Top 63 Blue Black Hair Ideas You Need To Know!


Blue black hair stands out as the latest craze on the web. Blue represents freedom. Look into it, and you’re bound to discover enough blue objects. On the other hand, the “sky” is “blue”, as well as “blue”, are the enormous oceans. At this point, imagine your hair drenched on all those “rich-blue” colors. Would not you look incredible? Of course, blue is related to masculinity, but that is just a vague thinking. Everyone has the liberty to pick their much-loved color, particularly for their locks.

So why don’t you flaunt some amazing blue-black locks for an impressive persona? I’m going to guide your own way to a few of the most exciting ideas you can easily shade your locks in blues. Let me begin this amazing voyage of ours. Here’s a short video for you! You may also love this post “Best 50 Bird Tattoo Ideas That Will Help You Look Incredible!

Best 63 Blue Black Hair Ideas That Will Surprise You!

  1. Wavy Ends With Straight Hair:

A straight polished hair looks gorgeous and thus does the curly hair. Therefore which one must we try out? You may question, I let you know, try both of them at the same time. This blend of curly and sleek hair does miracles for your attractiveness. And, it guarantees you possess the greatest of all trendy appearance. The thrilling part is whenever you dye all these hairdos in the black-blue color scheme; you’ll get an outrageous and beautiful look.

  1. Spirals:

Check out this fantastic, mind-twisting and head-turning spiral hairstyle you can attempt. This hairdo is simply done by simply straightening the hair and also curling them a little bit. This leads to a flowing long hair which looks appealing. And whenever you highlight all these wonderful hairstyles with numerous shades of black-blue, you are guaranteed to become the celebrity of any occasion. There are several means you can achieve this hairstyle, make sure to have a look at them.

  1. Diva Waves:

This hairdo merges the wavy pattern along with perfect shades of the blue to offer you a stylish look. Lots of “curved-hair” styles are usually exaggerating; however, this hairdo here is exactly what most individuals choose for subtlety. At the same time, you can easily sport the style above mentioned to rock almost any parties you attend.

  1. Royal Blue Hairstyle:

What’s more impressive than the slightly curled locks? Slightly curled locks with the shade of royal blue indeed. These hairstyles immersed in the “royal-blue” are usually there to boost your look anytime you need.

  1. Shiny Locks Hairstyle:

In case you desire to have the short hair, then you will certainly enjoy this hairdo immersed in glossy blue too.

  1. Gold And Blue-Black:

If you have a stylish hairstyle merged with smooth gold, then you’ll get this neat and magnificent look. The easy curls are actually swept to one side to show a spectacular view of the earrings.

  1. Say Cheese!

Have an unblemished look with this easy hairdo. The long hair colored with an attractive tint of the indigo definitely give anyone sporting it an ideal look.

  1. Polished And Long:

“Hiding in the plain sight” just what this hairstyle offers to you. Not to mention, with the mixture of long dazzling hair as well as vibrant blue, the haircut here guarantees your perfect-picture look anywhere you go.

  1. Pout Face:

Compliment your own pout with the gorgeous bob-cut hairdo here to have an “Insta-ready” & gorgeous look. This hairdo has almost everything you require for your fans to look at. A lovely look, an ideal tint of the indigo, finished brushed hair, you title it.

  1. Flaunting Long Hair:

As you may have observed, I adore the long hair. The long hairs are challenging to maintain, however, in turn, they pay out with similarly impressive looks as well. This hairdo here has the long hair combined with “queen-blue” so that you can be noticeable from the masses.

11. Wonderful Curls Hairstyle:

Having the curly locks is a benefit. Don’t trust me? Check out this gal with these outstanding curls. Does not she look gorgeous? What tends to make this look gorgeous a lot more is actually the lovely “navy-blue” covering her hair.

  1. Killer Smile Hairstyle:

A lovely smile is certainly essential for a beautiful lady. But exactly what is more significant is you show off gorgeous hair. If so, here is a beautiful hairstyle adorned in the dark indigo clearly to suit your needs.

  1. Insta-Ready Hairstyle:

Having a social busy life can certainly be exhausting. Let your fans wonder about your stunning look with this amazing coiffure. Additionally, you can take a short break as everyone is busy speaking about you! May I add more that this bewildering hairstyle has an attractive shade of violet?

