28 Amazing Koi Fish Tattoo Ideas To Make You Look Awesome


Tattoo is a form of art which expresses your personality, and the koi fishes can be a typical subject in the body art. Of course, koi fish tattoo is colorful and attractive, but in addition to that, they offer exclusive meaning to the individual sporting them as unique tattoo. Whether or not you desire to de-code meanings behind the symbolism of fish or think of having one as the body art, then continue reading for the koi fish tattoo ideas for women and men. Check out this post as well “Top 43 Thigh Tattoos That Will Spice Up Your Beauty!

Legend Of Koi Fish!

Did you know a “koi fish” is notable in the Japanese and Chinese cultures? Believe it or not, Chinese intruders brought the koi fish to Japan, so where these koi fishes shot to popularity. Based on the ancient story, once there was a gigantic school of the koi fish swimming in “Yellow-River” in China as well as they’re strong sufficient to go swimming against river’s current.

On the other hand, there is a major challenge in myth- the koi fishes have to access top of waterfall or even “Dragon’s-Gate” to change into dragon. Sad to say, pushing against current is obviously hard where a few koi fishes also kept attempting for 100 years. In the legend in ancient time, there was a koi fish which successfully arrived at top of waterfall as well as turned into an attractive dragon.

As much as our current day, this legend inspires many people to become persistent and strong in their voyage in life. In reality, Japanese individuals make use of them as the symbol of conquering adversity. Here’s a short video for you.

Facts To Consider Before You Get A Koi Tattoo!

  • Location:

Based on your individuality, you may showcase your tattoo designs in your legs, chest, and arm; or maintain them more individual in your back or hips. Additionally, if you are just a newcomer to the field of tattoos, then you may desire to put them on the less painful places like thighs or forearm.

  • Color:

Everyone knows that the koi fishes tend to be attractive and colorful, and it seems like inking the tattoos all over the body and that will cause you to be a lively masterpiece. On the other hand, various colors of the koi fishes imply differently for everybody, so you must make sure that the color you will pick echoes the thoughts if you are trying to express in the tattoo. Aside from it, the colorful tattoos often hurt more, therefore pick the top ones which will gives you the sense of being more expressive and confident.

  • Orientation:

In terms of tattoo styles, every small detail counts, particularly to the orientation of a koi fish. Some people rely on the ancient tale of the swimming “koi-fishes” in Yellow River as well as whether you trust this or not, downstream or upstream tattoo design can mean in a different way to others.

28 Awesome Koi Fish Tattoos Just For You!

  1. Three Koi Tattoo:

These 3 koi fish seem to be streaming along on exactly what seems to be at the back of this person. I love the additional air bubbles that I initially mistook for the freckles, and overall style of this particular piece. On the other hand, the tails appear to be feathers, smooth sufficient to touch! Talking about the feathers, these look truly amazing when tattooed on body.

  1. Whimsical Koi Tattoo:

Wow! This style is an amazing interpretation of koi fish. However, meandering down at the back of this woman, this particular piece is beautiful and bold in all the black ink. On the other hand, line work truly makes it appear as if the fish is moving along in the real time.

  1. Pisces Piece Tattoo:

I m not really a Pisces, however, this tattoo undoubtedly makes me desire I was. Absolutely, I really enjoy the choices of color here and the yang and yin display of koi. The blue koi fishes are believed to represent calmness, tranquility, and peace while purple always has symbolized wealth and royalty. In Taoism, yang and yin represent the dueling attributes of all the things as well as the perfect harmony and balance of them. However, the round motion of koi symbolizes the perception that all the things are linked. An attractive piece with amazing meaning, this tattoo of koi fish is fantastic.

  1. Swimming Upstream Tattoo:

An easy, yet sophisticated koi fish style, this tattoo on thigh is just truly lovely and pretty. A “koi-fish” can easily hold various meanings based on the direction it is found swimming. However, upstream depiction can mean the individual has overcome obstructions and acquired the strength required to carry on against current. The life can be termed as an uphill war, but if the koi can easily persist so you can too! Into the thigh tattoos, yet koi not a lot? Keep reading to find the most amazing koi fish tattoos that will blow your mind.

  1. Coy Koi Tattoo:

I really like this dainty tiny gem of the koi fish is tucked below the ear of this woman. A little reminder of power and overcoming difficulty, this tattoo of koi fish is simply gorgeous. Looking for some other tattoo design suggestions which are not so fishy? Start here! Check out this amazing post on gorgeous tattoos here.

  1. Koi Fish Shoulder Tattoo:

Stunning! One more example of exactly how gifted tattoo designers are! From “line-work” to the placement and shading of this tattoo of koi fish, it is a piece that should be admired for many, many years ahead. Swimming against current while it heads the upstream, this particular koi is actually a powerful reminder that all of us can (and definitely will) endure whatever life tends to throw our way.

  1. Decoy Koi Tattoo:

Is this only me or maybe does this seem like some type of “mutant” fish attempting to pass it off as koi to enter into some mysterious pond or even something? Check out that face! In spite of this, I enjoy the particular contrast of wonderful blossoms in this particular piece.

