31 Amazing Braids For Black Women That Will Blow Your Mind!

Braids for black women is something more than just hairstyles. Black women have been making braids for more than a century, and it is merely not just a hair necessity for them. Braids are an identity of different African tribes. They are something that makes African women stand out from among other women throughout the world.

Well, there are different hairstyles women in African follow out of all braids for black women are the most popular ones. There are specific reasons behind this. Women in Africa have typical natural hair. Natural black hair is unique and not an easy one as straight or simple curly hair. The texture is unique and complex. Braids are the solution to the natural hair that is very stubborn and messy.

Braids for black women have been acting like a shield or crown. It keeps away the stress of making hairstyle every day. It is something that African women have conquered and are proud of. Braids are beautiful, bold, and add that pride on every look.

Whenever you style your hair, detangle or manipulate it, you fear breaking it. Well, this risk is maximum with braids. It is not as easy as it sounds. The procedure is strict and follows a series of complicated steps. It needs enough practice and patience.

Braids for black women act as the missing salt in a curry. Women in Africa are rather fortunate to have natural hair and carry different types of braids on them. There are more than a hundred types of unique twists with African origin, which has been famous all over the world.

This article is all about the African braids, which are popular braids for black women. Go through the entire blog and quench the thirst about braids for black women through this page.

What do you mean by braids?

In simple words, braids mean a pattern formed by multiple strands of hair. The braid can be created by merely twisting a single strand of hair and forming twisted hair, or by crossing two strands of hair and forming Fishtail braid, or crossing three strands of hair to develop various types like box braids, cornrows, French braids, etc. Well, in general, braids are hair pattern that comes in different styles and sizes.

Braids are protective and long term hair that keeps the hair firmly in a place and does not let the strands form any mess. There is this unique thing about braids, and one can add the extension and do not give any hint about it. Adding hair extension has always been a sport for Afro women. Braids for black women is a treasure because of hair extensions. Adding hair extensions not just provide long length but also adds high volume and different colors to the hair.

Braids have an African origin. There are more than hundreds of different kinds of twists currently in Africa. Women made different braids to represent their tribes, which started as African culture more than a necessity or a fashion trend. Black women are very much into cultures, and they have always made their hair a part of it. It is not just braided for black women but also black girls and kids!

For a different texture, age group, personality, region, and choice, one can get a unique braid type. There are some popular ones like goddess braids, French braids, cornrows, box braids, etc. These African braids are also popular worldwide. Some ideas of braids like dreadlocks, fishtail braids, and Dutch braids are popular everywhere globally, and Africans are proud of their initiation followed everywhere in the world.

Why are braids for black women popular more than any other woman?

Most of the black women have natural hair that includes a bit rough, voluminous, extremely curly, and thick black hair. This hair can be found on people from other regions, countries, or continents, but the majority do not have this kind of hair.

African women wear braids, and braids for black women is more popular than any other women. It is because of the hair itself. If one bears straight hair or wavy hair, one does not think about converting it into any protective hairdo and can flaunt it openly. But the case is different in the case of black women. They make braids as a necessity along with fashion or preserving culture.

The central region is also its origin. Black women are aware of different braids’ ideas because they are born in such an environment. They see others with braids, they are made braids at an early age, and they grow to take twists as part of their lives. Many women around the globe might not even have ideas on braids and might also be following some different hairdos because of the type of environment they are in or what they have seen so far.

Braids for black women are famous because their hair demands it! They need to put their stubborn hair into control, and twists are helpful for this purpose. Not just women, but even little girls and kids are seen with braided hair because of the same reason.

It has made braids popular among black women as compared to all the women around the globe.

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What is the procedure for the basic braids?

Braids for black women are popular and part of their culture too. But this is not very easy for one to get randomly. It requires time, effort, patience, and, most importantly, the guidelines. The final result of any braid might look attractive or something one should try immediately, but wait, you need to know how you get them right. There are numerous braids, and one cannot reach every kind of twist with the same procedure. Follow the steps mentioned below for a perfect guide for basic braid.


Well, you might already know there are enormous fishes in the ocean. So, which fish are you looking for? First of all, you need to decide the type of braid you want to try. Are you looking for a basic homemade-no-help braid that you can get yourself in minutes? Or are you looking for something extreme that stays forever in your head, and the only way to get them off is by shaving your head? Well, I was talking about French braids at first then about dreadlocks at second. After you have chosen the type of braid you want, you can find the procedure for that braid again.

If you are looking for extreme braids that require the help of your hairdresser, like box braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, etc. you better not take the steps yourself and visit the nearest saloon, but if you are looking for something easy like twisted braids or French braids or Fishtail braids, the below steps can be your guidelines. Follow them.


This step is not very important for simple French braids or Dutch braids, but if you are trying to get long-term protective hair like Ghana braids or Bantu Knots, you better clean your hair first. Wash it with a clarifying shampoo. Make sure you also use a conditioner. Applying conditioner will provide enough moisturizer to your hair. Add treatment cream even if you have a partially damaged hair. Now that you have cleaned it, also dry it. Let it dry naturally if you are not in a hurry. A blow dryer is not very good for every wash.


