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Heart tattoos are the first tattoos of many people. The heart tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the world. People all over the world are fascinated by the hearts and for many people it also becomes the first and last tattoos. This is because a heart is one of the prettiest symbols, that holds enormous meanings. The meaning of love is as deep as the ocean, as infinite as the stars and everyone can understand the language of love. Love is expressed through a heart symbol, therefore, the popularity.

Sometimes it is more than just a mathematical symbol but has a lot of religious, cultural, emotional, and abstract meaning. It is a favorite symbol for poets, painters, artists, lovers, and even the young girls and boys. This is why is it really a popular tattoo symbol. People all over the world prefer wearing heart tattoos.

This article consists of all the queries one can have regarding the heart tattoos. If you are inside a box, and know only few things about it, then it is a time to step out of the box and find out everything regarding the heart tattoos. This article has definition, history, hidden meanings, types, ideas, average cost, maintenance ideas, precautions, tips, picture gallery and lot more. Find out everything here!

Details of Heart:

As we all know a heart symbolizes the body organ that beats indicating a life in a being. The word ‘heart’ means the major body organ in all of us which is also responsible for the emotions like love, care, help, cry, etc. The heart is sometimes considered the most important body organ because if it stops beating, a life is lost even though other organs are functioning well. And even if other body parts do not function, if heart is beating, the life cannot be lost.

Though the heart that we are dealing in this article is not the anatomically correct heart in the form of body organ, but the emotions behind it are same.  The mysterious shape of heart was originated by the ancient people. There was no ways to find the shape of a human heart in that time so people had no idea how the human heart would look like. But they had seen enough of the cow’s heart. The shape of a cow’s heart resembles the heart shape that we know today. Because of this reason, the shape of a heart is what we know today instead of a cone.

If people had known what the actual shape of the heart was or had seen the shape of the human heart, there might not have been the existence of this shape. We need to be glad that they did not see a human heart before assuming and giving a unique shape which people have become fond of.

Categories of Heart Tattoos:

The heart tattoos are of various categories and they can be categorized into many types. A simple heart that is drawn with a black or red outline is a mathematical symbol of heart. It is really simple yet really popular. This is something everyone can get even along with some other tattoo ideas. This simple outline heart is really pretty and can be worn by any gender or age.

Some are meant to be girly type. A heart tattoo that is playful and full of colors, shadows, or along with some heels or lipstick is a popular heart tattoo that is specially a girl’s thing. This tattoo shows a love of a girl towards make up or accessories. Similarly, a lady can wear a heart tattoo in a classic manner. If it is near her heart and a little view is only seen while wearing a dress, she looks sexy as well as vibrant. Wearing a heart tattoo in the waist also adds sexiness.

For a man, it can be a dark heart sometimes. The heart from the cards such as ‘Heart of King’ can be really manly. Even men can wear a heart tattoo in their chest along with the initial of their lover’s name or date of birth of their kids. There are plenty of ways for men to wear heart tattoos.

There can be several categories of heart tattoos. Some are mentioned below:

On the basis of colors:

  1. Red: Red is the actual color that comes in mind when one thinks about heart. If you wear a red heart, it does not mean anything new besides the obvious. The red heart shows love and only love.
  2. Yellow: As yellow is the definition of friendship, one can have yellow heart tattoos to tribute their friendship or rejoice certain moments with their best friends. It is an amazing gesture.
  3. Blue: Well, blue is believed to be the color of men. Some men want to get the heart tattoos but also want to keep it manly, adding blue color to it.
  4. Pink: Mostly women get the pink heart tattoos to express their feminine beauty and to make the tattoo more attractive.
  5. Black: Black hearts are really popular. It can mean different things. If one has a heart break, black heart is perfect to express that. Even emo kids or teenagers ink black hearts.

On the basis of size:

  1. Tiny hearts: There are several ways to tattoo tiny hearts. The best part about the heat tattoos is they can fit anywhere no matter what part of the body. The best example can be a heart tattoo behind the lower lip. This is possible because the size of the heart can be squeezed and it can fit well. The organs like earlobe, space between fingers, finger sides, under the lip, etc. can also have heart tattoos.
  2. Medium size hearts: The medium size hearts are specially those hearts which are meant to be worn in wrists, ankles, arms, neck, chest, shoulders, etc. They are of perfect size and are easily visible. The size is actually also based on the part of the body you are wearing and in most cases medium is the perfect size.
  3. Large size hearts: The hearts can be as big as the space available. In some cases it looks ugly if the size is too large. The body parts like back, belly, thighs, etc. can have large prints of heart. They look amazing if the heart is colorful or with multiple prints inside.

On the basis of numbers of hearts:

  1. Singular heart: The singular heart is more popular than the multiple one. People get one heart most of the times. If you are planning to get a singular heart tattoo, you can be really creative with the design. If you do not want to make it more complex, simple outline will also not be a bad choice. With single heart, you can add details, sections, date, name initials, etc. and make it look more beautiful and meaningful.
  2. Multiple hearts: If you are planning to get multiple hearts, it is better to have them in small size. The smaller the size, more number of hearts you can add. They can be worn just like little birds hovering in the sky. The number can represent the number of your children, siblings, best friends, etc. as well. You can be creative with the multiple hearts and well them very beautifully.

On the basis of body parts:

  1. Wrist:

    The best spot on your arm to wear a heart tattoo is wrist. The spot gets a lot of attention and looks amazing along with some bracelets. If you want to get the heart tattoo in your wrist, you can wear it on the sides rather than on the front or back.

