135 Popular Fade Haircut Ideas That Makes You Look Sexy!


Fade haircut has its own fan base. This haircut started in 40s & 50s when men in the US military had to make their hair very short something like a fade haircut. Gradually it came in the barbershops and gained the popularity in no time. Previously seen as an edger hairstyle, this haircut was not accepted in the workplace which might be shocking because today it is one of the haircuts that make you look gentle and wanted at work!

Tapers, low, medium, high, & skin fades are the types one can get out of fade cut. One can rock their workplace, casual outfit, events, and night parties with fade haircut & still rock everywhere they go!

Since every decade brings out some popular haircut at the end as a highlight, fade haircut manages to be there in every decade with unique edition. It can be anything either on long or short hair. Whatever you do on the top hair it is up to you, but the sides as they come down from the top gradually, the length gets shorter and fades.

This article will fascinate you with different types of fade haircuts that are quite popular nowadays. Go through the article to get the proper guideline for the best fade haircuts. Something is waiting to blow your mind. Time to get the fade haircut with the help of this article. Stay tuned!

What is fade haircut?

A fade haircut is pretty clear by the word ‘fade’ in its name. The word fade means a transition of lengths and color on the sides as well as back of the hair. That means the hair length will not be same throughout the head but have some sort of variations in length that look blended well. It means the hair will not have all of a sudden change in length but a gradual one which looks smooth.

The term fade comes from an ethnic barbershop on the early 40s and 50s from US Military. This haircut even today is called as military reg. Generally the fade haircut back then was more of a short hair even on the top but today even long hair on the top can have fade haircut.

People generally misunderstand fade haircut with a dramatic one. Some fade haircuts can have shallow skin tight area that can last for only one inch at the neck’s back. This is a skillful haircut and not every new barber can attempt one let along you try it yourself. It is quite interesting to create as it requires a lot of attention and practice.

What are the tips and tricks for guys with fade haircut?

There are few tips and tricks that can come handy if you are planning to get fade haircut or already have it and feeling difficult to take care of it. These tips will surely make your life easier.

  1. Reason  To Pick This Haircut:

Are you sure you want to get this haircut? You need to question this and as yourself why! There should be reasons on getting any particular haircut done. So, before you book an appointment, find some motivation for that. You can check out the people who have already had fade haircuts before. It can either be your friends, relatives, or even celebrities. Sometimes people do not get this haircut because they have doubts that their face-cut might not support this haircut to look attractive can be wrong, one has to make research before coming to a conclusion. Once that you have made proper researches, it is time for you to pick a reliable haircut. Since there are plenty of choices within fade haircut too, you need to again be very picky.

  1. Locate A Professional Barber To Rely On:

Once that you have picked something from different ideas of fade cut, now you need to find a perfect barber. Not all the barbers are professional when it comes to fade haircuts. So, you need to go to someone who has experience with it. The unprofessional barber can make some weird style and you might have to suffer until it is long again. Go through various barber shops which do fade haircuts then end up in best hands. You can also find online about the facilities from the shop.

  1. Listen To Recommendations And Get The Perfect Look:

When you make an online research about the haircut you might not be sure if that is actually right for you. You need to have something that goes well in your face and your style and not something that is an ideal fade haircut. For this, you need to listen to recommendations before finalizing what you shall wear. You might also fall for a haircut of a celebrity and try to copy that. But copying might not provide the same result. Though it is stated that fade haircut looks cool to everyone. But there are terms and conditions. You need to look after the shape of face you have, and again there is personality. When it comes to taking recommendations, you can do it from you local barber as well.

  1. Maintaining The Fade Haircuts:

A fade haircut cannot last more than six days. This is the time period when the fade haircut looks the best and sadly not more than that. This is because the hair grows really fast and it is visible in the faded portion. But you need not make frequent visit to the barber to get the fades perfect. You can use a razor at your home for making the lowest portion of hair yourself. You can apply trimmer to trim the above portion and get the hair done yourself. It is the first time when making this haircut is difficult, but later once it has been made, you can take care of it yourself. Using a razor for the first time can be kind of risky though. You need to be very careful while shaving back of your ears as it might be difficult viewing it from rear mirror.

  1. Purchasing The Best Products:

Another thing one has to do while having a fade haircut is buying enough hair products. There are several hair products that one can find in the market that are super amazing to your hair and can do magic. All you need to do is look at the reviews, ask professionals for help, and buy the best ones. Also, if the product does not suit your hair, you can stop using it and try something new instead of sticking to same thing for long time.

What makes this haircut so popular?

This haircut is really popular among men of all ages. Even kids are getting fade haircuts today because it is really cool. It is not just cool but also makes you feel easy. Your hair is mess free, and you feel light on your head.The hairs can be really distracting sometimes. So, getting a fade haircut is never going to create any kind of distractions.

It is popular because nobody has ever complaint after making the hairdo with this style. People have accepted it and worn it with their own modifications and choices. Even celebrities or sportsmen like Christiano Ronaldo wear this haircut in regular basis. Men who are in sports are loving it because it is less distracting. Moreover, professions that include you to be very formal like either be it in your office, business, meeting, high school, etc, this hairdo can be a right pick. Anything you wear, any style you pick, anywhere you go, you slay the event with this haircut.

