29 Medium Hairstyles For Women That Will Amaze Unbelievably !


If the length of your hair is “medium” and you’re trying to find an eye-catching haircut after that you must know exactly what is trending currently. The “middle-age” females should always choose some exclusive haircut which can maintain their look appealing and young. Medium hairstyles for women are exactly what they need.

There are a lot of medium hairstyles for women out there, but you have to pick one from numerous which match to your unique face cut. On the other hand, the hair specialists can assist you to choose the top one.

Medium length locks can boost the style of your hair-volume and this can keep the look trendy too. The medium-length hairdos are simple to sustain and also you can improve your appearance by combining 2 or more hairstyles at the same time.

These particular styles will make the face a lot more notable and assist you to appear young and smart.

You have to understand exactly what hairstyle will give the face an excellent shape and assist you to appear attractive too. A well-known hairdresser will recommend you the top medium length haircuts which are unique for the ladies over 50.

Only at that middle age, females should look after their hair as well as middle length locks can be easily managed. If you have got any queries regarding hairstyle, you must read this post. If you have extra time, then don’t forget to read our top post “50 Best Box Braids That Will Make You Gorgeous Instantly!


How To Pick The Ideal Medium Length Hairstyle For You?

In contrast to long hairdos, little work is needed to keep medium hairstyles, and numerous styles can be found here. Obviously, you would not want to select anything, with regard to choice. You need to pick a style which reflects your entire beauty. Here’s a short video for you.

A few of the things that will assist enhance your appearance while you rock the medium hairstyles are:

  • Shape of your face
  • The hair accessories

At this point, you know exactly what can boost your elegance with medium hairstyles. You can make a few judgments on your own choice (very ironical). Listed below are a few of the suggestions that will assist and ease your decision procedure:

  • For thick and curly locks, layers must be cut broader to make the medium hairstyle look sexier.


  • In general, the medium hairstyles are best options for ladies with fine or thin hair. Also, you may skip the layers in cases like this, or have some fun adding proper layers which will visually boost the density of your locks.


  • Shape of the face is significant for selecting a “medium-length” hairstyle, or greater for styling this right. The “heart-shaped” face can be great in the medium hairdos parted in the middle of your head, while square, diamond or round face is ideal when your “mid-length” hair is actually parted a bit at a side of your head. However, if you possess an oval shape of face, be happy to rock almost any hair portion.


  • Change your perspective by just altering the side that you usually push the hair. Or in case you’re not accustomed to parting the hair, consider doing this to a single side. Whenever you accomplish that elegant look, remember that you get this here.


Tips To Style And Maintain Medium-Length Hairdos

It is something to create your medium-length haircuts flawlessly, and it is another to keep that particular style for an extended period. Will it be still as gorgeous as this was while you styled it newly? It is mainly depending on maintenance.

  • We need to see the best way to style and keep your medium-length hairdos.


  • Use the fresh oil for keeping your hair safeguarded from heat.


  • To get a natural look, make use of a fat “curling-rod” for smoothing your hair.


  • Include an appealing color palette for making you look sexy.


  • To sustain the new look of the medium haircut, you need to get some occasional trims that will make your locks look better and grow quickly over time.


  • Test out lovely hair accessories for taking your medium-length hairstyle to a new level. Small bejeweled barrettes or headbands can add additional pizzazz to the freshly cut medium-length hair.


Top 29 Medium-Length Hairdos For Ladies!


  1. Layers With Medium Wavy Hairdo:

The trend for the Medium Wavy Hairdo with Layers usually is higher in the marketplace. If you need to get an attractive look, you must try this hairstyle. The existence of fringes and bangs in brow part and on sides will certainly take away a long time from the face, offer you a fresh look.

Once you wear this look, you’ll get an exciting wave of the self-confidence. If you wish to get a cool look, use of clips or even setting can be also considered.

  1. Medium Wavy Edgy Ombre Bob:

The days are gone when the old age are meant to lead “glamour-less” life. Currently, ladies have become far more self-employed and they’re ready to discover their lives right after hitting 50 or even more. In case you have a similar feeling after that the Medium Wavy Edgy Ombre Bob can be the right hairstyle for you. This has an advantage to it which will show on your character as well. Whether it is an informal party or even a business event, you’ll shine your best.

  1. Bangs With Tousled Mid-Layered Bob:

If you possess an immortal love for the bangs, then Bangs with Tousled Mid-Layered Bob can be your best option. This particular hairdo will seamlessly go with any attire and will help you to get the curiosity of folks towards you. However, this hairdo will look great mixed with other hairstyles too. If you’re unable to handle your hair, then you can get the help of a professional hairstylist.

  1. Ombre Straight Medium Locks:

If you’re not comfortable with the carrying curls after that Ombre Straight Medium Hair can be the perfect look to suit your needs. This looks incredible as you don’t need to stress about unruly curls, sliding all over the face. If you possess a higher brow, then you can choose frontal fringes also. This will reshape the face, include symmetry as well as hide your broad forehead. Whether or not you possess a “heart-shaped” or oval face, you’ll look gorgeous in this hairstyle.

