67 Of The Amazing Balayage Blonde Hair Color Ideas For You!

Blonde is apparently a trendy color for this season. Therefore, I can understand if you’re concerned that you’re going to get the similar appearance as your lovely girlfriends. The balayage blonde lets you utilize a similar color in an exceptional style making both of you gorgeous of your kind.

The traditional highlighting methods, which all of us were insane about a couple of months back, have experienced their wipe out from an innovative hot method which will make the hair look sun-kissed naturally. The highlights of balayage hair represent a lot more creative way of having that “Victoria’s-Secret-Angel” sun-kissed look.

In comparison to the normal cap trick, the balayage does truly border artwork and regrettably, not every single salon professional is a designer. It contains honestly painting highlights in the hair, a completely freehanded technique which allows more customization and flexibility. Curious? Listed below are 67 gorgeous blonde balayage “hair-color” ideas you’ll desire to share happily with the hair stylist.

What Is The Blonde Balayage?

Blonde balayage is an exclusive hair dyeing method which results in the completely sun-kissed, natural look, one the majority of us are usually “born” with as kids. Balayage represents painting/sweeping in French as well as it implies utilizing the hair color across the locks surface without completely saturating the part until the “hair-tips”.

You understand the elegance of the “blonde-balayage” is it can easily be blended with shades of brown and another hue of blonde for giving a vibrant look. Whether it is bob, curls, straight, long, or short “blonde-balayage” will be the right option for everyone. Why not find a few lovely examples? Here’s a short video for you! You may love to read this post also “Best 45 Mohawk Fade Hairstyles That Will Make Others Jealous!

How To Perfectly Balayage The Hair At Your Home?

Here are a few things you should get before you start the process;

  • Balayage coloring kit
  • Paddle brush
  • Big hair clips
  • Vaseline
  • A used towel
  • Gloves

How Can You Balayage Your Hair?

So, stick to the steps below to balayage your hair perfectly.

  • Apply the “Vaseline” all along the hairline and then put on the gloves to prevent staining your hands or face with hair color.


  • Hang your towel all over your shoulders for avoiding getting the color on the clothes.


  • Stick to the guidelines given on the box to blend the hair-color.


  • Part off as well as clip all of the locks on top of the head and then flip the locks left loose on back over the shoulders.


  • Utilizing the brush provided in kit, apply the “hair-color” onto bristles of the paddle brush.


  • Now run your “paddle-brush” from the “mid-length” to the edges of the hair.


  • Now flip your brush as well as run this through the similar section of locks, but from backside.


  • Keep applying the hair color on your “paddle-brush” and running this through all sections of the hair.


  • Ensure that you use more color to the ends as well as lesser on top to accomplish that all-natural look.


  • Simply unclip the “top-half” of the hair and then apply the color to this in exactly the same way.


  • On parts of hair just where you desire more color, just apply precisely the same by using the “coloring-brush” which comes with kit.


  • Now run your “paddle-brush” once more through all the hair to disperse the color quite evenly.


  • At this point, leave the “hair-color” on intended for the time suggested on the package.


  • Wash the hair as well as condition it.


  • Allow your hair blow dry or “air-dry” it to accomplish the look.

So, now that you have balayaged successfully your hair, let us check out the gorgeous shades and colors you can easily style your hair in!

Top 67 Balayage Blonde Hair Color Concepts!

  1. Blonde For The Beige Hair Color:

For your straight long hair, style this into a few waves. Make use of ash blonde color to generate all our popular ombre effect. Maintain the base a “beige-color” and your edges “ash-blonde” color. An exciting new hairstyle which you will undoubtedly desire to keep for an extended time.

  1. Balayage Blonde For The Dark Hair Color:

Blonde balayage can be a gorgeous hair trend intended for any type of hair. For the dark locks, this balayage will create everyone’s beloved ombre effect.

  1. Blonde For The Bob Hairdo:

Short hairdos look stylish, am I right? Get yourself an elegant bob hairdo. Now all eventually left is actually to blend the dark tone of blonde shade and “light-blonde” hue to have an “ombre” effect, bam! a head-turning look.

  1. In Some Places:

Not sure in case you desire to have yourself an entire blonde look? Then why don’t you keep blonde at minimum as well as achieve a spectacular look? Use the golden blonde shades and balayage this on the ends. For the inclusion of dimension, simply add a few highlights in some places.

