125 Best Black Hairstyles To Get Right Now [+Things You Need To Know]

Choosing an innovative black hairstyle with braids is not simple! There are a lot of colors, braid styles and lengths out there. We are right here to assist you with the hair problem and have discovered 125 of best black braid hairstyles to sport in 2019. Each of the ideas will provide your look an elegant update. From colorful, bold braids to fashionable braided styles, we have the best hair ideas almost for everyone!

Top Easy Care Tips For Black Hair!

If you possess natural black hair, congratulations! Not to mention, you have got the most wanted “hair color” on earth. Many believe that their particular hair is black naturally but actually, it is “dark brown” color. There are a number of myths regarding the black locks, and one particular misconception is that the black hair doesn’t grow as quickly as other types of hair.

The fact is the black hair develops at a similar rate as some other types of hair, but the texture can make it look like its not increasing. Its special physical structure needs the application of hair-care methods which are soft to ensure that it can grow properly. Here’s a list of the tips which will prevent the hair from graying and even will sustain its color for an extended time. Here’s a short video for you.

Tips On The Growth Of Black Hair

Caring for the black locks to ensure appropriate growth is never a challenging task. Of course, extra quality time and effort will offer you the black hair which grows lustrous and long.

  • Be Soft:

Always ensure that you’re very soft when you’re handling the hair. By no means be in rush as well as pamper the hair so that this develops to be healthier.

  • Use The Hair Care Items For Your Black Hair:

As black hair is usually drier and delicate compared to other types of hair, you must ensure that moisture is secured so that this stays healthy. Make use of hair oils, conditioners and shampoos, which are formulated especially for the black hair.

  • Condition Always:

Condition, condition & condition! There’s nothing more significant for the black hair as it must be moisturized always. Whenever you condition the hair right after shampooing, moisture gets locked in, and it will offer you the silky, smooth black hair which you have desired always!

  • Get Rid Of The Brush:

It’s time to throw the hair brushes away! Sure, you listen that right. The wide-tooth combs are far better compared to brushes for the black hair. Also, you can easily use the fingers. Don’t brush the beautiful hair in a hostile manner. What’s the problem with brushing the hair? Well, this will shear the hair from the scalp as well as leave it completely damaged.

  • Get A Hairstyle Which Doesn’t Aggravate The Scalp:

You must be attentive of how you form your locks as the black hair will be more liable to damage compared to other types. Ponytails and loose braids are stylish and ideal! To promote the growth of hair, you can opt for side or low buns to make sure less splits and breakage.

  • Drink Lots Of Water:

In case you desire your black locks to grow healthy and strong, increase your day-to-day intake of the water. It is the most effective way to maintain your hair well hydrated. You will get the reward of having gorgeous skin too! The levels of oxygen in blood are handled by water so appropriate scalp circulation will be increased. Additionally, water keeps the scalp hydrated and hair follicles, therefore preventing split-ends and gray hair.

  • Avoid Heat Always:

If you prefer the natural, black color of the hair; then don’t apply the hot ironing devices. This will not just frizz dry the hair, but you’ll lose its organic color coating also.

  • Oil Massage (Hot):

You can execute an oil massage (hot) with possibly of Amla oil, almond oil or coconut oil. All these oils play a role towards the upkeep of “black color” of the hair. Also, you can use the eucalyptus oil; include some drops of this to warmed oil and then apply this on scalp with the light round motions. This helps to maintain and grow thick hair. It is the best of all tips for the black hair.

  • Maintenance Pack For Black Hair:

If you’re not a devotee of the hair color, it’s clear that you may choose natural tips just for the black hair upkeep as well! With this amazing pack, you will achieve good results which sustain “black color” while putting shine to the hair. This pack should be applied two times per month. The steps provided below are intended for the shoulder-length locks; however, you may decrease or increase them depending on your hair length.

  • 1/2 lemon squeezed (Provides luster, shine and reduces dandruff)
  • 1/2 cup “Bhringraj” powder (Imparts a solid black color)
  • 1/2 cup of the sour yogurt (It can smooth your hair out and eliminate dandruff)
  • 1 beaten up egg (Will work as the protein pack)
  • 2 tbsp dry “Brahmi” powder (Improves the hair growth)
  • 1/2 cup “Henna” powder (It will impart color, body as well as maintains the hair growth)
  • 1/2 cup “dry-amla” powder (Enhances growth of hair and imparts extreme black color)

Make tea liquor to dilute henna and amla powder, blend it and allow it to sit through the night (don’t boil). Following day, add other ingredients as well as mix well. Now use on scalp and complete length of the hair, let this stay for approximately 25-35 minutes just before washing.

  • Growing The Hair:

The assumption that the hair grows quicker whenever you cut this regularly is dependent on a fantasy. However, regular trims to eliminate split ends can help keep the hair nutritious and less vulnerable to breakage.