  1. Blunt Bob Medium Length Hairstyle:

This Blunt Bob Medium Length Hairstyle has been always popular among the older ladies. If you possess short-medium hair, then this is the proper hairstyle for you. This will offer you a good look, and you’ll have the ability to control curiosity within the room. Because of the smooth waves, also you will get a more youthful look too. You can additionally combine other hairstyles with this particular hairdo.

  1. Blonde Medium Layered Hairdo:

It is a go-to hairstyle for aged females with curly locks. The Blonde Medium Layered Hairdo will look great on ladies of all ages, but in case you are above 50 as well as have reservations regarding your look, then this hairstyle won’t fail you. On the other hand, the wavy hair will encompass the face from sided and include drama to entire look.

  1. Medium Side Swept Straight Hairdo:

Straight hair always has been in trend. One can’t reject that any hairstyle is achievable with the straight locks. If you’re blessed with the medium – long straight hair, then this Medium Side Swept Straight Hairdo is the best one to suit your needs. Aside from straight locks, it will additionally look excellent on ladies with very smooth waves. This is the great hairstyle for all events.

  1. Shag Medium Length Haircut:

The Shag Medium Length Haircut will fit the individuality of ladies of all ages. Even old candidates will have the ability to show off this hairstyle effortlessly. If you wish to include funk to the look, then this exclusive look with the frontal fringes can do the miracle amazingly.

  1. Medium Wavy Center Parted Haircut:

A lady with smooth curls has an option of attempting various hairstyles. One of them is Medium Wavy Center Parted Haircut which will enhance the appearance of your beautiful face. In case you need to get an attractive look for an event, then it is the perfect match. You’ll be capable of attracting the attention of all having this hairdo.

  1. Wavy Side Swept Lob:

Ladies with wavy locks often choose this Wavy Side Swept Lob Hairstyle. This style, because of the existence of front fringes and curls, will look great on all the face structures. If you have curly hair intensely, you’ll be capable of getting manageable appearance with the help of your professional hairdresser. In an effort to keep fringes from being messed up, you’ll need to use some “hair-setting” gel.

11. Natural Curls With Medium Hair:

The ratio of ladies with natural curly locks is quite high. Earlier this was believed that the curly locks were unmanageable. However, because of recent style trends, the curly “hair” is actually the most popular thing in the Hollywood. If you have this curly hair by birth, then you can choose the trendy Natural Curls with Medium Hairstyle for any occasion. If you’re not assured about leaving this open, then you may possibly tie this with clutch clip too.

  1. Side Swept Bang With Layered Hair:

If you adore the layered hairstyle, then this Side Swept Bang with Layered hairdo will certainly complement your looks and personality. This hairstyle is simple to accomplish and keep. By “side-parting” your hair, you’ll let a thicker bang to slip on a single side. This will also add elegance to the look and will conceal a portion of the forehead.

  1. Layers And Bangs With Medium Blond Locks:

Are you going towards an official event or even charity ball, after that it is a right hairstyle for that event? The Layers and Bangs with Medium Blond Hair will also fall on a side however not on the face; this means you’ll not need to bother about wearing an untidy look. Additionally, you can maintain as much “frontal-fringes” as you want, to boost the look.

  1. Blonde Medium Layered Haircut:

This Blonde Medium Layered Haircut has been seen often times on red carpet occasions by celebs that already have crossed age 50. In case they look gorgeous in this hairstyle, you’ll be capable of shining as well. Simply complement the makeup as well as use smaller-sized earrings for balancing the entire appearance. The existence of the curly fringes at the front can do “justice” to people with wide brow.

  1. Medium Blonde Side Swept Bob:

In case you’re attending a formal function or even desire to sport an exciting hairdo which will offer you a fresh look, then this Medium Blonde Side Swept Bob can be the best option. This looks perfect on ladies with the straight short-medium locks. The cut is going to allow front parts to fall equally on both the sides and also line the face symmetrically. The “side-parting” will make an impression of more volumes in the front of the brow.

  1. Grey Frizzy Locks For Older Ladies:

There’s no requirement to dye the hair if this has converted grey. The grey is a unique fashion color. Numerous young celebs are usually coloring their locks in this particular shade for boosting their looks. In case you possess this hair the natural way, then you’re in luck because you’ll have the ability to get Grey Frizzy Locks for Older Ladies without difficulty. All you have to accomplish is simply to brush your hair and you’re all set to go.

  1. Medium Length Hairdo For Older Ladies:

In case you’re conscious about the age, then this Medium Length Hairdo for Older Ladies will match your needs flawlessly. It will notably look great on ladies with wavy or straight hair. Aside from offering a precise frame for the face, very easily you can put a “hair-segment” on the forehead, for attaining a stylish look. This hairdo will help in making the look younger too. If you appear attractive and young, it will offer a lift to your individuality.

