153 Latest And Lovely Goddess Braids For A Royal Look!

Goddess braids are one of the popular braid ideas that women have been loving for a long time already. This is a beautiful way to express your royalty through hair as this braid style is getting popular everyday and women with specially natural hair are dying to get one!

Goddess braids are brought originally by Afro women with natural hair but it has been trending in several parts of the world. This article is all about the goddess braids that one is curious about. There are plenty of sections in this article that shall deliver the required information to the readers through clustered topics.

Go through the entire article to find out everything about goddess braids along with mind blowing images of unique goddess braids.

What is Goddess Braids?

Goddess braid is simply an oversize cornrow. It is braided on the scalp very close to the scalp either with extensions or without one. The Goddess coifs can be intact to the scalp for days and weeks and the others will simply last for a day or two. There are plenty of ideas that one can fit with goddess braids. Some of the popular types of goddess braids are crown braid up-do, Mohawk braid, low braid, bun and braid, halo braid, headband braid, and so on.

The name”goddess braid” is quite unique and also gives a clue about it. Wearing this braid will surely make you feel like a goddess! The braid is so royal and standard that you instantly feel more confident on wearing it and are loving the hairdo for sure. Looking at someone with goddess braids makes you awestruck and also grabs your attention without a doubt.

Why Goddess Braids?

You choose goddess braids because you deserve it! If you have natural hair or your hair supports braiding, you can wear goddess braids. Sometimes Afro-women who have lesser hair and want their hair to be fuller and fluffier, can still get the goddess braids with few hair extensions. Women with natural hair preferably wear goddess hair. Specially, adult women get this hair type and flaunt it quite well.

If you are thinking of getting any kind of braids, then you can try goddess braids. It is simpler as compared to other braids, easy to form, have lesser braid strands making it less time consuming, and can last a lot longer! Because of several possibilities with simple goddess braids, one chooses to have it instead of other braids.

What are the advantages of Goddess Braids:

There are several advantages of goddess braids. Some are very common advantages over other braid ideas while the rest will top any other hairdo. Some of the common advantages are mentioned below:

Less Time Consuming:

The goddess braids are less time consuming not as compared with general hair styles but when compared with other braid ideas. Of course there are too many braids and forming a simple braid cannot be super time consuming. But this braid is less time consuming with mind blowing result. The goddess braid is actually nothing but cornrows in simple language or in a layman’s term. But they are huge or fat or thick and hold a lot of hair making only few cornrows over all.

This makes it less time consuming and unique along with amazing appearance.

Less Maintenance Required:

Once you have achieved this flawless goddess braids, you need not worry for a long time! You do not have to maintain the hair. Forget about combing, adding hair gel or spray, shampooing, washing, conditioning, etc. for weeks! All the trouble you have to face was only until you got it, now as it is ready, no need of any maintenance.

Trusted Style:

As this goddess braid has been existing for a long time already, so you can trust the hairdo. The hairdo is very popular and loved as well. Therefore, one can trust this style and wear it! It is an excellent hairdo and has been chemically treated and loved by women!

Works With Or Without Extensions:

This hairdo is possible for hair with or without extensions. If you have thick hair enough to support your braid, then you need no extension. But, if your hair is very thin, weak, damaged, and does not support any kind of braiding, then you can add extension to the hair and fix that for amazing goddess braids!

What are the Dos & Don’ts with Goddess Braids?

There are plenty of things women should keep on mind while getting the goddess braids. There are little things that might not hamper you now but can in long run. Some things are cared less while unnoticed. This section is all about the dos and the don’ts that one can follow when having goddess braids.


  • You need to find out enough about the goddess braids first. Know you hair. Does it look nice on your hair? Confirm it. Find out every details through articles like this.
  • Find out the best saloon that does this styling. No every hair artist is capable of handling with natural hair, extensions of hair, etc. So, you need to find a perfect saloon again through a lot of research. Either find out one in your locality, a new city or even through online bookings.
  • If you fail to find a perfect hair saloon, and if the artist fails to make a perfect goddess braids, it can also end up making you bald because of tight hair pulling, also making it painful constantly.
  • If your hair does not support goddess braids, then only add extensions. Adding unnecessary extensions can again lead to increase in weight of the hair making it heavier. This will cause extreme pain and can again result in baldness.
  • One has to be careful about the edge of the hair as the hairline can be ruined with braids.
  • Make a proper routine of washing your hair, conditioning, and drying. As the scalp will have an easy access so the washing will not be a problem but a proper routine is important.
  • Apply the proper hair products that will suit your hair because the hair already goes through a lot of stress. May be proper hair spray will be important.


  • Do not overdo it.
  • Do not make frequent wash, and conditioning.
  • Allowing the product buildup is a no no. It can cause hair damage and makes it look filthy.
  • Do not make the tight locks. Though firmly hair is secure, but making it extra tight can cause irritation, damage, baldness, and cause many other issues.
  • Make frequent changes to your hair and again go back to goddess hairdo. But do not stick to goddess braid for a long time.

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What are various ideas that can be followed along with Goddess Braids?

