Best 50 Bird Tattoo Ideas That Will Help You Look Incredible!


There is certainly no lack of ideas in terms of bird tattoos. Tattoo artists generally offer the greatest of styles to their clients taking into account the factors such as body part, color, size, pattern, and never to lose out pocket pinch.

In case interested, the clients can select from a number of innovative tattoo concepts like dragons, hearts, birds, anchor, flower, and a lot more which looks amazing on them, consistent with their choices.

A variety of tattoo crazies are passionate about gorgeous birds in diverse colors, postures, as well as flight patterns. It is largely as birds signify liberty, grace, and freedom to them.

Irrespective of the style one selects, following the steps after and before having inked is actually of key significance. Here is a short video for you!

Here is an index of few head-turning bird tattoo styles and concepts that will get you amazed! You may love this post as well “List Of Top 45 Richest Rappers That Will Make You Amazed!

50 Bird Tattoo Ideas To Make You Gorgeous!

  1. Geometric Watercolor:

The bird tattoo styles done with the sharper edges will look a lot more tempting if your ink appears like watercolor.

  1. Within The Flowers:

It is not finished, but we are guaranteed you can envision the charming colors which are practical here.

  1. Swirling Theme:

A little chubby birdie sitting on a few swirling branches, an attractive addition to a normally dull tat.

  1. The “Bright-Blue” Bird:

Not to mention, this little “blue-bird” is trying to find attention.

  1. Amongst The Shining Stars:

The bird in a flight in a particular setting of the stars instead of clouds is an enjoyable twist.

  1. Getting Out The Wind:

The majority of us have observed the transitional body tattoo – of the seeds tugging away from dandelion as well as turning into the birds. However, it is completed with gorgeous cool colors of purple and blue.

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  1. Duo Flirting:

These little birds are accomplished instances which are reminiscent of “flirting” in the flight.

  1. Smooth Lines:

Now take the cold colors as well as fuse them elegantly together into a big bird of the flight. Voila.

  1. Spill And Splash:

Rather than making typical looking “bird-tattoo” styles, you can get the “base” of tattoo. This particular appears like an oil painting or watercolor splashed on skin.

  1. Mandala Birdie:

Without a design, the styles within this particular bird are nearly like a bit of a geometric, beautiful and mandala.

11. Humming Trio:

The silhouettes of the hummingbirds completed with vibrant hues for their particular wings is actually a lovely means to promote an otherwise excessively used symbol.

  1. Little Thing But Sweet:

This small bird can be little but it can make a massive statement. Charming cold colors.

  1. Freedom In True Sense:

The most passionate tattoo crazies understand why they have bird tattoo designs first of all. This feathery buddy signifies softness, humility, and liberty. Therefore whenever a “bird” flies as well as states “totally free” for you personally, there can be no greater explanation. Undoubtedly, one of the greatest bird tattoo styles which one can get excited about!

  1. Owls Everywhere:

While cuckoos, crows, doves, pigeons, hawks, eagles, hummingbirds and lovebirds are typical bird options, the owls are actually a little bit quirky. You cannot help but get excited about this lovely night bird who stares at you in a pitiful manner.

Call this the dexterity of artist or just how you decide to view it, yet for all those who remain in two minds just before having a tattoo of an owl, these particular birds are the top choices for many nowadays.

  1. The Feet Would Be The Sky:

Just how the amazing birds are discovered in their “flight-position” seems to offer a tip that they have discovered their own sky on foot of tattoo enthusiast. It is incredible to view the “wings” for they bring the feel of liberty from clutches of the planet in the greatest way possible.

  1. The Asking Hummingbird:

That is what you state viewing this particular tattoo. In spite of bringing a belief of inquisitiveness, bird looks lovely, particularly where it is positioned. There is no “gender” bias for women and men can easily carry this look off offered they desire to.

  1. Royal Eagle:

Hawks and eagles are typically birds reputed for their particular royalty. This image of a reasonably “large-sized” tattoo of eagle set in aristocracy gives a “3-D” touch. On the other hand, the particular shading is a real challenge for a tattoo artist as well as when done well, demands for these kinds of designs usually raises.

  1. Prolonged Tattoo Style:

The cause for setting this particular tattoo a great name is clear once you have a look. On the other hand, the bird is similar to an add-on of the “pentagon-shaped” boxes that are merged with a few other patterns. In fact, there is nothing incorrect with blending tattoo items for the concentration here is a little-beaked bird.

  1. Decked In Leaves And Flowers:

While the style is much like few mentioned previously, the position of this particular “bird” is of the royalty. To boost the unique effect, red leaves and flowers encircling it are appropriately justified. The majority of females who truly feel the “nape” part is little can choose the whole back or even somewhat under the nape for getting a greater design.

