A List Of The Best 67 French Braid Hairdos To Get Amazing Look!

French braid hairdos have been age-old hairdo. Little girls appreciate it, the teenagers find this trendy, and plenty of adult females can even now pull braid hairdo off. In this post, I will show you a few contemporary takes on braid hairdo, and also classic looks which still have not gone away from trend. Here’s a short video for you! You may enjoy this post too “Best 45 Mohawk Fade Hairstyles That Will Make Others Jealous!

67 Gorgeous French Braid Hairdos For Ladies!

  1. Dual French Plait Hairdo:

Plaited braids simply look fabulous whenever making them along with the thick hair. Usually, the braid put on by model in all the image is identified as dual plaited French braid and also this is the minor change from usual design of braiding. Additionally, you can quickly convert this from dual to the triple plaits in case you make one more French braid at the center of crown.

  1. French Folded Braid Hairdo:

The folded braid tends to make a stylish updo where the particular braid actually retains hair upwards. However, the model within the image has very thicker hair that is why she seems to have twisted the edges of the braid similar to low chignon; anybody having typical to good hair does not need to undertake it.

  1. French Messy Braid Hairdo:

This specific braid isn’t wind friendly therefore you must do this only if you are inside otherwise you will have plenty of flyaways. Certainly, it is the classic way of boasting the highlighted hair as well as this sort of “French-braided” hairdo looks amazing along with highlighted or textured hair.

  1. Braided Halo Hairdo:

This particular hairstyle might be created with moderate to lengthy hair lengths. You will first separate top part of the hair taking the hair right from the crown towards temples. Clip this upwards momentarily. Now, French braid both sides beginning from the temples and also working towards crown backward; protect each braid along with the transparent elastic.

  1. French Side Braid For The “Short-Hair” Hairdo:

French braid Cute hairdos can be created with any size. Make a deeper side part, start from parted work and end towards opposite end creating the French braid so long as length of hair goes. Protect the braid afterward and you are done.

  1. Ribbon Braid Hairdo:

Create 2 sections in the hair then start making the braids just from front towards back. Additionally, tie a thinner ribbon (comparable to the hair length) merely on the beginning of each portion, and take this with middle strand via both sides for each braid.

  1. Dual Dutch Hairdo:

Double Dutch happens to be one among the well-known French braid hairdos for lengthy hair. You will see many celebs putting on this hairdo. Do this at morning of the busy day as well as you will find the hair intact during the night.

  1. Fishtail And Waterfall French Braids Hairdo:

French waterfall braid hairstyle is the exceptionally elegant as well as gorgeous hairdo whenever done right. Within this look indeed, you’ll have several loose “braids” cascading towards one braid, by resembling waterfall, that’s why the name.

  1. Braided Bun And Undercut Hairdo:

In case you would like to emphasize the undercut, then why not include French braids straight to the look? Through this hairdo, you could braid the hair into huge topknot plus emphasize the cool undercut.

  1. Edge Twisted Fishtail Braids Hairdo:

Get more inventive with fishtail braids along with a bit of looping and twisting together into just one superbly complex hairdo.

11. French Textured Twist Hairdo:

A more contemporary take on French braid happens to be French textured twist. Within this hairdo, the particular French braid happens to be designed to look deliberately disheveled as the way of decorating hair into the chic look. Somewhat complicated, yet why not attempt for yourself?

  1. Top Knot French Braid Hairdo:

It is a further updo option regarding French braid hairdos, which could be suitable for formal or semi-formal engagements due to its elegance. For doing this, just braid the hair upwards directly into the French braid and finish in a quite neat bun.

  1. Messy And Loose French Braid Hairdo:

This hairdo goes between chic and messy. Nevertheless, a messy and loose French braid with long hair might make you looking effortlessly stylishly and beautifully disheveled. This hairdo is particularly ideal for those having normally curly hair.

  1. French Loose Braid Hairdo:

As noticed in the visual tutorial, the French loose braid is particularly easy to undertake. This French braid hairdo for the long hair may be worn along with virtually any outfit, particularly for daily casual looks.

