53 Latest And Lovely Goddess Braids Just For You!

Upon first glimpse, you would be pardoned for thinking that these were simply cornrows but just before you keep going you should understand these aren’t just latest cornrow styles, they are the goddess braids hairdos. Those are the different things.

Think about one of all those trusted styles, simple to live with, less-maintenance, etc., it is an excellent design to choose when you are trying to offer hair that has been chemically treated or over-treated, a break just for some time. Here’s a short video for you. Also, you may enjoy our another post “50 Best Box Braids That Will Make You Gorgeous Instantly!


Dos & Don’ts Of Goddess Braids

Before you learn about the top goddess braids hairstyles, there are some important Dos & Don’ts you should know. Keep reading.


  • You have to do your study on the braiding salons! Take a look at their latest work on the social networking or choose an appointment and see a few of the outcomes live. It is incredibly significant as several braiding salons tend to pull locks too tightly that can result in traction alopecia and bald spots.


  • You should focus on the ratio – the extensions can easily add length and bulk, but adding excessively without a great ratio of the hair will trigger pulling as this grows out as well as create pressure on your scalp, which will result in bald spots.


  • You must be careful about your edges. Not to mention, many a “hairline” continues to be ruined by the braids installed around edges improperly.


  • You need to adjust the routine. Washing, conditioning deeply and moisturizing the hair is important, but you’ll have simpler access to the scalp and will continue to sustain without the stress to detangle, dry, style, etc.


  • Try to look after your hair when it’s in the braids. Spritz the hair having water as well as oil this. Use a particularly formulated spray for braid; just focus on the substances you use.

The hair must be braided firmly, but not very firmly. A “puffy-swollen” scalp completely to hairline is unsatisfactory.


  • Do not overdo this on conditioning or washing.


  • Do not allow the product buildup. It can stifle the hair growth, damage your locks and trigger your “goddess braids” to look filthy.


  • Do not fall just for the concept that the firmer your hair is fitted, the longer this will last. It is actually an exaggeration; firmly braided hair will be secure, but the hair braided very tightly can trigger issues. I can’t state this frequently enough.


  • Do not wear a similar goddess braid hairdo every time, and space the installs out with at least rest of one week for the hair. Preferably, you should provide yourself 30 days between the protective styles.


Top 53 Goddess Braids Hairstyle Ideas!

  1. Intricate Ghana Feed-In Braids:

High ponytail easily can be changed into a gorgeously sized bun, however, the true head-turning detail right here is the “micro” cornrows which feed into Ghana braids. However, curves on Ghana braids usually are stunning, making movement also where there’s none.

  1. Shades Of The Blonde Cornrows:

Including color with the extensions is an excellent way to put added flair to the goddess braids. Being a protective hairstyle with the included color, you are guaranteed that you’ve done no more damage to the locks while rocking a simple-going style which can last you quite some time.

  1. The “Zig-Zag” Brilliance:

It is definitely a style created to be beautiful and sleek and from the root to the tip, it is certainly. The “lace-up” accessories on goddess braids will be incredible. To get a dressier appearance, the length of cornrows can easily be “wrapped” around a number of different techniques, each interesting and beautiful.

  1. Accented Goddess Feed-In Braids:

Larger “feed-in” cornrows tend to be accented by the smaller, intricate braids which follow along curvature of goddess braided hairstyle. It is an attractive example of the minimalism and also can be easily adorned in various ways or even used as is.

  1. Feed-In Zipper Style Goddess Braids:

Ideal parts are usually abounded in the “feed-in” goddess cornrowed braids. The inclusion of “white-blonde” streaks is beautiful as they glance through braids. The “gold-colored” hair jewelry can be the final gorgeous touch.

  1. Cornrowed Black And Red Goddess Braids:

Coppery red shows off beautifully against black in the hair and “feed-in” style is excellent. The size tends to graduate beautifully to make steady lengths which drape down your back. Actually, the edges are nestled in perfectly making this an excellent choice of the goddess braids.

  1. High Bun Goddess Braids:

There’s a wide range of “goddess” braids fashioned to lead into a bun or a ponytail. The choice to wear this every way is probably the best benefit of this style. The tighter or looser this bun, the change in size will be visible, and right here, in case the “ponytail” is finally released, it’ll hand down as well as cover the undercut.

