41 Epic Bantu Knots In The World Try This Year!

Bantu knots are actually one of the sexiest and flirtiest hairstyles you can easily sport. In the past, they came from West-Africa and, thankfully, they spread all over the globe as a desired hairstyle for everybody.

On top of that, they support definitely any type of hair, be it straight or curly, long, medium and short. Oh yeah, did we talk about just how simple this is to create your own “Bantu-knots” at home? For this reason, listed below are 41 ideas to inspire and awe you. At the same time, we hope you will find this post helpful too “53 Latest And Lovely Goddess Braids Just For You!

Bantu Knots Guide

Get all these equipment to get top knots. You’ll require a full-toothed gel, hair ties, bobby pins, almond oil, brush, and comb. Now stick to the directions. Here’s a short video for you.

  • Wash the hair and after that separate this into 4 parts. Oil the locks and then simply brush the hair. Ensure that you comb every part of your locks. Now, part your hair based on the number of knots that you want. In case you want to get larger knots, then you can easily go for approximately 4 knots. In case you possess thin type of hair, you will need less than 4 knots.


  • Use gel on every section and then brush this.


  • Now make use of a “hair-tie” to make a “ponytail” in all of the parts you’ve specified for knots. Secure the little pony and divide this into two. Now, twist the 2 parts of the pony and twist the entire into one knot in just a “clockwise” direction. Make use of a “bobby-pin” for securing the knot.


  • Do it again until you have your preferred number of the knots. Finally, there you get it cool Bantu Knots. Take a look at some amazing knots ideas we’ve collected for you.


Top 41 Bantu Knots For You!

  1. Thin Hair With Bantu Knots:

Here’s a great instance of how you’ll be able to go stylish and urban with your hairdo. As a result of following this, you can easily turn the updo into some thin and amazing Bantu knots. On top of that, you can certainly put thick eyebrows and statement lip, and also a large pair of the earrings as well as a choker.

  1. Glamour And Bantu Knots:

These innovative Bantu knots had been created by braiding locks first and after that selecting some of the braids and then twirling them all over into knots. Therefore, they are pretty urban and fresh, causing you to look sassy and smart while you walk the street down.

  1. Bantu Knot From Dreads:

If you have the dreads as well as you wish to breathe your fresh life into these, you can easily twirl them all over in some stylish Bantu knots. Furthermore, opting for loose kind rather than the quite tight ones can make your locks look relaxed and natural.

  1. Weave On The Bantu Knots:

Therefore, if you are looking for an innovative hairstyle that is fast and simple for the weave, why don’t you try Bantu knots? At the same time, in case you pair up them with gorgeous “smokey-eye” makeup as well as some large golden earrings, you’ll look like queen of night, regardless of wherever you go.

  1. Bantu Knots In Street Style:

Bantu knots also can be an extremely efficient hairdo for while you do not have a lot of time on hands. At first, you need to wash the hair in morning bath and then tie it quickly in a few knots. Last but not least, allow this to dry out naturally while you make the way towards the school or office. Go for completely natural makeup too, to finish the look.

  1. The Easy Bantu Knots:

Simplicity should be never overrated as there’s much magnificence to be discovered in it. For that reason, tying some easy Bantu knots devoid of many adornments may create a great effect, particularly if you may be doing this for your kid. Because of this, she can easily wear it almost anywhere, such as in school or kindergarten.

  1. Purple Bantu Knot:

In case you have the short locks and also you make Bantu knots thick and small, they seem like small rose buds. Furthermore, if the color your locks in a suitable hue, the likeness will certainly be uncanny. So, if you had been trying to find upcoming summer’s top-rated festival look, after that search no longer, as you discovered it!

  1. Geometric Patterns:

The geometric patterns may have already been the trend in 90’s but they had there for actually a reason. This makes the happy owner of a hairstyle that feels fancy, sophisticated and elegant. Additionally, this method of doing the weave work for both the parties and an exciting day at office or casual Friday.

  1. Knot-Down Hairstyle:

Bantu knots aren’t useful just while tied-up but additionally when you allow your locks loose. As a result, if you maintain your locks damp or use some fixing item before you actually twirl them in position, the locks will become curly or wavy after you take apart them. In addition, you can allow your locks dry off by itself at night time or make use of a hair dryer if you are on the move.

  1. Long Hair With Bantu Knots:

The amazing 90’s meets “Boho” style with this concept for the Bantu knots. On top of that, they’re even better if you have got long tresses, as Bantu knots can get twisted easily into long funnels or pyramids. Finally, include a set of trendy bohemian earrings as well as a pastel-color “one shoulder” shirt for getting the look.

11. Braids And A Lot More Braids:

Not to mention, this hairstyle can encompass as much “braids” as you can possibly. Not just does this model have a few tiny braids where she parted strands of the hair, however the locks that she utilized to twirl as well as make knots are usually braided too.