  1. French Smokey Grey Fishtail Braid Hairdo:

Regarding thicker hair, here this dual fishtail braid might be the great option in case you do not wish to braid the hair into a single huge braid.

  1. Simple Dual Fishtail Braid Hairdo:

Embrace the inner mermaid together with a dual fishtail braid. Slightly more complicated compared to your typical French braid, yet stunning whenever done right, however.

  1. Side Braid Hairdo:

Once again, side braid happens to be a great choice and one of the most famous choices for long, medium, and short hairstyles. Exactly why? Simply because it is very simple to do however yields an amazing result.

  1. French Braid Side Updo Hairdo:

If you own thick and long hair but need to put the hair up for fancy updo, attempt having this braided into the loose “French braid” similar to this one, in addition, to secure all the hair into any subtle bob end of it.

  1. Lob Cut And Side Braid Hairdo:

A very straightforward look for nearly any hairstyle, side braid could add elegance to the hair whatever hairdo or even color you might have.

  1. Pull Through The Braid Into Ponytail Hairdo:

Cannot decide which hairdo to wear during the day? Exactly why not check out both? From this hairdo for the medium hair, here you can change the loose braid into a large ponytail, similar to this example.

  1. Pigtail Braids Hairdo:

A traditional take on braid hairdo, and we are bringing this back. In case you are feeling a bit traditional during the day, why not get the long hair in long, the thin braids which might make you feel like a baby girl once again. “Deja vu”, anybody?

  1. Unicorn Pastel Braids Hairdo:

Pastel shades on hair may end up being quite fancy, particularly if styled right. Attain this design by simply French braiding the hair into 3 sections, with middle section having a lot more height compared to sides of the hair; creating the unicorn-like impact.

  1. Pastel Crown Faux Braid Hairdo:

If you now have the pastel colors in the hair, then you might make them more unique and dreamier with the faux-braid crown; an edgier and messier look compared to classic crown braid.

  1. Metallic Braids Hairdo:

Make the minor hues of the dyes be noticeable magnificently together with several braids, like in the example.

  1. Messy Knotted Type Hairdo:

This specific French braid hairdo delves into a livelier look. The knotted messy braided hairdo is an excellent choice if you desire to look a lot prettier, but do not want to add many attempts into it.

  1. Icey Space Buns Dutch Braid Hairdo:

If you are feeling a bit more innovative with the French braid hairdo, you may try braiding top of the hair into Leia princess -type of the buns. Moreover, you might increase the effect simply by dying a few of the hair a good shade of the electric blue.

  1. Spiral Heatproof Updo Hairdo:

Have the hair look marvelously amazing with absolutely no treatment at all with this stylish hairstyle. Ideal for the formal occasions, and you might grab the show through your easy yet trendy “French-braid” look.

  1. Flower Bun Half Up Hairdo:

If you now have lengthy hair, you might try putting more elegance to it along with a messy and loose flower bun just on top of the hair. Elegant and Chic both simultaneously.

  1. Beautiful Stacked Braids Hairdo:

This particular variant to French braid hairdo is a bit more inspiring take on this braid style. In this unique hairdo, the “loose-braid” loops are highlighted rather than conventional tight braids; an excellent option for long and thick hair.

  1. Chunky French Braid Hairdo:

This type of French braid hairdo for lengthy hair includes “chunky braids” on top of head, combined with high ponytail to get a more stylish look.

  1. Sexy French Braid Hairdo:

This is an additional French braid having high ponytail hairdo, but with a lot more noticeable braids. To get this special look, braid virtually all hair on top of the head into a single large French braid as well as complete with high ponytail.

  1. High Ponytail With French Braid Hairdo:

The following French braid hairdo is one more easy choice for the girls having long hair. For achieving this look, simply braid all side of the head into the tight “French-braid”. Complete it with high ponytail to get preppy look.

