50 Best Box Braids That Will Make You Gorgeous Instantly!


Chic, sexy, versatile and classy all together, box braids are actually on the list of most famous options for the braided hairstyling. All these gorgeous braids are available in different size and shapes, which vary from thin to large and shorter to waist-size or perhaps longer. The box braids can be a delight to create and can easily be colored in any means you please but still look awesome. See exactly how can you cut as well as color the box braids for perfection? Continue reading to learn more. You can also check this post “30 Best Black Hairstyles To Get Right Now! Things You Need To Know


Caring For The Hair After Extracting Box Braids

The box braids tend to be cute and they are a superb long-term “protective” hairdo which is until it is time to remove them. Eliminating the “box braids” or the dreaded remove procedure is something which every “box braid” user hates, but undoubtedly has to undergo.

Without the assistance of your own BFF or even your extremely handy boyfriend, box braids removal process may take a few hours to accomplish. And after-care may take perhaps longer in case you do not have a schedule set on hand. To assist you, we are sharing few tricks and tips, including a few of the simplest way to remove box braids as well as how to look after your hair later on. Here’s a short video for you.

  1. Start From Middle Of The Hair:

For making your life somewhat easier, particularly if you are the only person removing the braids, begin from center of the hair. Eliminating braids at middle of the head lets you to easily style the hair in updo, the following day covering that center section with all the box braids. Nobody would know ever! When you are ready, continue your process of takedown.

  1. Have A Handy Moisturizing Conditioner:

When you eliminate your extensions, the hair will almost certainly feel brittle and dry. The reason behind this is, the hair is covered “long-term” and also not obtaining the daily treatment or moisture which it requires. Wash the hair with hair care technique which chocks rich in conditioning and moisturizing benefits. This particular formula is effective to add important moisture to the hair, while not feeling weighted down or heavy.

  1. Comb (With Wide-Toothed Comb) But Do Not Brush:

You need to do a favor for yourself, stay away from fine-toothed comb and keep the “hair-brush” alone, only for this occasion. Whenever you take your braids out, softly detangle the hair with wide-toothed comb just before washing. It will assist prevent tangles and knots while you properly wash the hair. Detangle locks from ends and then work your own way around your roots.

  1. Choose The Best Clarifying Shampoo:

In case you have coated the hair with a lot of product such as gel, hairspray, oil, and grease while wearing the box braids for long-term, utilizing a “clarifying” shampoo can be the ideal solution to start completely fresh.

  1. Use Deep Conditioner:

In case you utilized a “clarifying” shampoo or observe your hair seems damaged, brittle, or super dry soon after wearing the extensions, then use a hair mask or deep conditioner to restore and replenish your hair.


Best 50 Box Braids For The Lovely Ladies!

  1. Large And Impressive Braided Bun:

You can mix buns and braids for the greatest and unique hairdo. If you possess medium or thin braids, work all of them in a large easy braid and then twist this up in the big bun. You will love the result.

  1. White And Black Braids:

The contrasts are welcomed for the braids always. White or black look amazing together, but additionally combinations like silver or black or even similar tones.

  1. Box Curled Braids For Children:

Braids can be the best choice for the girls of various age groups. To put more femininity and sweetness, think about curling your tips and lower half.

  1. Green Ombre With High Pigtails:

Take a journey back to 90’s along with this particular braided hairdo that is rich in attitude. The “high” pigtails are actually back and flourishing among hairstyles again, therefore think about that when you are out of hairstyling ideas.

  1. French Braided Pigtails:

Our next concept of braiding the braids is actually through the French braided pigtails. Make use of the similar weaving approach as you might for typical “French braids” as well as work your own way right down to tips. You will see that it is even simpler with hair that is braided already.

  1. Braiding The Box Braid:

Of course, braiding the braids is undoubtedly a choice for innovative hairdos. Our first instance is this impressive larger side-braid that falls naturally on the side. Stylish, chic and graceful all at once.

