Best 38 Heart Tattoos That Will Melt Away Your Heart Right Now!


The heart tattoos possess a lot of meanings which I do not know exactly what to start with! However, I imagine the most obvious and frequent cause for inking an amazing and pretty heart on the skin is actually love. On the other hand, hearts don’t just show love, but additionally the spot where your soul lies. As an example, as per Islamic customs, the “heart” is actually a religious center. This was thought for an extended time that soul is protected by heart, but the science has confirmed that it isn’t. Also, check out this post “125 Best Black Hairstyles To Get Right Now [+Things You Need To Know]

Incredible Heart Tattoos!

Not to mention, the form of heart which is ordinarily chosen by the majority of us is not correct anatomically. People accustomed to choosing the easy representation of heart that is actually similar with shape of the heart of a cow. Quite a while ago, nobody knew exactly how the “heart” of a man actually looks like; however, they saw lots of “cow” hearts. However, now we know that how every human being’s heart appears like, we often pick less kitschy tattoos of heart.

The heart tattoos can be classified into several categories. You will find those which look girly as well as that can match the style of quite a playful lady, and also those that define minimalism properly. Furthermore, I find exciting how individuals express their deep admiration, suffering or grief for particular things by surrounding the heart in an even more complicated design.

Check out the following heart tattoos in case you desire to discover what attracts you and exactly what does not. A number of them are classic and colorful, while the others are mixed with contexts or symbols which will certainly blow your thoughts! Besides captivating and vast meanings, nearly every one of them is generally a joy to check out! This is a candy for the eyes! The “heart-shaped” candy! Here’s a short video for you!

Top 38 Heart Tattoos To Consider!

  1. Dark Hearts Truly Feel The Butterflies:

If we consider things literally, then butterflies are said to be sensed in the stomach. However, butterflies tattooed beside this “black-heart” send a similar message. Although a “black-heart” is not, in fact, a sign of love and happiness, those butterflies will soften this a little. There are life and hope in the grieving heart too!

  1. Follow The Heart Tattoo:

Follow the heart is actually a message which accompanies this particular lock tattoo. This is embellished nicely with flowers, golden rings, and profile of the girl. I believe that “girl” stands out as the portrayal of the lady who sports this tattoo. This looks so appealing and nice that I truly hope the anticipated key will appear very soon!

  1. Key And Lock Shaped Heart Tattoo:

These heart-shaped tattoos are exactly about love. So how can I say this? Well, answer is easy. When there is a “key” to the lock which appears like a “heart”, that’s obviously the key which can open this. Both the key and lock are at the same spot, so maybe nobody was worthy sufficient to get that particular key. Anyway, not yet!

  1. Rib Cage Designed Heart Tattoo:

According to the Christian beliefs and religion, “Eve” was created from the left rib of Adam. This tattoo may have a link with that and/or it can imply something else. Additionally, there is one more legend that claims the soul of a person can be easily trapped in breastbone. However, the latter can have a strong bond with heart itself. On the other hand, we do not know the proper meaning, yet we know that it’ll look awesome!

  1. Name Resonates In The Hearts Tattoo:

This heart-shaped tattoo is actually homage to an individual named Alicia. Not to mention, the font had been chosen wisely. The figures are formed in such a means that they can form a beautiful heart. We relate people with their own names and that is how they tend to resonate in the hearts. However, Alicia is a lucky girl!

  1. Fineness In The Lacy Heart Tattoo:

Heart tattoos possess a very important thing in common: usually they contain the form of the heart. Still, this example shows how the heart can show femininity and fineness all at once. It has nothing related to grief, love or even visual performance. This is exactly about conveying fair sex’s viewpoint.

  1. The Impact Of Crayon On Heart Tattoo:

This particular tattoo is certainly not ordinary! This seems that the tattoo designer who drew this used crayons. It is the very first time while I see this kind of technique utilized for inking a little something! I’m amazed by how genuine it looks. It is certainly not an easy drawing, but an authentic tattoo! However, I must put this approach on my own list for the future tattoos?