Now that your hair is all dry apply some hair lotion to add moisture. Start with parting your hair. How many braids do you prefer? Make multiple sections for the number of braids you prefer. Then divide each section into two sections for twists or fishtail braids, and for rest, make three strands. Start making tight crossings one above the other. After one full passage, you have to repeat, and that’s all! Start it from the scalp and reach till the tip of the hair. It might sound super easy, but it is not easy at all. The practice is required. But with correct guidelines, one can get it done.


What are the different types of braids for black women?

As already mentioned in this blog, there are so many types of braids with African origin. There are more than a hundred types of African braids along. It is not very practical to write about the black braids’ standards, and it is not even essential. There are some braids which are very popular and famous all over the world. Some of the popular braids with African origin or the braids for black women are mentioned below.

Goddess Braids:

Goddess braids are thicker cornrows. I shall be talking about cornrows shortly. Goddess braids are royal braids and are very popular among adult black women. They are looser and thicker ones with extreme volume when rolled up into a huge bun. They are long term protective hair and remain intact for a week or two. This hairdo makes one feel like a goddess itself because it gives a high result, and everyone will be a fan of this hairdo once you get it. Getting these braids done might require a professional hand may be in the hair salon. All the efforts to understand this are worth it!



Cornrows are one of the typical African braids that originate from the scalp and go down till the bottom of the hair. It requires three strands of thin hair, and there are always multiple cornrows in the head when one chooses this braiding idea. Cornrows, by name, give very much thought about the braids. The result is just like a row of corn or maybe rows of corn! You can add several hair accessories like rings, bids, ribbons, threads, etc. while making the braids and let that stay there unless you undo the cornrows. It stays intact for a long time and is a long term protective hairdo.

Box Braids:

Box braids are one of the long term protective hair that is similar to thin cornrows. It begins from the scalp and goes till the bottom of the hair in most cases. One can add a lot of box braids and make them intact for a long time. By name, it is clear that this braid has some shape like a box and gives fantastic texture as a result.


Havana Twisted Braids:

Havana twisted braids are the braids with simple twists. These do not follow any crossing patterns but simple twists only. One should get the perfect twisted braids with the help of the hairdresser rather than trying itself because it is also one of the protective hair ideas that remains intact for a few days to weeks. The result provides a crisp texture and looks fantastic. Women with long hair are fond of getting the twisted braids!


Dreadlocks are less of a kind of braids with African origin. They are the permanent hairdo and need extreme hairdresser support to get it. The only way to get it off is then shaving your head! It is a dangerous yet trendy hairdo worldwide. Not just women but even men get this hairdo done. Especially, dreadlocks can be seen on rappers, athletes, pirates, boxers, wrestlers, tattoo artists, piercing artists, singers, metal singers, musicians, etc. It is a beautiful yet very risky hairdo as it gains a lot of attention and damages the hair entirely. Dreadlocks are cool, and those who do not want to look after their hair get it, like Sadhus and people doing extreme meditation. It also means sacrificing hair for some good cause.

French Braids:

French braids are very simple as compared to other twists. Though they have an African origin, it became trendy in France two centuries back, and people started recognizing it as French braids. It can be prepared by using three strands crossing one another and adding hair as you go down. French braids are very easy, and the best part is to carry it out on their own. Little girls wear it to their school, and adults also make different styled French braids to their works and events. A Dutch braid is just reverse of the French braids, and the Fishtail braid is similar but with two strands of hair. They are sister braids of French braids. Even undoing the twists is a matter of seconds and makes it very popular because of less time-consuming reason.

Taking care of the black hair | Braids For Black Women

There are several ways to take care of your black hair. One should use various hair products like clarifying shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and treatment cream. For organic care, apply coconut oil or Amla oil and do light hair massage. Wash your scalp regularly, and your braids only once a week. Drink plenty of water and eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. Avoid heating devices, making tight hair braids, and using heavy hair extensions. Do not put extreme pressure on your braids, which can reduce hairline. Ensure you are pampering yourself from inside and out for proper care of your black hair or braids.


Is braiding safe for kids?

Braiding is completely safe for kids if the kids admit if they are having pain in their scalp because of the tightness. Make the braids lose and let the kids decide if they want it or not. AS they have sensitive hair and scalp, extra care is required.

Image Gallery | Braids For Black Women

This section consists of large images of braids for black women. These images are not just the images of braids for black women but also for women of every race who are fond of black hair braids. Each image is unique and is of celebrities, stars, and beauty bloggers. Go through each of them and pick something that matches your hair type, length, personality, and choice!

Conclusion | Braids For Black Women

To conclude, the braids for black women are their treasure, a matter of pride, and an identity of their ancestral tribes. This article is all about the ideas on different kinds of braids for black women. It deals with concepts like extreme dreadlocks to the lightest French braids.

The African ladies who possess natural hair are the ones who should be proud of their braiding originality, which existed even a few centuries back and has been now as a fashion trend. More than hundred of braiding ideas come from these women who have been carrying the braids so well and flaunting their natural hair despite all the responsibilities that come along.

If you made it here, congratulations, you have made it to the bottom. Did you enjoy the content? Was it effective? If yes, now it is a time for you to share it with another braid lover or someone you think should read it. If no, please pass us your feedback on the comment section.

Have a happy time braiding your hair with the African braids!

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