  1. Box To The Cornrows:

Not to mention, you can easily combine braiding approaches for an exceptional hairstyle which few others can have. For example, mixing box braids and cornrows is a great way to have an original hairstyle which shines with magnificence.

  1. Blue Electric Braids:

It’s time to push your limitations with this amazing shade of the electric blue intended for your particular braids. It is the ideal choice for a daring girl who is not scared to reveal her personality.

  1. A-Line Bob Box Braids:

A different braided bob concept is the stylish “A-line” haircut. It begins somewhat shorter at the back as well as gradually gets longer towards the chin. Without or with braids, this hairstyle does a professional job of setting out the “shape” of the face.

  1. Bright Yellow Box Braids:

In case conventional blonde tends to bore you yet you desire an “out of the box” technique to the hair color, and then choose yellow. This is not for everybody, but people who genuinely feel this color will charm in it.

11. “Front-Side” Ponytail:

It is simple to level your ponytail up if you wish to improve your look and you possess long braids as well. All you need to perform is simply to tie the ponytail high and use the pins to take it in the front. Next, sweep your braids on the side to get a glam result.

  1. Blue Balayage Box Braids:

In case you wish to go beyond the traditional ombre, then balayage can be the color for you. This harmoniously mixes similar shades and contrasting to get an incredible result. Simply an instance is this particular blue balayage that starts from the black roots as well as falls through the shades of the “blue” to “pastel” tips.

  1. Lavender Long Hair:

Being a “base” color, the purple features a good amount of the shades which can be easily played around. From dark violet, we’ve talked about previously to this particular pastel lavender, every one of them contributes to a striking look.

  1. Attitude And Orange:

This is a hairstyle which is on the point and will go beyond the appearances. It is all about the attitude and exactly how you will rock it. As a result, a bright “hue-like” orange ought to be used with same bold approach. Sport your individuality with pride, regardless of what the vibes are.

  1. Box Braid Purple Hair:

The purple looks stunning on the braids, and it is a great idea if it is also your preferred color. A rich, deep tone of the purple is simple to complement your daily clothes. Moreover, it appears exceptional with any colors of eye, from green to the brown and much more.

  1. Box Braid Layered Bob:

Most often, braids are usually held all at a good length. Nonetheless, layered locks put dynamism and volume to your complete look, regardless of the way you design them. Whether or not you leave the hair straight down or even style this in “half-up” bun, you’ll look gorgeous.

  1. Messy Box Braids Half-Up Bun Hairdo:

For busy girls who are on the move always, all you need to perform is simply to get a “hair-tie” and then pull “top-half” of the braids in the messy bun. Also, you can easily accomplish the same having a “full” bun; however, half-up hairdos let the size of your hair to be adored in detail.

  1. Blonde Light Braids:

Usually, we notice this particular style of the braids with the dark roots, however, that does not mean it cannot look simply as glam having a universal light color. The blonde will work astonishingly for the braids, particularly if it can go well with color of the eyes.

  1. Supersize Bun:

An amazing, huge bun is probably the benefit that just a complete head of the long braids will bring. A larger bun similar to this can easily be achieved with medium or small sized braids; however, you can additionally try this out in case yours are larger.

  1. Big Box Laid-Back Braids:

Larger box braids frequently do not need any styling whatsoever to be appealing. If you possess jumbo braids, simply sweep them back and allow them to fall gently. Do not forget that real elegance is often discovered in simplicity.

  1. Medium Box Dark Turquoise Braids:

It is another instance to illustrate you the concept of a dark hair color that is not from “brown-blonde” palette. Most often, turquoise would come out to be quite a flashy color. Nonetheless, toning it straight down to the deep shade can make this wearable on an everyday basis.

