41 Epic Bantu Knots That One Cannot Deny To Have!

Bantu Knots are a cute traditional hairdo that has an African origin. They are similar to many buns but are different from them. They represent certain cultural groups and some women of African descent. But Bantu knots do not require any hair type and look flawless on every hair type. They are unique and special because they are used for two reasons: a cute hairdo, and a method to curl your hair!

Find out everything you want to know about Bantu knots in this article. They are one of the types that will go well with any hair length and model, so do not worry or overthink if it goes well with you or not, wear it for a different look! Go through the entire blog for the spicy knowledge about this hairdo.

What are Bantu Knots?

Bantu knots are one of the Afro origin hairdos that is a protective style and a method to get beautiful curls. This hairdo by its name is clear how it comes from Bantu origin and has some knot kind of texture. They are similar to mini buns, but they are slightly twisted and rolled and differ completely from any buns. The ends are tucked away, and they can last for a few days very well.

Black women have been using this exotic and fun hairdo for a long time. It is a cool hairdo for both short and long hair that also adds fantastic volume and curls.

The best part of Bantu knots is getting two styles for the price, effort, and patience of one method. They are a unique and fun hairdo for a few days, and after that, you get pretty curls that also lasts for a good day. It is mainly recommended for short hair where the knots are tiny, and the curls last longer. But this hairdo is not possible for hair that is as short as one to two inches in length.

Where do Bantu Knots come from?

“Bantu” is a comprehensive word that refers to three hundred to six hundred ethnic groups of South Africa that speak Bantu language. Over a hundred million people are speaking different types of Bantu language in the southern and the central part of Africa, and it is simply not just something that refers to one or two groups of people.

Bantu is recognized as the Zulu word for people in most of the languages. It is a plural form of ‘umuntu,’ which means one person. Though the origin of this language in South Africa is still unclear and debated, it is documented how they are rich in cultural aspects. Bantu speakers were first discovered in the 16th century. Bantu wholly referred to the Black community and Black people back then and still now.

What makes Bantu Knots special?

The appearance one receives with Bantu knots is something that makes it unique. Some might consider this hairdo a funny one, but with proper outfits and makeup, you can prove it wrong to everyone. The knots are similar to mini buns, but they are all scattered and are present in a lot of numbers making a different result.

The thing that makes it unique is it is a procedure for two different hairdos. It is a long term protective hairdo that you can wear for a few days, and once you undo the knots, you get perfectly curled hair, which is a bonus that comes along with knotty hairdo. It is a chic and sexy hairdo as it provides an elegant and attractive look to you. One can wear this hairdo for a night even, beach, or even to a casual shopping.

They are exceptional, as they represent the ethnic groups associated with Bantu and hold a lot of centuries of history. They are a representation of what hairdos looked like centuries back, and yet women love to wear their ancient culture associated with a hairstyle.

How to get the perfect Bantu Knots?

Getting perfect Bantu knots is just a matter of forty-five minutes to an hour from washing your hair to completing the knots. You better let your hair dry naturally or with a blow dryer before starting. Most people also try knots for a few days to receive that Afro curly hair. But the choice is up to you if you want to last them for a few days or a week!

One can receive the perfect Bantu knots in no time if one follows the correct guidelines instead of coming up with some random self procedure. Here’s a list of steps that will guide you to ultimate Bantu knots:

  • Separate the hair into four parts. It is done to make sure all of your hair receives enough moisture and then removing of tangles.
  • Apply enough oil in the locks to keep them moisturized. Also, remove tangles, make them all loose, brush them all very well, and make sure each lock is well-combed.
  • Now divide the hair depending upon the number of knots you want. It can as much as you want. But keep this in mind, the larger the numbers, the more time consuming the process becomes. If you have no idea, you can start with knots. But for fragile hair, also 3 knots will do.
  • Apply enough hair gel on each section of hair and again brush them thoroughly.
  • Add hair tie and make ponies on each section of hair so that there is no mess again while working on one.
  • Work on one pony at a time. Divide a pony into two sections. Twist both parts then entire into one knot just in a clockwise direction. Add bobby pins if they do not stay in place and for securing the knot.
  • Repeat the same for all the ponies, and there you have it, the cool Bantu knots!


You will require certain items or hair products that will help you have longer and safer Bantu knots and long-lasting curly hair afterward. Following are the list of the things:

  • Shampoo
  • Deep conditioning hair mask
  • Conditioner
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Mousse
  • Setting lotion
  • Curl defining cream
  • Edge control
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Rat tail comb
  • Wooden bristle brush
  • Booby pins
  • Hair ties or rubber bands

Are Bantu Knots for short hair, okay?

Bantu knots go very well with the short hair. But if your hair is as short as two to three inches, knots are not possible. Besides that, any hair length can have unusual knots. Bantu knots are preferred for the short hairs rather than very long hair.

The style is beautiful and gives versatility for the entire week when you are wearing it on short hair. Well, for short straight hair, there can be a need for extra ties and bobby pins to hold the knots on the place. The knots can slip out at night while you are asleep due to different head movements in case of short hair.

One has to apply mousse or to set lotion before getting the knotting started in case of straight or relaxed hair, which will make the knots last longer and into the same initial shape. Well, it is not very difficult for short hair. The other disappointment can be not being able to get fuller and bigger knots and might have to stick to small ones. One can add huge bands to make the knots look artificially voluminous.

