Best 31 Braids For Black Women –Know What Happens When You Get One!


Sporting braids is a simple way to shield your course locks from the day-to-day stress of arriving styling while safeguarding it from harsh situations of weather. They’re styles which can be achieved with braiding as well as can always be as creative and unique as a hairstylist is able to.

Braids for black women provide the versatility and variety which lets them to sport any chosen hairdo, irrespective of the length or texture of her all-natural hair. Let’s check out the best braids for black ladies in this post. Here’s a short video for you. You may enjoy this post as well “60 Best Arrow Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind & Style Easily!

31 Mind Blowing Braids For Black Women!

  1. Two-Strand Crochet Twists Hairdo:

This design seems like it had taken days and nights to braid, yet because twists are usually crocheted into the cornrows, only it takes a couple of hours to accomplish. The amazing thing regarding this design is it can easily be created and sported in similar styles like “platted-pencil” braids and they’re very simple to remove. The technique which is utilized to attach the braids intended for black ladies, if completed curly, can certainly be done to ensure that they seem to be affixed to the head, giving the impression of platted head.

  1. Box Braids Multi-Colored:

This hairdo has a younger essence while staying vibrant and sexy. The smartest thing regarding this hairdo is you can easily play with colors as well as match your clothes and accessories to the particular color of hair and truly create your individual style. Although this style is ideal for the school-aged gals who wish to add imagination and a little color on their appearance, then this style can also be appropriate for a mature woman who’s traveling to the party city such as Las Vegas as well as desire an intriguing, playful look.

  1. Slim Mohawk Micro-Braided:

This design is actually for the women with Mohawk cut that are trying to find different techniques to design the “top” of the hair. The amazing thing regarding this particular style is in case the braids tend to be small enough, then they can easily be worn out to include coverage overcut areas of the locks. The perfect thing concerning this design is it does not make a difference how long or short the on top is. On the other hand, faux locs usually are connected with similar hair utilized for the braids for African American ladies. If the natural hair of a woman can be gripped into braid, then the style is super easy to accomplish. Even better, as the hair isn’t basically locked in the dreads, this particular style isn’t permanent.

  1. Wide Mohawk Pencil-Braided:

This hairdo is for an everyday gal who is trying to find a means to safeguard her hair whenever she comes with a Mohawk cut. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it offers some versatility intended for ladies who have trimmed their tresses into Mohawk style. Once the sides start to grow, this style still can be accomplished. The hair can be easily slicked down using gel, “flat-twisted” backward or even cornrowed back in a “feeder-braid” pattern.

  1. Feed-In Straight Back Braids Hairdo:

This hairdo is actually for the city chick who loves to be special without being noticed excessively from the masses. This hairstyle is easy and quick to be accomplished and stays “fresh-looking” for two to three weeks. If the “hair” is quite short to set the preferred length but very long to set flat against head, gals who’ve made the decision to go all-natural may discover it hard to find hairdos which have braids intended for black ladies which complement their lovely face and even look attractive.

  1. Braided Crown Raised Hairdo:

This hairstyle is perfect for a lovely queen. At the same time, the braids tend to be aligned perfectly in such a way which eludes elegance and royalty in just the way an absolute black queen will accomplish. On the other hand, crown may have to be slightly touched up for maintaining the perfect and neat appearance, yet that can easily be completed at home within just minutes by using some moisturizer. Simply take the large braid down, moisturize the locks evenly, after that braid the crown again.

  1. Pinned-Up Faux Locs Pencil Sized:

This hairdo is Afrocentric yet classic as well, something challenging to accomplish at the same time. The ideal thing regarding this hairdo is that the beads and clips can be mounted on locs to be able to add extra flare devoid of overdoing it. Additionally, different color hair can be utilized to put a variety of color to locs themselves. Either way, the locs don’t need to be dull, they can easily be linked with some creativity.

  1. Bob Designed Pencil Braids Hairdo:

This hairdo is easy and simple to keep, and perfect for the church or even any traditional occasions. The ideal thing regarding this hairdo is it can certainly be sported by little gals without them appearing grown or even out of the place. On the other hand, the “short-cut” of braids maintain the tresses from falling across the shoulders and neck, keeping the tresses from getting static and begin to frizz. Also, the braids can easily be drawn up in a “short-ponytail” for further restraint, or even to add flare, a single side may be pinned at the rear of the ear.

  1. Box Braid Side-Swoop Hairdo:

This hairstyle is playful and creative, but it has a proper sense of elegance which makes this style suitable for casual wear or special occasions. The perfect thing regarding this hairdo is that twists are stiffened up at the home to freshen the style up again and again. It saves money in comparison to the upkeep of conventional braids, normally as that need you to head to the “shopping-order” to be done again.

