62 Faux Hawk Hairdos That Will Make Men Excited!

Faux hawk hairdos are very popular among males as well as mature men. They simply love to get any edition of this hairdo. Changes are created everything as time passes. In the same way, if you notice the first edition of the faux hawk hairstyle, you will realize how many modifications are produced in this hairdo.

Extraordinary Faux Hawk Styles And Haircuts!

Males of various age groups prefer the “faux-hawk” hairstyles and haircuts due to its flexible nature. Additionally, you can sport it on a number of ways. We recommend you to change it according to your facial elements to ensure that it appears great on you. For getting a few ideas about men’s famous “faux-hawk” hairstyles, here is a long list of 62 trendy coolest faux hawk hairdos you will love to give a shot. Here’s a short video for you! We have published another post for you “67 Of The Amazing Balayage Blonde Hair Color Ideas For You!

Best 62 Faux Hawk Hairdos!

  1. Faux Hawk Backward Tapered:

The front side of this “faux-hawk” is voluminous and large and gradually tapers back in nearly nothing. The tapered backward “faux-hawk” is shortly trimmed on sides and appears outstanding for any event, suiting both formal and casual wear.

  1. Faux Hawk Clean-Cut:

The faux hawk clean-cut has almost completely shaved sides. Usually, this hawk alone has clean, smooth lines and also some inches of locks that are usually gelled-back in the suave way. In case you have any outfit which needs some dressing up, then this happens to be one among the haircuts faux hawk for individuals you should choose.

  1. Faux Hawk Upswept:

Faux hawk Upswept haircuts for men come up with a spectacular entrance, as almost all hair itself happens to be swept upward as well as pushed toward front side. It adds dimension and volume and also looks great having a suit, a button-up, or even a typical t-shirt just the same.

  1. Faux Hawk Hairdo For Older Males:

Usually, we recommend “faux-hawk” haircut just for men irrespective of age. Although you are more than 50 or even 60, you will use the “faux-hawk” hairdo for the vibrant touch towards graying locks. You will get to wear this in virtually any setting, therefore go for this!

  1. Faux Hawk Low Taper:

Do you want the “faux hawk” to look similar to natural Mohawk? Apply techniques such as “tapering” for getting you there. By using lower taper-haircut, here you might create silhouette of the conventional, wide Mohawk together with the long hair.

  1. Faux Hawk Military Hairdo:

In case you are military man, then you regrettably will not be capable to sport extended haircuts faux hawk for men. Nevertheless, you can apply a common military haircut for getting nearer to one. We are talking about tight and high – a fabulous military cut which strongly looks like a super Mohawk or shorter faux hawk.

  1. Faux Hawk Front Curl:

Grandfather of faux hawk curled-cue is the “front-curl” one. Encouraged by greaser style from the 50’s, front curl includes a particular rock and roll feel to it. To get the modern adaptation, just mess your faux hawk front curl up a little in the entrance.

  1. Hard Part With Faux Hawk:

In case you sense that your total hairstyle is lacking a splash of personality, then include a “hard part”. Instead of the regular part, “hard part” is shaven for boosting definition. We trust it completes any “faux-hawk” haircuts regarding men very well.

  1. Faux Hawk Eccentric:

Have some fun and also include a pop with color along with faux hawk eccentric. Ideal for any specific style of faux hawk, choose the particular color which you find bold and daring and dye the hair for the faux hawk statement.

  1. Faux Hawk Braided:

The faux hawk braided is the fun twist for a common faux hawk when adding excellent character. Really, there are several braids which you can apply into this specific style. Also, this particular versatile cut appears great for a day wear or even for wear during the night.

11. Faux Hawk Curly-Cue:

It leans nearly toward the Mohawk; yet faux hawk curly-cue is all how you design your hair. Presenting a noticeable curl, this specific faux hawk usually is striking and dramatic. It is ideal for a function.