  1. Warm Balayage Blonde:

For your wavy medium hair, simply middle part the hair. Use warm tone of blonde shades and make an innovative look for beach. Take pleasure in your entire day with the girlfriends, love.

  1. Blonde Balayage Bob:

For ladies over 50 years, you can pick this bob hairdo. You can additionally balayage blonde over the dark locks. A “side-part” and bam! You are all set.

  1. Blonde Balayage Sandy:

For a gorgeous, regular look you may choose balayage blonde hair color. Make use of sandy blonde tone, a lovely “tank-top” and show off your beauty.

  1. Balayage For The Medium Locks:

Enjoy the “blonde” look yet not enthusiastic about the maintenance? There may be an opportunity that the balayage is ideal for you. This is kind of blonde balayage of a poor man. The roots usually are maintained dark therefore there’s no issue on the “hair-color” when there’s re-growth. Lighter roots and dark top add incredible shine to the locks leaving you stunning.

  1. Blonde Lob Hair Color:

Blonde lengths with dark roots make a natural balayage blonde. If you desire a maximum effect with minimum effort, the blonde locks are exactly what you’re trying to find.

  1. Natural Blonde Hair Color:

For the medium locks, you can include some all-natural tone with the shade of balayage blonde. An ideal look for college. Just pull over the hoodie and then rock this particular hair color.

11. Subtle Ombre Hair Color:

A perfect look for individuals who desire blonde to begin with. This particular look is undoubtedly my favorite one. Blonde highlights with curls towards the bottom. Awesome look, truly. The balayage blonde on brown locks, girl you must get it.

  1. Bleach For The Beach:

Beautiful hair with wavy textures and bleached hue ooze the beachy vibes. Having a beachy blonde balayage hairdo displayed, carry off the shore and sand look anywhere you go.

  1. Lavender Bob Hair Color:

You can constantly use the bright colors simply in a delicate way. Include awesomeness to your own bob hairdo.

  1. Celebrity Blonde Hair Color:

Rosie Huntington doesn’t know what an awful “hair day” is. Check out the manner she shows off her textured locks with such simplicity. This hairdo is absolutely for red carpets. Exactly what tends to make her haircut sophisticated is blonde balayage. A few light highlights in some places, one word AMAZING.

  1. Balayage For The Face:

Head into a “hair-salon” and talk to your hair dresser simply to color the strands all over the face area to the “lightest”. Offer the balayage blonde trend your own style.

  1. Silver Design:

Add some spices to your dull long hair with a grayish icy hue. Balayage blonde is designed for the straight long hair.

  1. Simple Blonde Hair Color:

For an everyday simple look, use a color for the blonde balayage. The look which will never go awry.

  1. Bright Blonde Hair Color:

Brighten your life up with a few bright hair shades. Pick a blonde bright hue and grab yourself a few beach waves. The hair color which is effective for the beaches or the college. A hairdo for your everyday shirts or your bikini.

  1. Curls Blonde:

For such famous voluminous hair, the curly hair gals can choose blonde tresses. Decide to get bold and sophisticated by treating the hair as a clear canvas. Showcase your look and feel of style.

  1. Ash Balayage Blonde:

For an outstanding hairstyle, choose ash color along with a cool haircut. On the other hand, layers are that simple to sustain with frizz for “accentuating” the volume. At the same time, the flyaways offer an uncomplicated appeal. It is a hairdo style for you the chilled beauties.

  1. White Blonde Hair Color:

Get on the summer vibe, girl. Choose the lightest tone of blonde as well as go insane with the hair. In case you desire, keep the base color completely dark. Waves, of course?

  1. Sleek Blonde Hair Color:

Balayage blonde is known for its adaptability. It works perfectly on the curly hair, straight, messy or wavy. A simple haircut can be easily made gorgeous with an amazing blonde look. Have a shot at a few wispy bangs for bringing the particular look together.

  1. Blonde Waves Hair Color:

Blonde “hair-color” is lustrous and bright. With this, maintain your big curls and roots dark for volume. An ideal hairdo for a date or the office.

  1. Honey Blonde Hair Color:

For a sexy and sweet look, pick a particular color as wealthy as honey. However, this honey balayage blonde works incredibly well with the bouncy soft curls.