How popular are they?

Bantu knots are trendy in African American countries. There are several celebrities, singers, beauty bloggers, and fashion enthusiasts who have mentioned about the beauty of wearing Bantu knots. They have always complimented this hairdo and the advantages that come along.

The hairdo is trendy among kids, teenage girls, and adult women. Celebrities like Rihanna have been seen multiple times with this hairdo. Look at one of the pictures of her. She has flaunted this hairdo so well, and with that makeup, nose piercing, and attitude, nothing can beat her.

It is always the advantages that come along that make a thing accessible. This hairdo is effortless to perform by self without any professional hands, can be worn by any hair length longer than four inches, provides you chic look, you need not think about making different hairdos for the entire week, and at the end, you also get flawless Afro curls! With all these advantages, one cannot deny wearing this hairdo, making it super accessible!

How to take care of this hairdo?

Well, taking care of this hairdo is most while you are going to bed. Imagine you make several head movements over that pillow and wake up with some loose knots while some opened knots. Yes, this is the only time you will feel sad. It would be best if you were extra attentive while sleeping. You can also cover the head with some shower cap or cloth. Try to make minimum movements as well.

Apply enough ties and pins to make the hair stay firmly in place. The addition of enough mousse and setting lotion will help the knots to remain in place very well. Do not make the knots too tight, which can cause hair fall or damage and extreme pain and irritation.

For taking care of your hair to make it healthy enough for the knots, drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. Add coconut oil or Amla oil light massage to your hair. Use aloe before hair wash. Keep your hair moisturized with oil or lotions.

Are Bantu Knots healthy for kids?

Bantu knots are one of the fashionable hairdos among Afro kids. Kids, especially girls, are made Bantu knots to their schools most of the time. It is done to make them mess-free. Also, this hairdo keeps all the hair in a placemaking, no distraction to eyes or neck. Making this hairdo once on your kids let you be free for a week or more. So, parents prefer this hairdo for their kids. But how normal or safe is it?

The Bantu knots are super safe if you do it right. Remember, the scalp and hair of your kids are not as healthy and strong as yours. Instead, they are sensitive. So, keep one thing in mind, do not make the knots too tight. If you twist the hair strands tightly, there can be breakage and hair damage. You can twist the rest of the hair tight but not at the scalp. It can also lead to a reduction of hairline permanently. Sometimes it can also cause baldness.

Also, while removing or undoing the knots, you need to be sensitive as the hair has been tied up for a long time, which makes it weak and vulnerable. So, do it very attentively. Apply proper massage to your kid’s scalp and hair with organic hair products like aloe or Amla oil. It will add strength and make the scalp healthy.


What are the different types of Bantu Knots?

There are several types of Bantu knots one can find. They are all having a similar concept but a different result. Most people consider Bantu knots as mini buns. But this is false. Buns do not have twisted hair, and it does not stay in the scalp as tight as the knots.

Moreover, buns are not a protective hairdo while the knots stay there for weeks. You need not apply several hair products when having mini buns, but you will require some hair products when making knots. So, they are different. Following are some types of Bantu knots one can find out:

Enormous Knots

You can have as many knots as you want! Look at the picture below. The photo shows an enormous number of knots. It is time consuming and is preferred for very short hair. When your hair is too short, you cannot make a knot out of plenty of hair. This is because they will scatter and will require plenty of pins too which is irritating. So, in such case, you can get enormous number knots and still get the hairdo done. You might also require help to get this done. Apply enough mousse or hair lotion that sets the hair and does not let it scatter and be messed up.

Least Knots

Why waste time on getting multiple knots while you can slay with the least of them? If you have enough long hair, even three knots will provide that elegance. Look at the picture below. How amazingly three knots have made the Bantu knots look unique and flawless. You can try this as it is less time consuming and also very useful.

Colorful Knots

You can dye your hair and make the knots look flower-like. Add any color dye before starting with the twisting. You can also add different color dyes at once. Look at the picture below. The use of purple dye has made the knots look like flowers in a garden. Make multiple knots and flaunt them with different colors!

Flowing Knots

You do not always have to roll the twist into a point. Instead, you can twist it very well and let it flow just like in the picture below. The advantage is you get to sleep well without worrying about the opening of any knot. Moreover, it provides incredible texture and looks as well.

Braids & Knots

Instead of twisting the strands and converting them into knots, you can also do the same with braids. You can make dull three strands braid and then roll them into knots and clip them together to form fantastic texture. They shall also provide a unique appearance.

Standing Knots

They are similar to standing shape at the end. You can do it at the end while pinning it together. It is also one of its unique styles.

Image Gallery!

This section consists of images of unique Bantu knots worn by celebrities, beauty bloggers, models, and commoners. Texts are never enough while trying to explain something. Therefore, pictures work on point. Go through all of these images and pick something that falls under your criteria.


To conclude, this article is all about mind-boggling Bantu Knots. Several sections deal separately with the frequently asked questions over the Internet. This fabulous hairdo is super popular in southern and central African countries. It has an incredible history and carries the beautiful culture of the Bantu people holding more than six hundred ethnic groups together.

You will find definitions, history, origin, types of knots, its popularity, methods to make it last longer, ways to take care of the knots, and so on. The section called ‘image gallery’ consists of amazing unique pictures of the Bantu knots and lets you find out more about them through visualization.

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Have a happy time with the Bantu Knots!

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