  1. Underhanded Goddess Braids Updo:

It is a stunning updo of the dangling and folded inbraids with the base of the underhanded-cornrows fed along with extensions. This is complex and interesting still while being lovely and understated.

  1. Cross-Over Goddess Braids:

The swerving cornrows form up this particular goddess braid hairdo, and the entire effect is incredible, especially due to the fact this hairstyle contains four cornrows only. They curve around and cross over beautifully to generate this stylish look.

  1. Swirled Goddess Braid:

The goddess braids tend to swirl in pattern around the head to result in a “swirled-chignon” at the end. All the lengths of cornrows are coiled and curled as well as pinned into gorgeous bun in the “nape” of the neck. This is a beautiful and upscale look.

11. Goddess Braided Rose:

The buns and goddess braids are a fabulous combination which creates a sophisticated updo. The entire style is clean and neat, beautifully designed and clearly artistic.

  1. Goddess Fish-Bone Braids:

The goddess fish-bone braids offer smaller sized cornrows aimed to change into bigger “goddess-braid” cornrows. The smaller sized braids usually lend into a design of larger, making a beautiful and intricate look.

  1. Red Goddess Overlaid Braids:

Not forgetting, the large goddess braids won’t be less dexterous, becoming wound around a number of different designs. They wind as well as cross over one another to make a swooping style on the side and front and fall directly down your back.

  1. Top Knot Goddess Braids:

Being in line with the large style of large goddess braids, “top-knot” is beautifully designed high. The sections of braids are decorated with “silver-hair” jewelry; however, bun can easily be unwound to get a lovely high pony.

  1. Goddess Deep Red Braids:

Goddess braids and bright colors have gone together numerous times with gorgeous results. The inclusion of the abundantly pigmented hair superbly merges with the hairstyle.

  1. Goddess Gold Touched Braids:

A gentle curve on a design of such “goddess” braids is actually accented by 2 golden braids close to the middle. The “feed-in” design of cornrows assists the particular shape of this design to be easily accented because of the nice thickness of every braid.

  1. Goddess Swept To “Side” Braids:

The goddess golden braids are led in the side-swept hairstyle. This particular style neatly brings in edges showcasing a smooth hairline which is nothing timid of perfection.

  1. Goddess Low Bun Braids:

The low bun can be an excellent style for the work & play. The “underhand” direction which cornrows are usually braided in provides a different viewpoint once “goddess” braids end, covered into a stylish low bun.

  1. Coiled Bun Goddess Braids:

Various sized cornrows usually weave into the French roll at the back. This style leads into a “finished-coil” of the braids on the top of crown of the head, an incredible updo ideal for almost any occasion.

  1. Goddess Swirled Ponytail:

A larger goddess swirled braid results into a large textured ponytail. Also, the “laid” edges will swoop around superbly to make a smooth overall “do”. This style is an ideal blend between smooth and textured, loose and braided hair.

  1. Princess Designed Goddess Braid:

This is a style both simple and intricate accented by the “polka-dot” bow appears wonderful on almost any age; however, it is here designed with gorgeous swirled roses intended for buns. Little accent braids result into excellent curving cornrows for completing the look.

  1. Goddess Wine Braids:

The wine-hued hair is usually accented with the “Marley” hair extensions that are proven to be more textured and lighter than other choices. Here this trifecta of the “goddess” braids is spectacular, parted beautifully with the “inward-braided” cornrows and laid the “baby hair” edges perfectly.

  1. Lucy Goddess Braids:

Not to mention, this particular take on retro hairstyles of Lucy Ricardo can be easily done without or with adding extensions. This style is really very easy to do in case you possess the patience as well as upper arm energy. The instructions of “goddess braids” are complementing from every single angle, and also the overall look is boosted by color.

  1. Inward Chunky Dutch Ombre Braids:

The “Dutch” braids aren’t something new to anybody. My grandma used to name them as crocodile tails. The additional hair makes an ombre impact from the black locks down to bright tones of the purple and finishing in white.