  1. Platinum Hair:

Blonde is an ideal choice due to all the spectacular shades this can incorporate. Just look how everlasting is transition from the “dirty-blonde” to light blonde. This “light-blonde” is for an exciting look.

  1. Balayage Blonde For Straight Locks:

For the hectic working ladies, this hairdo is a gift from God. The pretty colors and sleek hairstyle work for almost every occasion.

  1. Medium Blonde Hair Color:

Sometimes you may look elegant with a super easy cut and color. To get an effortless and bold style, pick a balayage along with a blend of brown hues and blonde.

  1. Balayage Blonde For Long Locks:

For a ‘lovely girl’ hairdo, choose this one. It is very appealing and fashionable.

  1. Silver Highlights Just For Honey:

Make a blend of cool and warm shades for the hair. Silver highlights, particularly on your blonde honey hair, can put an innovative dimension to the hair color. The “medium-length” waves are a great hairdo for accentuating the volumes. White blonde produces a vibrant effect with the light bouncing from the strands.

  1. Blonde Chop Chop:

Choppy haircuts can be enhanced with balayage blonde. Balayage blonde with brown locks creates a spectacular look. Choose messy waves for defining in-depth effect on the layers.

  1. Light And Dirty Blonde Balayage:

For the paler skin, decide upon a balayage along with incredibly light dye. In case you desire to mask the gray hairs, balayage blonde is a fantastic solution. To get a young-looking look, choose a balayage blonde with the straight hair.

  1. Caramel Balayage Hair Color:

Balayage blonde on brown locks is gold. To get an informal look, create a beautiful combination of blonde and brown shades. A simple style that can be easily maintained.

  1. Awesome Blonde Waves:

Desire something exclusive in the blonde balayage “hair-color”? Choose the “ash-blonde” hue for the hair.

  1. Bleached Bob Hair Color:

Blonde balayage do the job well amazingly with short hairdo as well. The blonde is a way to choose the natural blonde or brunette.

  1. Blonde For The Brown Locks:

Choose a spectacular look with just a mixture of curls and color. This hairdo is an ultimate example of beauty and grace.

  1. Golden Lustrous Curls Hairdo:

Something in you desires to change the look you have? Why not fulfill that desire with the blonde balayage? To get a perfect and subtle look, choose golden blonde hair. The brown “hair-color” mixed with the blonde hues produce an all natural dimension. The beautiful shine makes this a stunning option for anybody of you the lovelies!

  1. Wavy Caramel Hair Color:

For a hectic lady who has something always to do, you’ll want a hairdo that looks gorgeous with no effort. With the right layers, it is easy to achieve loose gorgeous curls.

  1. Waves Hair Color:

From the blonde to the brown, balayage easily can be taken off. For the blondes, balayage blonde is the best way to brighten the “hair-color” which has gone dark with age. However, for brunettes, enjoy yourself with your locks creating an extraordinary effect with contrast highlights.

  1. Blonde Highlights Hair Color:

For the brown tresses, blonde balayage can add a completely new dimension. Make use of blonde highlights for giving a golden glow. A “hair-color” which can work miracles for your “medium-length” hair. Go grab yourself a “balayage” transformation.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color:

Want a balayage blonde yet add some womanly touch to this? Add some cute “redness” to the blonde “hair-color” to get an attractive “rose-colored” hair. Not to mention, the dark “base-color” brings the entire look together.

  1. Blonde Subtle Highlights Hair Color:

For your “dark-brown” hair, make use of the miracle of curls for adding dimension to the blonde curls. Balayage blonde will work for all, of course.

  1. Highlights For Face:

Need to include some amazing spark to the look you have? Add some balayage blonde to your locks. A “middle-part” for the hair, add a few highlights near your face to lighten up your entire look. Light colors and dark base together will work wonders.

  1. Curls Hairdo:

It is “love” at the first sight. The dark frizzy hair? Don’t worry; balayage blonde can work miracles for you. Simply, curl the ends as well as put a dark balayage blonde, this is gorgeous. Definitely, my unique look.

  1. Blonde Platinum Ombre Hair Color:

For the long hair, pick a stunning platinum blonde “hair-color”. Keep the “base-color” dark. A lovely ombre effect intended for your hair. Undoubtedly, a look which can create a bold and lovely statement.

