54 Egyptian Tattoos That Will Give You A Bold Look!

Tribal designs usually are very well-known among the mass and also in the tattoo art industry the idea of the Egyptian Tats is just getting viral. In case you check out all Egyptian Tattoos, then you will have the feeling of mystery within it which tends to make it extremely interesting to tattoo wearers.

To deal with the requirement of the Egyptian Tats, the artists around this field usually are concentrating more on finding more stylish and attractive Egyptian models. Egypt alone is the destination which usually is rich in mysteries and also you can notice the genuine reflection of this in the models having the origin from lands of the Pyramids. All these tats look actually cool and funky and also can readily draw the interest of the crowds to the wearers.

The tattoo choice should be done simply after knowing the meaning that it actually brings or it might represent the personality in the wrong way. For making the investigation of excellent models effortless for you right here we provide the catalog of 54 Greatest Egyptian Tattoos intended for Women and men, which all of you would surely love getting crafted on the body without getting any second thought regarding any other models. Here’s a short video for you! Check out this post also “66 Awesome Sunflower Tattoo Ideas That Can Make You Love!

The Symbolism And Meaning Of The Egyptian Tattoos!

The Egyptian tattoos might carry several significances based on the images that they contain. Listed here a few of most favorite among the tattoo admirers of Egyptian tattoo models:

  • Eye of the Horus or even eye of the Ra tattoo indicates protection
  • Hieroglyphs each along with meaning
  • Ankh cross style represents wisdom and eternal life
  • God of the dead Anubis
  • Bennu Phoenix of Egypt indicates resurrection
  • The Scarab beetle tat symbolizes creation and renewal
  • Isis was known as goddess of motherhood, marriage, protection
  • Pharaoh tattoo just as the portrayal of leadership and power
  • Queen Nefertiti comes with feminine progress and power
  • Tattoo King Tut denotes thirst and power for pleasure
  • The Mummy tattoo signifies beliefs in life hereafter

You may wish to add a few complementing designs and details for increasing symbolism or even to make the tattoo look a lot better. Listed here a few options just for you:

  • The moon and the sun
  • Palms, dunes, sand
  • Starry night sky
  • Tribal or Floral patterns, and so on


The Egyptian tats have a prolonged history which dates back more than 3,000 years back to the time of Old Testament. The tattoos had been mostly used by women, although most in Egyptian society question the fact. Egyptians had more than 100 designs that are far beyond what other age-old cultures had.

Besides their rich history of the tattoo culture, the Ancient Egyptian tradition has served just as an inspiration for tattoos art for a long time. Most go on admiring their spirituality, ingenuity and superior nature of their own time.

The conventional reasons for the tattooing throughout the culture of ancient Egyptians incorporated the following:

  • An everlasting elegance for best of luck, one which cannot be lost
  • Provide medical protection and magical powers
  • Be an action of tribute or sacrifice to any deity
  • Getting an association with Divine

A powerful connection existed in between the divine powers and tattoos worn. Excavations were done as well as study contacted point out that almost all the designs discovered had been intrinsically linked to the religion. In particular, mummies of the 1300 BC had been sported with symbol of the Neith – who is a female deity. In addition to they were definitely the only tat symbols for male bearers.

The Characteristics Of The Egyptian Tattoos!

Firstly, you need to give enough thought to the future tattoo since it is going to stick to you forever. Perfect tattoo must have a beautiful and interesting design and also reflect the personality. The Egyptian tattoos include every necessary feature to be referred to as universal for women and men both.

You will find numerous models in color and also in white and black. The Bigger images ought to be placed just on sleeves, thigh, back, and also the side. More compact inks look perfectly on calf, neck, wrist, shoulder etc. In case to focus on styles, switch on your mind because the Egyptian tattoos could be executed in several styles like:

  • Realism, Hyper-realism or 3D
  • Geometric or Graphic style
  • New School, Old School or Traditional
  • Linework or Dotwork

54 Breathtaking Egyptian Tattoos!

  1. Astounding Egyptian 3d Tut King Mask Tattoo Design:

Since the pharaohs were thought to be gods on the earth who also possessed plenipotentiary power just over everyone and everything, the tats with the Pharaoh image, mask-like of King Tut in such cases, denote leadership and power.

  1. Colorful, Cool Chest Egyptian Tattoo Design:

Saturated in comic and color -like the New School tattoo on chest with pharaoh and mummy and Anubis images is just celebrating mysterious tradition of the ancient Egypt with all its elegance.