  1. Half-Up Silver Top Knot:

The silver long braids look gorgeous when they are in a top half-up bun. Also, you can discover the changeover from the black roots to the silver hair. Furthermore, you can easily wear this hairstyle with different sorts of clothes, from bohemian to business informal as well as formal.

  1. Beads And Bandana:

You can certainly add accessories in abundance to the box braid hairdo. Like we stated, beads are famous, but you do not need to give up there. Just take a scarf or bandana and wrap the ponytail up to get a lift of hairstyle. For awesome contrast, pick bandana color that is the contrary of the base tones.

  1. Side-Swept Ponytail With Mid-Sized Box Braids:

Sometimes the ideal “box” braids can be neither wide nor narrow. Medium is an excellent approach to go, and also they look wonderful whenever styled in various ways. An illustration is this particular “side-swept” ponytail, softly secured with the hair tie.

  1. Asymmetrical Box Bob Braids:

The asymmetrical hairdos are a cool way to show your style even while maintaining beauty. Bobs are usually the common bases for the asymmetrical haircuts, however, be happy to try different lengths.

  1. Caramel Braids:

To get a well-balanced color, you should select something between blonde and brown. For instance, this unique shade of the caramel looks wonderful, specifically if you possess a similar complexion. Experiment with various shades from the palette if you do not get one which symbolizes you the most.

  1. Jumbo Braids With Tight Ponytail:

An extended ponytail is one more hairstyle which will not move out of trend and that can always be appropriate for almost any setting. However, not just does it maintain the hair out of the face, but also it brings an enhancement of beauty which few hairdos can. The box braids formed this way will look flawless.

  1. Box Dark Red Braids:

As much as the colors for “box-braids” go, the “dark-red” is probably the dearest choices. The elegance of this particular shade is it goes way beyond conventional earth tones devoid of being too fancy to sport in all the occasions. In case you have concerns about shades being appropriate, then “tone-down” the color one tone or two.

  1. Bob Haircut With Shorter Box Braids:

All females know how challenging this is to sustain long hair, regardless of what hairstyling you pick. Whether you desire to keep the upkeep to a minimal or you simply love playful and short hair, a box “braid-bob” is an impressive way to accomplish so.

  1. Classic Half-Down Half-Up:

Wish to keep almost everything simple and sweet but you are still in a mood for some styling? The solution is simple – half down half up. For a boho touch, leave some loose braids at the front. You’ll adore the final results.

  1. Dual Box Braids Bun With Color:

Not to mention, this “box-braid” concept has 2 main aspects that tend to be enough to make you thrilled for days: style and color. First of all, the bright “pink-color” is ideal for an outgoing and fun gal. Next, those high dual buns boost both roots and vivid shade applied for coloring.

  1. Large Ponytail:

The thin and long braids have an attractive effect while styled in a higher ponytail. Also, you can possibly place them down the back or even bring sides of ponytail at the front of the shoulders. This will look outstanding either way.

  1. Half-Up Dual Buns With Lovely Box Braids:

If you desire to mix sassy and playful, half-up dual buns are usually a delightful approach to start. No matter what color the box braids can be, they will certainly look amazing whenever styled in a fun way. In case you have the highlights, then results will be even more alluring.

  1. Black Roots With Silver Ombre:

Silver and grey hues are sexier than ever before for hairdos these days, therefore keep the thought in mind whenever choosing ombre colors intended for the braids. All these awesome tones spring beautifully from the black roots, however, you can usually go another way around to get a lovely twist.

  1. Pink And Purple Ombre Box Braid:

Ombre is definitely on the list of top styles for bringing the braids alive. If you wish to offer them a super feminine touch, think about pink and purple as a “color” combination option. At the same time, fade from the “dark-violet” roots to the cotton “candy-pink” tips.

  1. Geometric Roots:

In case you had an innovative approach while getting the braids to begin with, why not display it in public? If the scalp had been left with an incredible geometric pattern, then outline this with a “half-up” top knot, therefore, the approach can be adequately admired.

