67 Outstanding French Braids Hairdos Styling With Ease!

French braids are a kind of plaits that are classic, cool, easy, simple, and challenging. Well, it is a trending hairdo but hold on, it has been existing for years but the love of women for them is no less. The best thing about French braids is it is fine with any looks, any clothes, and any age group. This is the simplest braiding though requires a little knowledge.

If one goes through a step by step instructions on making French braids and were them, one becomes an expert with little practice in no time. Now, going to work does not have to have boring hairstyle. Simply wear the braids! Even your girl’s night out is not a problem. This is also a solution to messy hair weather and it becomes your kid’s favorite hairdo as well!

Little girls learn it in no time, teenage girls love to make different styles out of it, adult women find it easy going and simple, while old women uses it as a part of their lifestyle. This article is all about French braids. Are you having a confusion making it? Learn the easy procedure right here along with answers to various Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) over the Internet!

What are French Braids?

French braids are the simplest form of three strand braids. In this braiding hairdo, one begins braiding from the root of the hair or from the tip of the scalp. Well, there are various ways to even perform the French braids but every type is somehow similar to main procedure. It is a classic type of braid which is mainly a Fishtail or a Dutch. The sister braid of French braid is called Spanish braid. If instead of grabbing three hair strands, you start off with two hair strands, the result of braiding is called Spanish braids.

To get the beautiful braid texture, begin by parting hairs into three sections. The strands should be gathered from the scalp. You begin rolling the sections one above the other and make the texture until you reach the neck and go bottom till the tip of the hairs. You need to go straight forming a straight line for a basic French braid but you can always modify for something different.

One can also create multiple French braids. For this, one has to make sure how many French braids one wants. Then, divide the hair accordingly. After that, make three divisions to each parted section and begin the braiding in a wished direction. Mainly two French braids in a single hairdo is common.

What are the advantages to French braids?

The best thing about this braiding hairstyle is that one does not require any help. People usually learn to do it entirely by themselves. But for the newbies, it can be quite difficult. With practice, it becomes easy. The difficulty level also depends on the type of hair texture one has. It might be difficult for layered hair as the hairs won’t stick with another because of different lengths and might require the help of the bobby pins. Well, it is a challenge for short hair as compared to medium or long hair.

The short hair on the top will remain along the other hairs without any problem. The weight of the hair is also well spread providing no stress to the scalp and without making the head heavy! With proper practice, you can wear it in no time. Undoing the braids is also not very difficult and takes no time. It also offers plenty of ideas making it look unique every time with little modification or touch. You are ready for a casual event or a party night with little modification to simple French braids.

What is the origin of French Braids?

Though the name ‘French’ braid refers to a France origin, but it is not as it seems. French braids come from North Africa which was later adopted in France. It was adopted in the 18th century and traced first on short story from Arthur’s Home Magazine. Though it has been described as a new hairstyle there, but it actually has a North African origin.

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What are the main variations of the French braids?

There are two variations to French braids as Dutch braid and Fishtail braid. They are explained below:

  • Dutch braid:

This braid is also known as an Inverted French Braid and also sometimes as a Pineapple Braid. This is totally opposite or reverse of the French braids. The hair strands are crossed with each other in reverse direction from under it instead of above it. It looks more expressive as a result as if a rope is resting above the hair. This is also one of the common practice and loved by women who loves French braids. It is of different types like multiple small, separate, parallel, and separate!

  • Fishtail braid:

A fishtail braid is as its name suggest ‘like a tail of a fish’. It is also known as Spanish braid or a sister braid of French braid. The unique thing about this braiding is it only requires two strands. The braid is tighter and more compact with this technique. One section is passed over the another section until one wants it to finish. This braid was famous as Grecian braid back in the 19th century.

What is the procedure to get French Braids?

The French braids are popular among different African braids because of it is simpler and less time consuming to form as well as undo. One finds it complex only at the beginning until one has tried making it. After few attempts, anyone is familiar to this hairdo and does not require another helping hand to wear it unless the hairdo is too complex with modifications. Following steps explain how one can perform French braids with perfection:


Well, one does not have to remind of this step as it is not a compulsion. Washing your hair and cleaning it is simply to make the French braids look and feel elegant. Add a clarifying shampoo or a regular shampoo to cash it. Use conditioner to condition it. Also, apply treatment cream if you have damaged hair. This is because braiding can sometimes make the hair rough and cause split ends because of roughness. After you have washed it, you can let it dry naturally and if you are in hurry, use blow dryer. Apply hair lotion to make the hair smooth before brushing it.


Brushing your hair might be one of the stressful part of braiding if it is not your ‘wash your hair day’. This step is important to remove the knots and tangles off the hair. Not removing the tangles and knots might lead to uneven and awkward braids, something more like a messed up one. You can use your fingers to remove the huge knots then a comb with loose tooth then another comb with tight tooth. Make sure that the knots are all gone before you begin braiding.


