120+ Lovely Family Tattoos For A Loving Family Like Yours!

Family Tattoos – All About It!

Family tattoos are trending. People are expressing their love towards their family through the tattoos! There are plenty of the tattoos for your family. When one talks about the family tattoos, they might get an image of a dull and boring tattoo. But do not put yourself in the box and step out, there are amazing family tattoos which are not just carrying a lot of emotions or feelings, but also can be attractive and beautiful.

In this article, you find out everything relating to family tattoos. You will be amazed to realize how even family tattoos can be exceptionally amazing, sexy, wild, and macho. There are the answers to your every queries. Find out everything here.

This page is sure to provide all the queries or frequently asked questions regarding family tattoos. Lets take a dive inside it!

What is Family Tattoos?

Family tattoos refer to the tattoos that are worn in order to tribute or in memory of or to express love towards the member of your family. The member can be mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, son, sister, brother, cousin, nephew, niece, grand parent, or even someone from outside your family who you treat like your own.

The tattoos can be simple, exotic, and sometimes unbelievable.  These are simply the way of honoring the one who you love with the help of art in your own skin that will last until your body starts decaying. Sometimes simply tattooing the name of the family member or simply the name initial will also mean a lot.

A family tattoo is a simple tattoo that is dedicated to your family member. It does not have to have some unique features or anything that shall categorize the tattoo as a family one.

Why to ink any Family Tattoos?

The love and attachment of a person with the family is the most powerful attachment in the world. The attachment might not be constant forever, but there is a peak to it once in a life. You should get a family tattoo to express your love and thanks to the one in your family who means a lot to you. This is not a compulsion but most people do it simply because they believe the greatest gift one can give another being is getting a tattoo relating to the person.

The love among the family people is unique and cannot be formed with another being to that extent. Therefore, celebrating the love of the family through tattoo is an awesome idea. Sometimes, children get the tattoo of their parents because they want to thank them for making them capable of seeing the beauty of the world and as their words cannot thank them enough, they get the tattoo.


Similarly, parents get the tattoo of their children either during their birth of after some beautiful memories created, because the children brought the missing happiness in the lives of the parents or the children made them proud of something. Sometimes, the grandchildren also get the tattoo relating their grandparents, may be they have more attachment with them. Getting a tattoo of a lost soul is also amazing. The one who has died will be in your memories forever with the help of the tattoo.

You have received certain happiness in your life, you were turned back by everyone but your family did not stop to support you. There are certain memories you have when the family was the only world to you. You can have some emotional memories with that favorite cousin, or you might have some unforgettable memories with your sibling which you want to cherish. For relieving all these memories, people get the family tattoos inked.

Our loved ones are our angels, they are the anchors who keep us stay firmly in a place and provide all the positive energy. Family provides the strength to do any difficult task with ease. Also, you can always go back to your family despite many failures you face in your life. Words can never be enough to tribute family. Thus, people get the tattoos inked.

Family Tattoos Types:

There are many types of family tattoos. The categorization can depend on what basis you want to divide it. The tattoos for different member of the family can also vary.

On the basis of relationship with the family members:

  1. Mother: For a mother tattoo, you have several options. You can get the portrait of your mother, breast feeding a baby picture, simply the word ‘mother’ in your native language, few hearts and so on.
  2. Father: You can add a mustache along with the word ‘daddy’. You can have ‘daddy’s princess’ or something like that. Adding a portrait of your dad will also not be a bad idea.
  3. Grand parents: The best part about grand parents is their wrinkles, which make them unique. You can add a wrinkled face portrait as a tattoo.
  4. Baby: For a baby tattoo, there are several choices. Simply you can add the date of birth. You can also make the entire baby tattoo on yourself. The another option is adding a name as tattoo and getting the picture of an angel or a cupid near that. You can also get the foot prints tattooed!
  5. Siblings: For siblings, you can have identical tattoos. There can be certain thing you both like, you can get that thing inked.
  6. Pet: Sometimes pets become the part of the family without knowing. People also treat the pet as their family member, and in its memory get the tattoo like either paw print, date of adoption, name of the pet, etc.

Ideas On Family Tattoos:

There are several ideas that can be put in while talking about family tattoos. Find all about them below:

  1. Name initial: Sometimes you can get the name initial of the person you love in your family. This is really tiny. It stays there, gives you all the companion and is tiny enough to not bother you much! A simple yet amazing way to reflect affection.
  2. Date: Dates are really special. It takes you back to relive the memories. The date can ether be the date of birth of the person you love, expressing thanks to god for this very day for making the existence of the person. It can be anniversary day to remind when you got the love of your life. The date can be the day when you lost your loved one. There are many possibilities with it.
  3. Quotes: There are plenty of quotes relating to family and its power or strength. These quotes will clearly express the value of family in your life. You can be creative and make your own quotes. Or, you can ink the saying from your grandparents or parents.
  4. Portraits: Portraits will define the picture of the person this tattoo is all about. It is not easy to get someone’s face inked on your flesh. This is a tough decision. But people mostly choose to ink the face of their mothers or kids.
  5. ‘Family’: People simply also ink the word ‘family’. Those who believe their life rotates around their families and if family is their first priority, can wear the word ‘family’ as tattoo. One can add multiple hearts, initials of names, and so on.
  6. Family tree: Family tree is also one of the popular ways to express where you have come from, and who are actually your people. It looks good and explains a lot.

What is the perfect placement for the Family Tattoos in your body?