  1. Goddess Royal Blue Braids:

The goddess braids easily can be accomplished on any thickness or length of hair because of the usage of extensions. Here the usage of vibrantly colored extensions just further boosts the hairstyle. The smoothly “fed-in” design of the rest of braids makes an attractive difference in the texture of sleek versus braids. At the same time, the special placement of hair jewelry provides another exciting feature to the already amazing look.

  1. Goddess Soft Textured Braids:

The goddess braided hairdos do not just exist in the sleek-laid texture leading to braids. The goddess braids also can include textured hair, however, in reality, the appearance of the goddess braids, whenever done appropriately, can grow to appear this stunning and sustain the gorgeous appearance until it is taken down.

  1. Small And Big Goddess Braids:

The size matters in terms of braiding simply as with a number of other things. The even increase of braids is actually marked via the entire hairdo, juxtaposed against smaller-sized accent braids because they tend to curve into the ponytail of the goddess braids.

  1. Goddess Sculpted Braids:

Superbly goddess sculpted braids tend to be a mixture of art and style. Here cornrows are usually braided inward having a consistent shape and size from starting down to “low-hanging” bun.

  1. Small And Large Sculptured Goddess Braid:

Needless to say, sweeping the curves from various sized “goddess-braids” result into a smooth ponytail for one more appealing take on the goddess braid hairdos. The sculpted goddess braids sit from the scalp having slick edges. However, the long “low-ponytail” is straight and sleek.

  1. Under Braids Bun:

Sleek and smooth fashioned “under-braided” bun displays that even largest “goddess-braids” can easily be quite detailed as showed here because of close-up on “laid” style of the edges and intricacies of “under-braided” cornrows. On the other hand, the swirled “top-knot” is a wonderful finish.

  1. Goddess Top Knot Under Braid:

Braided on the curve and underhand, this particular goddess braid hairdo results into an effortlessly identifiable “top-knot” with quite a little braid as the detail. However, the twisted “top-knot” is sculpted as well as turned at the same path as the “base” goddess braid.

  1. Goddess Accents And Braids:

The goddess braids tend to be reputed for being extremely large, but they are displayed next to extremely intricate and small braids created to accentuate this hairstyle. The “twisted” top bun will be beautiful and sleek and can be easily worn down also. The attentive installation of such braids guarantees there are not any knots in the starting of every cornrow.

  1. Black – White Goddess Ombre Braids:

All these “cornrowed” goddess braids have gold accents and white hair. The inclusion of white extensions indicates she can easily enjoy the appearance without the harm of “stripping” the locks down to the white. This look is gorgeous and completely protective.

  1. Goddess Ultra Long Braids:

As we see, these awesome goddess braids usually are the maroon red as well as trailed down to the hip length. Gold accessories are ideal features for accenting the pretty deep colored black and maroon hair. The “zig-zag” parts and properly laid edges usually are gorgeous details which complete the appearance.

  1. Nubian Goddess Braid:

Of course, this particular goddess braid hairdo combines a number of highly respected styles and showcases the starting of a motivating trend. This half-up hairstyle features an elegant and trendy top knot as well as some ultra long dual Dutch braids at the back.

  1. Puff And Goddess Braids:

An all natural puff can be an amazing way to showcase the texture of hair, or even put a “textured” ponytail. This smooth lightness of puff offers an excellent “contrast” to the smooth defined sides and also curves of goddess braids.

  1. Fishbone French Braid:

All these “goddess-braid” hairstyles offer an extremely defined hairline as well as longer French braids which access way down intended for gorgeous length. These braids can easily be twisted around in the crown style, rotated into the bun at the back and also worn with a lot of success. This is an amazing look that will showcase lots of detail and multiple textures.

  1. Spruce-Up Undercut:

Having a cared out, detailed undercut similar to this one, addition of 2 super long “goddess-braid” cornrows is definitely an excellent sight. Skillfully this can easily be styled in various ways, however, worn as it is will certainly show what a unique look this hairdo has.

  1. Halo Goddess Braid:

Blending of the colors and consistency of thickness of the halo-braid is definitely awe-inspiring. It is a goddess braid hairdo which will look gorgeous from every single angle and also be more exciting as you notice more of this.