  1. Faux Hawk Killer Whale:

Named for the resemblance to body-shape of the whale, faux hawk killer whale is ideal for medium size hair and also takes benefits of the volume. Gel this over in front along with great dimension, as well as gradually taper back in a short length afterward.

  1. Faux Hawk Upfront:

Typically the “high-skin-fade” is one among the primary features and it is the fade which takes in attention to faux hawk upfront. This hawk gradually builds volume which leans toward top and also is pressed in on alone at any slight angle. Just like classic versions, it is one among the haircuts faux hawk for men which are ideal anywhere.

  1. Fade Plus Waves:

The blend of fade and waves makes you just look gorgeous and attractive. The particular waves usually are on entire head which makes the haircut awesome. Therefore you must use this hairstyle to get a change.

  1. Statement Fade Hairdo:

An extensive square hairline right from front side as well as the “short hair” gives you an excellent look. This specific hairstyle is integrated in the preferred list.

  1. Smooth Fade Hairdo:

This is that hairstyle which almost every man might apply. It does not matter if you have brown, black or other color of the hair. If you own oval-like face or even round face then you can use this specific hairstyle.

  1. Sharp Fade Hairdo:

An awesome faux hawk hairdo which features a sharpened square line right from front side as well as a sharpened line on back head. Generally, this sharp hairdo is the finest for professional look and office meetings.

  1. Common Fade Hairdo:

This is definitely an eye-catching hairstyle for everybody. You can consider this hairdo in summer season that will save you from temperature and also gives you an elegant look.

  1. Clean Sides And Volume On Top:

As this is apparent from the title of the hairdo the sides usually are clean and also close to skin when a large volume of locks is on the top middle of head. Well, you can consider this specific hairstyle on almost all the colors and types of hair.

  1. Faded Sides With Kinky Coil On Top:

The sides usually are faded when the center has larger hair that is kinky. Usually, this particular hairdo is the finest for all of the informal and formal functions. This specific hairstyle gives the person an attractive and gorgeous look.

  1. Faded Temples With Short Cut:

The earlier fohawk fade would definitely look decent with the formal dress code. It fits on all of the faces as well as all hair types. To get professional look, here you must consider this hairdo.

  1. Forehead Square Faded Hairdo:

This is normally the perfect in coolest “faux-hawk” fade hairdos for men hairdo for the office meetings as well as other formal meetings. You appear decent and professional person with this hairstyle that has the “square-hairline” on front.

  1. Waves On The Top With Accurate Fade:

Faded hair within this hairstyle as well as top of your head especially middle area includes waves.

  1. Artsy Fade Hairdo:

This is one of the coolest hairdos for almost all men. The consistency of hair, as well as the color, does not matter within this hairstyle. Whatever shape of the face you might have, you are able to wear this hairdo.

  1. High Top With Fade:

The hair of the sides, as well as back area, usually is faded within this hairstyle when a lot of hair happens to be left on top of your head. However, the top center is already combed back.

  1. Fade On Sides And Curly Top:

The hair happens to be fade around the sides with this hairstyle when the top in the center might be made curly. The hairstyle is ideal for the individuals who have all curly-hair.

  1. Accurate Faux Hawk Hairdo:

The perfect faux hawk hairdo gives you an attractive and cool look. You could consider this hairdo at functions, parties, and also in the office.

  1. Short “Buzz-Cut” Hairdo:

This is one more model of the blend of faux hawk and buzz cut. You ought to consider this hairstyle in case you have straight and short hair.

  1. Fohawk Fade Hairstyle:

In case you would like to add the innovative sense just to the faux hawk after that fohawk fade locks style is the hairdo for you. Well, you are able to create and also design or even writing on sides or even the backside of the head. This makes you charming and attractive.

  1. Rocker Hairdo:

This specific hairdo offers you an elegant look with the sides and “front-hair-spiked”, and also “back-hair” is faded.