  1. Crown With The Bantu Knots:

This gorgeous way of binding your particular “Bantu knots” will make you feel like a princess. Seeing as there’s a top row of the tall funnel-formed knots going completely from left-hand side of head to right, that seems like the woman has a “crown” on the head. This is definitely a royal style!

  1. Several Bantu Knots:

The fine hair also can be tied in small, multiple Bantu knots. Try keeping them as near to the scalp as you can for a wonderful 90’s vibe. This lovely woman in this instance has handled to create all of her knots in same height, shape, and size. Because of this, she looks pretty and wonderful.

  1. Less Is Actually More:

Truly less can be a little more in terms of this stunning hairstyle. Split your locks into 2 parts, one in front side of the hair and also one at the back. On top of that, add some gleaming hair item and tie 2 large knots close to the temple and back of the neck. The dramatic makeup will be important here to enhance this unique hairdo.

  1. Thin Bantu Knots:

Therefore, another technique to go in case you have the long locks is definitely to tie this up in several pretty thin “Bantu-knots”. Also, you can reproduce this particular look by splitting your locks into the thin strands as well as twirling them all over until you have funnel-formed knots. The truly amazing part regarding this hairdo choice is a few knots can stand straight although some can be slightly flop sided. So, the outcome is an extremely genuine looking one.

  1. Tall And Long Bantu Knots:

Keep this tip in mind – the lengthier your locks, the higher the Bantu knots are going to be. Here, for example, you can obviously see that the young lady features some serious hair. Therefore, the Bantu knots seem like tiny funnels of style and glamour.

  1. Coils And Spider Web:

Continuing count-down of all ways in that you can easily style your “parting-strands” of hair, here’s the particular spider web. It may be probably safer to say this one gets into the “hair-art” category too. However, although it is easy to accomplish this at your home rather than a beauty parlor, you may require some help having this right.

  1. Bantu Knots Braided On The Long Hair:

So how about, rather than twirling the locks strands which you “braid” them? Get the longer braids and then distort them around the finger until finally, you get pyramid-formed knots. Additionally, you can easily go the additional mile, similar to the beautiful lady in this image by adding a few golden locks bedazzlement.

  1. Bantu For The Blonde:

Insane for the blonde and wild for the hair knots results in a great light colored “Bantu-knot” hairdo. Do not worry if the hair is very short. As a result, the knots can be tiny, however marvelous to behold. Moreover, you can easily add a “statement-lip” and a few extra-large pieces of the jewelry to truly make an entry. You can additionally choose no jewelry if you wish to look much more demure and natural.

  1. Blonde Highlights And Bantu Knots:

Yet one more way of getting the Bantu knots and your locks by itself into the perspective is simply by “tying” in the blonde highlights. First and foremost, lighter-colored locks will be noticeable and bring much-needed perception to the hair. Ty thinking in 3D!

  1. Zig & Zag And Again Zig:

When speaking about the Bantu knots, partings you actually do in the hair are simply as significant as knots themselves. In case you possess this thought in mind, then you can think about parting the hair in zigzag pattern instead of a “straight” one.

  1. Bantu Knots On Transitioning Locks:

If you’re in the approach of “transitioning” to the natural locks and are searching for a unique style which can take you through the difficult time, then look no more. It is “Bantu-knots” to save the day. Allow your locks to recover and return to its ex-beauty. As all of us know, the Bantu knots can be an extremely protective trend toward hair strands as well as can keep them healthy and safe.

  1. Electric Vibes:

Here’s a wonderful take on traditional style and color of Bantu knots. Also, you can get this by dying the hair one 1/2 way through. Moreover, you can easily get the same outcome by going ombre. To get this to be effective, we recommend you choose an electric shade, similar to this one you notice in the image. Select a gaga yellow, electric pink or “sea-foam” green.

  1. Lolita In The Bantu Knots:

Can I make my girl even nicer than she is already? Add a few “Bantu-knots” in her locks, obviously. This lovely woman is a working example that current princesses are the hype at this time.

  1. Bantu Knots With Hair Art:

Embellishing the Bantu knots will go beyond just including a “braid” or a few golden studs. Here’s an illustration of an amazing piece of the hair art. Including some subtle elements created from your hair at the scalp, level can help frame the face and also bring the knots up even more.

  1. Going Natural Completely:

If you’re tired of the hairstyle as well as desire a change, there’s no necessity to go as much as dying or cutting it. Contrary of this, you can easily use the natural-colored hair to make a few loose “Bantu-knots” here & there. Consequently, you can see how your entire face changes within minutes. The change is really easy, in the end!

  1. Party!

An excellent event for you just to show your unique Bantu knots hairdo is at any party, obviously. If you desire to reproduce this look, think about tying your hair up in a variety of pyramid formed Bantu knots. In addition, you can easily “dress-up” in the “fringe” party frock as well as add a “statement” gem earring.

