66 Faux Hawk Hairdos – Men’s Ultimate Hair Goals!


Faux hawk hairdos are trending hairstyles. Today hairs have not been limited to something that grows on your head but a fashion signature. They are something that can make or break your physical appearance to look good, no matter what clothes you have worn, therefore, there are lots of different hairstyles (some very crazy) for the rescue. One of such hairstyles which has been trending all around the world since 2000s is Faux Hawk Hairdo.

Faux Hawk Hairdos not only make one look good but has become sophistication to all the people who wear it. No matter what clothes you have worn- a formal, casual or even a school dress, Faux Hawk Hairdos bring out your true personality. Some of the world’s most famous entertainers have applied this hairdo. Some are footballer David Beckham, singer Zayn Malik, and many more celebrities have been seen in Faux Hawk Hairstyle. Even one of the sexiest men in world, Brad Pitt have been seen with Faux Hawk in number of occasions. And, is assumed to be his favorite hairstyle.

What are Faux Hawk Hairdos?

In simple, Faux Hawk hairstyle is a better and less funky version of Mohawk hairstyle in which unlike Mohawk, the hair from the sides are not shaved completely. Or, sometimes just toned a little. Also, for Faux Hawk the hair at the center are spiked but the width of the hair with spikes is comparatively more than in Mohawk making it more wearable. Although Faux Hawk is mostly popular for men, it has been gaining popularity among women lately. “Faux” means “False” in English which comes from French. Therefore, Faux Hawk can be called as False Hawk which means, it is derived from Mohawk; or just say, Fake Mohawk.

Faux Hawk Styling

Faux Hawk Hairstyle is quite easy to go with. All you need is a hair gel. For the perfect results, what one must do is – give the sides of your hair just a little tone, say a number or two down than the hair you had earlier which can be easily done with a hair-trimmer yet it is always recommended to get it done by the barber because a slightest of mistake can ruin everything. So once there is a variation between the sides and the hair at the center, apply a little hair-gel on your hair and push your hair from the sides towards the top, basically like making spikes.

But if you are thinking about how much? The answer is, for Faux Hawk it is completely your choice. Also, if you don’t want to trim your hair from the sides, Faux Hawk gives you that option too- Just follow the remaining steps and you have it. For the most common example, just look at David Beckham’s hair from early 2000s. For women Faux Hawk Hairstyle can be worn in number of ways depending upon the length of the hair and the dress like- one can braid their hairs from the side, or along with the braid they can also make a puff at the top.

Choosing it RIGHT-

There is not a lot to think about what is it that you must do in order to get the Faux Hawk Hairstyle Right. But, when it comes about physical appearance one should not compromise- even the slightest. The main thing that you should consider when you style your hair to Faux Hawk is what shape your face is?

For instance, if you have a long face the ideal thing to do is keeping the Faux Hawk as low as possible. I.e., not over do it. This means you are already getting the sharpness from your face. So, it is suggested to keep your spikes low, with more width. And, the hairs on the sides trimmed as little as possible or say not at all. On the other hand, people with round or wide face should do the opposite while going for a Faux Hawk Hairstyle. And, toning down your hairs from sides near to zero would never go wrong.

Another smart way to wear Faux Hawk for the people with beard (not way too much) would be to have the sides of your hair same as the length of your beard. This would take Faux Hawk Hairstyle to another level. One good example for this would be the singer Zayn Malik would have worn the Faux Hawk Hairstyle with a slightest of beard in several occasion and killed with it.


The main reason is that Faux Hawk hairdo is versatile and very flexible to wear, with just little adjustment it can make you look like a punk or a gentleman ready for going to an interview- choice is all yours. Another main reason it is going mainstream is that after a party night where you had an appealing Faux Hawk Hairdo, you can go to your office next morning with the gentlest “office-going-hairstyle” by simple bathing your hair and combing it to the way you like.

If you are lazy to even giving your hair a bath, even just combing shall do the work. If you are still not convinced, it would be fair enough to say that Faux Hawk Hairstyle goes with any sort of clothes, even the Bermuda pants. In short, Faux Hawk hairstyle makes you look good and sophisticated- you are never done too much neither makes you look unattractive. It makes your face look sharp and fresh even if you have just woken up in the morning. Just give one swing to your hair with some hair gel towards the top and you are good to go,even if you are ever in a rush.


It is all about your personality, and hair plays very important role and a sharp-smart hair is always a win-win. All these reasons have made Faux Hawk Hairstyle spread among all the age group, both the genders, a party goer or one going to the office with the best looks. The best way to look “best” is never to overdo nor to look like a sleeping bag and for your hairs Faux Hawk Hairstyle can be the one to help you attain it.

Faux hawk hairdos are very popular among males as well as mature men. They simply love to get any edition of this hairdo. Changes are created everything as time passes. In the same way, if you notice the first edition of the faux hawk hairstyle, you will realize how many modifications are produced in this hairdo.

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How to get the Faux Hawk Hairdos last longer?

Well, this is a tough one! What is your daily routine? How vulnerable you go in a day? How rough is your schedule? These things matter when it comes to let your hair stay like this for a long time. There are certain factors that plays roles in this.

If you hair grows really fast, you might need to shave the sides frequently. Just like shaving your beard off. You can also self trim the ends, if you really comfortable with scissors. You see, the hairstyle looks totally different even if a little change in the length takes place. One can keep it look similar for the long time by personal efforts like shaving and trimming.