  1. Running Low On Fuel Tattoo:

This tattoo idea of this guy is rich in metaphors! Although it appears like the oil exploitation, “machine” tattooed on the chest does something unique. This is taking whatever which powers his heart. There’s very little left inside the heart, therefore he must have been via some “heartbreaking” drama. Please, someone, assist him to refill the heart!

  1. Tim Burton Love Patterns Tattoo:

The concept behind this amazing tattoo is quite straightforward. Someone was very inspired and impressed by “Tim-Burton’s-Love-Story”, that she or he decided to ink it permanently in skin. “Nightmare-Before-Christmas” has become famous among tattooed individuals around the globe because of its heart-touching story.

  1. Heart In The Hands Of Mickey Mouse:

Unlike the most Disney-motivated heart tattoos, it does not contain the full pictures of any figures. It is very easy. This just required the hand of the Mickey Mouse for creating a heart. It says much about the individual who chose this and regarding its goal as well. It is far more sentimental than it’s cool.

11. Universe In The Hearts Tattoo:

What a stunning thing of beauty! The motives behind this amazing tattoo are nearly irrelevant if you actually get lost focusing on it! The selection of the colors is awesome because it reveals the elegance of this universe which is baby blue and pink and oh, quite bright! Can the separation imply there is a different sort of universe in the heart of every individual? It will make you think again, won’t it?

  1. Kindness Is Virtue Tattoo:

Kindness was previously taken without any consideration. Not anymore! Though being kind does not cost anything, it is uncommon nowadays! The individual who made a decision to include this particular message in her or his tattoo included two flowers as well as other decorative things to it. They’re supposed to highlight this message and maintain its meaning. However, I do not think that it is actually a “message” to self; however mare like a long-lasting inscription of exactly what matters truly.

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  1. Disney Love Compacted In The Heart Tattoo:

Cartoons are not just for children! There are a lot of stories created by Disney which are fitted perfectly for both old and young! This tattoo provokes happy colors, fulfillment, success, and happiness which we all require in our day-to-day lives! This kind of tattoo can be a good reminder for whenever we are unhappy or insecure or we simply have an awful day.

  1. African Hearts Within A Heart Tattoo:

This tattoo features some tribal and African elements in this. It includes 4 hearts that are embellished with different colors and shapes. The “heart” from center includes something which seems as if a tree. That’s most likely is a sign of existence in this particular example. All of the colors utilized for this particular tattoo give this the feel of an autumn.

  1. Girlie In The Leopard Print Tattoo:

Among the girliest heart-shaped tattoos, it does not need the bright colors for standing out. The “leopard-print” combined with purple bow make a very adorable effect which is fashionable and feminine. I remember sporting leopard prints very much while they were in vogue. Actually, I believe they are still!

  1. Heart That’s Restrained Tattoo:

There are not any words to explain how well imagined and accomplished this particular tattoo is. Speaking metaphorically, I typically feel I am being restrained. Nowadays, declining the negativity as well as embracing positivity will be extremely hard to achieve. However, we usually protect ourselves, winding up feeling completely suffocated by the limitations. The strategy utilized for this amazing tattoo is comparable with the line engraving. Popular artists, for example, Albrecht Durer, utilized it and enhanced it during the time.

  1. A Heart Which Pumps Blood Tattoo:

A part of anatomically correct heart series, the tattoo of this man is a lot more detailed. On top of that, it has several arrows which are perfectly tattooed on the main arteries, directing to the path of blood circulation. A portion of this particular tattoo is also placed on the top of the real heart. However, the accuracy of this style makes me consider it quite seriously!