  1. Twists Cornrow Feeder:

This elegant hairdo combines twists and braids to create a sophisticated pin-up which is guaranteed to turn a few heads. The pin-up hairdos are usually considered stylish, as they showcase the shape of face and boost the elegance of neckline. This pin-up is going to stay neat a lot longer compared to a conventional pin-up as the locks are braided and all feel braids into each other, making this more unlikely for ends of hair to begin frizzing.

11. Braids Mohawk Feeder:

This contemporary hairdo is visually attractive yet easy to sustain. This hairstyle is ideal for whenever you desire to showcase the highlights of your face yet incorporate a mild sense of grace and creativity to the particular style. Additionally, this is an excellent hairdo choice for ladies who are shifting from permed locks to natural locks and even are actually in between the stylish stages.

  1. Spiral Crochet Braid Hairdo:

This exquisite hairdo is definitely the most realistic and natural braided style which allows the most amount of creative expression and versatility. The great thing regarding this hairdo is that ladies get completely to be uninhibited while revealing themselves with exactly what is apparently their natural hair. Getting a hairstyle which gives a solid impression of becoming your genuine hair provides us the self-confidence to go with strut and be aware that we truly look flawless.

  1. Partial-Braid Extension Hairdo:

This hairdo allows ladies to showcase the consistency of hair, wavy or curly while wearing the braids which keep the tresses from getting tangled. This hairdo can be transformed by just using the rollers to alter curl pattern. Utilizing higher “perm-rod” can make a tight yet full look whereas big rollers may result in large, bouncy curls which are romantic as well as have swing. Either way, rinsing braids with the cold water after that letting them to “air-dry” will let braids to go back to a straightened condition.

  1. Platted Twist Braid Hairdo:

This hairstyle mimics the “pencil-sized” braids, still are actually “2 strand” twists. This particular hairdo is ideal for the “back-to-school” season while the teenage gals desire to appear their best as well as have their tresses taken back in the face. One warning regarding these hairstyles: they actually pull on edges of hairline and if the braid usually is applied to near to them, then this hairdo can result in “tension-alopecia”, or even balding across the edges.

  1. Long Senegalese Twist Hairdo:

This hairdo is an excellent alternative for the box braids as the style can be accomplished in a small fraction of time yet they last simply as long. Not to mention, this hairstyle is ideal for the day-to-day lady who has lots of duties but hardly any time for styling her hair. Whenever choosing this hairdo, it is recommended to place as minor stress as you can on scalp across the hairline for preventing damage and breakage from occurring.

  1. Box Braids Long Platted Hairdo:

This hairdo is ideal for any woman or girl, old or young, who desires to safeguard her hair having a style which mimics the long hair. However,, the good thing regarding this hairstyle is it provides plenty of flexibility in the styling. Beautiful, long braids are usually sassy yet simple looking. This hairstyle will get any woman ready for a “day-out” with the young ladies or even a “last-minute” party invitation without delay.

  1. Box Braids Messy Hairdo:

This hairdo simply goes to explain to you that the braids don’t need to be neat or perfect to be adorable. The excellent part about this hairstyle is it is classic and simple, but elegant and unique as well. One finest thing regarding this hairdo is that if there is snow, sleet or rain, this hairdo will stay intact and this will not require an hour in mirror to have the hairstyle back if this gets all messed up.

  1. “Short-Faux” Locs Hairdo:

This hairdo is ideal for enlightened college gal, as it talks to her bold and creative nature. This hairstyle is additionally for career lady who desires the best and modest un-contemporary look which will assist differentiate her from the colleagues she has. The amazing part about this hairstyle is the hair utilized can be purchased in various colors and lengths, therefore new hairstyles can be made easily simply by altering the locks and not style.

  1. Faux Mega-Large Locs Hairdo:

This hairdo is one particular style which is actually reserved for unique, daring and bold black woman who has the effervescent persona to match this hairdo. This hairstyle is exquisite for all those who are living a very hectic lifestyle and even are looking for an eye-catching and sassy hairstyle which requires hardly any up-keeping to sustain its’ quality with the versatility to be designed differently from a day to a further.

  1. Crown Braid Havana Hairdo:

This hairdo is the actual definition of elegance and regal, still has the simpleness of a “pin-up”. This hairdo is ideal for natural lady who has quite a difficult time styling the naturally kinky locks because there’s no wrong or right way to accomplish this hairstyle. The crown, on the other hand, is symbolic of royals by nature, plus the creativeness of utilizing the hair simply to make it’s that a lot more intriguing. It makes the hairstyle high class, precise, sleek and sexy.

  1. Shoulder-Length Box Braid Hairdo:

This hairdo is not very sassy and grown for a teenager or young girl, but it’s not very girlish for grown lady to sport either. The great thing regarding this hairdo is it can easily be accomplished within just hours and it’s not too “time-intensive” taking sown. Additionally, the style doesn’t need to be ideal to be adorable. That is why even while the hairdo ages and roots start to show the new growth, this style is not going to look totally worn out if the braids tend to be well maintained.