  • Keratin Remedy:

If you can’t steer clear of styling tools and gels, after that you can easily book a costly session after every 2 months at an excellent parlor for keratin restoration remedy. It assists restore the hair’s wasted keratin and keeps your natural dark hair color.

  • Supplements Really Assist:

Your body will need a few supplements boosts every now and then because it’s barely possible for everyone to stick to a maintained and healthy diet between our work pressures and busy schedules.

Ask the hair expert for an effective supplement which will assist you to maintain natural and thick hair.

The biotin is an excellent hair supplement, however, depending on the hair condition; you’ll need to choose the quantity of consumption which your body needs. This will additionally help you steer clear of unneeded hair breakage or fall.

Other Important Factors To Keep In Mind

Leading a beautiful lifestyle will do miracles not just for your skin and body but for the hair also. To get the healthy locks, you have to look after yourself from inside and outside. A nutritious diet and lots of water will give you gorgeous hair. Fresh vegetables and fruits will not just keep the body healthy and balanced but also advantage your hair. Working out routinely and taking great care of the body can work lots of miracle on other areas, for example, your hair and nails.

To have lustrous and shiny black hair, you have to make a good change in your way of life and then see the differences it creates on the body and hair.

With patience and effort, you can easily grow the black hair with no hassle. Therefore don’t wait and pamper the black hair to make this beautiful and healthy. You’re guaranteed to turn some heads anywhere you go!


125 Amazing Braided Black Hairstyles Ready For You!

  1. Small Perm:

Perm your long hair and after that open them freely to bloom.

  1. Tied With The Messy Curls:

Just tie all your curls behind. Try to keep a few in front side. Neat but tender!

  1. Straight & Sleek:

Straight & Sleek is probably the most typical hairstyles for the black ladies with long tresses. Straight hair, maintains them healthy and balanced, eat properly and protect this with hair “mask”. The glow it exhibits is hard to beat. Secure this with hairspray for preventing flyaways.

  1. Loose Curls:

All these “loose” curls can look stylish and funky on the long hair. Additionally, a backless outfit can simply sex the affair up!

  1. Front Bangs With Long Wavy Hair:

Long weavy hair is the simplest way to display it off. The natural waves will be shown with the open locks and glam the style up with the front bangs.

  1. Mohawk Braids:

First on this list is the faux Mohawk braided style. It is actually a kickass hairstyle which is ideal for the girl who desires to make bold statement. You may have an identical style made or select your own braid lengths and color. Whichever the color you select, you’ll have one stylish hairdo.

  1. Feed In The Braids To Side:

The next, we are going to present is a stylish side braid hairdo. Just how the braids are actually placed makes a cool look. We enjoy how intricate and neat the finished outcome is. Additionally, the braids have blonde working through them however you could apply another color.

  1. Large Feed In The Cornrows:

Thick cornrows will always be popular. This hair idea displays how to sport the “braids” in vogue. A hairdo like this one is ideal for a person who wishes an excited and different look. You may also add a few colors to your braids to get a stunning hairstyle. The black braided hairdos are not simply beautiful, they’re easy and cheap to maintain.

  1. Thin, Long Cornrows:

If thick braids aren’t your deal, then this hairdo is suitable for you. This particular hairdo offers pretty thin “cornrow” braids in the stylish design. Always we love the thin braids as they look quite intricate. You may have the long braids such as these or even short braids. The thin braids will look excellent in the bob.

  1. Ghana Bun Braids:

Now, we have one high bun braided idea. The early bun had thin braids while it has Ghana thick braids. Not just that, however, this bun will be very higher on your head. It is a gorgeous hairstyle which will suit everybody. It will look awesome in summer season.

11. Beads With Fulani Long Braids:

Previously in a post, we highlighted a braided hairdo with the beads. This pick is related but rather than the beads getting placed in the bottom of hair, all these beads are put in various places. We enjoy this look as well as you can easily recreate this with the “beads” of your own choice.

  1. Colored Braids:

Simply by adding various colors to the braids, it is easy to make a fashionable statement-making appearance. These braids look incredible. The longer braids begin black and after that change into the purple as well as a “light-peach” color. This combination of color is lovely for summer, however, you can easily use your favorite shades.

  1. Patterned Stylish Cornrow Braids:

Not to mention, you can make so many elegant designs with the braids. Check out our next hairdo, the braids “cross-over” one another and lead to a stylish look. You may use this picture as motivation and create something identical or your unique creation.

  1. Two Cornrows:

In case you like 2 braid cornrow hairstyles, then this hairstyle can be only for you. This hairdo doesn’t just display the 2 braids however it has 2 little “braids” in the middle as well. By adding 2 extremely thin braids you’re giving the vintage dual cornrow braids an advanced update.

  1. Blonde Braid To Side:

This particular hairdo will offer you a gem look perfect for a celebrity. The cornrows will be braided into an elegant design and even have blonde working through them. Needless to say, we love the way the braids are usually on side also. You can have the long braids just like showcased or choose a short length.