  1. Radiant In Color Tattoo Design:

As custom work, generally this incredible shoulder tattoo exhibits lots of ancient Egyptian things such as the Ra (supreme god), the sun, the Ankh and pyramids illustrated as the hawk.

  1. Egyptian Cute Cartoonish Cat Tattoo Design:

Cats, especially black ones, had been sacred animals near the ancient Egyptians. Moreover, it was deemed that cat represented goddess of the moon Bastet. Well, this Egyptian cartoon-like cat tattoo on calf is really awesome!

  1. Awesome Egyptian Doggy Tattoo Design:

We believe that the tattoo owner made a decision to combine 2 of his particular passions: interest in the Egyptian culture and his dearest dog pet. Consequently, tattoo of the French bulldog as the pharaoh had been created.

  1. Beauteous Egyptian Empress On Back Tattoo Design:

This stunning various colored back tattoo uncovers beauty of the Ma’at (goddess of Justice for ancient Egyptian) who is resting on the scale pan along with widespread wings.

  1. Colorful And Vivid Sobek Egyptian God Tattoo Design:

Sobek was Egyptian lord of crocodiles and Nile, therefore, he was pictured with crocodile head. This was believed that he alone created this world and also made the river Nile out of his sweat. Executed in the Traditional this specific Sobek tattoo is visually stunning!

  1. Gray And Black Egyptian Realistic Tattoo Design:

We especially like the gray and black realism style in the female pharaoh tat piece. Although there’s a lot more behind the ink, the particular visual image tends to make us love it continuously. Neat tattoo!

  1. Egyptian Neo-Traditional Art On Thigh Tattoo Design:

Encouraged by dog-headed Egyptian god of the dead Anubis this specific Neo-Traditional tat is incredible. In contrast to Egyptian frescos exhibiting side view as well as profile view together, the particular thigh tattoo represents Anubis looking aggressively at you.

  1. Detailed Egyptian Horus God Tattoo Design:

This charming tattoo signifies Horus, Egyptian sky god that generally took a shape of falcon. Portrayed with Eye of the Horus and also Ankh cross, the Horus tattoo usually celebrates the culture of ancient Egypt.

11. Black Trendy Egyptian Tattoo Design:

Anubis is nearly the most familiar Egyptian tattoo model. Contained black bold outlines and also “soft-dark” shading, this specific “dog-headed” god of dead tat is an excellent one to have inked with!

  1. Hyper-Realistic Art On The Foot Egyptian Tattoo Design:

The amazingly lifelike image of Pharaoh “Tut” is inked on calf. Prevailing black dark and dye shading create a few mysterious appearances which take the breath away!

  1. Various Colored Egyptian Scarab On Neck Tattoo Design:

Incredibly colorful and vibrant this specific nape scarab tat is one among our most favorite. The “scarab-beetle” was the sacral insect near ancient Egyptians. Many people assumed that scarab rolled dung ball as god “Khepri” moved sun around the sky.

  1. Egyptian Dream-Like Watercolor Tattoo Design:

Water-color tattoo having triangle elements, one can notice in this image is done honoring one among the popular Egyptian Pharaohs, Tutankhamen who had been worshiped as God throughout his existence and life hereafter.

  1. Egyptian Dotwork On Wrist Tattoo Design:

If you happen to be a genuine aficionado of the ancient Egypt plus you try to find an exclusive tattoo design, look into this amazing Dotwork Anubis having eye of the Horus tattoo which signifies protection.

  1. Marvelous Egyptian Anubis And Horus Tattoo Design:

The excellent combination of the powerful symbols is taken from the Egyptian mythology plus embodied in the tattoo. Well, the ink signifies Anubis and Horus connected by Ankh cross that breathes eternal life right into the wearer’s skin.

  1. Egyptian Sketch-Like Silhouette Tattoo Design:

Performed with black bold color and also sophisticated interweaving of the lines this specific sketch-like thigh tattoo of Anubis is particularly refined and beautiful.

  1. Egyptian Sacred Beetle Tattoo Design:

If you are looking for any positive tattoo then give this amazing winged “scarab-beetle” an attempt. The “dung-beetle” symbolizes rebirth since this was regarded as one that rolled our sun around the sky. In addition to Ankh cross, this specific tattoo protects its wearer.

  1. Noticeable Little Ring Finger Egyptian Tattoo Design:

This tattoo on ring finger small in size but actually softly shaded and well lined offers a quite practical image of world-renowned pharaoh Tutankhamen, certainly, in case to be far more accurate, his funerary “mask-image”.