  1. Story On Chest:

The tattoos express meaning and numerous even narrate the stories. It is on the chest of a woman having 2 crows with the geometrical images in them talks considerably about emotions.

Whoever said, people are only the creatures which feel stands completely wrong. Possibly birds feel this better, that’s the reason one reaches the rescue while another appears to perish.

  1. Diagonal Flight:

Therefore exactly what happens when you decide to get the flying birds flawlessly inked on the wrist? Besides looking spectacular, the pattern can make you nearer to nature. At the same time, you can make an effort to highlight the look simply by sporting a perfect looking bracelet or bangle. Sheer beauty!

  1. Togetherness Outlined:

The serene, calm and quiet picture that the love birds make is best flaunted as a tattoo design on a woman’s wrist. In times of distress or even when you feel like reveling, this kind of a tattoo is what will slow down your pace and teach the value of listening.

  1. Bird Flying At Your Toes:

A small bird can look equally cute if done by an expert tattoo artist. There is nothing much than the outlining of a bird in flight yet it’s sure to catch the attention of most people. For those who prefer clean and fuss-free designs, this is one of the ideal ways to proceed.

  1. Messenger Of The Love:

In the past, pigeons transported notes of the lovers but this particular blue bird exhibits love in a significant and unique manner. Pay attention to the “red-rose” towards the top as well as it’s quite perching. All these are the reasons for taking an immediate liking to this type of tattoo and wear as well.

  1. Engaged In The Work:

Does not this particular crow as well as its transporting a utensil along with few drops throwing out reveal a story? Yes, that is left best to us yet there is no chance we can skip this design. Undoubtedly it brings 3D effects to the conscience but just how the designer has provided life to this will certainly be an illustration that many more will certainly follow.

  1. Craving For The Music:

Music and color offer an exceptional feel to this amazing tattoo. It is hard to comprehend if this bird is the featuring point of this design but just how it tends to look longingly at gramophone signifies its desire towards music. The bird tattoo lovers with an appreciation for music will choose this pattern.

  1. Amidst Wheels And Flowers:

Besides black, just one “sea-green” color done in this particular tattoo style is the genuine game changer. Simply look at the way the beautiful birds are covered in thick leaves of branches and flowers while wheels remain at “backdrop” of the heads. There’s no special importance yet it appears so different.

  1. Bird And Log:

The log will appear an additional stick if dimension of the depth wasn’t present, because of 3D effect! The bird appears simple yet what clarifies the most interesting thing is actually the way “black-shading” has been implanted in that. The grace, calm and poise are apparent how a 3D approach is taken.

  1. Bird & Others:

Absolutely no, it isn’t a cheerful image! Neither does this bird’s expression claim that nor does the existence of other objects. The skull of a human and few feathers and arrows adorn the image. Despite using considerable space on the back as well as bringing some darkness with this, the image looks similar to a “painting-portrait”, particularly the way the colors are actually played with. The 3D wins the race again!

  1. Sketched Eagle/Hawk:

The key reason why this particular tattoo is considered to be perfectly sketched is mostly because of the strokes which only an expert tattoo designer can achieve. The feathers, beak, and style of the swooping down imply it is an eagle or hawk, better fitted to the determined and serious types.

  1. Find Me Out If Possible:

This image might simply get you puzzled if the particular tattoo is centered on roses or birds. We can call this an amalgamation! Along with leaves and roses for company, such a design looks awesome. You can additionally let others see it thoroughly by informing them just to count how many birds are present there. Seeking them from thick foliage may be a serious challenge.

  1. The Expressionless Bird:

Exactly what is this bird trying to express? With the feet getting no eyes nil and base, it is tough to evaluate the actual significance of this unique tattoo. However an arbitrary make as it can be always juxtaposed with numerous others on a similar wrist, particularly if you are too keen on tattoos of bird in the bright shades.

  1. Dreaded And Dark:

That crows usually are black need no saying, yet carrying a lot of “black” in the “dreaded” form will be the forte of a man. Bird tattoo styles at chest accomplished like this show turmoil or even the importance of being subtracted from it that is flaunted best by a guy. Dark as this may appear yet tremendous effort will be needed to create this type of tattoo.

  1. 3D Print Bird:

Bird tattoo styles in 3D usually are trending huge and this crazy picture is an absolute shot approach to evoke fun if the going will get tough. With the orange backdrop as well as a “beak” of a similar color, the eyeballs and feathers in a “blue-black” tone hold a well-defined contrast to orange shade. Simply look into the expression; you will understand the miracle of 3D.

  1. Four Is The Company:

Not to mention, the group of 4 flaps the wings and proceeds with their particular flight, offering others the sensation that the actual destination is miles away and the way is long. One more hot preferred for most ladies, this type of tattoo appears greatest at wrist or even backside of shoulder.