The placement of any kind of family tattoos depend on the size of the tattoo you want to have. If you have big tattoo plan, something that has multiple symbols, names, portraits, etc. you shall require a big spot in your body. Is there a point on thinking about wrist or ankle or ear for having such big tattoos inked? Obviously, not.

Once you have finalized the size of tattoo you want, you can skip thinking about the body parts where your tattoo is not going to fit well. So, this is how you reduce more options.

Moreover, it also depends on the attention you want for your tattoo. If you want it to be easily visible, and let people see it easily, you can wear it on parts like arms, legs, shoulders, wrists, ankles, neck, above the chest, etc. But if you do not want to be much noticeable, wear it in between finger spaces, below neck near chest, on the back, in belly, etc.

What is the average cost of getting family tattoos?

Basically, the price of a tattoo is always unique. The price can vary depending upon the size, type of ink, availability of resources, popularity of the studio, experience of the artist, and so on. There is no certain thing like a fixed price. So, it would be foolish to range the cost of a family tattoo. In fact, a family tattoo itself cannot define anything despite the category of tattoos.

The tattoo artist charges the price depending upon the hours it takes to finish it. The hourly rates can be $25 to even $100. The price again can vary from one city to another and one country to another. What also matters is the quality of ink. Mainly it is the size.

If you are planning to get a tiny tattoo may be simply a name’s initial or the entire name.  If there are more patterns or designs, the tattoo price can increase gradually. This is also clear from the hourly charges. If the tattoo size is huge, the time to complete it will take longer too, and the price will be increased too.

The another factor that can vary the price of the tattoo is also the use of the needles. The needle that is used to make the tattoo can be of different qualities. There should also be sterilization of the needle before beginning of the tattoo.

If the talent of the artist is really out standing, then the price can be even more. Sometimes if the artist helps you to decide the tattoo you choose, and help you also make the research, the price can again increase. So, the price range is simply out of your imagination.

What are the procedures to getting a family tattoo?

There are several steps are to be put in mind while trying to get a family tattoo or any other tattoos. Not following the steps or trying to skip steps can lead to infections, long term diseases, and lifelong regret. There is no option or choice like regret if you are doing things in a right way. So follow the steps and do not miss any of these.

Find the steps below:

Step 1: You need to make a proper research on what tattoo you find suitable for you. Go through online articles and make sure the tattoo you have chosen is perfect.

Step 2: Determine the size of the tattoo. It is up to you, and also the tattoo you have chosen. If you have selected the size, it is easy to go to next step.

Step 3: Determine the spot in your body where you want to get the tattoo inked. It is somehow determined from the size of the tattoo too. Do it.

Step 4: Find a perfect tattoo studio. The article has already explained how to find a proper tattoo studio, find out.

Step 5: Make a proper conversation with the tattoo artist about your design, and listen what advises you receive. If you wish, you can modify the tattoo in this step.

Step 6: Plan on getting it. Book a date when you are free from any kind of deadlines, work loads, etc.

Step 7: Hydrate yourself enough a day before the big day. Avoid alcohol and any kind of smokes.

Step 8: Do not panic. Make yourself comfortable with needles if it is your first time.

Step 9: Remind the artist about sterilization. Sometimes minor negligence can lead to severe damage.

Step 10: After getting the tattoo, you need to follow certain precautions. Else, there can be chances with infections.

What are the things to be put in mind after getting the family tattoo?

The responsibilities do not end after getting the tattoo. You need to be extra careful at this time. Follow following steps and this can help you to prevent from minor or major infections:

  1. Avoid scratching, rubbing, touching: The place is obvious to itch a bit. You need to avoid any kind of contact with the tattoo. Even not with the clothes.
  2. Wear a bandage: Most of the artists suggest you to wrap the region of tattooing with a clean bandage with enough pores. This will avoid any kind of contamination.
  3. Clean it: You need to clean the region after certain time with soap that has least fragrance. Clean ointment, blood, inks, plasma, etc. that is excess.
  4. Avoid public pools: Do not go to pools for two weeks at least. The water inside pool is highly contaminated which can infect the region which is too sensitive.
  5. Avoid scorching sun: It is better if you cover the region while under the sun. The scorching sun can also create infection in the region.
  6. Seek help in case of pain or severe itchiness: You need to visit the artist in case you feel really uncomfortable in the region. Severe pain or itchiness can be the sign of some unwanted infection. Seek help before it is too late.

Image Gallery:

Entire description, paragraphs of explanation, and all the fuss go in vain if one cannot portray what the words are trying to say. That is the reason behind adding a photo album. Here you get to choose among many family tattoos and pick yourself the perfect one. It also allows you to explore the best family tattoos in entire Internet. Go though all of these and pick a perfect match for yourself!

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In this article, one could find what actually the family tattoos meant. This article breaks the stereotype definition of a family tattoo which has been called boring and pale forever. It is beyond that. Even a family tattoo can be stylish and outstanding. Some family tattoos are really awesome and attractive too!

Here one could find the definition to family tattoos, types of family tattoos, ideas relating to it, average cost of getting one, maintenance ideas, tips, procedure to get it, finding the perfect studio ideas, etc. Moreover, it also dealt on tattoos with ideal placement in body. The tattoos varied depending upon the role of the family member, attachment level, etc.

After all, family is the only thing we have got from our birth. The most powerful bond is also a bond in the family. Therefore, one has to cherish all the affection and love through a permanent flesh print. This shall help recall and relive the old memories and take you back to those beautiful moments until your last breath.

Did you make it to the bottom? Time to share it to a friend now! Happy tattooing!


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