  1. Tie Back French Braid Hairdo:

This unique French braid hairdo for lengthy hair is quite simple to undertake but yields a stylish look with merely a simple braid. Exactly why not check it out on your own with the following simple tutorial?

  1. Bun French Braid Hairdo:

Well, going anywhere formal? This hairdo can certainly make you looking proper and prim. It is a very easy “French-braid” bun, yet can certainly make you look much more elegant.

  1. Wrap Fishtail Braid Hairdo:

A subtle but gorgeous take on French braid. Usually, this hairstyle happens to be an excellent French braid hairdo for very long hair. For achieving this, just braid side of the head until you get to a point wherever you are able to tie this into ponytail. Plainly beautiful.

  1. Dutch Braids Into Fishtail Hairdo:

If you desire to keep the hair clean as well as all in only one place at any formal events, then you can check out this hairdo that includes a fishtail and Dutch braid. Neat and classy all at once, do not you think?

  1. Dual Half Braid Hairdo:

Highlight beauty of the natural curls along with a dual half braid which cascades into middle. Makes you look like Disney princess, does not it?

  1. Dual Cascade Braid Into One Hairdo:

In case you have normally curly hair, then you can put a bit more womanly touch with 2 French braids which cascade into a single in the middle of the hair. Simple to do, and also very gorgeous to wear, particularly at the semi-formal occasions.

  1. French Braided Twist Hairdo:

If perhaps you wish to have a daily option which you can put on every day, then this hairdo can end up being stylish and easy simultaneously.

  1. Twisted And Braided Updo For Short Tresses Hairdo:

The following hairstyle is suggested for backyard barbecues and cocktail parties. It is a simple hairdo but does not make you looking like you have not put any attempt into it. An awesome formal choice for only short hair!

  1. A-Line Braided Bob Hairdo:

This kind of hairstyle is certainly a new take on bob hairstyle. Together with cute “French braid” on side of the head, here you might make a normal bob hairdo look cuter and younger with simply a basic change.

  1. Boxer Braid Hairdo:

Unleash the sporty interior chick with boxer “braid” look. Show up as though you are about going to ring with the tight “French braids”, and also match this with a womanly outfit for balancing things out.

  1. French Braid Reverse Hairdo For Ladies:

French braid Reverse hairstyle is one more great choice for thick, long hair. For achieving this easy style, just start braiding the hair one side of head as well as complete on another side, developing slanted “French braid” on the backside of the hair.

  1. Fishtail Braids And Beach Waves Hairdo:

This important look is French braid hairdo for curly and long hair. In case you have normally long and thick hair, emphasize the look with French braid fishtail and crown braids.

  1. Beach Braids Hairdo:

Emphasize the “beach-blonde” hair color simply by pulling colored strands just into gorgeous French braid; an awesome hairstyle to put on in the beach.

  1. Braided Buns With 360 Undercut Hairdo:

Less girly as well as more on the spunky take on braided hairdo. This look attributes French braid hairdo for the short hair combined with cool 360-degree undercut that will help make you look edgy.

  1. Pull Through Twists And Braids Hairdo:

You can additionally opt to get twisty and thick braids of Rapunzel to make hairdo look a lot more fancy and elegant. Particularly, this hairdo is suggested for the girls with thick and long hair, as effect of thick braid can easily be accomplished with the denser hair.

  1. Fishtailed Fringe French Hairdo:

This unique look is an awesome French braid hairdo for bangs. Just keep the fringe “tucked-away” from the fringe in stylish manner together with “French-braided” fringe, exactly like in the following photo. Quite easy yet beautiful also.

  1. Braided French Updo Hairdo:

This specific look is one more updo variant among French braid. Ideal for almost any occasion, and you can check out French braiding sides of hair into the thick “French braids” and also keep the hair classy and neat like in the following style.

  1. Side Ponytail With French Braid Hairdo:

In case you want the braid being more subtle, then do the French braid inside of the head. Keep making things proper and clean with side ponytail.