  1. Sweet And Short Bantu Knots:

In terms of “Bantu knots” on the short hair, there’s a simple rule. The slimmer the “strands” of tresses, the greater knots you’ll have. Therefore, here is an ideal example describing this idea. See how she chose to organize her beautiful knots in the straight lines flawlessly. How elegant and clever!

  1. Copper And Metal:

Continuing the instances of colorful locks, here’s a copper-colored hair. The woman in the image tied this up in a few superbly arranged “Bantu” knots. Additionally, she styled that all with the oversized thin silver earrings as well as a “silver” collar. On top of that, the white-colored dots aren’t compulsory. Nonetheless, you can sport this particular look every single day.

  1. Chestnut In The Knots:

The Bantu knots aren’t just for women with dark locks. Here’s a great example of gorgeous chestnut waves secured in knots. At the same time, they resemble a “crown” of the flower buds on the head that you can very easily reproduce at home. Aside from that, it is easy to add a few large earrings and multi-colored makeup to finish the look.

  1. Bantu Knots And Braided Hair:

This particular look is centered on party at the back and business at the front. The best means to have this amazing look is simply by braiding an oversized and long braid in the front as well as a bunch of exciting Bantu knots at the back.

  1. Fierce Bantu Knot:

This wonderful look mixes the pure playfulness of Bantu knot with fierceness of the camo shirt. Because of this, it will certainly make you incredibly look stylish regardless of how you decide to style this further.

  1. Short Hair With Bantu Knots:

If you possess short hair, after that you’re in luck. Consequently, the little Bantu knots can look like small “rose” buds on the top of the head. Last but not least, add a few statement bits of jewelry to get some pizzazz.

  1. Minimal Bantu Knot:

What about a small take on traditional Bantu knots weave? Split your locks into 4 or 5 thick strands as well as twirl your knots. It appears like this beautiful lady has included a 90’s choker, an elegant pearl decorated “nose-ring” and “dark-plum” lip. Not to mention, you can just look as wonderful as she is if you make an effort!

  1. Relaxed Hair With Bantu Knots:

Here is an excellent concept for you which you can easily try at your home in case you do not have time and effort on hand. To begin with, split your locks into strands as well as loosely twirl this around the finger to make Bantu knots. As a final point, repeat the procedure as frequently as you desire all around your head.

  1. Goddess Bantu Knot:

Have the space you actually walk in as well as rule the globe while you are at it. Here is an excellent piece of motivation for you and obviously with several Bantu knots tightly tied around the entire of your head. In addition, add an earthy and dark toned makeup as well as pearl “nose-ring”, and you can’t go wrong at all.

  1. Lush Hair In The Bantu Knots:

Coils, twists, knots, Curls. You name this. Bantu knots are able to include all of them and even make them appear great. Consequently, regardless of how long the hair is, always you can tie this up in the Bantu knot. Moreover, keep them near to the head rather than the pyramid fashion if you desire to choose elegance in lieu of flirty fun.

  1. Embellished Bantu Knot:

At the other end of easy Bantu knots usually are the particular “embellished” ones. To get this amazing look, not just are you going to be wearing the conventional weave of the Bantu females in Africa, yet you will additionally have to include some shines to them. As an example, this beautiful lady has decided to insert a few golden locks “jewelry” pieces into the hair strands when weaving the knots. Lastly, complete the amazing look with a few big “golden-hoop” earrings for making it a lot more luxurious.

  1. Simple Bantu Knots:

Here’s a back perspective of a beautiful young lady who chose to choose the simple and traditional Bantu knots. In case you need to try out this at home on your own, you have to split your locks following the radiant pattern. In addition, you can finish the look having a set of small statement earrings, ideally as vibrant as you will find.

  1. Curly Hair With Bantu Knots:

A proven way of replicating this amazing look is simply by splitting your locks into several strands. Also, you can stick to “beehive” pattern as much as the scalp is involved so that weave looks still trendier. So, it will turn out to be a fantastic approach to style the curly, short locks with which immediately you will fall in pure love.

  1. Rocking You Bantu Knots N Queen Style:

Finally, being fierce and street while still sticking to your elegant and feminine side is simply not a basic thing to accomplish. Still, it is easy to have a “cue” from this crazy looking female and rock a few Bantu knots much like she actually is. On top of that, you can put a “golden-choker” for expressing your queen state as well as a “statement-ring”, and you are already there.



To conclude, there is a hairdo available for every person. Fortunately for us, Bantu knots suit anyone and anywhere! You can easily rock with this most popular hairstyle. Not to mention, you will enjoy yourself as well. Don’t forget to keep all the tips in mind mentioned above before you get a particular hairstyle.

Hope you have enjoyed this post. Now, feel free to share your opinions in the comment section below. Also, don’t miss to share this post on social media with your friends. Have a great time.







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