  1. Incredible Egyptian Ra God Tattoo Design:

Without having bright colors, however, the tattoo is neat looking. The very first thing which catches our eye is the nice combination of Eye of the Horus and falcon-headed Ra (god creator) tattoo.

  1. Colorific Egyptian Sarcophagus And Writing Tattoo Design:

Getting inked along with the nice multi-colored “Tutankhamen Sarcophagus” tattoo furnished with the Egyptian writings might be an original approach of perpetuating legacy of the ancient Egypt, generally one among the most mysterious and interesting cultures in the entire history of humanity.

  1. Phenomenal Tat Of Isis With The Wings – Egyptian Deity:

Tattooed in white and black and also well-set on inner forearm the tat featuring Isis (Egyptian goddess) with spread wings of bird and also headdress that is throne-like is gorgeous.

  1. Weird But Stunning Tribal Egyptian Tattoo Design:

Samoan tribal designs along with the tribal “scarab-beetle” look amazingly of course, although you must be quite cautious with this type of tattooing, however. Not that this is completely no-no, yet Samoan people usually are instead jealous of the tattoo culture.

  1. Forearm Egyptian Themed Tattoo Design:

The multi-colored Egyptian tattoo on forearm shows an uncommon deity duo presenting Seth, god of Sekhmet and violence, the powerful goddess of fire, desert, and war. Sekhmet is pictured with lioness’ head and sun disk, Seth has the head of a non-recognized animal though.

  1. Egyptian Dotwork Tattoo For Ladies:

We truly like the concept of light “Dotwork” shoulder tat depicting Mut (an Egyptian goddess) with vulture headdress exactly who represents love and motherhood. Looks wonderful!

  1. Lovely Egyptian Tattoo Just For Ladies:

Pink-cheeked elegance must be “Cleopatra” whose Neo-Traditional symbol tattoo finds the place on thigh. We want to select her “eye-of-Horus” makeup ingredient which isn’t very apparent but quite suggestive.

  1. Light Sleeve Egyptian Tattoo:

Ancient Egypt prompted this wonderful gray and black full sleeve which contains pictures of Horus the falcon god and also his eye, scarab beetle, Queen Nefertiti, King Tit “death mask”, and also pharaohs impress together with its practical fulfillment.

  1. The Magnificent Egyptian Gods & Sun “Full-Sleeve” Tattoo Design:

This spectacular full sleeve shows Egyptian gods which look like personalities from any comic’s book. Usually, the well outlined, highly detailed, and masterly shaded tattoo with Anubis, Horus and Bastet images happen to be perfectly accompanied by the large sun disk that was even sacred to the Egyptians.

  1. Egyptian Shoulder Style Tattoo Design:

Egypt prompted this amazing colorful shoulder tat contains many unique components among them are usually jackal-headed Anubis, eye of the palms, pyramids, Horus and also Pharaoh Sarcophagus along with his all wealth.

  1. Amazing Half-Sleeve Egyptian Sphinx Tattoo Design:

Sphinx is definitely the massive stone statue which is meant to protect the pyramid tombs connected with great pharaohs. Sphinx alone can be quite cool idea just for the tattoo because of its body with a lion and also human head.

  1. Egyptian Creative Shoulder Tattoo Design:

People who thirst for wealth and pleasure might be fascinated in tattooing from one among the most well-known figures among the Egyptian pharaohs, King Tutankhamen. In addition to the “Ankh cross”, it produces beauteous tat.

  1. Black Egyptian Queen Tattoo Design:

Here is another beautiful tattoo illustration of Nefertiti boldly bust outlined and shaded darkly. We love just how a tattoo artist has decorated ink with lovely florets.

  1. Egyptian Beauteous Queen Nefertiti Tat Design:

The tattoo featuring the renowned bust of Queen Nefertiti is pretty admirable by enthusiasts of Egyptian history. This spectacular Neo-Traditional tat piece shows Nefertiti with all of her magnificence.

  1. Awesome Egyptian Pyramid Tat Design:

This impressive calf tat composition which includes Ankh cross, the pyramids during sunset, Egyptian hieroglyphs in addition to dogs-guardians is done with the rope which encircles the tat image.

  1. Egyptian Super Colored Princes’s Tat Design:

In case you are trying to find something trendy, then get inked along with the Neo-Standard Egyptian queen tat. Having bold outlines, soft shading and extreme color palette this specific half-sleeve appears pretty incredible!

  1. Amazing Egyptian Pharaoh Tat Design:

Sepia-colored genuine image of the King Tut along with the pyramids and also night sky brimming with bright stars happens to be masterly portrayed on half-sleeve indeed.