  1. Hey, I’m Here!

If you’re the type of girl that desires attention, needless to say because you are worthy of it! After that, look no more than the awesome sapphire hairstyle. This hairstyle with very simple curls yet a great look beams your elegance to everyone’s eye.

  1. Polished And Braided:

If you’re confused and wondering whether to pick a smooth silky hair or even a braid, then why don’t you get them both? Not to mention, I guarantee you, it’ll be definitely an “eye-candy”. Don’t believe me? This image says everything!

  1. Loose Bun Hairstyle:

This thrilling hairdo with loose bun can unquestionably win any soul you desire.

  1. Blue And Shiny:

Glow your way as well as dazzle everybody with this beautiful sleek hair. In case you ever endured a foe, this hairdo is sufficient to purchase for them stunned!

  1. Random Highlights:

While I had an identical hairdo to this, as well as all I may remember is, individuals showering a lot of praises at me. Right now it is your turn to be adored!

  1. Metallic Blue With Bangs:

We have a few pretty critical businesses here going on! Metallic blue and bangs blended into excellence, what more really does this earth need? I must say her lovely looks cause me to feel extremely jealous. You should give this hairstyle a try in case you ever desired to get a similar impact on others.

  1. “Dark-Blue” Bangs Hairstyle:

Just amazing! If bangs aren’t enough to dissolve hearts by themselves, the “dark-blue” shade will definitely shower chaos on the heart of every guy. If you possess blue eyes, then you are lucky! Accomplish this hairdo now to get a “heart-melting” gorgeous look.

  1. Hints Of The Indigo:

Incredible is the precise word which came in my mind when I initially saw this hairdo. This easy bang hairstyle having gentle highlights of the indigo will offer you a pretty and subtle look.

  1. Free And Young:

Show others exactly how carefree you’re rocking this defiant looking black-blue hairstyle.

  1. Drenched In The Pearl Blue:

Not to mention, this particular pearl-blue hairstyle is just awesome to sport. If you possibly can, then do treasure the locks with this amazing hair design.

  1. “Royal-Blue” Bob Hairstyle:

Show other people the queen you’re with this particular bob cut adorned in the royal blue.

  1. Bob Cut Navy Blue:

It is a simple “bob-cut” highlighted with the navy black-blue to suit your needs perfectly.

  1. Cobalt Blue With Highlights:

Not to mention, this is a “low-maintenance” hairstyle which looks stunning, where should I actually sign for it? If you are considering the same, then I can guarantee you that you’ll be able to achieve this hairstyle just by arbitrarily highlighting your locks with the cobalt blue. Also, you can simply head to your hairstylist!

  1. Ocean Teal With Highlights:

An excellent short side-swept hair, check. The vibrant “color-work”, check. This hairdo ticks all checkbox on checklist of awesomeness that explains the incredible amount of curiosity this hairdo is getting currently on the web. If you possess a defiant attitude, you must get this hairdo done.

  1. Blue-Black Shiny Metallic Hair:

Amazing, just amazing!. This hairstyle offers you such a perfect look which everyone who is seeing you will certainly say the words I gasped just. And why don’t, this hairstyle has blended the long wavy locks and incredible “blue-color” scheme in such flawlessness that it can make everyone look you at amazement.

  1. Blue Blunt Haircut:

Be all set for showers of complements which will cause you to wet from the sheer blushing you’ll get! This “blunt-cut” hairstyle shaded with the metallic black-blue is so impressive that everybody will accept your look.

  1. Curly Dark Blue Hair:

You will find many hairstyles to pick from. However, let me clarify why you may wish to try out this design. The curly hair, by itself, is sufficient to make anybody go wow. On top of that, the blue-dark drenched in hair will certainly make this guaranteed that you will not remain unseen. You can also try the black deep-blue lipstick for complimenting this hairdo furthermore.

  1. Black-Navy Blue Hair:

Although I prefer the “pink-color” the best, this hairdo has helped me shift my thoughts. I mean, simply look how stunning she appears with those “navy-blue” hair spiraling down. A beautiful tattoo will absolutely complement the vibrant motif of this hairstyle for you.