  1. Geometric, Anatomically Accurate Heart Tattoo:

Positioned in the center of this guy’s chest, this “geometric-heart” looks really stunning! It’s not a “cow-like” heart-shape, however an anatomically right human heart. It is amazing how some “well-drawn” lines can make a suitable 3-DIMENSIONAL effect for the 2-DIMENSIONAL tattoo. However, you know it is 3D if you can recognize shading, which totally lacks from the image above.

  1. Overlapping, Empty Hearts Tattoo:

This style is hypnotizing completely, isn’t it? Still, I cannot determine if it appears like a web or exactly what? The concept behind this unique tattoo can be complex or simple. Perhaps she had a lot of change of the hearts which she desired to maintain them like a reminder. Irrespective of the actual reason, it is probably the “less common” heart-shaped tattoos.

  1. Heart Geometrized With The Hot Spots Tattoo:

Colors are frequently used to display heat levels. As an illustration, red is a sign of hot, whereas blue is a sign of cold. Not to mention, this heart features white, yellow and red areas. I believe the “red” spots represent intense feelings and passion, while the others are diminished as well as probably target various areas of our life. Not forgetting, the “geometric” details usually are supposed to highlight the main concept.

  1. Birds Kissing Tattoo:

Two birds are on the branches as well as kiss one another! What a lovely moment! The flowers are also all over the birds and the “background” is red-colored and formed like a heart. Most obviously someone is truly in deep love and also it looks awesome! I want something very similar for my honey and me!

  1. Revolting And Rebelling Wholeheartedly Tattoo:

I must acknowledge that this awesome tattoo entertains me. This delivers such a great message! The “white-band” placed on the “heart” is generally written with a person’s name. However, the proud holder of this lovely tattoo made a decision to send an excellent message which sounds like revolt and rebellion. It is like that the band protects her or his heart from being broken! I appreciate the bravery on this!

  1. Delighted Hearts Are Vibrant:

I believe this woman has handled to take small tattoos to a new level! 4 little and colorful “heart-shaped” tattoos behind her ear may not mean a lot, however, they look wonderful! She may have her meaningful and deep reasons, but, speaking visually, they are just adorable! A few tattoos may simply look awesome without needing to emanate the thoughtfulness.

  1. Hearts Raise Awareness Tattoo:

You will find a lot of campaigns supposed to raise the awareness on various topics and it is only because we truly care. By taking a great care, we show that we also have a great heart. As a result, mixing the “breast-cancer” sign with the heart leads to an extremely heartfelt tattoo. Preserving your cause simply by making this a long-term addition to the skin is a significant commitment!

  1. Music Is Just Love Tattoo:

It is claimed that “music” is actually the approach emotions sound like. This is actually the way the music appears like an incredibly awesome tattoo! The “sol-key” is quite an innovative addition to a heart and piano keys. The person who mixed these together realized what she or he was doing! Expressive, cool and simple too!

  1. The Strength Of Believing Tattoo:

It appears like the heart can easily be utilized as a lovely letter! Now it is exactly what I name innovative! Believing in someone or something or even in yourself can be a very strong feeling. Feelings may be a bodily response to specific stimuli, yet it is easier to relate them with an adorable and tiny heart! This is another “wrist-tattoo” which is greater than cool!

  1. Sewing The Broken Heart Tattoo:

If the wings generally make me visualize the angels, so they actually help me think about flying. The middle of this amazing tattoo shows a heart cracked in two and stitched back together. Can it imply that love will set you free completely? Or, that as soon as your “heart” is not in pieces, can you feel free once again? The heart-shaped tattoos are usually tricky to understand, but now I know exactly what details I may contain in mine.

  1. Wings Of The Angel Heart Tattoo:

According to the common knowledge, meaning of the tattoo here is actually the lack of a beloved. Heart tattoos are not always about the celebration of gratitude or love. Sometimes, they show grief and loss. The wings stand for the concept of heaven and angel, as the heart signifies the feelings gained by that individual. It is an extremely sensitive and touching design!