Well, there are several advantages of this haircut. You just require little shampoo, little conditioner, little gel, and little hair spray and it is quite ready. This is going to save a lot of money of yours!

What are the types of fade haircut?

Not to mention, you can constantly try the traditional subtle fade hairdos or test out different looks. Below listed are the well-known types of the fade haircuts that you can really try to get a change:

  1. Taper Afro Fade:

Taper Afro Fade is the most well known taper fade haircut among African American men. This is mainly for the people who have Afro textured hair. But simply having Afro hair texture does not mean you can wear it well. But if you have Afro locks you should try it. This makes the Afro hair look so cool and you are straight out to slay. The top hair will basically be trimmed to the length you prefer or something that suits your face. It should have right edges as well. The sides are tapered down to the fade. Some men like to wear it very short and the rest like to wear it long and bulky. However, both are amazing depending on what kind of  face shape you possess.

  1. Low-Skin Fade Haircut:

Low skin fade haircut is something for a delicate look. You can wear this haircut if you want a delicate look. This fade is not varied according to any hair length. You can rock it in long as well as short hair. Well, anything goes well with this type. This being a delicate hair idea, your hair shall not look awful when wearing the hair for very long and even if it has grown quite long.

  1. Razor Fade Haircut:

The razor fade haircut is also referred to as straight razor fade haircut. The name explains the type of this hairstyle itself. It uses a particular tool for tapering the hair down. It does not require any clippers and buzzers but simply the use of razor. This hair type can be prepared easily by mixing the hairdo with some other styles. It can be either slicked back or comb over or quiff or parting or even pompadour. You need not worry about the face type or shape or personality if you are planning to get this haircut because it is independent of all these factors.

  1. Tight And High Fade Haircut:

Tight and high fade haircut is one of its kind that looks really cool for gentlemen. As this sort of haircut is mostly known as military haircut and is really popular among military people, this has its own fan base. The name it received because it has too short sides of the temple that is high as well as have long top. Without a doubt, it is a flattering haircut that goes well with nay hair type and face shape.

How To Ask For A Fade Hairstyle?

So, when you want to get a fade haircut, how do you ask your barber to make you one? If you are having difficulty doing that or are clueless about it, you need to know four things first. They are listed below:

1) How high do you want to go with the fade?

You can ask this question to yourself. So, how do you want to go with the fade? It can be either low, mid, high, or even tapper. You can ask the barber for recommendation but at the end it is you who choose the length. There are different fade heights which look outstanding on different face shapes, you should consider that too. Wear any length with confidence.

2) What do you want to go for on top?

After you have defined the length of the sides, you need to pick style on the top. So, what do you want? It can be something interesting, messed up, natural, long hair, curly hair, parted hair, etc. You can pick something of your kind or again take recommendation from the barber.

3) How short do you want to go?

You can go skin fade which is completely bald or increase from 0.5 inches to even 3 inches. It is fine if you go very short because you will grow you hair quickly so it will not matter much. There is an advantage going to very short fade.

But if you are really not sure about it or if it is your first time, then stick to number 2. Getting 2 inches short fade is completely OK. Because, for newbie, it is better to start from longer than from shorter. Talk about it with your barber beforehand and see if the things are right. But it is up to you if you want to experiment on your first attempt with really short fade. Give it a go and you can learn from the experience as well.

4) Take a picture.

If you are really not sure about the length, top style, fade length, and anything related to the hair but want to wear something that you have just seen, why not carry the picture instead? A picture will do everything that you have been unable to do. This makes sure you are away from hazard and do not even have to tell the barber anything regarding what style you are up to. You can pick anything and also ask for recommendation from barber about the hair you have picked.

Image Gallery

This section consists of images of the fade haircut. There are several unique images in this article. None of them are identical, well, two fade haircuts can never be identical anyways. As we know, pictures speaks more than words, so this section is to describe what the several options inside fade haircut look like. These options can be with varying fade length or top hair idea.

These pictures are of models, beauty bloggers, celebrities, and commoners. So, pick something that matches your face shape as well as your personality and get it done from your local barber!

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To conclude, fade haircut does not have a limited boundary. This is the reason behind its popularity. It is not just loved by a region but by the entire world. Not just meeting or formal, it goes quite well with informal and casual looks too. Started its journey from military, then ended up to a barber shop, this sensational haircut is a man’s best friend right now. Every man be it of a small age or big is tempting to wear it.

Getting a fade haircut is not very easy though. One has to have enough idea of what they really want. One should pick something right for them then be able to find a perfect barbershop, then be able to tell their barber what really is cooking in your mind, and get it. There are different lengths of fades starting from skin fade that is zero to three inches, so make a wise decision.

Well, this article provides every detail regarding fade haircut. Not just some basic information but it has answered to most of the frequently asked questions over Internet. One can go through several pictures in the article and even take the picture to their barber to get the ditto haircut.

Did you make it to here? If yes, congratulations! You have reached to the bottom. Was the content really helpful? If yes, now it is time for you to pass it to someone who is very much into men hairstyles.

Have a nice time getting fade haircut!

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