165 Amazing Medium Hairstyles For Women Of All Ages!

Medium hairstyles are basically one of the toughest ones as they are not suitable for the short hair ideas as well as the long hair ideas. But there are some hairstyles for the medium hair length which you shall find on this page. All the eye catching haircut ideas and hair styling ideas with medium hair and specially women of all ages are here. Go through the entire article!

Starting Off With Medium Hair!

If you have a medium hair length, you really need to work hard to get some eye catching hairstyle. You need to update yourself with what is the current hairstyle for the medium hair. Most of the women do not care about their hair length. They are too lazy to take care of the long hair so they chop off most of the time. Similarly, they also do not have any short hair interest so they do not chop off really short. This is how they end up with medium hair!

There are some brilliant medium hair ideas out there. But it does not mean you can randomly choose one. It should be something that matches your face shape. Of course, some haircuts that look mind blowing to one face shape might not look that appealing to the other face shape.

If you cannot decide what haircuts are suitable for your face cut, then you can always take a help from the hair specialists rather than ending up in mess. This is how you start off with medium hair.

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Advantages of Medium Hairstyles

Medium hairstyles are are really impressive hairstyles as they create fake volume to your hair and makes it more puffier. You can even combine more than one medium hairstyles and come up with a new one. With medium hair your hair is self boosted to feel fluffy and shows more space occupied.

Having medium hairstyle saves a lot of time. You can even let it open all the time and it still does not create much mess. Even the hair products like shampoo, conditioner, treatment cream, hair spray, and hair lotion will be required less as compared to that of long hair.

Likewise, you can always change the hairstyle even if you wish to get long hair afterwards, the hair shall be grown soon and making it short is just a scissors away!

Picking Ideal Medium Hairstyles Ideas:

Finding out the perfect medium length for medium hairstyle is always a thing that puts one in dilemma. The choice should be ultimately yours. You can always pick a style that shall go well with your personality and beauty or at least which adds beauty to your existing personality.

You need to keep in mind that the things that can affect your choice of medium hair are your face shape and the accessories you pick for your hair styling.

Sometimes you can add a judgment on your own to the style that you are about to pick. But in general there are certain ideas which already exist on the basis of experience of people with medium haircuts. Find these ideas below and help yourself with the right choice:

  • For thick and curly locks, there should be broader layers which shall add more sexiness to the thick and curly medium hair.
  • If you are having fine or thin hair type, you are the lucky one to have this medium hairstyles! You can skip the layers and do not have to worry about boosting density to the locks.
  • There are varieties of ideas depending upon the shape of the face. For a heart shaped face, simply parting the medium hair will do a great deal. If you have diamond shaped face or a round one, you can part the hair from the side rather than from the center. This creates more elegance and gives more lift to your face. For an oval face, you can rock any hairstyle with medium hair length. You are the luckiest face shape type.
  • Sometimes you do not know what is going wrong with every style, right? Simply alter the sides and you will start finding out the solution to every hairstyle.

Tips & Ideas To Maintain Medium Hair Length Hairstyles:

It is something to create your medium-length haircuts flawlessly, and it is another to keep that particular style for an extended period. Will it be still as gorgeous as this was while you styled it newly? It is mainly depending on maintenance.

  • You need to pick the hairstyle that fits well with your hair type along with that medium length hair. Other than something that does not suit your hair, avoid it.
  • Adding a perfect care starts from your scalp. Apply fresh oil on your head until scalp or hair roots. This protects your hair from heat if you are exposed to sun.
  • You can have hair wash in every two days. It is not recommended to have hair wash every day.
  • The shampoo that you apply for your hair wash should be non allergic to your hair and scalp. You can find the symptoms like head rashes or hair fall.
  • Applying conditioner after each hair wash is recommended for smooth and silkiness.
  • You need to apply treatment cream after certain wash that adds more vitamins to your hair and makes it stronger.
  • If you have frizzy hair, apply air lotion while the hair is not even dried.
  • Let your hair naturally dry and avoid blower in most cases. Because, natural drying is preferred for stronger hair.
  • Add accessories like hair band or hair rubber or hair bin to make your hair stay in place.
  • You can apply curling rod to get some attention to normal hair.
  • Occasionally, add a hair color palette to your hair to make it different from your normal hair days.
  • Do not forget to get some occasional hair trims that shall let go of the damaged hair from the ends. This also allows a space for new and fresh hair.

15 Medium Length Hairstyles Ideas:

Following are the 15 ideas that you can choose from for your hair type!

  1. Layers in Medium Waves Hair Length:

Layers are one of the easiest pick in any hair length and so goes with the medium hair length. This is usually a quickly picked one in the marketplace. You can get the attractive look from switching into this hairstyle. This adds fringes as well as bangs and also adds quite a lot of volume to your hair. You shall be amazed to find out the amazing waves that comes along with the layers. There is addition of confidence as soon as switch into this hairdo. You can also let your hair set for a while with some hair products if it seems necessary.

  1. Wavy Edges Ombre Bob Hairstyle in Medium Length:

This particular Medium Edges Ombre Bob is picked by women of middle ages or specially adult women. There is this believe that women of this age forget glamour and let go of fashion from their life. But with this haircut, you break the rule and prove everyone wrong. If you are above 40 and you have started to get the similar feeling towards yourself and you are thinking how easily the glamour is sweeping off from you, you need to get this hairstyle along with this hair length. It does not matter either you are going to a formal meeting or an informal party, you can wear it anywhere.

