128 Surprising Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas For A Brilliant Look!

Koi Fish Tattoo is a new trend. The Koi is really beautiful to look at. They are so pretty, small, petite, and have amazing colors. When it comes to tattooing, the Koi fish is popular not just because it has amazing appearance but also because of several meanings behind its existence.

This article is all about Koi fish and tattoo ideas relating to Koi fish. If you have any kind of curiosity regarding a Koi, at the end of the article you will have your answer. The article deals about definition of a koi, its types, universal and hidden meanings, ideas to wear it in style, and also has plenty of images to get a general idea on different types.

What is a Koi Fish?

A Koi is a type of a fish that has its origin from Japan. There are multiple species of a Koi. They are distinguished depending on the colors, patterns, and scales. Generally, they have white, black, red, blue, cream, orange, and yellow colors. They are mostly misunderstood as Gold fish but these two are parallel species.

The most popular type of a Koi is called Gosanke. The Koi in Japanese culture is a bit more popular than in other cultures because of its Japanese origin. It is also popular in Chinese cultures. A Koi is mostly a home decor, a part of human life in the form of pet, and mostly an ornament of aquarium. They are really beautiful to look at because of amazing color combination and structure of their body.

The amazing thing about a Koi is that it mostly outlives their owners as their lifespan is more than 200 years. They might look ordinary and weak but this is a serious fact. It has its origin from Eastern Asia. They are believed to be highly intellectuals. If they are provided with appropriate condition, their size can grow as long as 3 feet. In this way there are so many facts that makes a Koi stand odd and unique in comparison of other fishes.

What is the myth or ancient saying about Koi Fish?

There are certain myths that people believe in which come from the Chinese and the Japanese culture. Chinese intruders brought the Koi to Japan in the first place. Then after certain time Koi received a Japanese origin. As their life span is around 200 years, they are outliving their owners and are considered greater than humans. According to an ancient story, there was a gigantic school of the Koi fish in Yellow river in China. They were swimming there peacefully. They are strong enough to swim against the current of the river as well. This makes them again stand out.

There is a very interesting myth behind the Koi fishes. They are believed to transform into dragons once they pass through the Dragon’s Gate. This Dragon’s Gate is at the top of the waterfall and once they reach there they get to transform into the dragons. According to myth, several Koi fishes tried to reach the top of the waterfall but even after 100 years of trying, only one was succeeded which successfully transformed into a Dragon as well. It is believed to be a very beautiful, attractive and strong dragon.

From this myth about Koi, people wear the tattoos to become persistent and strong in their voyage in their life. The use of Koi as a symbol of conquering adversity is seen in the Japanese culture.

What things are to be considered before getting a Koi Tattoo?

There are certain things to consider before getting a Koi fish tattoo. This will let you figure out the ideal placement of the tattoo on your body. Also this will let you be more confident on what you are wearing. As we know the tattoos are quite permanent and it is a decision for life. So one has to be more sure on what they are wearing and details about that. There are certain things as explained below which are to be considered while getting a koi fish tattoo.


The location here means the spot in your body. Where exactly do you want to wear the tattoo? Well, this is your personal choice and it should be solely your decision. Again on this topic, there are certain factors that will have to be considered like visibility and size of the tattoo.

If you want your tattoo to be visible to you, or simply, if you want to see the tattoo more often for yourself, you can wear it on your wrist or other portion of arms, which is the best spot to get the full visibility for self. There are certain schools, and work places that do not find it appropriate for their students or employees to have tattoos. With tattoos, they might not select them in their schools or companies.


In such case, one has to keep their tattoos hidden. For keeping the tattoos hidden, you need to wear it in spots where the tattoos stay hidden; example: back, belly, thigh, chest, etc. If you want to make the tattoo be visible to most of the people all the time then you need to wear it on spot like arm, wrist, ankle, neck, earlobe, back of ear, below neck, around the shoulders, etc.

But, if you really want to wear a Koi and feel really sexy with it, you gotta know which is the right spot. And, if you wear it on your chest, thighs, above your thighs on the sides, and also on your neck, you will receive some more attention that you are seeking for.

Sometimes people avoid tattoos because of the pain. If this is the case, or if you are  newbie, you can place the tattoo on your thigh or forearm which will be less painful as compared to other body parts in your body.

Well, this is how the locations in your body will determine the ideal placement of Koi.


Everyone knows how colorful a Koi is. There are multiple species of a Koi and there are multiple color options like orange, yellow, blue, etc. These colors let you make your tattoo more different and more attractive.  Well, it is up to you now how you would like to make the tattoo a masterpiece. You can modify the tattoo as per you wishes. Modifications are always welcomed as long as you are happy. But one thing you need to keep on mind is the meaning behind each color. You can make a research and sometimes you can get a dual meaning from a single tattoo you know. The color itself has a unique meaning and when you put is along with a K0i, you will get a double meaning which is desirable to you as well.

But with better result, there is a hard time past you see. Getting various colors in a single tattoo will require a lot of work to be done by the tattoo artist. The cost of the tattoo will also increase to certain level and you will also have to go through a lot of pain in the beginning. If you are used to with the pain, it is fine. But if you are not used to with the pain, you might not like this idea of getting different colors on your tattoo.

The choice is yours now. Add different colors, make it a lifetime success.


The orientation by its meaning is making it clear itself. The orientation of Koi fish will sometimes determine the meaning behind the tattoo or what the tattoo wants to tell us. From the ancient myth, a Koi is popular because of its swimming skills. Well, in that case, one can wear a Koi that is swimming in the water. This will make the tattoo really visible and the meaning is quite reflected.