  1. Faux Locs Shoulder-Length Hairdo:

This hairdo has an extremely natural look and is ideal for the lady who desires to sport the dreadlocs but does not want her locks locked permanently. The technique which is utilized to generate this style can make the last product indistinguishable in between these as well as real dreadlocs. However, this style tends to call to Afrocentric lady who desires a style which embraces the fashionable essence of advanced black women.

  1. Twist Box Bun Hairdo:

This updo hairdo is regal and elegant, as it showcases the attributes of the neckline and face well. The smartest thing regarding this hairdo is that braids can easily be “touched-up” individually to refresh the appearance of this style, particularly across the edges. In an effort to include some flexibility to the hairdo, the bun also can be “un-pinned” which would let braids to hang and fall down the rear or even swooped to just one side.

  1. Faux Waist-Length Locs Hairdo:

This hairdo is unique, sassy, but classic. In case you take proper care of this hairstyle after that it can look excellent for a few months before locs seem like they must be removed. If the “hair” is very short to set the preferred length but very long to set flat against head, ladies who’ve made the decision to look natural can find it hard to find hairdos which enhance their face as well as look attractive. Not forgetting, this hairdo can be easily worn irrespective of length of the hair because there are numerous ways to recreate this hairdo.

  1. Box Braids Large Hairdo:

This hairdo mixes a “girlish” appearance with a touch of beauty. The neatest thing regarding this hairdo is it doesn’t need to be neat or perfect to be attractive, as untamed hair adds to the creativeness of the hairdo. With the box braids, ladies can grow their hair out for months, as longer as they maintain the locks moisturized as well as keep braids maintained.

  1. Havana Twists Oversized Hairdo:

This hairdo eludes Afrocentric genuineness while staying sexy. The fantastic thing regarding this hairdo is they can easily be worn out, “pinned-up”, put in ponytail and even curled with the rollers that add lots of flexibility to this hairstyle. Regardless, it is a hairdo which could be easily worn at work and fulfill the professional need of looking pro and then used on a particular date that night and stay away from a “woman-like” sense of beauty.

  1. Crochet Short Length Box Braids Hairdo:

This hairstyle is flexible and ideal for the middle-aged ladies who want flexibility but class. The grown ladies can sport this style whenever getting ready for a “twist out” hairdo. Whenever setting in twists for several days, this hairdo serves the goal of making a hairdo now and a different one later. However, some lipstick, eye shadow, head-turning earrings as well as a trendy scarf can truly add jazz to the look and make a completely new style.

  1. Jumbo Box Braid Hairdo:

This hairdo is fun, stylish and funky. The ideal factor about this hairstyle is it can easily be sported for months as well as recreated into fresh styles before hair must be redone. It is additionally the perfect hairdo for ladies who are shifting from peaceful to the natural hair yet are not pleasant undergoing the large chop. This hairdo will let them to trim the hair slowly with time while letting this to grow up to the preferred length without frizzy and dry hair days,

  1. Box Braid Crochet Bun Hairdo:

This hairdo is classic, simple yet stylish looking. The superb matter about this hairdo is how easy and fast it’s to achieve and the flexibility it provides with the ability to style this in various ways. This hairstyle is ideal for the lady who wants wavy or curly hairstyles which allow the locks to have fairly of natural look whereas protecting her all-natural tresses in braids.

  1. Crochet Havana Twists Hairdo:

This hairdo looks pretty natural, offering the thicker hair developing directly from scalp. Not to mention, this hairdo is ideal for traveling because there’s not much upkeep needed to maintain the hairdo looking elite. A few styles use the loose hair, still, this style utilizes “pre-braided” hair which is either purchased or created utilizing braiding hair just before installed. It makes the process of installation easy and fast.

  1. Box Braids Large Hairdo:

This hairdo boosts the features of face without calling a lot of attention to actual hairdo. This style is effective for casual hairdos and can easily be changed with the hint of this event suits an occasion that needs elegance. As this hairstyle can be easily worn for a few months, length is actually retained from breakage due to that can make this style excellent aware during winter months while the “cold-air” tends to make our hair brittle and dry.


No matter whether the hairstyle uses the crocheted hair, Faux Locs, Havana twist, box braids, and styles with the braids for dark-colored ladies are actually the most desired styles. They provide uniqueness which allows each lady to “re-create” her very own image whenever she makes a new hairdo.

That versatility lets ladies to be innovative and show that artistically. That’s why black ladies shop for the braided hairdos similar to the way they go shopping for shoes. Fundamentally, the hairdos chooses aren’t just for the style, they’re for woman’s manifestation of identity.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post and found the best match for you. It’s time to share your opinions with us. Use the comment box below and let’s start a conversation!



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