137 Braids For Kids – What Should You Know About Kids Braiding?

Braids for kids hairstyles are trending because there are super mothers and fathers out there who want their kids to look amazing with beautiful hairdos. There are plenty of hairdo ideas for kids, but braiding is a reliable one, easy one, and amazing one! This has made braiding a most suitable hairdos for kids.

This article is all about braids for kids. There are plenty of options that you can find in this article that one can copy for their kids. Braiding is itself an amazing hairdo. But what if you get to pick several other hairdos among the braid choices? Fasten your seat belt. This article will pour you with mind blowing braid ideas for kids. Not just ideas, this article will also give some information on kids’ hair and safety tips along with some facts and information on the braids for kids.

Are Braids For Kids okay to carry out?

The kids hairstyle is a new sport for parents these days. There are so many fashionable kids out there that you will wish your kid to look alike as well. Specially, little girls can be made really cute with just a little pinch of unique hairdo. Braiding is a forever solution to amazing hairdo ideas for kids specially the little girls.

Braids are, without any doubt, okay for the kids. The braiding is itself of different varieties and one can always pick the least difficult one depending upon the choices of the kid and parents. The braids are more than okay for kids because kids cannot usually manage their hair themselves. Tying the hair into braids let the kids have burden free hair.

Moreover, adding braids to the hair makes it less messy as well. You can convert the hair of your kids into braids and feel free for entire day. Adding tiny braids from the beginning of the head can let all the tiny hairs stick firmly in position causing ease to the kid.

Similarly, the kid looks cute and the hair looks flawless along with ease of wearing the braids on the hair. One can try this on the hair of their kids if the hair is thick and supports braiding as well as the kid cooperates with that.

What are the pros and cons of braids for kids?

There are pros and cons to everything. Just like that, the pros and cons to braids for kids are also several. The pros are more than the cons when it comes to braids for kids making it an acceptable hairdo for kids. Following are thelist of pros and cons in separate sections.

Pros of Braids for Kids:

The pros of braids for kids are mentioned below:

  • It makes the hair mess free for a long period of time once it has been well done.
  • During summer or hot season, the braids will keep the entire hair on a place making it less hot to the kids.
  • The braids make the hair looks amazing and it one of the ways to make the kid look instantly pretty!
  • There are varieties of braiding options letting the hairdo match with different dresses.
  • It makes the kid able to play sport or do other things without been distracted by hair strands.

Cons of Braids for Kids:

Following are the list of cons for braids for kids:

  • Kids might not cooperate you to get the braids because it requires little time.
  • It might be painful to the kids if you do not get it done right or make the braids tight.
  • The kid might untie the braids and make a mess because kids are playful in nature and can do anything with their hair.
  • If the braids are too tight, there can be reduced hairline and can end up in extreme pain and sometimes partial baldness too.
  • Braids can make the hair little curly and in long term the hair can be curly permanently.

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What are different ideas with braiding for kids?

There are plenty of ideas on braiding specially for kids. The braiding usually does not vary according to age group making most of the braid ideas matching with all age group. But when the braiding is categorized for kids, the ideas can be cuter, more specifically pretty and lovable!

Out of the hundreds of ideas possible with braiding, following are some of them mentioned. Find out something perfect for your kid!

Criss-Cross Braids:

Criss-cross braiding might sound complex but once you figure out how it is done, you become used its complexity. Look at the picture below. It has amazing 3 x 3 braids criss-crossed and tied into ponytails. The use of floral rubber band in the pony tail has made it eve cuter. This hairdo can be a party wear hairdo or even everyday school hairdo if you have enough time for preparing it. This is a tricky hairdo and is little difficult than the regular braids. It will not hurt your kid and the kid is going to love it too. The view is better from the back rather than from the font. By its name it is clear as you can see a cross formed by braids.

Curvy Multiple Braids:

The curvy multiple braids will be unique every time you get it on someone. This is the feature about this hairdo. You will simply have to make partitions on the hair of your kid and convert each hair section into a braid. Look at the picture below. This little girl has four braids on her hair. The braids are elegant and have not left any strand remaining which has made a complete look out of her. You can try this to your kid for her annual function or evenon her regular school uniform.

Braid & Bun:

How thick is the hair of your little girl? If she has a thick hair and you are tired of fixing the hair with different hairstyles and fed up of not getting a perfect one, then braid and bun is the ultimate solution. Look at the picture below. The little girl has a thick and long hair which has been well braided into a single braid first and then fixed up into a bun that looks super huge and amazing. This is totally a party wear! But it is easy enough to even make it on everyday basis. Apply cute shimmers and shines to make it look even fabulous. You little girl will have a party wear look along with a pinch of royalty.

Braids into Half Bun:

Braids into half bun is actually more of a sporty look for your little girl instead of something to get rid of messy hair. You can look at the picture below and see how perfect the half bun looks. Wearing multiple braids before half bun lets all the hair even the baby hairs to stick on head and avoid messy hair. This look is gorgeous and unique. You little girl will look like a rock star with this hairdo.

One Sided Braids:

In the picture below, you see a little girl with only one sided braids. The one sided braids include multiple braiding only on one side. This is an amazing idea to style your kid’s hair. You can try it on your kids on special occasions rather on every day basis because it is little time consuming and might cause pain to your young one if you make her wear it everyday. You can be creative and add tiny bids or accessories to make the hair look even cooler along with braids.

