50 Superb Box Braids That Will Make You Fall For Your Hair!

Box braids are a combination of versatile, chic, and sexy hair all together! This braid makes it to the top in the list of most famous hairdo options. There are different sizes and shapes available in box braids making it a flexible hairdo. You can create you own sexy box braid with a little touch of your creativity. This hairdo is super awesome and looks really cool on women.

This article presents you a collection of every details about box braids and lets you enlighten about the hairdo. If you are worried about how to get the hairdo done, don’t worry, you can learn from here. This article also provides you all the information about handling this hairdo, tips to make it last longer, advantages and disadvantages of the hairdo, and so on.

This hairdo is of course not less than a magical experience. So, are you ready to find out everything about the box braids? Go through the article to find out.

What are Box Braids?

Box braids are one of the hair type including braiding of hairs. This hairdo was predominantly famous in the African countries in the beginning but now is popular even in African-American and African Diaspora culture. The hairdo is described as a boxy one with squared hair along the divided sections of hair thus making it box braids.

The box braids are undoubtedly cute hairdo that is also a protective one for a long term unless you want to remove them! Because, getting them off can be little complicated and irritating. Well, but one cannot not wear it because of the complicated removing procedure, right?

But the boxy hairdo or box braids can be prepared freely with your very own design as long as it has thick and tight braids. There are no limitation to your imagination and you can get these easily once you are comfortable with this hairdo. There are also plenty of ideas about box braiding. People define it simply as a collection of enormous braids. But this is just a false belief. There are plenty of ideas along with box braiding that can be done.

Find out everything about the box braids in the further sections.

How to get the Box Braids?

Getting box braids cannot be done alone! You will require a helping hand. You can do it in the nearest saloon with the help of the hairdresser who is a pro in braiding. If you want to do it on your own, at least get a non-professional helping hand who can help you with some tasks.

Wash your hair well, condition it, apply treatment cream, wash it again and blow-dry. You can let the hair be naturally dried to avoid heating devices like blower. But in case of urgency, use it. Once the hair has been dried, you can apply lotion or coconut oil to add strength to the hair. It also helps the hair to cooperate the braiding.

Make multiple sections on the scalp by dividing the hair with comb. Mark the strands with bands or clippers and work only with one strand at a time. Divide one section again into three sub sections and begin the braiding. You can go straight, criss-cross, or any way you like. Repeat it until the entire hair is braided into boxes! This might take few hours to complete depending upon your speed.

How to care your hair after extracting Box Braids?

Getting box braids might be little complex and boring, right? But the outcome is worth the hard work. Getting it off is a little difficult too, and this is the sad part of box braiding. If you follow the steps correctly, you might not have to struggle with box braiding though.

This section will help you to get the box braids off your hair with precision. Follow the steps for the best result:

  1. Start From Middle Of The Hair:

If you are the only person involved in removing braids off your hair, begin from the middle of the hair. Doing it from the middle will let you have a right track to undo every braids. This is simply a point that will help you do it without any confusion till the end.

  1. Have A Handy Moisturizing Conditioner:

Removing the braids also means getting the extensions off the hair. When you remove the extensions, you hair will again become thin and look less voluminous. But, along with that is also becomes dry because of all the roughness it received while being in the same place for the long time. Adding a moisturizing conditioner is the most important task after undoing the braids. The moisturizing conditioner will help you bring the smoothness back and then you can finally put a comb over your scalp for further process!

  1. Comb (With Wide-Toothed Comb) But Do Not Brush:

Now, you need to get the comb on your scalp. The comb should not be a sharp toothed one with fine teeth. You can first use your fingers to remove the super tangled hairs and then only apply comb. Combing before washing will avoid breaking and tangling of hair. With the wide toothed comb, the knots will be properly washed and removed. The removal of tangled locks will help in getting your old hair back!

  1. Choose The Best Clarifying Shampoo:

If you have the habit of using a lot of hair products like gel, hair spray, oil, grease, etc. and coat the hair with these, you will require a clarifying shampoo to remove it. If you get the best clarifying shampoo for your braided hair, you are all ready to get your original hair back!

  1. Use Deep Conditioner:

Now, apply the deep conditioner after you have washed your hair with clarifying shampoo. This will help you remove the damaged, brittle, and dry hair. Add it to make your hair smooth and restore and replenish your hair!

What makes Box Braids so popular?

Box braids are one of the popular braiding ideas. This gives a fancy and a chic look. People are going crazy about box brads because it has fine shape and is a bit extra than the regular braids. Afro women have been wearing this hairdo for a long time already and they trust this hair and this is the reason why women are accepting this hairdo.

It has been worn by not just women but also men who are into sports, boxing, rapping, singing, etc. Women wear it with different styles and bringing different modifications to the hair

Which hair type is suitable for Box Braids?

Originally, the box braids came from African countries. It came out as a part of African culture. The reason was the hair type they had. Afro-origin women have natural hair which is frizzy, out of control, and difficult to comb. If they had straight hair or less complicated hair, they would not come up with such amazing hairdo.

Started off as a necessity of women with hair problems, now is a mind blowing hair idea for people with any hair type. You need no certain type of hair to get this hairdo. It becomes easier in the straight and less tangled hair for sure but is possible in any hair with extreme complexity.

As one gets to add extension to make the short hair long, or less voluminous hair a more voluminous one, a thin hair a thick one, etc. women are going crazy about box braids.

Is extension a compulsion to get a Box Braid?

