101 Amazing Leg Tattoos Because They Are Worth!

Leg tattoos are unique as compared to tattoos in other parts of the body. Can you name some parts of the body where the tattoos are most visible? Now, can you call some parts of the body where the large-sized tattoos can be worn? Don’t you think the overlapping region is leg here? Yes! There are numerous parts in our body, but the best one or the easy to work with is leg.

In this article, you shall find out the answers to all your curies. There are certain things about the leg tattoos which can blow your mind. They shall fascinate you and also help you ease with finding a perfect leg tattoo and get it with proper guidelines.

The content includes definition, types, ideas, procedures, maintenance ideas, tips, tattoo studio ideas, meanings, etc. You shall be able to keep yourself away from any infections. With the proper procedure, the start is already strong. Go through the blog to find out more!

Why Leg Tattoos?

There are numerous parts in our body, but when it comes to tattooing, people find legs the most suitable spot. It is why leg tattoos are super popular. The pivot of the leg is the thing that makes the fantastic designs to work with numerous apparel access and a broad range of styles. Likewise, the leg has better strength, which means there is less pain in getting a tattoo than other regions in the body.

Legs being the cylindrical and extended part of the body, lets you get unique and different kinds of tattoos. It means you get to fill the entire space with great ideas. But it is not always necessary to fill the whole leg for any design. The leg can be divided into a few parts, which can be used for different tattoos. The following are short descriptions to a few types in the regions of leg.

Below the waist region:

It is a mostly hidden region. If you try to add a sexy tattoo and wish to make it curious for people by exposing only a few of the portions of symbol, you can ink this region. It lets you grab all the attention on the beach, pool, or gym.


Thighs are the most massive part of the legs. They have space large enough to fit a big tattoo easily. This space is occupied by the portraits of the human being, the face of a tiger, huge sunflowers, etc. which require a more substantial area. They can easily fit and also can be shown while wearing shorts, swimsuit, bikini, etc.

Knee Cap:

People do not usually get a tattoo in their knees or knee caps. But if there is a longitudinal tattoo that falls from thigh to lower leg, the knee can be inked. The knee is having a sagging skin making it difficult to present a tattoo.

Below Knee:

The area below the knee and above ankle is a popular tattoo area. Many men and women like to tattoo here. The reason is quite simple. It is the most visible region in the body. If you are wearing quarter clothes, the tattoo can be easily visible. The medium size tattoo can fit here well making it perfect and straightforward.


The ankle is another popular spot in the leg that is quite popular because of its easy visibility. The tattoos that are small in size can fit here well. You cal also wear a tribal tattoo just like an anklet here.


The foot is not a popular spot for a tattoo, but it does not mean this spot is wasted. There are individual tattoos like climbers, branches, etc. that go quite well in this region. One can wear a large tattoo here. Sometimes a tattoo can begin from the foot and go all the way up to the knee or even thigh making the entire leg the part of a single tattoo!


Why leg tattoos are the most attractive ones?

There are specific designs that are meant only for the legs and are quite eye-catching. The leg tattoo designs are captivating and sexier. The surface of the leg is quite simpler to ink a tattoo. Mostly leg tattoos are quite famous among ladies.

The leg tattoos design is, without a doubt, exceptional because they have this benefit of arch and movement. It is not found in other body parts. Therefore, you can create specific stories in the legs, make the tattoos come to life and make them more attractive. You can also make it intentionally visible by wearing the dresses accordingly.

You can also remark how the positioning and spacing in the leg are mind-blowing and how the tattoos can be reflected as per the choice of the wearer. Especially when you wish to get a tribal tattoo, the best spot is leg. It is because you get to make the tribal tattoo with unending designs and patterns. There is a large home for all the creativity.

This spot is unisex. If it is waist or chest or neck, the place is dominated by a particular gender. But a leg can be any gender’s first choice for tattooing, making it merely the attractive spot!


What are the possibilities with Leg Tattoos?

There are several possibilities with leg tattoos. Trust it if someone says the leg has the most versatile tattoos choices because it is right. Individual symbols go well only on your back, or neck, or chest, but several tattoos suits in your leg! Find some ideas below:

Colorless Leg Tattoos:

Individual tattoos look gorgeous in colors. But there are also several that look outstanding without the colors. Here without the color means with black outlines. The black shapes can also bring charm to the tattoo, especially when it needs a lot of details and fillings. If you have a detailed design, it is better to wear it with simple black lines. The tribal tattoos are especially the colorless tattoos that are amazing when in legs. The price of the tattoo is also lesser as compared to the colorful tattoo. It is another advantage. Try it!

Colorful Leg Tattoos:

If colorful leg tattoo is beautiful, imagine how the unusual shall look! Colors always add charm and beauty to the tattoos. They make it more visible and distinct. With colors, you can add details. It becomes more lively and meaningful. Colors also add life to the tattoos. There are individual tattoos like animal tattoos, flower tattoos, symbolic tattoos, etc. which are incomplete or hollow or vacant without the colors! Though they are slightly more costly as compared to the colorless ones, it is worth it!

3D Leg Tattoos:

The 2D effect is casual. It is ordinary and simple. The impact of a 3D is outstanding. There is no comparison between these two. The 3D effect has a shadow, and it seems to be lifted a bit. It provides comfort to your eyes, and your brain is fascinated. With the 3D effect, you will require a tiny bit of extra shadowing. The cost is also higher than the average value. But the result is worth the price!