  1. Family Is Most Important Tattoo:

Whenever I check out this heart tattoo, calligraphy and fluency come to my mind. The “word-family” can be easily created in such a way to make two shapes, particularly infinity and heart as well. Depending on exactly how you view it, this simple tattoo conveys a lot! Once again, the “wrist” can be a superb place for this kind of design!

  1. Heart In The Ocean Of Colors Tattoo:

The popular watercolor approach strikes once more with this stunning heart tattoo. The heart tattoos tend to be nice anyway, yet this approach has a means of embellishing almost any shape. However, the proud user of this particular tattoo selected pastel colors to get the splash which encompasses the “outline” of quite a simple heart. This kind of delicate tattoo will fit perfectly on your wrist, what do you say?

  1. Love, Hope, And Faith Tattoo:

The mixture of words and graphics is quite common. Individuals often decide to ink the words on the skin as they believe the words are more powerful and in a position to make the tattoo complete. With no love, hope, and faith this tattoo would have been a manifestation of a heartbeat, a cross, as well as a heart. On the other hand, deficiency of explanations is not a nasty thing always.

  1. Life Continues Tattoo:

This style has an incredibly powerful meaning. Similarly, it is a practically complete form of the heart and, in contrast, there is the semicolon. However, the latter signifies the significance of suicide avoidance. The main concept is that a writer makes use of this “punctuation” mark whenever she or he doesn’t desire to end the sentence. This tip can be used in life as well. It does not need to end all of a sudden, but carry on a proven way or another.

  1. Heart Embellished With Flowers Tattoo:

It’s an excellent example of the feminine tattoo. Though the “outline” of this heart isn’t accurate, the elements in it form an ideal shape. Abstract lines, leaflets, and flowers make an excellent combination which transmits the feelings of harmony, happiness, and peace. I would say it is an influenced option for a “heart-shaped” tattoo!

  1. Fingerprints On The Heart Tattoo:

What greater way to show that someone made a direct impact on someone’s heart rather than tattooing her or his fingerprints? By looks of lines included by the heart, you will find at least 2 fingerprints within it. They most likely belong to a similar individual and they cannot be mistaken for something else. At the same time, this heart tattoo is more efficient compared to the name tattoo. However, there can be 2 people with similar name, yet not 2 people with similar fingerprints.

  1. Paws Leave The Mark Tattoo:

Among the “heart-shaped” tattoos which are said to be the reminders of loss of a beloved one, this tattoo actually was created in the remembrance of a canine. Inking the feet marks of a pet is quite famous, particularly when this is no more a part of the life of its owner. Very emotional and quite well accomplished, this tattoo contains a little heart which shows passion for that lost soul.

  1. Anatomically Correct And Feminine Tattoo:

This “anatomically-correct” heart is usually coupled with the triangle which is directing down. The significance of this triangle directing down is actually femininity, or even, according to the Greeks, the door to greater wisdom. As the arrows are pointing to the path of blood circulation, the triangle is pointing on the contrary direction. It is undoubtedly a controversial and amazing tattoo!

  1. Minimalism In Matter Of Heart Tattoo:

This particular tattoo is one of the heart-shaped tattoos which stand for minimalism style. It is actually the shape of the heart, perfectly inked on the wrist of a girl. It can be an excellent choice for individuals who’re discreet and do not want something which catches the eyes on their pores and skin. Nevertheless, this basic tattoo is also visually alluring.

  1. Hearts Like The Diamonds Tattoo:

I like how this lovely “heart-shaped” diamond shines in this amazing tattoo! This appears like it was concealed somewhere between the roses as well as someone discovered it! The choice of this girl in the colors was truly inspired! Probably she is associating the diamonds with roses and hearts. The tattoo designer who beautifully inked this charm managed to accomplish the faceted influence of a genuine diamond.


In conclusion, heart tattoos actually reflect your heart. Such tattoos are quite lovely. These heart tattoos will make your beloved one amazed! If you enjoyed this post then make sure you share your thoughts in the comment section below. Have a great time.




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