99 Unbelievable Cat Tattoos That Will Amaze You!

Cat tattoos are one of the most popular animal tattoos. They are a center of attraction of especially teens and youths. In this article, we shall discuss the latest designs of cat tattoos for different kinds of personalities. There are specific ideas and hidden meanings to each type that you might be unaware of. Get ready to make yourself full of knowledge on the cat tats.

Why Cat Tattoos?

There are some reasons why a person should get a tattoo. Several animals are equally capable of indicating particular symbolic meanings in the lives of human beings, but why cats? The answer is quite simple. How many types of animals do we pet? And, out of them, which is the most popular one? Without a doubt, the answer is cats & dogs. In some cases, hamsters, rats, birds, etc. are also petted. But the popularity of a cat in terms of petting is at a different level.

Some people treat their pet cats as their family members. The bond between their cats and themselves is unique. They sometimes treat their cats like their kids and, in some cases, like friends. Therefore, there are all the emotions and attachments with the cats that they feel like getting the tattoo. But it does not signify that a person without a pet cat does not get to wear the cat tattoos. Some people do not pet cats and still getting the tattoo. Do all the people wearing tiger tattoos have the tiger as pets at home? Not, right? That’s the point with the cat tats too.

People who resemble themselves as cats or match their habits with them can also get it. Moreover, there are tremendous meanings of cats, and their tattoos are preferred for several such purposes.


What are the meanings of cat tattoos?

There is not a list of merely all the meanings of a cat tattoo. The implications and definitions can vary depending upon the individual wearing it. It makes infinite meaning of cat tats. Sometimes a cat can be observed as a human figure, while others can take it like a pure feline that can be petted. But this is just a surface thing. If we turn the pages of our history, we can find various meanings deep and explain a lot to you.

Cats are regarded as the mystical pets in our mythologies and religions. They are also linked with witchcraft and magic. Sometimes, they are also part of black magic. The cats are of different types. You might consider all the cats as same, but they hold different meanings. Different meanings are depending upon the kind of cats itself. Some bring luck, good fortune, positivity, happiness, etc. while some can be the sign of bad luck and bad fortune at the same time.

In Scandinavian religion, the cat is considered as the symbol of fertility as well as love. Cat tattoo was drawn by a few women in jail to declare their liberty from inside the bars if we turn the pages of history. Sometimes a cat tattoo can be the symbol of attachment and affection. It is the result of petting them and treating them as our family members in our homes. Even cats treat the owners as their own and can express affection and love through their various activities.

If we peek into Egyptian history, we can find how the cats have long symbolized safety, they have been assisting man, and means agility and strength in European countries. It was the right side. If we also consider the wrong side, it was linked with Satan in the mid-age. Primarily, black cats in France also was associated with evil or misfortune.


What are the different ideas relating to cat tats?

Our stereotype belief makes us think there are few cat tats ideas only. But there are more than you can imagine. The tattoo ideas vary depending on your religion, cultural belief, historical norms, spiritual beliefs, scientific researches, individual choices, etc.

The tat options are numerous, and so are the designs. Each design has its impression and will make you have a better time having it. If you are thinking the ideas relating to cat tattoos are limited, you are wrong. After finding all the below-mentioned ideas and image galleries, you shall be confused about picking one out of all these countless ideas. Choose one that matches your personality.

Tribal Cat Tattoos:

Tribal tattoos are famous worldwide, and they carry a lot of historical meanings. There are several designs in tribal tattoos. Considering animals, some animals are also part of tribal tattoos. Among them, cats are viral. The cats in tribal tattoos are not ordinary ones. Their prints vary and also have some other symbols encrypted along with them. Tribal tattoos have always used cats as one of their essential parts. Get a tribal tattoo with a cat, and add other designs to make it more beautiful and meaningful.

Cat Face:

It is not a compulsion that you have to wear an entire tattoo of a cat’s body. What is more popular is the face of the cat. Especially the eyes and ears of the face are the most beautiful and meaningful parts of a cat. These will cover the entire thing. If you want to make a cat but do not want to be very specific, make the cat eyes or ears or whiskers or full face, this is also a fantastic way to get a cat tattoo.

Cat Paws:

Getting cat paws have become a trend among cat lovers. People specially make a mold of their pet cat and get it inked in their memory or tribute of the love and affection they receive from them. You need not have your cat to do this. Sometimes you can add a cat paw tattoo. It shows your love towards cats or even animals as a whole. You can create tiny cat paw prints forming a route to your heart, starting from your chest or something similar.

Black Kitty:

The black kitty art has a stable connection with Paganism. If you have knowledge of it and you are confident about it, this is your tattoo. This kind of symbol represents femininity, the hidden power, mysterious ability, hidden knowledge, etc.

3D kitty:

The 3D effect adds charm to the tattoo. It gives a third dimension to an image. The cat will be seemed like jumping or in height or something like that. Adding a 3D effect will make your tattoo two times more relaxed. With this effect, you will like to see it more often yourself. Though the price will be a little higher, it is worth it.

Multiple Cats:

One cat is a good idea. But more than one is a better idea. If you are planning to make details, or add a considerable cat tattoo, one is quite perfect. But if you want to wear a small print, you can add more than one. , adding multiple size paw prints can also resemble more than one cat. In this way, there are several ideas to represent the idea of inking more than one cat in a tattoo.


What are the procedures of getting a cat tattoo?

One can get the cat tattoo without much of a guideline. But the result can sometimes be devastating. There are specific steps in this section that will guide you well before and during the tattoo process. Just follow then, and do not skip a single step!