  1. Wavy Hairdo:

You will find many models of the faux hawk hairdo you can pick the one that fits best. The faux hawk Wavy hairdo is one among the elegant hair-styles which you can pick out for any function or even party.

  1. Beginner Hairdo:

The Beginner “faux-hawk” haircut would give you simple but stylish look. Therefore, if you would like to pick out any normal hairstyle, then the beginner can be the perfect option.

  1. Mullet And Faux Hawk:

This hairdo gives you an impressive look. Here the sides include smaller hair when the hair in the center is long and the hair in the back given the particular mullet cut. Obviously, this hairdo gives you the amazing look. Consider this hairdo and you would feel the distinction.

  1. Shag Hairdo:

This amazing fohawk fade hairdo for men would give you untidy look for all their hair. Well, you should opt for this hairdo which offers you a gorgeous and charming look.

  1. High Top Spike Hairdo:

The cool “square-hairline” gives you a unique and attractive look. The hair in the centered is kept quite long and also is the particular shape of the spikes. Although the hair along the sides and back of the head is totally shaved.

  1. Twisted Hairdo:

This specific fohawk fade happens to be perfect for the men who else have little curly hair. In this hairdo, the top is normally twisted. Although the sides seem to be very tiny.

  1. Flipped Hairdo:

One other fohawk fade which can simply grab your interest. Everyone having silky, smooth, straight hair can put on this hairdo.

  1. Rat Tale Hairdo:

It is a fabulous, attracting, and a unique hairdo. The sides of head usually are shaved, as well as top middle hair happens to be spiked. On the backside, the hair creates tale shape. To get a fashionable and a stylish look this hairdo is the ideal option for a person.

  1. Curly And Long Fohawk Fades Hairdo:

This model of the faux hawk features long hair just in the center. The locks are usually given curls when the sides happen to be smaller. With respect to the individuals who have curly long hair, this hairdo is the finest.

  1. Pretty Much Faux Hawk Hairdo:

The Faux hawk happens to be an amazing hairstyle that suits all length of hair. Therefore if you own small hair near to skin, also then you may shape them all to faux hawk.

  1. Tapered Hairdo:

It is one among the finest coolest “faux-hawk” fade hairdos for men whenever you wish to get the hairstyle that can make you look stylish as well as elegant. The neat hairstyle that highlights you still in the big crowd.

  1. Subtle Hairdo:

In case you do not like cutting the side as well as back hair, however, want to use faux hawk then the ideal option for anyone is delicate “faux-hawk” haircut that gives stunning look.

  1. Ponytail “Faux-Hawk” Hairdo:

It is a different hairstyle that grabs the recognition of everybody. The sides usually are faded when length of the middle hair happens to be larger compared to typical faux hawk designs. This offers you the particular look of ponytail hairdo. For the individuals who have straight and silky hairstyle, it is the perfect choice.

  1. African American “Faux-Hawk” Hairdo:

One of several ideal hairstyles for gents having curly hair. Here, the back and the sides have little hair quite close to skin when the hair in the center is long as well as combed to create a higher faux hawk.

  1. Small Faux Hawk Hairdo:

In this particular hairstyle, the faux hawk would be small, and also the sides happen to be shaved completely. This hairstyle appears very charming and attractive and also gives you the different look compared to conventional faux hawk hairdo.

  1. Professional Hairdo:

It is a specific hairstyle that is created for office as well as formal meetings. This offers you a serious and professional look and also increases your self-belief. It tends to make you looking wonderful.

  1. Top High Fade Hairdo:

In this hairdo, the top is higher while back and sides are faded. It is the ideal hairstyle of everybody including boys having straight hair as well as the boys having curly hair indeed.

  1. Layered “Faux-Hawk” Hairdo:

This specific haircut is quite appealing and fits on almost all faces. Everybody can wear the hairdo because it fits on all. This creates your personality eye-catching.