  1. Tousled Mid Layered Bob & Bangs:

Bangs have no age limits. Bangs go well with any face shape. If you have big forehead,

If you possess an immortal love for the bangs, then Bangs with Tousled Mid-Layered Bob can be your best option. This particular hairdo will seamlessly go with any attire and will help you to get the curiosity of folks towards you. However, this hairdo will look great mixed with other hairstyles too. If you’re unable to handle your hair, then you can get the help of a professional hairstylist.

  1. Ombre Straight Hair With Medium Locks:

There are particularly two types of people, the ones who like curls and the other one who likes straight hair. If you are the straight hair person, then you can have ombre straight hair for your medium length. Apply frontal fringes if you have natural or artificial upward brows. You can reshape the face with this hairstyle. This hairstyle goes well with heart shaped or oval face. Do not worry or think twice before choosing this hairstyle, you shall look gorgeous without a doubt.

  1. Blunt Bob in Medium Length Hair:

The Blunt Bob goes amazing with the medium hair length. This is one of the most popular hairstyle specially among the women with old age. The hairstyle not just provides you a better look but also adds perfect smooth waves to your hair. This will make you feel younger and there is this strange confidence added without you realizing it. You can get this hairstyle despite your age or type of hair either! Don’t be worried, it is all about interest.

  1. Blonde in Medium Layered Hairstyle:

Blonde is the color for women of specially old age. The Blonde Medium Layered Hairstyle is specially targeted to old aged women or women of middle ages. But it really does not mean young one cannot have it. This hairstyle will not fail to make you look super amazing specially in formals and casuals both. If there is a drama coming, you are the reason if you are having this hairstyle. Because, you have this magic after having this hairstyle. Get all the power with this styling!

  1. Medium Side Ways Sweep in Straight Hairstyle:

Sometimes you can feel that straight hairs have been dominating other type of hairs. This may be because they are easy to handle as well as gives elegant look. This s the reason why this hairstyle is popular. Specially women who want to experiment and have different looks every time are fond of this hairstyle. This hairstyle can be worn on any event and it does not require any specific event either. You can wear it with casual as well as formal.

  1. Shag Medium Length Hairstyle:

The Shag Medium Length Hairstyle is for the sassy girls. This one is for the slayers who like to be a beautiful mess. With this hairstyle you look kind of messy, kind of sassy yet full of beauty. There is the tiniest effort only and you are full of charm. It not just gives you a cool funky look but also makes you look natural and amazing with little effort. So, if you are in a rush or always a bit lazy when it comes to hairdos then this one is simply for you! Do not hesitate to wear it even to your workstation. Without a doubt, you look amazing with this hairstyle.

  1. Medium – Wavy Center – Parted Hairstyle:

For some people center partition is old school while it still is on trend for most people. If you ever look at the fashion curve, whatever was there fifty years ago shall come back. This is one of the hairstyles that was famous a lot of years back. Even today, people are going vintage and getting classic look with this hairstyle. Women are full of grace and attractive appearance with this styling.

  1. Wavy in a Side Swept Lob Hairstyle:

Waves are the hair goals to be honest. With this side swept lob in a wavy pattern, you look outstanding. Medium hair sucks sometimes and you cannot really get the hairstyle you have been trying to put. But this one is not a complex idea. If you have waves, you should go for it. If you do not have waves, form some waves and again go for it. You hairdresser can always be a helping hand for you. Fringes make it look like a bomb and gives you a sexy appearance. You can always add hair gel or other hair products like spray to set your hair once you have got the perfect styling.

11. Natural Curls With Medium Hair Length:

  1. Side Swept Bang With Layered Hair:

  1. Layers & Bangs With Medium Blond Locks:

  1. Blonde – Medium Layered Hairstyle:

  1. Medium- Blonde Side Swept Bob Hairstyle:

Medium Hairstyle For Different Age Women!

Actually sometimes medium hair length is also called as a hair length for the women who are too lazy to think about something different or try on some new styles. But this is not true anymore! Women all over the world are getting the best out of the medium hair length. They are making the medium length with their own preference.

There is actually no age factor to apply this hair length. This length is common among all ages. The popularity is specially of adult women or women with mid age. There are certain actresses or celebrities or model who have been seen wearing this hair length and surprising everyone with their beauty and elegance of wearing this haircut so brilliantly.

For little girls and school girls, mostly short hair is preferred by their parents. Teenage girls are always into a lot of experiments and they are so unpredictable with the hair lengths. The University women and the working ladies prefer to have medium length hair because they barely have time to take proper care of their hair. But they still slay their medium length hair. The women in their adulthood are mostly flaunting medium length hair. They look adorable with the medium hairstyles.  You can find some images below with women of different age looking mind blowing with medium hair length.

Image Gallery:

In this heading, find the best images with amazing medium hairstyles. These are the collection of the best ones from the Internet by different models and celebrities. Pick a perfect one for you and give it a try. Get more confidence to style your medium hair as it is the trend to make your medium hair something more than a boring look. Have a happy medium haircut time!


In summarizing this article, medium hairstyles are no more a boring thing. It has become one of the trendiest ideas. The people with medium hair lengths are now proving it right all over the globe. In this article, there are plenty of ideas how to make an ordinary medium hair look super attractive and get all the attention.

The ways how to maintain your hair or the tips to have the best out of your existing hair will surely help you achieve what you are looking for. One should not miss how to find the perfect style depending on the face shape. The factors like face shape and accessories can determine the perfect hairstyle for your medium hair.

There are certain restrictions or tricks and tips that might be useful. Go through them before randomly picking the hair cut. There are also varieties of ideas that will let you be unique. If you are tired of having same haircut for a long time, then it is a time to change it. Do not hesitate to adapt to new change from this page

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