep reading. Have a nice time ahead!

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