  1. Topknot Dual Braid Rainbow Hairdo:

Another intricate French braid hairdo on the list is topknot dual “braid-rainbow” look. In case you already get rainbow-hued hair, then you might make the hairstyle further unique with double “braid” cascading into a single large bun.

  1. French Double Braids For The Short Hair Hairdo:

This specific look is an awesome French braid hairdo for only short hair. Just have the hair braided in 2 tight braids on top of the head for keeping hair out of the face. Moreover, this hairdo is an incredible look for any formal parties.

  1. French Braids Into Bun Hairdo:

In case you are going to wedding party, this hairdo might make you look stunning. Just “French-braid” a single side of head in a big braid and also end this with braided bun.

  1. French Chignon Fishtail Braid Hairdo:

This hairdo is loose updo ideal for everyday neat look, merging the fishtail braid in loose bun.

  1. French Inverted Side Braid Hairdo For Ladies:

An easy “princess-y” look which is sure making you look attractive in virtually any outfit. Get the hair in long, thick braid which descends to side of the head to accomplish this stunning look.

  1. French Relaxed Braid Hairdo:

A bit more informal compared to other types among French braids, and relaxed “French-braid” allows you looking gorgeous without a lot of effort.

  1. Four Braided “Tuxedo-Braid” Hairdo:

Make the ombre a bit more exciting with four-braid hairdo that combines 2 braids in the middle of hair, double. An amazing French braid hairdo especially for lengthy hair.

  1. Three Braided “Tuxedo-Braid” Hairdo:

This hairdo combines many braids into a single unique look. Although difficult to accomplish, the outcomes are obviously amazing.

  1. Side Braided Cornrows For The Short Hair Hairdo:

Bringing back to cornrows of 2016! To get this hairdo, you might replacement for the impact of shaved undercut having straightforward cornrow braids which can make you looking spunkier and edgier than usual. In addition, it does not have the similar commitment as “full-blown” undercut.

  1. French Blonde Messy Braid Hairdo:

If you are going to anywhere casual, this French braid hairdo for lengthy hair might make you look classy and elegant without a lot effort. Just not very formal, however not too informal either; the excellent look for daily wear.

  1. French Chunky Fishtail Braid Hairdo:

Embrace the inner “Disney-princess” having fishtail French braid. You see that the impact of this particular big fishtail braid could make you look like goddess. Furthermore, this hairdo is wonderful for any specific hair color.

  1. French Half Up Fishtail Fauxhawk Hairdo:

An excellent French braid hairdo for thicker hair. In case you have a similar sort of hair, then you can choose to braid the hair in faux Mohawk for creating a unique everyday look.

  1. Fishtail Crown Wrap Around Braid Hairdo:

Combining the fishtail braid and also crown braid is usually this neat hairdo. For achieving this look, merely braid the hair inside fishtail “braid” and then wrap around the head like conventional crown braid. Classy, yet straightforward.

  1. Romantic Wavy Half Updo Braided Bob Hairdo:

In case you have normally wavy hair, then you can easily make the wavy bob hairdo more romantic and interesting with a basic side braid, just as noticed in the following photo.

  1. French Triple Braided Updo Hairdo For Short Tresses:

A bit like cornrow braids yet a little looser. Basically, in this hairdo, enjoy a simple and neat look by getting the hair braided in 3 tight “French-braids”.

  1. Gorgeous “Headband-Braid” For The Short Hair Hairdo:

Comparable to crown braid, however, does not go around head. The “headband-braid” is very easy and quick to do, best for a daily outfit.

  1. Messy Half Up French Braid Hairdo For Short Locks:

Short hairstyles also can look exceptionally attractive with French braid hairdo. For achieving this straightforward look, just braid sides of the hair in loose “French-braids” and also join them in the middle of head.


Finally, French braid is exactly what will give you the look you are looking for. French braids are in trend. Such hairdos have the power to boost your beauty to a great extent. We appreciate your patience. We will be happy to see you share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.






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