If you are a student, an office person, or a person who stays most of the times indoor, your hair will be at fleek on entire day. But, if you are outdoors most of the times, the hair might not look ditto entire day. The best thing you can do is apply hair spray before leaving the house. If you can carry along, it can be used even on certain intervals.

Moreover, carry a comb with you. Combing it to provide the shape is also a nice hack. But if you have applied enough hair gel, it will not be very essential. In this way, you can keep your hairdo look same entire day and for a long time.

What makes it super popular?

Well, there are certain things that make this cool hairdo super popular. The first one is that it looks great in every hair length. Though it might not look same in every hair length, but at least it is possible for every hair length. No matter how short your hair is or how long it is, you can wear it. Therefore, it is popular among people with all hair lengths.

The hairdo looks great in straight hair, wavy hair, average curly hair. This provides choice for multiple hair type. Because of this, people are comfortable to wear it despite any hair structure. Sometimes even the natural hair can look great with faux hawk with a little touch of heating devices like straightener and blower.

What makes it even more popular is the acceptance made by several celebrities and sportsmen. People like David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Zyan Malik made this hairdo very common  and popular among the men out there! There are undoubtedly enormous number of fans of each of these celebs. Everyone wants to look exactly like their favorite celeb making faux hawk really popular!

How to keep hair damage free when having Faux Hawk?

There are certain things one has to follow to keep the hair damage free; specially when having Faux Hawk. The first and the foremost is the cleanliness. You need to keep your hair clean. The greasiness can make the hair look different. Washing hair in regular interval will let the hair be damage free and fresh.

Adding treatment cream occasionally is important. This also avoids hair fall and damage. Moreover, adding conditioner mostly after each wash also makes the hair damage free and healthy. Do not add conditioner on the roots though. Add only on the tips. If your hair is rather short, avoid conditioning.

Exposing hair to extreme heat from heating devices like straightener can damage the hair and cause breaking of hair as well as split ends. It is better to make minimum use of such devices.

If your hair has a dye then you need to be more cautious and add certain vitamins to the hair in the form of either cream or shampoo. Add only the material that suits your hair and avoid allergic substance.

You need not put hair gel and hair spray everyday but instead add a proper interval to make the distance between hair damage and good hair.

Different Ideas For Faux Hawk Hairdos:

There are various ideas one can pick when one wishes to get Faux Hawk. It has infinite ideas inside and there are no such rules and regulations to wear one. The different styles have come from people who were able to modify the existing faux hawk. This has led to invention of several hairdos within this one.

Natural Hair

If you have natural hair and you are worried of not getting that proper straight hair, you can get braids. Even braids look cool with faux hawk. The braids will add a unique texture to the hair and your look as well. So, it is better to avoid heating your hair and flaunt the existing natural hair with braids!

Extra Sleek For Formal Look

Adding extra sleek to your hair will make the hair look super formal. Just like in the picture below, the end result is awesome! The sleek hair looks cool and goes well with formal dress. For this, a little extra gel and spray might be required. You need to set the hair well.

Short Faux Hawk

Most people believe the short hair length cannot give the best result with faux hawk. But this is just a wrong concept. There are several ways to get the perfect faux hawk even with the shortest hair like in the pictures below. This is easy to maintain as well. Moreover, the hair products for short hair is also less and this is more economic. You need not worry of not being able to have the faux hawk with the short hair. Look into the pictures for reference.

Image Gallery

This section consists of the images of the faux hawk hairdos. There are plenty of ideas relating to faux hawk and it is impossible to discuss about everything. That’s why this section is important. Sometimes words are not enough to visualize the readers.

This section consists of pictures that shows models, celebrities, sportsmen, artists, and all other popular people along with some commoners who are wearing the faux hawk hairdos. Go through all of these images and pick one that suits your face, shape, hair length, structure, texture, and everything.

Feel free to modify the look with one of the ideas you pick from here!

Thick Hair Faux Hawk

The thick hair is hard to deal most of the times. This consumes a lot of shampoo, cream, conditioner, gel, and everything else. Moreover, it is difficult to handle with a normal comb and one has to have a thick teeth comb to get the perfect shape of the faux hawk. Though it is a bit difficult, but the end result is quite satisfying.


The article “Faux Hawk Hairdos” is basically all about the specific faux hawk. Entire content makes a proper sense on why get this hairdo. In presence of infinite hairdo ideas in all over the world, why pick this one? The answer is inside the article. There are multiple opinions and perceptions to faux hawk in this article. One might be satisfying you while the other might not. Well, the entire content is a justice to the faux hawk hairdos!

To sum up the content, it is trying to provide answers to all the basic queries one can have regarding faux hawk hairdos. It has specially focused men’s hairdos but subsequently makes sense for women’s hairdos as well.

There are sections explaining definitions, why one picks this hairdos, where did it originate from! Also, what it looks like, what makes it different from mohawk, how to keep it perfect, image gallery, etc. These sections will help the readers to reach the required content instead of the entire bulk.

The section of image gallery provides the readers with perfect visualization to varieties of options one can have; or that comes along with this specific hairdo. The images will let the readers to pick something that goes well with their face shape or personality.

Most people wish to wear it, but are actually scared of failing, or looking different than expected. With this content, you are clear about the styling relating to faux hawk!

If you made it to the bottom, congratulations, now it is a time to pass it on to someone else! Was the article helpful? If yes, pass it to the hairstyle lovers and everyone you care about. After all, it is fun when it is shared. And, once it is shared it becomes a duo thing. Send it to a loved one now.

Have a nice time styling your hair with faux hawk hairdos!

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