  1. Diva Duos Hairdo:

All of us have a closest buddy with whom really we prefer to share the fun moments. You can easily rock the hairdo, the buns or the braids, and also both look similarly gorgeous! With these hairdos soaked in black-blue, your partner and you can be all set to have the chat going on.

  1. Twisted Ends:

Highlighted with an ideal shade of the blue, “copper-blue” to be precise, this hairstyle will certainly complete your stylish look. Straight locks twisted at the ends naturally support this style while the “copper-blue” gives this life. Be all set to get some attention as soon as you sport this impressive hairdo. I have not seen anyone hate this style. And what’s there to dislike? Not too fancy neither tedious. This hairdo bridges the difference between practicality and perfection.

  1. Blue Waves Hairdo:

This look mixes free waves along with a blue-dark color to style you with ideal beauty. Also, you can easily rock this hairstyle if you possess long hair which needs some changes in looks.

  1. Checkered In The Blue:

Change yourself right into a bundle of elegance with this amazing hairdo. The wavy long hair will definitely draw some attention. Not to mention, if that’s not sufficient then the exclusively dyed hair provides more beauty to this stylish design.

  1. Blue-Black Midnight Hair:

Allow me to show you a unique hairstyle which will freshen your lookup. Enriched in the “midnight-blue” together with the wavy hair ensures that you truly appear picture-perfect.

  1. Blonde Look:

If you haven’t tried this hairstyle yet, truthfully, you’re missing something amazing out. By something, actually, I imply to say a superb looking hairdo curled close to the end colored with a gorgeous blue-blondish hue. This hairdo can without a doubt convert you into a little something directly from a “fairytale”.

  1. Wavy And Short:

If you desire your locks to look straightforward and exquisite simultaneously, this particular look is to suit your needs. The short locks with the brushed ends will adorn you with an adorable appearance. Delicate use of the “blue” in this particular hairstyle tends to make you a lot more gorgeous.

  1. Blue Silky Hair:

Elegant and alluring are the precise words which get to my thoughts whenever checking out this hairdo. Straight locks accented with the tones of “blue” in this particular hairdo will make everybody also think all those words I just said.

  1. Radiance Of The Blue:

Allow your locks to advocate your elegance with this lovely hairdo. The wavy locks highlighted with the vibrant blue shade radiate your elegance without any hesitation. On top of that, the cautiously designed shading scheme provides a magnificent appearance to this style.

  1. Polished In The Blue:

This hairdo is just awesome to almost everybody. First, this hairstyle has a polished and subtle look. Second, as well as the most apparent, the “dark-blue” tone in this style, looks beautiful. Not just boys but every person loves this style due to its exclusive color profile.

  1. Light Blue Design:

When you head to your hair-stylist, I recommend you, accomplish this look. The wavy hair paired with the “light-blue” hair color in this hairdo enhances your elegance furthermore. However, I know you’ll love this particular design.

  1. White Chalked Locks:

Let’s be trustworthy, all of us have arrived at a stage in life exactly where we desired our hair might be this stylish. Slightly curled hairstyle accentuated with the electric blue offers this style a perfect look. The application of the hair chalks enhances this hair a lot more for a superb look.

  1. Blue Over The Blonde:

Showcasing a “straight-hair” curled thoroughly towards the finish this hairstyle is an ideal blend of practicality and fashion. Furthermore, if you possess blonde hair, then adding a few shades of the blue to get a gorgeous looking hair is not such an awful idea. This hairstyle goes properly with any kind of light apparel which contrasts this appealing hairstyle.

  1. Bob Blue-Black Cut:

All of us may have read “Cleanliness is near to Godliness.” perhaps not or in other words, we are about to talk about, but this hairdo is such fresh looking it may be near to Godliness. Not to mention, the “bob-cut” accentuated with the dark blue guarantees that you receive every curiosity you are worthy of.

  1. Curly Blue-Black Hair:

Try this hairstyle if you’re into (or possess) curly hair. The curly hair often is underrated although they are amazing. If not sufficient appealing on alone, the “blue highlights” within this style will definitely persuade you to try out this particular look. Shine on any event sporting this amazing hairdo.

  1. Onyx-Blue Style:

Be everyone’s beloved with this eye-catching hairstyle. The hairs progressively curl while they move downwards providing a “flowing-like” impression. At the same time, onyx-blue colored in this hairstyle embellishes the appearance extensively.