  1. Egyptian Royal Queen And King Tattoo Design:

The queens and kings of the ancient Egypt had been thought as real gods on the earth. Gray and Black tattoos of queen Nefertiti and King Tut superbly depicted on chest are linked by the image of the eternal life “Ankh.

  1. Egyptian Culture Influenced Sketch-Like Tat Design:

This Nefertiti sketch-like portrait tat on half-sleeve having blue and pale orange colors and also the clear outlines inspires and overwhelms with its elegance.

  1. Egyptian Black Hieroglyphics Ankle Tat Design:

It was assumed that Horus (eagle-headed) god of the sky had sacrificed his own eye in the battle. Usually, eye of the Horus grew to become a symbol of protection and is applied broadly in tattooing.

  1. Neo-Traditional Colorful Egyptian Hand Tat Design:

However, we love just how a tattoo expert has played along with the colors in Anubis tattoo. God-protector from underworld is pictured boldly roaring crowned together with golden scarab.

  1. Egyptian Breathtaking Gods Chest Tat Design:

Here, this stunning gray and black tattoo masterpiece displays 2 the most potent gods in the Egyptian pantheon – Anubis and Ra. the moon and the sun are tattooed for denoting the harmony in between opposites.

  1. Egyptian Matching Goddesses Tattoo Designs:

The two goddesses of Egypt Bastet with cat head as well as Tefnut with the lioness head each having sexy woman bodies are pictured single-colored just on both the forearms.

  1. The Exceptional Egyptian Custom Eye Tattoo Design:

You will find many factors for going insane following mythology of the ancient Egypt. One among them is symbolism. It would appear that this is a normal eye tat, yet it symbolizes Ra (sun god) and also means protection.

  1. Egyptian “Ankh-Cross” Tattoo Design:

Egyptian cross additionally known as Ankh is especially tattooed on forearm having a sacral “scarab-beetle” on top. Symbolizing protection and eternal life this amazing tattoo fits everybody.

  1. Symbolic Chest Egyptian Tattoo Design:

It was considered that you might enter afterlife only when your heart had been as light like a feather. Once again to do far more great deeds, the individual got inked along with this specific chest tattoo which shows the method of weighting simply by Ma’at, goddess of Justice.

  1. Egyptian Whimsical Cat Tat Design:

In regards to quaintness of pictures, nothing works greater than animals having human face attributes. This Egyptian cartoonish cat forearm tat looks quite interesting and unusual.

  1. Spectacular Egyptian Bird Tat Design:

Horus was the Egyptian sky god and was frequently depicted as an eagle or even the hawk. This wonderful tattoo composition additionally shows Eye of the Ra or Horus that is the symbol of security.

  1. Enormous Back Egyptian Tattoo Design:

Anubis was imagined to resolve souls who died. In addition to Ankh cross, Anubis tattoo happens to be placed on back that is the best spot since Anubis would watch over as well as protect its bearer.

  1. Egyptian Vivid In Color Art Tattoo Design:

Shown in Conventional this half-sleeve of Egypt is vibrant in color plus beautifully fashioned. We can notice a captivating girl as Anubis having scarab beetle beneath her face.

  1. Interesting White And Black Egyptian Arm Tat Design:

Merely two pictures of Queen Nefertiti in full face and profile had been superimposed to produce a special forearm tattoo. Here, we acknowledge that both embodiment and its idea as the tattoo are exceptional.

  1. Egyptian Super Cool Forearm Tat Design:

This forearm luxurious tattoo revealing a gorgeous girl that puts on “Tut” Pharaoh mask happens to be truly outstanding. The predominant gold color remarks on leadership and royalty symbolism.

  1. Gorgeous Cleopatra Tattoo Design:

Cleopatra was the female pharaoh from Egypt and also one among the most popular women in the history. Well, her mysteriously lovely portraits with jewelry have become pretty popular style in tattooing.

  1. Superb Anubis Egyptian God Tattoo Design:

God of dead, Anubis having human body and dog head is usually tattooed in shade against background of road and also starry night sky. Truly a spectacular piece!

  1. Ancient Egyptian Unusual Back Tattoo Design:

Done in black bold with intensive shading this specific half UFO- half bird tattoo may be representation of a few people thinking that the ancient Egyptians had been aliens.


To conclude, the Egyptian tattoos are just amazing to get. You can choose the right one from the list above. Such tattoo ideas will blow your mind and give you a spectacular look. Thanks for your time. If you enjoyed, then make sure to share your opinions about the tattoos with us in the comment box below. Also, share this post on social media.

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