They do not seem like they actually belong, but that is precisely why they get the job done. Maybe this amazing koi is changing into dragon and that is why scales are not consistent as well as haphazardly shaded in the brown.

Or perhaps it is a lifeless koi? This kind of look is corpse-like. It is definitely an appealing piece and also open for the interpretation as well as these are usually all the reasons I have included on this top list. I want to know exactly what you imagine when you check out this face.

  1. Tribal Koi Tattoo:

How awesome is this ethnical koi flowing around this individual’s ankle into foot? However, I really like the bold style and unique meaning of the koi fish in this tattoo. If you appreciate the tribal styles much like I do yet you are like ehhh regarding fish part, take a look at other tattoos in this article.

  1. Matching Koi Tattoo:

I take pleasure in coordinating the tattoos similar to this yang and yin one, however, the rich, deep colors are exactly what stood to me out. The positioning is truly cool and unique, unlike every other koi tattoo I have come across. At the same time, I really hope this individual threw all their socks away because it would be truly a “bummer” to ever before have to “cover-up” these fish.

  1. Pisces Koi Tattoo:

Check out these pretty little guyz being all the koi! One more pair in blue and purple, these guys stand for the “Pisces-zodiac” sign that belongs to all those born from Feb 19 thru March 20. On the other hand, the 12th sign of zodiac, the v Pisces are easy-going and fluid, charitable and compassionate. One might also say these people have a tendency to “go with flow,” similar to these lovely koi fish.

11. Upward Flow Tattoo:

This huge back tattoo truly displays the vastness to which the koi can mature in the real life. Another stunning masterpiece of design, I really like this unique koi tattoo as it appears like this was completed with a bit of charcoal. However, shading is wonderfully done. Do you know that most of the koi fishes outlive their own owners? A few can live as much as 200 years! Ridiculous. Since they survive for such a long time, koi fish in many cases are handed from one generation to another in Japan.

  1. Koi & Lotus Tattoo:

Love this masterpiece!! It is super bold and bright, flowing down at the back of this woman. This tattoo of koi fish appears as though it has simply plopped down just with splash in this stream; it is superb. Again, we notice a nice-looking, lotus pink flower combined with koi who seems to have minor “blue-shading” in its scale. I am not certain if blue in scales is supposed to be the splashes of the water on fish or real color of the scales. In either case, I like exactly how it contributes to the entire piece that is excellent in scale and size (totally pun intended).

  1. Infinite Koi Tattoo:

How awesome is this?! An antique infinity sign “re-imagined” with an excellent and adorable koi fish! However, with each tattoo style I discover, I wish to find out if someway has turned this into infinity symbol. It is such a famous tattoo nowadays so it is neat to find how individuals put an exceptional spin on this. I particularly like this representation as the koi are quite representative of determination, strength, and love; paired with infinity symbol, this person is actually reminded of those traits permanently and ever & ever. I additionally really prefer the “face” on koi here as something about this looks truly innocent and adorable, like a lovely little baby cartoon koi.

  1. Powerful Koi Tattoo:

This orange and red koi seems to be smoothly surging through waters with the full force and every single step this individual takes. I truly like the details from scale to the splash of water which looks as though it might spill of person’s foot having a tap. Plus did you notice the “eye” on the tattoo of this koi fish? Looks so true! I am just expecting this koi fish to turn on and end up like, “wow, you imagined I was just a tattoo? what is that?” Ha Ha Ha. Swimming….

Also See:

  1. Intricate Koi Tattoo:

It is an incredibly neat tattoo design of koi on shoulder. On the other hand, the “line-work” is gorgeous and incorporates a number of flowers, and exactly what look appear to be the waves, together with koi itself. Additionally, I believe this masterpiece would look awesome with simply a little sprinkle of color; possibly some blue shading in waves or simply a little pop in flowers. In either case, it is a very cool style and I think one could usually just have a “marker” to this to jazz up it a little in a match of boredom. Do not be quite “koi” about the color folks!

  1. Lucky Koi Tattoo:

How gorgeous are these tattoos of koi fish? I am seeing a pattern of color in the pair of koi fish… blue and purple. The colors so perfectly go together and provide a more marvelous depiction of such fish which are so frequently found in black, red and orange hues. The designer did an amazing job here; this looks as though these were simply stroked with brushes instead of needles. I am always so amazed by masterpieces like this. However, this lucky girl gets to have these tattoos of koi fish forever, constantly to be adored for their strength and beauty.

  1. Koi Fun Foot Tattoo:

Would you check out this pretty koi! It is like a toon princess “koi-fish” tattoo as well as I really like it. The orange and purple work beautifully together, just like sunset! While green eye of the koi stands out boldly. I truly appreciate the “line-work” around mouth in the masterpiece above, giving this koi a far more womanly look. I additionally prefer the barbels (the aka “whisker looking” thing) in this particular tattoo because they tend to flow in various directions, further providing it the impression to be in motion.

  1. Tiny Koi Tattoo:

So recall that time 2 photos ago while I was worrying over “flowy koi”? Good…now I desire these priceless koi additionally (or, instead). Undoubtedly, I considered sardines from the Spongebob while I noticed this tattoo. Correct? No idea exactly what I am discussing? Google! There is something “cartoonish” about these little koi, which makes them much more adorable and charming. This tattoo might look excellent in a number of places too, from your hip to your back.