It depends on what type of hair you have, alright? If you have plenty of healthy and thick hair, your natural hair is sufficient and you need no extension. If your natural hair is thick, healthy but short, in that case you can add extension on the lower half to increase the length of the hair. But it is not a compulsion and solely depends on your choice.

If you have thin hair, really weak hair, and somewhat damaged hair, then at such condition you cannot make box braids unless you add extensions. So, in such case, there is a compulsion of adding extensions to the hair. Adding extension requires money.

You need to buy the hair strands first, then adding extension will also require extra amount by the hair dresser. Choose the best quality of hair extension if you are planning to get one. Do not add a lot of extension hair which will cause burden to your head, making the head feel heavier and sometimes cause hair fall and damage along with severe pain.

What are the advantages of getting Box Braids?

There are plenty of advantages of getting box braid. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • It makes you look hot, sexy, chic, and mind blowing. You will receive a lot of attention after you have got it. Well, people always have it in their wish list somehow so love it when they find someone with this hairdo.
  • If you have thin hair and are worried of not being able to get any hairstyles, you can add extensions and get this hairdo done! The extension will also increase the volume and make your hair look complete.
  • You can get this hairdo and not have to do a single thing for a long time as it is a long term protective hair idea.
  • It goes well with any style and you can increase the length of your hair through extensions.

What are the disadvantages of getting Box Braids?

There are little disadvantages of this hairdo. Though the hairdo looks really cool but the procedure is quite complex. There are few disadvantages which are mentioned below:

  • Requires professional help for braiding the whole hair as it is difficult to carry out alone.
  • If the hair is thin, and weak there should be addition of extensions to the hair.
  • It reduces the hair line in the long term.
  • The braids if are too tight can cause extreme pain and also in some cases partial baldness.
  • Box braiding is also difficult to remove. It requires helping hand as the undoing of braids solo is quite difficult.
  • Braiding and undoing the braids both are time consuming.
  • You will require lots of hair products like coconut oil, spray, gel, etc. to keep the hairdo last longer.
  • Adding a lot of extension can cause unnecessary burden to your hair making the hair heavy and causing extreme pain, along with hair fall and damage.

Is is just an Afro thing?

Suddenly not. It suddenly is not just an Afro thing. Though the hairstyle originates from African culture and countries, it has been adapted by people world wide. Initially, women started wearing this hairdo because of their natural hair type. It was easy converting strands into braids instead of letting it oven. Frizzy hair is hard to handle. So, braiding was solution to that. Later on, even braiding was modified into various types. Out of all, box braiding became trusted and loved one.

But it is certainly not the Afro thing now. Women all over the world who are going crazy about braided hair are getting box braids no matter what. Some women just wear it once to find out how it feels. Some wear it for a long time. Americans have adapted the hair pretty well as well as the Europeans. The hairdo is surely getting more fan base in the days to come.

What are the various styling ideas with Box Braids?

There are plenty of ideas that can be done to style your box braids. The ideas can vary depending upon the style you are comfortable with, what you are really looking for, sometimes hair type too. Few of the unique as well as common ideas are presented below:

Braids & Dye:

Dyes make your hair look super cool. You can add any dye color you want. Before you begin braiding, you need to dye the hair and then only get the braiding started. Even multiple dyes are possible and you can also do temporary dyes. Look at the picture below. The use of dark blue, and sky blue color has made the amazing combination like a waterfall or stream.

It is not very important to dye your hair if you are to add extensions. You can get a dyed extension instead and wear it in such a way that your original hair is almost hidden giving you the dyed complex. Look at the picture below. The use of dyed extension hair goes well with the original hair.

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Partial Bun:

Partial bun refers to making a messed up or cute bun over your head with partial braids only. This will let the remaining braids to simply remain on the sides and below the bun. This is a casual and sporty hairdo. You can wear it on a regular basis.

Complete Bun:

Complete bun is a loved hairdo in box braids. Specially adult Afro women are seen with this hairdo mostly. It looks really huge and of high volume giving a perfect hair structure. Adding all the braids into a huge bun will also let you be free of mess. This will provide amazing volume to your hair and it looks royal. You can get casual look as well as formal one from this hairdo. Don’t hesitate to wear it on regular basis because it is OK to wear it every single day!

Loose Box Braids:

Loose box braids is another trending box braid idea. It looks good with long hair. You can add extensions as well. Making loose braids will provide you ease and painless effect. You can feel less burden on your head. Also, you can make loose braids if you want to increase the volume of your hair. Tight braids make the hair look thin.

Image Gallery!

This section consists of images of the box braids. It has unique images with variety of ideas relating to box braids. It is never enough to explain everything with texts. So, just look at the pictures and visualize the ideas. You can copy any of the hairdo from the pictures below. Also, you can choose something that goes well with your style, and also hair type. Go through each of these pictures!


To conclude, the article is all about box braids. There are plenty of braid ideas but this article will make you realize how box braids is different from all the braiding ideas. The box braiding is one of the most popular braiding ideas loved by Afro women all over the world. Women despite loving this hairdo do not wear it because of a wrong concept that this braiding is super complex. Well, it is, but not as much as one has assumed.

In this article, you shall find definition of the box braids, types of box braids, different ideas that can be done with this hairdo, tips to keep it last longer, advantages and disadvantages, etc. The article also has plenty of images that provides a right visualization of the box braids. These images are unique and are totally about box braid.

If you made it here, congratulations! you have made it to the bottom of the page. Did you like the content? Was it helpful? If yes, it is time for you to share it with your friends, families, loved ones and with the people who are crazy about braids.

Happy box braiding!

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