  1. Larger Box Braid Style:

The jumbo braids tend to look absolutely amazing when styled appropriately. You can easily take some of your “top” braids as well as pin them at the back, exposing your face as well as framing this nicely at the same time. This styling concept works for short and long braids as well.

  1. Blonde Platinum Box Braids:

One more option for the lighter hair is the platinum blonde. Blend in some caramel lowlights to get an even better effect, and ensure you leave the roots black therefore the braiding approach can be adored in its elegance.

  1. Honey Highlights:

The highlights can be a definite preferred among women with the box braids. Just how the “highlight” color blends with the “base-color” in braids is really special. In case you pick this style, then we recommend selecting a dark and light tone to highlight the contrast.

  1. Mild “Brown” Box Braid:

You can additionally get influenced by your complexion for the particular color of the braids. As an illustration, if you are blessed with the “mocha-latte” skin color, then you can easily get motivated by the tone and color your braids that way. Keep roots of your natural “hair-color” for a gorgeous contrast.

  1. Small Half-Up Box Braids:

The “narrow” braids are simply as elegant as the wide ones. For enhancing their impact a lot more, simply consider pulling your locks back into an elegant half down half up hairstyle. This looks even satisfying if you possess a “side-part”, therefore try this out if it is your scenario.

  1. Brown Undertones With Black:

A tiny bit of the color can easily go quite a distance for the box braid hairdo. If you do not desire to go completely ombre or balayage, you can also get some highlights or lowlights under the first “layer” of the braids. Black and brown go always well collectively for this particular style.

  1. Jumbo Sleek Box Braids:

The box braids may be thin or thick, based on your choices. If you need fewer braids however you would prefer to highlight weaving method utilized to create them, and then go for a few magnificent jumbo braids. They are stylish, sleek and fall around you adorably.

  1. Classy Bun Box Braids:

Have a “black-tie” event coming? Turn the “box braids” into an elegant updo within minutes. The true secret here is actually to wrap your braids firmly around your bun and then secure these in place using bobby pins. Not to mention, the result is undoubtedly exceptional.

  1. Half Casual Updo:

The braided hairstyle does not require to take years to create to look marvelous. For example, you can simply part the hair half down half up and then tie upper part into the messy, loose bun. It is a simple way to get uncomplicated style and showcase your attractive braids as well.

  1. Beads With Box Braids:

Beads are a few of the most in-demand accessories intended for spicing the box braids up. In many instances, simply some “gold” beads are utilized to highlight some braids but do not think twice to add much more in case it mirrors your style. Individuality should come first always when selecting hairstyles.

  1. Turbo Long Box Braid:

The longer your braids, the gorgeous the approach stands out. A fantastic aspect regarding this sort of “braids” is you do not even need to complicate hairstyling for them just to look fabulous. Simply let them naturally fall down the back for an attractive impact.

  1. Braided Half-Up Top Knot:

In terms of styling all these braids, the buns are extremely popular. Half down half up top knots, particularly, are an excellent way to highlight the “length” of the braids while staying playful.

  1. Long Bob Box Braids:

Despite the fact that most “box-braid” hairdos are with pretty long locks, these braids appear just as stunning on the shorter hair. A good example is the long bob having a number of gold beads spread at the front.

  1. Faux Locs Hairstyle:

A smooth way to have “box braids” is simply with the “faux locs” strategy. This style tends to imitate dreadlocks devoid of using a similar technique, by firmly twisting braids for classy and long locks.



In conclusion, your creativity can run freely while styling the box braids. Ultimately, there are no limitations to the imagination you can easily put into the box braided hairdo. Sooner or later you can easily wear them downward your back, other created in dual buns or much more braids. They truly look stunning in all the tones, therefore take delight in pretty shades as well as make the hairstyle you have wanted always.

Thanks a lot for your precious time. Choose your favorite one and turn some heads now! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below.







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