Step 1:

The first and foremost thing is asking yourself a fundamental question: “Do you want something like cat tat?” If the answer to this question is yes from your bottom of the heart, you can now proceed forward.

Step 2:

The second step is finding out the best type of cat tattoo for you. You see, there are billions of ideas. Each symbol is unique, and even a tiny modification can make it a completely new masterpiece. So, it would be best if you did a lot of research. You can, of course, pick any random cat tattoo. If somebody asks you the objective or meaning behind getting that tattoo, you should be able to explain that. After getting one tattoo, it is evident for people to question it, again and again.

Step 3:

After you have found your meaningful cat tattoo, decide its size. The size can create a huge impact. You can make it small, medium, or large. Also, if you want to add colors, effect like 3D, add details, etc. you need to fix that too. Please make it a complete package ready to deliver.

Step 4:

Now you need to decide the part of your body where the tat would look perfect. Firstly, the size has already determined the spot or has filtered the parts already, and now you need to pick among the remaining. If you want it to be easily visible, wear it in your arm, neck, ankle, wrist, or even face. If you want it to be hidden mostly, wear it on your belly, waist, thighs, back, chest, or even your buttocks. You can make an appropriate choice in this way and not regret later on or complain about the position.

Step 5:

Now that you have found a perfect tattoo, effects, and also the positioning of it in your body, it is time you find yourself an ideal tattoo studio. An ideal tattoo studio has to have easy access, well maintained hygiene, experienced artist, appropriate tattoo cost, sterilized needle, and excellent quality ink. If this is not your first time, you can have the tattoo even in the same studio if the result was well. You can find a lot of information on the Internet too. It is better to visit all the studios in your locality and make a decent choice after that. An experienced tattoo artist will be determined through his past works. You can also take feedback from his previous clients.

Step 6:

After finding yourself a perfect artist, you can discuss once again about your choice. The artists are well experienced, and they can make some modification depending upon your choice only. It will help you be more confident about what tattoo you are getting. Also, this will help you have a better idea on the same topic.

Step 7:

Now you need the appointment. Pick a date when you have no pressure, work stress, on the day before and after the big day. You need not rush into things like tattooing because it is a forever thing. Pick the date when you are completely free.

Step 8:

Hydrate yourself well. Do not consume alcoholic products a day before the big day. It is also recommended to avoid smoking the previous night. It will help you to be in full consciousness. Moreover, you will be active and more used to the pain the very day.

Step 9:

Try to make yourself familiar with the pain. It would be stupid to suggest someone not to feel the pain. But at least you can adjust and adapt to the pain realizing it to be a short term pain but forever pleasure.


How to keep the tattoos infection free?

Some people believe their responsibilities are over after getting the tattoo. But, the duties begin from the very day. It would be best if you keep certain things in mind. Else, you might get infections. The tiny or minor infections can lead even to cancer. Precaution is better than cure. Therefore follow the following tips for a sound after-care of tattoo:

  • Make your tattoo free from any contamination.
  • Avoid all types of direct and indirect contacts.
  • Do not rub or itch the region, even with your clothes.
  • If possible, cover the area with a band-aid. It will help the area be free from indirect contamination too.
  • After a few days, you can clean the part with the soap with the least fragrance.
  • Do not use public swimming pools or still avoid such contamination.
  • In case of severe itching or burning sensation, visit your tattoo artist or your doctor!

What is the average cost of getting a cat tattoo?

It is not a valid question, as it has no specification. The cat tattoo does not specify anything. In fact, with such the least information, one can never predict the average cost. You need to determine the size of the tattoo, colors used, a city where the studio is available effects that are added, with you, you are getting the tattooing done, and so on.

If you are getting a medium-sized tattoo not very big, in a popular medium place with single color use, you can get it done in $40 to $80 per hour.

The price is charged based on the hours it takes to finish it. If the tattoo is large or it has a lot of details, numerous colors, a lot of effects, etc. the price will undoubtedly be high because the hours to complete it will be high too.

The price again depends on the quality of ink being used. If the ink is of good quality, the cost can be higher and vice versa. Moreover, the price also varies depending on the popularity of the artist. Those artists who ink the skin of celebs can charge you a lot while the local artists who are new and inexperienced can cost very little.

But when it comes to tattooing, one should not compromise with money. Tattoos are a lifetime thing and will stay on your skin until your skin is damaged. Therefore, it is better to save a little more, take some time, and get it from experienced hands without a hurry.


Image Gallery

This section consists of several images with varieties of cat tattoos. They are unique and the best ones collected from throughout the Internet. Go through each of them, and if you are lucky, your new tattoo might be among them! “Pictures speak where words fail.” It is a perfect example of this proverb. When words are not enough, one should look at the picture. Therefore, go through them, and make yourself more connected to cat tattoos!



Conclusion on Cat Tattoos:

In this blog, the cat tattoos ideas were discussed. Not just merely the plans, but the blog began from only the definition. The historic values are also present here. Then the blog deals with the meanings that are unique and can fascinate or surprise you. It also has a section that talks about the ideas and types of cat tattoos.

Through this article, one can be familiar with the correct guidelines on getting the tats. Moreover, one can know the precaution tips to avoid infections that can ultimately lead to cancer. The section called image gallery has a lot of images that are sorted from the Internet and are unique. They cover all the ideas and different types of cat tats.

If you liked the content, and found it informative, feel free to share it with your friends and loved ones. We would love it if you share us your feedback about the content.

Happy cat tattooing! 


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