  2. Fingers:

    Talking about finger, the tattoo size of a heart should be rather small or tiny. It looks quite beautiful while getting to see it once in a while with the movements of fingers. This spot is best for tiny tattoos.

  3. Neck:

    Neck is a seductive part for a tattoo. Hearts are lovely and romantic. Thus, neck can be a perfect spot if the heart has something relating to the love memories or person. The neck also is the body part which is painful for inking, so sometimes it also expresses the bravery or strength one can show for their love. So, neck can be a perfect region for placement of heart tattoos.

  4. Chest:

    The left side of the chest is the place for the real heart that is beating inside you. You can always have a heart tattoo right there on the outside. This is the expression of pure love and emotion for someone either can be your mother, father, daughter, son, sibling, life partner, or lover. Most of the heart tattoos are placed here as it is assumed to be the best spot for this tattoo.

  5. Ankle:

    Mostly heart tattoos are not preferred below the waist region. The region is that the lower part of the body might mean disrespect. And, it also is a belief that heart should be in the chest rather than below waist region.

  6. Back:

    Heart tattoos can be worn even in the back with a lot of colors, internal prints, designs, details, etc. The larger is the space and tattoo, more ideas can be incorporated.

  7. Waist:

    One can wear heart tattoos in the waist line too. This particular region is specially chosen by women who want to make it an attractive design.

Procedure of getting a heart tattoo:

In order to get a hear tattoo ink, one has to follow following procedure. Getting out of track and lead to life time regrets, health issues, infections leading cancer, etc. Go through all the steps.

Step 1 : You need to make sure what kind of heart tattoo you want. Is it colorful? Black outlined? Hollow? Filled? Along with other designs? Find out. Make your mind,

Step 2: Now you need to figure out perfect spot in your body. Which spot might be best for the tat? Find that out. Make researches. If you already have some plans, try to be more comfortable with the plan, and so on.

Step 3: Find the perfect tattoo studio. The tattoo studio in your locality or the popular one should be chosen on the basis of its outcomes. Selecting the best tattoo studio is also explained in another topic below.

Step 4: Hydrate yourself a day before tattoo day.Do not consume alcohol or smoke for at least one whole day before tattoo day. Do not panic, it does not hurt if you are comfortable with it.

Step 5: Check whether the needle is well sterilized or not. Also, look at the ink that is being used. Let the inking go smoothly.

Step 6: Follow the steps that are to be taken care of after getting the tattoo. Remember, your responsibilities do not end after getting a tattoo, but another chapter of responsibilities begin!

Choosing a perfect tattoo studio:

For finding a perfect tattoo studio, you need to make perfect research. If there are plenty of tattoo studios in your locality, explore all of them. If there are only few, make sure if those are reliable. And, if there are no better tattoo studios in your locality or town, you also might need to go another city for finding one.

The best way to find about the tattoo studios is through the online reviews about the store. There you can also find the people who have already had tattoos there and the feed backs can be helpful to you in many ways. After you have short-listed the names, you need to visit each one. There are basic things that you need to keep in mind while visiting the studio. The first and the fore most is the hygiene of the studio. You need to see if the place is really well maintained or not. If not a hygienic place, you can inherit some infections even while getting the inks.

The second thing is you need to find out more about the tattoo artist. If the artist is well experienced or not. The experience does not determine or let you find out everything about the artist but you get the idea in surface. Sometimes the newbies can also be the best one with tattooing.


You need to take feed backs from the people who have already had their tattoos there. With the information, you can easily judge if you are going to regret getting a tattoo there or not. This is how you make certain judgments about the studio.

After you are satisfied with that, ask about the type of ink the artist uses to ink. The ink quality should be really good. Then, also find out if the needle being used is well sterilized or not. Sometimes there can be transmission of certain diseases through blood contamination. There are also people who had cancer because of infected needles.

After you have chosen the artist as well as the studio, explain about the heart tattoo that you have picked for yourself. If you are lucky, the artist can also modify it in such a way, you are going to love it even more. Also, the artist shall help you fix the spot and the size as well.

Now, you discuss about the price of the tattoo. You need not compromise with the price as it is a once in a life time thing. Moreover, the tattoo is going to stay there forever, so do not compromise with money. But it also does not encourage you to pay unnecessary amount the artist charges. You can find out about the prices in another topic in the same article too.

Once you are satisfied with everything, book a date and time that is favorable to you. Don’t make it in a rush, but rather give some time for home work on heart tattoos.

Average Cost of Heart Tattoos:

Basically, the price of any tattoo depends on the size, color of ink, and time required to finish it. Most tattoo artists can charge you on the basis of the hours it takes to complete. Of course, larger tattoos or tattoos with more details shall require longer time, therefore, it anyways means the same thing.

Usually for a medium size hear tattoo, the price can range from $30 to $75. This price can fluctuate depending upon the experience of the tattoo artist, popularity of a studio, and quality of ink.

Image Gallery | Heart Tattoos

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Conclusion On Heart Tattoos:

From this article, one gets to find out everything about heart tattoos. The heart tattoos are really popular and one does not even need any specific reasons to wear it. But it is always better to make a good research on any tattoo before inking it.

Here, you found about the history of heart shape, types of hearts, colors and their hidden meaning, average cost of the heart tattoos, maintenance ideas, procedures on inking it, ways to select a perfect studio, meanings behind different types, and so on.

If you have made it here, you also might have picked a perfect one for you. Now, it is the time for you to share it with people you care about or who are interested in hearts and tattoos!

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