Again, if you really want to make the Koi look like it is swimming, you need to confirm the direction too. If you are trying to achieve that voyage in life then it is perfect to wear your Koi facing upward or a Koi that is swimming in upstream direction. And, if you have achieved your dream and you already celebrating the success of your achievement, you might get the Koi tattoo swimming in the downward direction.

The downstream swimming Koi is rare when it comes to tattoo. Mostly people want to become that dragon which is initially a Koi and it is aiming to reach the top of the waterfall! If you see yourself as one of the Koi who aims to become a dragon then you can wear a tattoo of a Koi swimming in the upstream direction or swimming upward.

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What ideas make the Koi Fish Tattoo look different and more attractive?

There are some ideas that will make the basic Koi fish tattoo look mind blowing. If you are more concerned about the details and making it different you need to work hard on choosing it. You can simply get a tattoo of a Koi that is simple and does not have much of a uniqueness in it. Simple tattoo is always beautiful and acceptable. But if you want to make it better, you can always add a little effort, right? A little effort will really make the simplest tattoo look different and beautiful. Following are some ways to do that:

Animated Print:

The new and trending idea to wear a Koi is in its animated form. It is something similar to cartoon version of a Koi. Any kind of modification if welcome. You can add variations in shape, size, orientation, and colors. The animated version is pleasurable to the eyes and more fascinating to look at. The result is better and outstanding. You can add any sort of animation either adding big eyes, unique scales, etc. There can be shades as well.

3D Print:

The new way to make a tattoo interesting is making it a 3D. Two dimensional prints are casual and ordinary. Three dimensional tattoo makes a normal tattoo amazing. There is a use of extra color, and a bit of added inking but the result is worth it. Any tattoo can be made a 3D one. The Koi tattoo specifically will give better result when 3D is added because of its beautiful body and variation of colors. This will receive a lot of uninvited attention and make you feel amazing.

Tribal Koi:

Tribal tattoos are amazing and quite interesting. One can make a Koi tattoo into tribal form. This is done by making the traditional tribal prints within the hollow outlined Koi. The prints can be patterns, dark filled lines, etc. Making it tribal will have a unique result. There are certain meanings behind each and every pattern making the Koi more meaningful and fascinating. It will mainly be black colored or dark colors which will show a different side of a colorful fish. Moreover, you can learn about tribal tattoos instead and pick the more meaningful ones as per you personality!

Cartoon Style:

The another popular ideas when it comes to tattooing a Koi is making it in the form of a cartoon. When one thinks of  a cartoon, it is a bit funny one. There are multiple ways. You can make it either funny, different, weird, meaningful, etc. with little modification. The cartoonist Koi can have larger eyes, puppy eyes, shiny scales, huge tail, etc. There can be any kind of changes as per you wish. This will be more beautiful and satisfactory tattoo.

What is the procedure to get the Koi tattoo with perfection?

There are certain steps one can follow to receive perfect Koi Fish tattoo. Though one does not have to go through certain specific rules to get a tat. But one ends up infecting the region of tattoo sometimes because of having no proper idea what had happened wrongly. Therefore, it is always a good idea to follow certain guidelines just like one mentioned below:

Choosing Perfect Tattoo Studio:

The right way to find a perfect tattoo studio is through a little research. You need to find out the back ground of the studio where you want to get the inking done. Either you can make an online search or through your friends or people who have had tattoos earlier.

The perfect tattoo studio should have an experienced artist who has enough idea about the tattoo thing. You can get modifications on the Koi fish through the artist as well. The studio should be clean as to avoid infection. There should be proper needle which is to be sterilized before getting the ink. The quality of ink also should be considered. One can be allergic to certain chemicals. Make sure you look at the ingredients to avoid allergies and infections through ink.

Avoiding Infections:

In order to avoid infections after getting a tattoo, one should initially use a high quality ink for tattooing. Then, the studio should be clean and the needle should be sterilized. Once the tattooing has been done, the region should be cared well. The region should not be touched. The direct touches like through fingers and indirect touches like through hair, clothes, etc. should also be avoided. Then, one has to clean the region with shop without fragrance and warm water. One can add a bandage on the region until the healing starts. Avoid going to public pools or making contamination to dust and dirt.

Average Price of Tat:

There are no fix price of tat. The price of a tat varies depending upon the region you are in, city, country, size of tat, color variations, filling of tat, quality of ink, etc. The charge is done mostly on the basis of hours. Per hour the average cost can be $40 to $80 depending on the factors mentioned above. If you want to get huge tat, the price will obviously be more because the time to complete it will be more as well. This is how it works.

Image Gallery

This section consists of the images that is examples of above mentioned types. Sometimes simply looking at an image gives a lot of idea that text fails. And, with such images one can choose something one is seeking for. Also, one can modify these tattoos with a little self idea.


This article is all about Koi Fish Tattoos. The Koi fish being amazing to look at, having variations in colors, having deep cultural meaning and also having unique features is something one wishes to wear in the form of tattoos. The article has definition of Koi, different types, colors of Koi, meaning basis of cultures, origin, historical myth, scientific facts, and so on.

If someone is trying to find out details on Koi fish then this is a perfect article. Therefore, share it among your tattoo lover friends, Koi fish lover friends, and loved ones if you find the article satisfactory and on the point. Do not forget to share us your new Koi fish tattoo!

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