The goddess braids look quite awesome with different ideas. One can be really creative with the goddess braid and look unique every time. There are several possibilities with this hairdo. Some of the ideas are listed below:

Goddess Bun:

Goddess bun is one of the most stylish ways to look flawless with goddess braids. The buns look extra heavy and are of great volume too. The higher is the volume, more pleasant it looks. It does not mean that one has to put extra efforts in making it heavy but it looks heavier naturally. The goddess bun is the hair goal of women with natural hair. It looks quite amazing even with some braids hanging down.

Shaved Sides:

When the sides of the head are shaved, only few amount of hair will be there that can be braided. Even at such case, one can make a lot of royalty out of hair by sticking to the goddess braids. Shaving the sides is actually beneficial and saves a lot of time with braiding as well. But one has to keep on shaving and trimming in case of frequent baby hair growth on the sides.

Dual Braids:

Getting dual braids is also a chic idea when it comes to goddess braiding. You can  wear multiple braids but when you get dual braids the aura is different. You can get a bun as well on top of that. Adding two braids will divide the hair for only two braids making it thick and you might not even require extensions. But if your hair is thin or you have little hair, you can add extensions as well and get amazing dual braids!

Fluffy, Puffy Ends:

Adding braids does not mean you have to make it until the end of the hair. You can start braiding from the roots and need not seriously go up to the end. Instead, you can leave the hair puffed out. This looks amazing if you have naturally frizzy hair. This will provide amazing volume to the end. If you have thick hair then you can make this hairstyle as the hair will look enormously good with that huge volume end. The puffed hair at the end also looks quite good with any casual or formal you are wearing. You are ready to slay with this chic look!

Dual Buns:

Dual buns are for the naughty girls! The dual buns are created out of the dual braids. These buns can either be on the top of your head or on the bottom depending upon where you want to wear them. Specially, little and young girls go with this hairdo as they look exceptionally cute with them! You can look prettier by wear certain clothes that will match the hairdo. It can be a party wear as well as a formal one. One can also wear it as their normal school hair!

Dyed Goddess Braids:

Dyeing hair can be an amazing idea along with the goddess braids. You can add any colors. It can be brown, maroon, burgundy, gray, etc. Also, why not add vibrant and exotic hair colors like pink, green, blue, violet, purple, etc.? The choice is yours! Go style your braids with a pinch of dye and rock your everyday life! Moreover, adding dye can be a little risky as the hair will have to be then well moisturized, pampered, and taken care of. But with little care comes an outstanding look!

What makes this hairdo popular?

There are plenty of things that makes this hairdo popular. The first and the foremost is the final look. With goddess braids, one can get that goddess feeling once it is done. The thing that makes it royal is the bun most of the time. With the hug bun with rolled hairs, one looks like a queen without a doubt. Just like in the picture below, you can see how the bun differs from the ordinary tiny bun. It has braids in it which makes it huge and carries enormous volume as well. This makes it really popular.

The second thing that makes it popular is the texture. Look at the picture below. Can you visualize the texture here? The cornrows prepared in this style of braiding are huge making clear difference between two braids. This leaves behind amazing texture on your hair specially when you look from the top. The texture makes it look so amazing. This is also easier to prepare and is easier to remove when you are bored of the hairdo.

This hairdo is also really popular because women with natural hairs have accepted this hairdo and are satisfied with this. The reason behind the acceptance is the ease they found while carrying this  hairdo. Specially, those women, who do not require extensions to wear this hairdo are in a plus point and do not have to be sad about the unnecessary hair burden. But again for the women who are sad about the weak and less hair, can also wear it with extensions and be happy about at least being able to wear it. Therefore, every woman is somehow happy with the hair!

The last thing is you get to be creative. You can stick several other accessories along with the hairdo. It can either be rings, ribbons, glitters, metal jewels, and even some other stuffs like threads. This will let you do experiment with your hair and you can present it differently for different looks you carry!

Women’s Feedback!

This hairdo has received so many feedback so far. There are plenty of positive feedback along with some negative feedback. Lets begin from the positive ones. Women specially with natural hair are really happy to wear it. Adult women prefer goddess braids’ buns while the young ones prefer dual braids buns. There is space for every age group of women. They are happy to be creative and experiment with the hairdo. Similarly, women are also happy as they do not have to get a lot of braiding done as goddess braiding does not require tiny and thin braids but huge and thick ones only.

There are some negative feedback as well. Some women complain about reduced hair line which is one of the cons of braiding. If you get tight braids, you will also have to suffer from enormous pain and sometimes baldness. Women have to be very picky one choosing the perfect hair saloon and the hair dresser who is experienced on braiding. The braiding with extension is even difficult, time consuming and requires a lot of attention. Therefore, women complain only when they do not get their goddess braiding done on fleek.

Image Gallery

This section consists of plenty of images that have unique goddess braids hairdos worn perfectly by models, commoners, stars, actresses, and women with natural hair. Go through all of the images and pick yourself some amazing hairdo and wear it. The section only has amazing goddess braids and are all the fabulous ones!

You can pick something that will suit your personality and makes you look gorgeous instantly! Happy braiding with goddess braids!



To conclude, the article is completely about the goddess braid. This article is a treasure box for the braid lovers who have been thinking of wearing the fabulous goddess braid but not being able to find out about it. If you are curious about goddess braids, this is the right article for you!

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There is a section called image gallery where the pictures with unique goddess braids are shown. These braids are worn by commoners, celebrities, women of all ages, popular women, models, etc.

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