Tribal Tattoos:

The tribal tattoos are popular African tribe tattoos that come from a particular tribe of people from a few generations ago. This tattoo is famous all over the world. There are specific shapes that are associated with this tribe that are profoundly meaningful. The symbols like sun, moon, etc. also carry some historical meaning. They can be super large. Sometimes the tattoos can form anklets in the leg and sometimes cover the entire leg as a part of a single symbol. They mostly use unique ink and dark color. The details can be so amazing sometimes.

Sexy Tattoos:

When talking about sexy tattoos, it is not the tattoo that is sexy, but it is the placing that matters. If you wear a tattoo that starts from your buttocks and end at thighs, you can make it a seducing tattoo. While wearing a bum-short by a woman, or a bikini, the half portion of the tattoo will only be visible, making everyone wondering how the entire tattoo would look. It instantly makes one sexy, and this is how you wear a sexy tattoo on your leg region!

What are the procedures of getting a Leg Tattoo?

There are specific procedures that should be performed while getting any tattoo. It can be done without any basic instruction, but with the guidelines, you are always in the track and do not fail at any cost. Follow some of the steps mentioned below before and during and after getting a leg tattoo:

Step 1:

The first step to do while trying to get a tattoo is to ask yourself one question: “Do you wish to get a leg tattoo?” If the answer to this question is definite from your heart, you can proceed!

Step 2:

The second step is to figure out what kind of tattoo you want. There are numerous tattoos. It can be small, medium, large, and too broad. Similarly, it can be something without color, or even colorful. Do you want to add a 3D effect also? Research all about it. There are plenty of images on the Internet that you can go through before fixing the leg tattoo. This step can take a week-long time!

Step 3:

After you have determined or chosen the leg tattoo, determine its size. How big should it be? Your limit is as big as your thigh. Choose the size of the tattoo!

Step 4:

Do you want it to be visible 24/7? If yes, you can wear it on your ankle’s side or even below your knee. If you’re going to have it less noticeable, try lifting it. It is how you can choose the spot in your leg. You can also consider the size. It will help you to sort out the place perfect for that tattoo!

Step 5:

The fifth step is finding a perfect studio! Have you had a tattoo before? If yes, this is quite an easy task for you. If the result from your previous tattoo was quite good, you could get your leg tattoo from the same studio. But, if this your first time, you need to do a little research. Go to all the studios in your locality, or you can do online research too. Find out everything about the studios. The core things that you shall look in any studio are hygiene, the experience of the artist, needles sterilization, quality of ink, price of the tattoo. If you can adjust to all these factors, you can begin the appointment.

Step 6:

The next step involves your interaction with the artist. You can have a good conversation with the artist, ask about the previous works he/she has done, feedbacks from his former clients, and also about his earlier designs. The artist can also help you modify your plan and come up with a better one. With the artist’s help, you can be more confident about the tattoo.

Step 7:

Now, you need to fix a date. Find out a perfect time and mark it. Finish all your deadlines before that. Do not take any pressure before your big day. You need to focus only on the tattooing thing!

Step 8:

After that, you have booked your date, avoid drinking alcohol a day before. You need to hydrate yourself with enough water. Also, avoid any smoking to be full of consciousness. It will make you active and help you to cope with the pain. The pain is little as compared to other regions in the body.

What are the things to consider after getting a leg tattoo?

Some people think that getting a tattoo is the end of the story. Getting a tattoo does not merely mean getting the inks and designs. It would be best if you focused on more significant things. The responsibility does not end there but starts from there. You need to follow specific rules to avoid infections. If you are careless, you can have various skin related diseases ending up in cancer. Following tips and keep yourself free from them!

  • After getting the tattoo, be attentive enough to avoid any contamination.
  • The tattoo region is sure to itch or have a painful sensation, but avoid touching it. Avoid all other contacts as well as with clothes and other objects.
  • You can wear a sterilized band-aid over the region yourself or with the help of a nurse. It is preferred to avoid contamination. You can wear it in the first few days of getting the tattoo.
  • Even the band-aid is removed, and the freshness is gone, you cannot use the public swimming pools, or enjoy public places.
  • It is better to wash the region with the soap with the least fragrance. Keep the area clean.
  • If you feel the itchiness is uncontrollable, or deep pain, visit your artist and then to the doctor as soon as possible.

What is the average cost of getting a leg tattoo?

Be specific. You cannot merely assume the average cost of the leg tattoo. By leg tattoo, it does not specify anything. The cost varies depending on factors like size, colors, quality, the experience of the artist, the popularity of the studio, etc. All these things will determine the price.

Moreover, if you add effects like 3D, make real tattoos with a lot of details, the price will be high. The price is taken based on the hours required to prepare it. If your artist requires more hours, you will have to pay more.

The large-sized tattoos can cost more, the medium will cost average, and the small will cost less. It is one of the most determining factors. If the artist is accessible, the charge can be more. But remember one thing, do not compromise with the cost. Better make the tattoo a little later after you have plenty of savings, but do not hurry and get something that can make you regret all your life because a tattoo is a forever thing!


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