  1. Love At Nape:

Ladies who prefer to sport their “hair-long” and like buns rather than leaving it open can choose a superb bird tattoo design at nape of the neck. This image is pretty a “dreamy” one with 2 birds speaking to each other. Undoubtedly it should be about the love for heart claims so!

  1. Cornered Bird Tattoo:

Putting a tattoo on the back part of body is a great means of flaunting this if you choose to sport hot pants or crop tops. This image of a lovely bird situated on the top of “leafy” twig is smart and feminine. The only touch of the color is “red-heart” in the body of bird.

  1. The Chic Boho Bird:

In case “grunge” is actually your style, choose this stylish design. This particular bird is much like among the many talked of previously but includes a rustic elegance that is unique. The very style and also placement of tattoo displays only a “bold-person” can carry this off with style.

  1. Animated Forms:

Animations are exciting and it is easy to utilize them as bird tattoos. On the other hand, the image shows similar birds in the forms of animation on wrists however in various colors. Although they are sharing a similar twig, the emotion they possess for one another is noticeable the way all these lovely little birds look and “lovey dovey” pink hearts encompass them.

  1. Lively Birds:

Exactly who said that the colors add zing to a unique tattoo? You’re prone to “deviate” from the existing concept upon viewing this lovely photo. Wrists becoming the most famous tattoo making the zones, 2 lively hummingbirds in the black cut an adorable picture. Additional layers of the shading put brownie factors to the entire effect. Go achieve it!

  1. From The Bondage To Freedom:

The tale of the lovely birds in the photo is much like one described above yet stands varied for the 2 hands are needed to understand flow of the story. While a hand displays a cage just where the lovely birds have been just released from, yet another hand is about the birds in the flight mode. This would be challenging to sustain continuity of tale if both the hands were not used.

  1. Gorgeous Color:

It is just what you can understand taking a glance at these 2 colorful hummingbirds. Whereas one rests pretty on the branch, yet another is actually in a condition of flight. However, there appears to be a unique conversation between them yet that is left best to the viewers who can find a trouble assessing if it is a hate or love relation however for no reason, these gorgeous creatures can’t be ignored.

  1. Significant Words:

Whenever doves take off, it looks gorgeous and many people appear to make them stuff of their unique tattoo. Yet a “line” as occasionally you have gotta fall just before you fly delivers a meaning which we typically do not find viewing the tattoo. The majority of women enjoy getting inked in their shoulders as well as sports dresses which allows individuals to have a glance of exactly what they prefer to allow the world learn about them.

  1. Story Of Birds:

Not forgetting, the picture is a representation of artwork at its greatest. Both hands include tattoos of the feathers, end of that forms the source of birds while they flutter as well as fly about. Seldom do the artists consider such well-planned patterns and most importantly, weave a tale using both the hands. Sheer work of art we say!

  1. Sketched In Big:

This is just exceptional! Flaunting the bird in the form of sketch along the “bikini-line” is a fashion statement many might be distrustful in sporting. Elaborate work completed inside body of the bird, the tail and feathers with the “shading-part” in few areas, give the “fore” a work of creativeness worth praising.

  1. Wings Rich In Color:

The hummingbirds are typical tattoo choices as well as this one appears different, particularly because wings take up the core of attraction. An adorable bird which takes up significant foot region is a pleasant idea for the “most-lacking” great bird tattoo concepts. Do not forget throwing a few more color along with the nail paint!

  1. Perched On The Branch:

We must admit that this special tattoo style infuses few hues of blue and green while “bordering” is in the black. This appears like a “sparrow” sitting on top of a branch. Exactly what catches the focus is the creativeness with which some geometrical (pentagon formed compartments) and a few abstract styles are thrown in the bird’s body.

  1. The Dancing Hummingbird:

The hummingbirds are very popular among the bird tattoo lovers and this in the colored avatar really does “justice” to colorful individuality of the individual. The truth is, these amazing birds are generally inked in the dancing forms simply to emphasize their beauty. Addressing the whole back with large style is an alternative approach.

  1. Doves In The Flight:

Not to say, the pattern appears remarkable and you can select any body part to flaunt this. Getting a number of doves in different flight positions signifies feminineness and power of mind. The bird which itself is actually a “harbinger” of peacefulness is a well-known design idea, just because this hints at spiritual part of the individual or the purpose to go away from better things of the life.

  1. Adorable Bird In The Flight:

In terms of feeling the amazing flight, absolutely no tattoo of bird can do the “justice” than it! The part is excellent and the “fine-strokes” in the black creating the form of a lovely bird looks incredible on people who desire to be noticeable from others. Putting a chain across the neck shows the tattoo much more.



To conclude, the best bird tattoos mentioned above are extremely lovely. You can choose the one which meets your needs. You will look awesome with the tattoo of a bird. Don’t waste your time and choose one.

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