Single Braid:

Single braid can be covering entire hair or simply cover some strands of hair. It is awesome both way. You can look at the picture below and figure out what the braiding of few strands mean and what it looks like. This is more like a fancy hairdo and looks occasionally good. You can make your pretty young baby girl look prettier with this hairdo. Give it a try when she is going on a birthday party or another shimmery event like that!

How to keep kids’ braiding safe?

Most parents think the braids for kids is not safe. There are surely some reasons to think like that. What makes the parents worried is the weakness of the scalp of the young ones. Kids have weaker scalp and also sensitive hair. The first few hairs unless shaved are really weak and thin as well. Some kids are really lucky if their first hair is thick and strong. Moreover, kids are not as resistant to pain as adults. That’s why even the slightest pain to kids will be a big deal!

Moreover, if the braid is too tight, there can be extreme level of pain. The tight braids can also cause reduction in hairline which is generally seen on adults only. Even there is a chance of baldness to kids because of extreme tight hair which the kids might not realize and even parent not realize earlier and only find out once it is too late.

But braiding is safe if it is done with complete guidance. One can make loose braids if one is not sure how painful it might get. You can ask your child if she is fine with the braiding you are making, and if it is even causing a slight pain, you can loosen it.

If your child has really thin hair, you can try a braid on the bottom and avoid braiding from the scalp. You can try different styles of braiding that will tie the entire hair as well as make zero pain. It is not safe only if you do it carelessly, but as long as you are careful, the braiding is fine.

What are the possible accessories for braids for kids?

The accessories for hair includes colorful hair bands, rubber bands, bids, ribbons, flora pins, bobby pins, clipper, etc. when you are braiding your kids’ hair, you can try multiple accessories. Some of the accessories in braids are explained below.

Colorful Rubber Bands:

You can use multiple colorful rubber bands to make ponytail before making braids. Look at the picture below. The amazing hairdo has six thin ponytails tied with colorful rubber bands and then converted into two braids again tied into two ponytails with continued braids. This might look complex but is not. The use of colorful rubber bands has made the hairdo suitable for kid. This looks amazing with colorful rubber bands. One can use different sized rubber band depending upon how thick hair strand it is going to tie.

Floral Ties:

Look at the picture below. The two braids are well tied into ponytails with perfect floral ties. Floral ties act as fancy hair accessory making the hair look cuter and also ties the hair firmly in place. They are similar to rubber bands but a bit big in size. There can be different colored floras matching the dress and making the kid ready for school as well as other events!

Shines & Shimmers:

Kids love shines and shimmers, specially little girls do. You can add variety of shines and shimmers in their hairs and make them party ready. Try to add stuffs that the kids like. Little girls go all excited if they get to wear shines and shimmers on their hair along with braids. Make them pretty with all their choices. The metal clips are having shines and shimmers that can firmly stick on hair along the braid and not even cause any pain but instead hold the hair and help.

Hair Bids:

Bids are one of the hair accessories that are suitable for braids and mostly for kids. Only kids wear bids these days and when they get braids they love to wear it. Bids can be available in many colors as well and you can pick a color that matches your dress. Bids are tiny and their sole purpose is to make the hair look attractive. Adding tiny bids can also help the hair be firmly in a place but it is worn for making the hair look attractive. Bids make the braids look unique and special and adds charm to the hair!


Girls love bows no matter what age! There are several ideas on bows itself. One can wear it in the form of a hair tie, rubber band, clipper, just a band, etc. In the picture below, one can see the bow being used as hair tie. The bow can have patterns, flowers, polka dots, etc. Adding bow to an ordinary braid hair can make it gorgeous. The bow can be different for different events. Even school girls wear bows that match their uniform. Bows make little girls look flawless and cute!


Ribbons are the best hair accessories for little girls. It is also one of the most common hair accessories. Some schools also add ribbons as a part of school uniform for school girls. Parent love to add ribbons to their little girls because it looks like flowers and make the hair look attractive. Ribbons can be of different type as well. One can find a ribbon that is just to tie a hair, or a ribbon that becomes part of another hair accessory. Ribbon has its own fan base and is loved by the little girls.

Image Gallery

This section consists of few images of the kids with braids. The braids are of many types as already mentioned and it is not possible to explain about every type as well. Some of the braids cannot be worn by every kid because of the hair type, texture, length, volume, etc. Therefore, this section will feed you with the images of the kids with different varieties of braids.

Moreover, the explanation of hair braids might not be super clear. But with images, one can visualize the concept and can pick for their own kid. So, go through all the images and pick something that is suitable to your kid’s hair.



To conclude, this article is all about braids for kids. There are multiple hair ideas for people of every age group. But when it comes to kids, you need to be a little sensitive because their scalps are weak and so is their hair. This article talks about reasons why one can choose braids for kids.

The article gives multiple ideas on braiding with different styles, for different events, and for different hair type. It also contains the sections that deal about the pros and cons of braiding kids, if braiding safe or not for kids, etc.

There is a section called image gallery where one can find unique images of kids with different braids. One can pick a perfect hairdo for their kid through the image gallery section.

If you have a kid, and you are wishing to make her hair look special, then you might have already figured out a braid type for her. Now, it is a time you share this article with another parent, or someone who loves braiding!

Have a nice time braiding your little girl!

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