  1. Red For The Blonde Hair Color:

Want to be a redhead simply for this particular season? An extreme change, I have to say. This definitely looks incredible. Curls as well as reddish balayage blonde, a makeover which you will love definitely.

  1. Sandy Love Hair Color:

Do you remember Spongebob’s buddy Sandy? Why don’t you have a great time with your buddy like “Sandy” there with the sandy balayage blonde? Not underneath the sea, yet this balayage blonde definitely works close to the sea.

  1. Sun-Kissed Hair Color:

Give your tresses a lovely “sun-kissed” treat. Along with blonde balayage, it is easy to give the hair a smooth finish. On the other hand, the curls will look marvelous with this amazing hair color.

  1. Highlights:

Whitish “blonde-highlights” with dark blonde look excellent. A “tight-blue” jeans and pink top with an easy makeup will never go wrong. Stylish and simple.

  1. Ombre Blonde Hair Color:

For a delicate ombre effect, pick colors which are only 1 or 2 shade completely different from one another. Keep the base completely dark, the middle somewhat lighter and ends lightest. It is beautiful.

  1. Tortoise Shell Hair Color:

Ecaille balayage can be all around us this season. Deep long brown locks with “layered-balayage” accent colors which provide ombre effect. However, the end result is all-natural gradience along with a magnificent look.

  1. Dark Balayage Blonde:

Balayage blonde whether light or dark are our favorites. The dark blonde shades and mild blonde shades mix up them and change yourself for this season.

  1. Glam Blonde Hair Color:

For a gorgeous look, make an “ombre” effect having a mixture of warm tones and cool tones. Use platinum “ash-blonde” and golden tones of blonde to get a fabulous look.

  1. Brown Blonde Hair Color:

Balayage blonde on the edges of the brown tresses is an attractive look. Use the waves to highlight the look. An amazing look you’ll definitely desire to show off to your female friends.

  1. Rosie Huntington Hair Color:

Rosie Huntington appears gorgeous with delicate “gold-colored” highlights on the dark hair. Rosie Huntington’s side partitions and lip color make her start looking gorgeous.

  1. Pinkish Glow Hair Color:

Add a few pinkish shades to your normal balayage blonde for a glowing and bright effect. This is my favorite one, definitely.

  1. Golden Blonde Hair Color:

Your straight long hair can get its glossy effect with the golden balayage blonde. An ideal “hair-color” for you which works for everyone.

  1. Blonde Hair Color:

Offer yourself a spectacular change with the blonde balayage. Messy and waves hair looks magnificent with this particular hair color.

  1. White And Dark:

Light blonde towards the ends and dark on the top an “ombre-effect” is created for us. Time to check out the hair salon, perhaps?

  1. Cool Blonde Hair Color:

Use a blonde icy hair color to get a vibrant effect. Just for this summertime, give out awesome vibes with such an amazing hair color.

  1. Trendy Curls:

The dark locks with balayage blonde ombre effect can be beautiful hair effect. The curls will never ever go wrong, indeed.

  1. Dark Blonde:

To get an uncomplicated look, make use of a dark balayage blonde hair color.

  1. Brunette Ombre Hair Color:

Use different colors of blonde shade to make an “ombre” effect. Add a few golden highlights for bringing your look together.

  1. Natural Hair Color:

Add a few colors to the textured locks with natural balayage blonde.

  1. Fun And Bright:

A low maintenance blonde balayage which reflects your chilled and funky side. Use the highlights for accentuating your whole new look.

  1. Blonde Hair Color:

A simple balayage blonde could enhance your perfect look. Give it a try.

  1. Golden Hair Color:

Not only gold but also we love the golden highlights as well, don’t we gals? These particular highlights on the dark locks are IMPRESSIVE. If you desire the top of balayage blonde at its lowest, you can simply add this to the ends. To put brightness on the face, color the strands of the hair near your face.

  1. Dark Blonde Hair Color:

If you wish to try the blonde, then choose a dark balayage blonde. An excellent hair choice for those gals who prefer to try the blonde in simply a delicate manner.


Last but not least, balayage blonde hair colors are quite extremely impressive and desired by numerous women. You can choose the best color you love most. From the list above, you can pick the right one for you.

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