  1. Blonde Center Parted Hairdo With Waves:

In case you think that “variety” stands out as the “spice” of your life, after that you must rely on the idea of transforming your hairstyle every now and then. If so, you can settle with Blonde Center Parted Hairdo with Waves. This hairstyle is intended for a business party or informal dinner date. This will complement ladies with all the face structures.

  1. Flippy Lob With Side Part:

Ladies who have entered the age 50 and have medium length locks, often choose this Flippy Lob with Side Part Hairstyle. This hairstyle will look great on ladies with curly, wavy or straight hair. In case you have very curly hair, then utilizing a hairstyling gel will get the job done. You can also fashion a “hair-segment” to slide on another side of parting, therefore masking the brow.

  1. Ombre Side Swept Wavy Hair:

The wavy hair appears amazing whenever it is properly styled. If you have this sort of hair, then choosing this Ombre Side Swept Wavy Hairstyle will be very useful. If you wish to flaunt the soft curls or waves, you can also keep the locks open. In case you have to restrain your hair a bit, after that using clips in proper places will certainly get the job done for you.

  1. Blonde Side Parted Wavy Lob:

In case you possess “shoulder-length” locks, without several curls, then this Blonde Side Parted Wavy Lob Hairstyle is going to be the best choice. The wavy locks will certainly fall on the side of forehead which makes it simple for you to look younger. This is a simple hairdo which will help in concealing the thickness of the forehead. Therefore, if you’re trying to find an appropriate hairstyle to enjoy a party, after that it will definitely save your day.

  1. Shoulder Length Middle Parted Wavy Locks:

For the middle-aged ladies, hairstyling is actually a major problem as they can’t choose all cuts and styles. But all those that are all set to make bold move, but do not wish to chop their long hair off, this Shoulder Length Middle Parted Wavy Hairstyle is going to be the best option. Having this hairstyle, you’ll not need to stress about managing the hair. You can easily tie the hair or even keep this open at the same time.

  1. Bangs With Blonde Wavy Locks:

Don’t let your old age scar your elegance. With the best hairdo, you’ll be capable of taking many years off the face. In case you possess wavy hair that has a “medium-length”, then this Bangs with Blonde Wavy Hair will certainly come to be your savior. This is the finest hairstyle which will fit all events as well as will offer a “frame” to the face too.

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  1. Medium Edgy Choppy Straight Bob:

In case you desire to have a smart and messy appearance at age 50 then the choppy edgy straight locks at the medium length may be your better choice. The notable edges of locks in this haircut can make the look appealing, smart and bold. The choppy straight locks up to the shoulder at unequal length may thicken the volumes of the hair.

  1. Wavy Medium Brunette Haircut:

If you consider the Wavy Medium Brunette Haircut, you will certainly find a beautiful appearance. In this hairstyle, unequal ends of hair assist you to have a smart and messy look. On the other hand, the particular “wavy” texture of locks up to the shoulder can make your look gorgeous too. You can side part your hair slightly to look ideal in this hairstyle.

  1. Medium Side Parted Blonde Hairstyle:

This blonde hairdo is trendy all-time among middle-aged ladies. This “hair-length” ends at the shoulder. The shapes of your face round in the haircut and this make your appearance eye-catching as well. At the same time, edges of locks in this particular cut keep the look notable and make you look smart.

  1. Side Bangs With Medium-Layered Bob:

Layered bob haircut is very stylish and in case you cut front side locks in the bang style after that it can make your look a lot more visible. The hair length ends at the shoulder as well as keep the look young and smart. The sharp ends of your hair make the look considerably more visible and it will shape your face perfectly as well.

  1. Parted Bangs And Curls With Medium Layered Locks:

Layer haircut up to a “medium-length” is always stylish in the marketplace. You can easily add “side-parted” bangs and curls to this for making it more stylish and unique. The “front-side” bangs on the layered haircut not just look clever but also conceal your broad forehead and offer you a more youthful look. However, curly layers will increase the volumes of your hair.

  1. Blonde Medium Wavy Hairstyle:

Blonde Medium Wavy Hairstyle ends at lower of the shoulder. This can keep the look stylish by offering the “wavy-touch” on the look. The short length locks in front side will make your appearance more exciting. The wavy side-parted blond hairstyle looks puffy as well as thickens the volumes of the locks. The “blonde-color” on this haircut makes this more eye-catching than the normal one. This will offer you an incredible look. This is effortless to keep and you’ll no longer need to stress about the unruly hair.



In conclusion, the medium hairstyles for women mentioned above are the trendiest right now. You can choose the one which meets your needs to a great extent. All the hairstyles are just awesome.

But before picking your favorite one, we recommend you to go through the tips & tricks mentioned in this post. Such guidelines will help you largely. I hope you have found your best match. Now, let us know what you think about the hairstyles in the comment box below. Also, share this post with your friends on social media.






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