  1. Blue Blonde Curls:

Whenever you get fed up with your normal hair and deciding on including color to this (literally), I recommend you to have a shot at this fantastic hairstyle. The “upper-half” is dyed partially with blue whereas the “lower-half” is extensively tinted with the blue over the blonde hair. It leads to a perfect hairdo for all of your requirements.

  1. Purple Highlights With Curly Hair:

The field of style is changing constantly. New hairdos arrive and go. However, this hairdo here is around for many years. Straight locks falling on each side of head curl much more while they move downward for an innovative look. Ultimately, the hair will be highlighted with the purple to get a perfect look.

  1. Pixie Cut Hairdo:

Straight out of the fairytale, the fantastic hairstyle here is for individuals with the short hairs. Exactly what causes this cute hairdo, even more gorgeous, is the inclusion of “greenish-blue” shade. In case you ever choose a “short-hair”, then you can try out this look always.

  1. Blue Undertones:

You will find numerous reasons to get this hairstyle. First of all, the “long-hair” is actually a true blessing to get. Secondly, the “blue-undertones” in this particular hairstyle is certainly a visible treat. If anyone asks me, individually, I really like her eyes over her stunning “undertoned” hair.

  1. Straight Black Blue Hairstyle:

Whenever final choice is actually to get a plain and simple looking hairstyle, then this style can certainly be your preferred one. In this style, hair is usually straightened as well as dyed with the dark blue. The amount of the light dropping on locks and the watching angle will differ the tone of the dark blue offering you an exceptional look. Truly, this hairstyle depicts the old saying “Beauty is in the eyes of beholder.”

  1. Vibrant Blue:

In case you desire to append character to your locks, you can constantly try this amazing design. Utilization of the blue is implemented carefully in this style to offer you a sophisticated look. Be observed that you must dye your locks black if it is not for getting this look.

  1. Voluminous Black Blue Curls:

Most possibly, you have seen a few bold hairstyles. However, I guarantee you not really one of these is quite near to this exciting hairdo. The large long hair drawn downwards beautifully is guaranteed to turn a few heads towards you. You may boost the sweetness in your appearance a lot more by including “blue-polish” to the nails.

  1. Hints Of The Blue:

The blue highlights spread around offers this style a different view. Straight shiny hair finishing in the heavy curls highlighted with the blue color gives anyone sporting it an impressive look. May I include that all those shaded bracelets truly diversify this style even more?

  1. Blue Wavy Hair:

Ever have you surfed on ocean waves? Maybe, you’ve seen them. All those waves offer you a feeling of freedom. Not to mention, this blue wavy hair does exactly that to the hair you have. Highlighted heavily in the blue, this hairdo offers you the liberty to flaunt the hair anywhere you want to.

  1. Tousled, Long Layers:

Make that midnight “blue-black” look with blue shade over black or dark hair. We assure it will certainly leave your hair looking delicious; your layers enhanced and even your style factors skyrocketing.

  1. Peekaboo Color:

To get a stunning flash of the vivid color, include a few blue bright highlights under your “top-layer” to make a fashionable and fun look.

  1. Glossy, Layered And Long:

Just enough mystery and attitude! A delicate blue shade all over provides gloss, texture, and interest to your locks.

  1. Sulty, Luscious And Long:

A blue and black hair shade all over shows off, adding glam, gloss, and depth to your delicious locks.

  1. Fun, Funky Bob Hairdo:

Adding awesome “blue” highlights to an easy bob will certainly plough life into the look you have. All those blue items are wonderful in messy “wash & go” hairdos.

  1. Blue And Black Waves Hairdo:

Twists of blue black highlights through the tussled curls can offer some additional attitude to an ordinarily casual look.

  1. Casual Colorful Curls Hairdo:

This particular look works well with the long styles. The thin “peekaboo” blue highlights bring surprise, texture, and fun for a fun update. Sport this look smooth so “blue” is more like a disguised surprise, or even tussle this up as well as allow the color glow through. We really like this both ways.


Last but not the least, all the blue black hair ideas mentioned above are perfect to choose from. Just get the best one with meets your needs and start rocking. Thanks for your precious time. Make sure that you share this post on social media with your friends. Also leave your thoughts in the comment box below and start a conversation.




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