  1. Goddess Straight-Back Braids:

All these cornrows typically are known as the straight-backs as well as are a “fall-back” staple for years and years. They are easier and quicker to do, yet no less amazing without the curls and curves. Still there are a lot of “goddess-braid” hairdos which can be easily achieved with the straight backs, however most notably; just how it is designed originally is simple to rock as well as effortless to take care of.

  1. Goddess Dual Braids:

The crocodile tails, split braids, and dual Dutch braids have shared all the same style, but when they’re done as the goddess braids, size is normally amped up to get bigger impact. The inclusion of the color additionally makes a huge difference.

  1. Bantu Knots Feeder Braided:

The Bantu knots happen to be another gorgeous style by themselves but mixed here with the goddess braids, truly they look awesome! The “lay” on the edges is definitely incredible and this hairstyle will certainly last at least two weeks. This will be effortless to “switch-up” too.

  1. Inbound Double Goddess Braids:

The longer dual goddess braids usually are accomplished underhand permitting a different look to these braids. On the other hand, the length will be cute while not being too cumbersome or long, can sometimes which be a problem with extensions. On top of that, only enough locks to create them the “goddess braids” is utilized, not sufficient to weigh down the hair.

  1. Swirled Goddess Braids Updo:

Lots of goddess braided hairdos curve around your head to make an exciting overall look. Here this updo is actually a “bun” in an attractive copper-red and accented with the “gold-hair” jewelry.

  1. Swirled Dual Dutch Braids:

An incredible part organizes such goddess braids in a spectacular set of the swirled dual Dutch braids. All these cornrows can be braided inward, letting braids interestingly to lie with the smoothed edges as well as flawlessly laid “baby” locks.

  1. Goddess Laced Braids:

It is definitely one of the preferred goddess braided hairdos ever. These “goddess” braids are usually laced with each other and the attractive lace continues completely down to ends. It is a magnificent example of an attractive style being raised much more with addition of accessory.

  1. Goddess Angle Braids:

Obviously, the styles which can be accomplished with the “goddess braids” are quite numerous that almost anything you prefer can be accomplished, but there’s no absence of love intended for the plain and simple cornrows. On the other hand, the “aesthetic” is actually a minimalist and clean design created to put focus on the face.

  1. Goddess Detailed Braids:

We have some detailed “fish-bone” goddess braids here on side and small braids interspersed in between cornrows. At the same time, length is ideal; the dimension of goddess braids will be best and beautifully decorated with the “silver-hair” jewelry clasps.

  1. Incredible Section Goddess Braid Hairdo:

This hairstyle is amazing, beautifully detailed and parted. The inclusion of extension is weighted perfectly to highlight goddess braids devoid of weighing the hair down. The length will be ideal, the parts will be perfect, and goddess braid hairdo is perfect.

  1. Mid-Sized Goddess Braids:

The small zigzag on parts of cornrows appears lovely, accented between simply by the micro cornrows made to stick to the parts. On the flip side, the front-side of the “cornrow” goddess braids tend to be accentuated by the “gold-wrap” hair accessories.

  1. Straight Backs Gold Streaked:

The goddess braids usually accented with color can make dozens of unique and beautiful designs. The particular highlights of the gold are an attractive, head-turning feature of “straight-back” goddess braids. However, the transformation from a size to a new one is interesting and clear.

  1. Goddess Gold Box Braids:

The box braids tend to be a great protective style, inevitably gorgeous and versatile and the mixtures of blonde here make a golden look to goddess braids. The goddess braids usually are wrapped into an amazing halo of the high bun.

  1. Goddess Golden Braided Ponytail:

The goddess braids really are reputed for an exceptional weight, size and a variety of designs. The goddess braided hairdo is of the cornrows which result in a large ponytail in the crown having cornrows which hang down at the back to get a half-down, half-up style.



To conclude, the goddess braids are for the lovely ladies who want to rock. These goddess braids will definitely blow the minds of people near you in no time. Also, the do’s and don’ts mentioned in this post are really something to keep in your mind before you look for goddess braids.

Hope you have found your best goddess braid hairstyle from this post. Now, it’s time to share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. We will be happy to see you spread this post with your friends on social media as well.





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