  1. Feed In The Cornrows:

The braid cuffs truly jazz up easiest of the braids. Do not simply take the word for this, check out these braids. All these thin “feed-in” cornrows are usually in a cool design and also have gorgeous braid cuffs all through. You can easily recreate an identical look but try silver or gold cuffs to get a trendy and unique hairstyle. We must claim, this unique is probably the most beautiful black braided hairdos we have noticed this season.

  1. Half-Down, Half-Up Box Braids:

So you can’t choose between a bun or loose braids? If this seems like you, then our next idea can be the ideal option. With this hairdo, you will get the greatest of both. However, half of the braids will be styled in a higher bun while the remaining will be left loose. All of us love this stylish box-braid look!

  1. Feed In Blonde Braids:

An excellent approach to update the hair is simply by including a different color. This hairstyle displays trendy “feed in” braids with the blonde thru them. It is a really cool braided hairstyle and this will suit everybody. You can even add a few braid cuffs or beads.

  1. Multiple Braided Cornrows:

Now, we have an innovative and exclusive hairstyle to present you. This hairstyle is made from multi braiding styles. There’s the middle braid, dual side braids as well as a braided style in-between. It is a superb hairdo and it will look incredible for the summer and spring.

  1. Fulani Influenced Braids:

The Fulani braids are on the list of “must-have” looks in 2019. Our next hairstyle reveals how to sport these amazing braids in vogue. The beads utilized on these superb braids are simply spectacular. You can easily recreate an identical look or pick your own beads and braid length as well.

  1. Stylish Twist Updo:

Trying to find a statement hairdo that will be amazing? Then this hairstyle is to suit your needs. At this point, we have a fantastic updo. This updo is composed of little twists and side braids, the twists are weaved in a bun hairstyle. This updo will be best for a particular occasion.

  1. Large Box Braids:

In case you need a basic but extremely stylish hairdo, then this particular hairstyle is only for you. These braids are thick, sleek and long. This blend is gorgeous and will fit everyone. Additionally, you can have the similar braids made but in shorter length. At the same time, a “braided” bob along with this kind of braid will be nice.

  1. Beads With Fulani Braids:

We appreciate braided hairdos with beads! Whenever you add the beads to the tresses, you can easily make the hairdo unique. Also, you can select beads in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. It is an incredible way to showcase your own hairstyle. Fulani braids will be wonderful for this summer.

  1. Feed In The Braids Having Ponytail Curls:

Picking a hairdo is not simple. Maybe you’re torn between loose hair and braids. Well, with this amazing hair concept you will get the greatest of both the worlds. We have 2 cornrows here which end at nape of your neck, after that the hair will be curly and loose. It is a gorgeous hairstyle which would fit everyone. You can also check out our tutorials for braided hairstyles on our others posts or even on YouTube.

  1. Ombre Box Braid:

Previously in a post, we highlighted a braided black hairdo where the “braids” can change color. Now, we have an identical idea but rather than blue all these braids will be an “icy” grey. Not forgetting, this awesome tone is ideal for the summer and spring. You can easily have this particular shade put on various braided styles as well.

  1. Dual Cornrows:

This incredible hairstyle is super stylish and creative. In place of the classic 2 braids, this hairdo has 4. The way these 2 braids are styled collectively looks beautiful. You can try this hairstyle with short braids as well. If you desire a stylish braided hairstyle for this summer, then consider this.

  1. Lemonade Long Braids:

Lemonade long braids look quite gorgeous! This particular hairstyle shows the way you can sport longer braids on side with funky style. You can recreate an identical hairstyle with a new braided style and even add a few different braid cuffs or colors. We enjoy this particular Beyonce-inspired hairdo.

  1. Medium Box Braid:

Next, we’ve got a gorgeous braided “bob” to present to you. This bob features very thick braids as well as braid cuffs. This is a hairstyle which will look incredible on anybody. You can easily have the bob created with various braid thicknesses as well as you can even add a few beads. You see that black braided hairdos are very hassle-free and a simple method to update the look devoid of breaking your bank.

  1. Feed In The Braids Bun:

This hairstyle is a stunning feed in the braids bun. The braided buns actually look spectacular just like you can notice on the picture featured and they’re excellent for the summer and spring. You can also accessorize the bun with your braid cuffs to get a super trendy look.

  1. Blue Box Ombre Braids:

This is the last hairstyle we have in this post. The box braids can be a perfect choice as they’re easier to sustain than some other styles as well as they look amazing. These longer braids start black and after that turn blue. On the other hand, the “bold” blue truly looks impressive and is suitable for anybody who loves making a lovely statement with the hair.


Last but not the least; braided black hairstyles are exactly what you need to give yourself an amazing look. The above mentioned braided black hairstyles are just awesome. You can choose the best one which meets your requirements. Also, keep all the tips in mind before you get a particular black hairstyle.

Thanks for reading this post. If you truly enjoyed this post then let us know your opinions in the comment box below. Make sure you share this post on social media with your friends as well.

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