  1. Skin Fade Hairdo:

The Fohawk fades usually are amazing while you learn how to use it with some other hairdos. The hair in the side is tiny pretty close to skin. The skin happens to be highly prominent on sides. This kind of hairdo gives you a charming and attractive look.

  1. Low Short Fade Hairdo:

Short lower fade “faux-hawk” is the perfect hairstyle which every boy could certainly wear regardless of what consistency of the hair he comes with.

  1. Smooth “Faux-Hawk” Hairdo:

In case you have smooth straight hair, after that, the best hairdo for the hair is soft faux hawk that give you an appealing and charming look. You may apply this hairdo on the black hair or even any color that you really want.

  1. Curled Hairdo:

This hairdo can be used to both the boys having curly hair as well as the boys having straight hair. Usually, the boys just who have soft and straight hair usually are given curls towards the top “faux-hawk”, and also it looks awesome.

  1. Long “Faux-Hawk” Hairdos:

Style the hair together with the faded sides. It is definitely your desire just how much length here you would like for the fohawk. Occasionally larger length might give a unique look.

  1. Finger Combed Hairdo:

An excellent style to have whenever you are attending any fun party. Therefore in case you are moving outside with the friends for a fun, consider it. You would surely be found everywhere you move.

  1. Extreme Hairdo:

A further amazing style amid the preferred “faux-hawk” fades intended for men. You are able to wear this hairdo on hair of several colors. In addition to on the individuals who have faces of oval-shaped this specific haircut just rocks. However, the size of the hair in the center is comparatively larger than related cuts.

  1. Deep Part Hairdo:

In case you wish to get a stylish look and also wish to be noticeable among the crowd, then try this one. The sides happen to be parted, and also the hair in the middle is just combed back.

  1. Fohawk Fade Buzz Cut:

This one is the perfect hairstyle for those boys having short hair. The haircut is combining two haircuts: such as faux hawk and buzz cut. The small “faux-hawk” on the middle offer you a fantastic look.

  1. Spiked “Faux-Hawk” Hairdo:

One among most stylish models cool “faux-hawk” fade hairdos collection for men. The spiked “faux-hawk” gives you a remarkable look. This kind of hairstyle is best for the parties and the wedding functions. In case you are moving outside along with this stunning cut, then it is definitely a assurance that you have got to get plenty of gratitude from individuals. The side hair of head is usually faded when length of the middle hair happens to be reasonably larger and also given a shape of the spikes.

  1. Curly Faded Hairdo:

In case you own curly hair, then you may also choose this hairdo which is the best thing concerning fohawk fade and that this can be used to different designs of hair. Therefore in the curly faded “faux-hawk” haircuts, the particular sides happen to be faded when the hair in the center is a bit bigger in the length and also gives you a captivating look

  1. Front-Side Combed Fade Hairdo:

This “faux-hawk” haircut provides an untidy look and also hair on sides are shorter just near to skin, as well as the hair in the center are combed for making a sloppy look. You may opt this hairdo for any casual function.

  1. Swirl Hairdo:

In this particular “stylish-men-haircut”, the sides seem to be faded when the center hair is set like swirls indeed. This hairdo looks very attractive in case you have straight and soft hair. The top hairstyle suits on almost all colors of the hair.

  1. Short “Faux-Hawk” Hairdo:

It is one among the most preferred hairdos among men’s “fohawk-fade” haircuts. In such a hairdo, the sides happen to be not faded yet hair on all the sides usually are cut very short. In the center, the specific length of hair is larger compared to that of hair on sides.


To sum up, there is nothing at all quite as versatile and unique as faux hawk. Obtainable in several different styles, “faux-hawk” has never gone due to style since this made its first appearance, as well as it appears that it might never ever do so. Despite these “faux-hawk” haircuts intended for men, you can find surely a lot more available for anyone to test with and also find that one which works best just for the facial shape as well as hair type!

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