You need to begin braiding by dividing hair into three sections from the scalp. Let the middle section between your thumb and forefinger while you carry right hair strand on your right and the left hair strand on your left. This is the begin position for braiding of the French braids.


Now that you have learned how to carry sections of hair in the right way, this step is a forward. Start making the braid by crossing the right section of the hair over the middle one, then follow it by making the left section of the hair over the right one which eventually becomes the middle section now. You need not create a mess and allow all the hairs of each section rest without forming hollow bumps or knots.


Now that you have learnt how to keep moving, also keep on adding tiny sections of hair on the each strand once you have completed one round of crossing hairs. This already begins to look like a French braid after this step is done.


Now all you have to do is repeat the process until you reach the bottom or up to your wish. When you have no hair to add further, simply make a traditional three strand braid. You can add an elastic or rubber at the end to tie the hair at place. This is how you get your French braids done with perfection.


Did I say you get the perfect French braids like this in step 6? I was kidding. To get the perfect French braids, you will require a lot of practice. You cannot get it look amazing in the first try. The instructions might look easy, but trust me, doing it in reality is pretty tough for a newbie. But, practice is the ultimate solution.

Here’s a tip that makes your French braids look quite cool and elegant:


Well, as you have learnt how to get the French braids, you might also learn how to add a pinch of secret to gorgeous braids with high volume. Without a doubt, fuller looking braids are better than the slick braids. For this, you need to apply volume to your hair.

For this, use your fingers or comb to gently tug at each weave of your braid after you have finished making the braids. You can also do it during the making of the braids. But, you need not pull or tug too hard to create a mess. If some strands come out with excess pulling, calm down, you can put it inside again.

Enjoy your high volume braids!

Is it possible with short hair?

For short hair, you can always look up to French braids rather than any other braids. Though it is elegant looking with long hair but you can perform French braiding with the shortest possible hair as long as you can hold it in your fingers.

Since you need not stick to same hair strands always and you keep on picking additional hair strands on each crossing, this is perfect for short hair. The shorter one near the scalp are fixed and firm and you keep on moving forward with the new strands making room for greater French braids.

There are many women out there with short hair who choose French braids as one of the hairstyles because it is cool and provides pretty outcome. You can try many ideas of French braids even with the short hair. After all, hair length has never been a problem of the French braids.

How simple is this hairdo as compared to other braids?

French braids is a simpler hairdo as compared to other African braids. It is complex as compared with only the traditional three strands braids. While, the rest of the braids are more complex than this in comparison.

As already explained in the procedure section above, the procedure to making this hairdo is very simple. It is just the technique one has to figure out, and after that, it is simply the repetition of the same step until you reach bottom. But it is not going to look perfect in your first try. You will require a lot of practice and have the idea to perform it in right way.

It can be done solo on self hair as well while other braids might require a helping hand. Therefore, it is simpler!

How popular is it?

The French braids are way too popular! This may be because there are plenty of ways to make it look different even with the same technique. Every women is wearing it, slaying this hairstyle with her own ways.

There are little school girls wearing single or multiple French braids to their school everyday. Also, there are teenage girls who roll up their multiple French braids into buns or make a half French braid then roll it to give a messy look. And, there are adult women wearing French braids to their offices and flaunting different official or formal looks every time.

There are celebrities, models, stars, and women from different professional backgrounds who wear French braids differently suiting their personalities, and making it more popular. This hairdo has been accepted world wide and nobody has a complain about it.

Because it is simple, goes well with any hair length, hair type, hair texture, is less time consuming, and perfect for any outfit, it is super popular and its popularity is increasing everyday!

Are French Braids kids friendly?

Have you seen little girls with French braids on and going to schools? Have you noticed Ballerinas with cute French hairdos? Well, French braids are little girl’s favorite! Some of the little girls also make their French braids themselves as they learn it in an early age.

Of course, French braids are kids friendly. They are not as tight as other African braids making it safer. The other tight braids can cause extreme pain in the scalp, create loss of hair line, and sometimes cause baldness too. Therefore, French braids are super safe and kids friendly!

Is it a hairdo for long hair goals?

Long hairs are hard to handle. Women with long hair are tired of thinking of hairdo ideas suitable for that hair length. But French braids are solution to all these problems. It keeps all the hair on place and avoids messing up of hair. You need not worry or get distracted with that hair sticking to everything anymore!

Moreover, the French braids on long hair looks super cool. It looks attractive as well. One gets full attention and compliments about the braids in long hair. Therefore, it is a perfect hairdo for long hair goals!

Why is it considered perfect for weddings?

This braiding idea is really popular among weddings because it has various hair options when it comes to styling it for a wedding outfit. Moreover, there are choices that fit well for weddings. Therefore, this hairdo is considered perfect for weddings and similar events.

Do women feel like Disney princesses with French Braids?

Yes, women feel like Disney princesses with French braids! Don’t you remember Rapunzel? Or, do you remember Ariel? They had French braids, right? So, get a Disney princess look with simple French braids! Keep on slaying!

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