  1. Koi Sleeve Tattoo:

This tattoo of bold “koi-fish” is a complete masterpiece of design and I simply adore the application of red at this point! Red kois usually are often related to extreme love and frequently act as a sign for mother (or some other lady figure) of family. Bravery or power is also generally portrayed by the “red-colored” koi fish. The flowers and detailed scales in this masterpiece are spectacular too. I particularly love eye of the koi here because it truly pops against other pieces.

  1. Japanese-Inspired Tattoo:

Japanese cherry flowers are probably the most gorgeous flower in my viewpoint so, I really like that the designer integrated them in the tattoo of koi fish. Cherry flowers generally stand for new beginnings, innocence, and hope. I primarily prefer the “koi-fish” in this masterpiece too; their colors usually are super practical and make me recall the ones that I found swimming in “Portland-Japanese” Garden. Do you love the flowers and gardens? You will find more gorgeous koi fish tattoos in the ideas below. So, keep reading.

  1. Fantastical Fish Tattoo:

It is awesome how the similar fish could be so significantly portrayed in the tattoo. This tattoo of koi fish screams fun and color. I appreciate the floral and whimsical accents in the upstream flowing “koi-fish”. Here the colors transport the audience to some enchanting koi fairyland as well as I cannot get enough. I love the simple “all-black” tattoos, masterpieces similar to this tell me how freakin’s beautiful color can actually be. Trying to find an extremely cool tattoo of “sea-creature”, yet not feeling the “koi-fish”? You can check out our other posts on tattoos as well.

  1. Dark Koi Tattoo:

This koi may be coming to the “dragon-hood” in case its “facial-expression” is any sign…or possibly the koi fish is crazy because this went up the waterfall and did not transform into the dragon. The entire world may know never. However, I understand that the particular scales on the tattoo flawlessly illustrate those of “real life” koi as well as the application of shading and color make this masterpiece pop like none other.

On the other hand, dark waves encircling the fish offer this tattoo a spooky feel just like it’s weathering an extremely bad storm as well as it is breaking out (check out those spots!) because of stress. Or perhaps it is simply a “super-tough” guy koi as well as has a vintage case of the RBF. It even happens to the finest of fish.

  1. Ebb & Flow Tattoo:

Not sure exactly what the sign in the center of this style means, however, the here koi fish are done artfully and abundant in color. Flowing down at the back of this woman, this tattoo of koi fish stands out like a playful and unique piece. Interested in the Japanese culture? You can check out the “Japanese-style” tattoo styles on Google as well.

  1. Koi Outline Tattoo:

Oh My God, I have discovered a koi! Not to mention, this design absolutely appears like a “koi-fish”, from barbels to signature scales as well as flow of body. On the other hand, the “line-work” is ideal and the verdict to not “color” this masterpiece makes this work be noticeable far more. I truly, truly love this particular piece because it is equally fun and funky.

  1. Shoulder Koi Tattoo:

Remember once I stated the goldfish and koi share the same ancestor? Well, in case this vibrant rendering does not prove that after that I do not know exactly what does. However, both beautiful and bright, the goldfish are usually smaller than the koi and are available in a number of tail and body shapes. The Fun fact: goldfish and koi can without a doubt breed together however their offspring can be sterile always. You know exactly what must also be sterile always? Tattoo needles. Boom! I will be here throughout the day, folks.

  1. Elegant Koi Tattoo:

I really like this tattoo of koi fish a lot. It is whimsical and fun, yet pretty and dainty. The positioning is best for this unified pair. The reminiscent of “yin-yang” sign, a couple of the koi is frequently used as an excellent luck sign for the happy marriage because koi fish tend to be synonymous with harmony and happiness. No matter what these unique koi symbolize to this individual, I think they are just beautiful and I will be happy to wear the backless tops forever to showcase this piece.

  1. Crowned Koi Tattoo:

This particular tattoo is extremely awesome and could absolutely be viewed as numerous things. I prefer to consider it as the “king” of all the koi’s, maybe even part the dragon (as the kois are considered to transform into – deep into that later). At the same time, I prefer this tattoo’s perception of whimsy and mystique.

The crown, on the other hand, is an excellent touch because it further represents the power and strength of fish which already represents these things. Not to mention, I love the tattoos which are really unique because it provides us with more understanding of the character of the individual bearing it. The tattoos aren’t only pieces of art but also extensions of ideas and values, strength and experiences that we get in life.

  1. Two Missing Souls Tattoo:

The writing written in this particular tattoo says: “We are simply two lost spirits, swimming in the fishbowl, time and time again.” I like the “koi-fish” creating a “yin yang” sign in this masterpiece around all those words. It is meaningful and superbly done with bold, bright colors and beautiful line work.



To conclude, the koi fish tattoos mentioned above are just awesome. You can choose your own tattoo from this list. Thanks for reading this post. Make sure you share this post on social media with your friends. Also, use the comment box below to share your opinions.




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