165 Amazing Balayage Blonde Hair Color Ideas For You All!

Balayage blonde is one of the trendy colors for any season of the year. It is a pure color to look like Victoria’s Secret Angel with a sun-kissed look. You and your girlfriends need not worry about any differences. You both will be looking the same with this innovative hot method to get amazing Balayage blonde. It has a freehand look with customization flexibility with painting performance. One cannot merely deny wearing it when one has found out the true beauty of it.

Balayage blonde is not any ordinary one but has something unique to provide you a slaying look. It has border artwork genuinely & regrettably, cannot be done by a regular hair salon as it is a hair dresser’s job. This blonde is getting quite more popularity within a short time, and there are reasons behind that. This article is all about Balayage blonde and information that one might be seeking about it.



What is Balayage Blonde?

Balayage Blonde is a technique of creating colored hair that looks somehow natural and nonnoticeable when grown out. This method of hair color is custom blended, which can be unique for every individual. That means no two Balayage blonde is identical in any sense.

It is a French coloring technique that started in the 70s. This freehand technique requires colors to be applied by hand rather than using traditional foiling or cap highlighting ideas. You can apply this hair color in any pixie crop hair length, but for a fantastic result, hair length below the shoulder is top-rated.

The blonde hue should be mixed with light brown shade or another blonde hue to get this attractive hair. You can make specific changes in the final color with the use of a different quantity of colors. Every time you shall receive a unique shade of Balayage blonde.

This exclusive hair dyeing method results in the sun-kissed and natural look, which is the hair color goal of every woman out there. It is a sweeping style of hair coloring that results in something that one is ‘born’ with. It also implies utilizing hair color across the locks without completely saturating any part until hair tips.

People often confuse with the pronunciation of the word – Balayage, whose correct pronunciation is Bah – Lay – Ahge.

The preferred spelling: BALAYAGE and is pronounced: BAH-LEE-AHGE (an alternate: BAH-LAY-AHGE). 

It is generally worn in the top of the hair instead of the entire hair or simply just around the face instead of beneath the first layer. It blends so well with brown that one is sure to get the vibrant look. Either it is bob or curl or straight or short or long, you will love blonde balayage. It is preferred because it does not damage the hair at all if there is no use of ammonia. With traditional foil, it is least damaging. One can touch up the color once in four-month for everlasting glow.


What products are required to get perfect Balayage Blonde hair at your home?

There are certain things that one requires to get perfect balayage blonde at home. Below is the list of the products that one might expect.

  • Balayage coloring kit
  • Paddling brush
  • Giant hair clips
  • Vaseline Lube
  • A hair towel – preferably an old one
  • Gloves

Balayage involves hand painting the surface of the hair very lightly. The procedure depends on how many numbers of highlights one seeks. It might require 45 minutes to highlight a few highlights. For a layered balayage, it can take up to three hours.


What is the correct procedure to perfect Balayage Blonde?

One can get the perfect blonde balayage at home with its procedure. But it might not have a very fantastic outcome every time sticking to their process. So, it is preferred to stick to one standard system that will bring the best excellent result. Here is the list of steps for shiny perfect blonde:


  • Start with clean hair. You do not have to clean it on the very day, but it is better if the hair is clean.


  • Add enough Vaseline in your hair along the hairline.


  • Apply gloves to keep your hands free of color.


  • You should wear something ancient. Like an old tee.


  • Cover your shoulders and back with an old towel to avoid the mess.


  • Check at the instructions provided in the box and stick to it. It would be best if you blended it the way it is instructed.


  • Make sections of your hair. Part them well. Apply clip or bobby pins to make sure the sections do not mix.


  • Let the locks left loose and flow along the shoulders.


  • Now, apply the hair color that you have prepared after blending with correct instructions with the brush provided along with the color. The color should be onto bristles of a paddle brush.

STEP 10:

  • Start from mid-length to the edges of the hair with the brush.

STEP 11:

  • Flip the brush and make sure the color from the opposite side of the brush also sticks to the hair.

STEP 12:

  • Run this through all the hair sections and stick to paddle brush instead of any other brush.

STEP 13:

  • Apply lesser color on the top and more on the ends to accomplish a completely natural look.

STEP 14:

  • Remove hair clips from the top of the hair and add more color to the top strand in the same pattern.

STEP 15:

  • You can apply the second layer of color on the portion of hair that you want to have more color.

STEP 16:

  • The coloring should be even on the rest of the hair.

STEP 17:

  • Wash your hair and condition it well after the time is over.

STEP 18:

  • Blow-dry your hair or air dry if you want to keep it away from heating devices.

It is how you get even hair color on every attempt. If you do not put the color evenly or equally on every layer, your original hair color might create a mess on specific portion of the hair. So, stick to this procedure only.

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Is Ombre & Balayage the same thing & how does it differ from highlight?

People often misunderstand Ombre with Balayage. These two are both the shades of blonde but are not the same. Ombre is more stylish in comparison to Balayage. Balayage requires more technique than Ombre. But, both of them require less maintenance routine. For Ombre, hair color placement is gradual while it is sweeping for Balayage.

Well, mixing both of these kinds can give birth to a new hair color that is a blonde as well. This excellent color mixture is called Flamboyage, a new hot trend that also requires the least maintenance. For this hair color, a transparent adhesive strip is used to color the sections of hair. There is also a different technique to get a softer one.

Balayage takes a bit more time to stick as compared to foil because the dresser has to go through bits and pieces to customize the hair color. This hair technique is quite expensive. It is costly because it is quite creative, as the stylists say.

It is different than a highlight. This coloring idea is more visual technique while highlights follow sectioning pattern. Balayage allows personalizing or customizing the hair color placement while highlights don’t. Highlights require foil while Balayage does not.

What is the average cost of getting a Balayage Blonde?

The cost of Balayage blonde is dependent on the brand. Some balayage blonde is more time consuming than the other making it cheaper. In comparison to different hair colors, it is quite expensive. Certain factors can cause the price of the balayage to vary among each other.

The first factor undoubtedly is the brand. Sometimes the same ingredients with a top brand can be expensive because of the fame and popularity, while another with less demand can be cheaper. Another is the setting time. If the setting time is more, you might find it less expensive than the one with less setting time.

The quantity, how long it lasts, and the type of color also determine the average price. In general, you might get the average quality balayage for $200, which is $50 less than usual highlights.

What are the basic things you need to know about Balayage Blonde?

There are certain things one already knows about balayage if one is using it shortly. But there are certain things that one does not know about it. This section consists of the facts or general information about balayage blonde, which is essential and might even fascinate you. Go through them and engross yourself.

  • If you are using a balayage technique, that means you are painting bleach or lightener on your hair. Skipping a foil while getting this color can result in oxidization of bleach, which results in a not-so-bright color. The experts mostly skip foils while using this technique of coloring balayage.
  • Balayage blonde requires bleaching of hair as a compulsion. It is one basic stuff for every highlighting. If you want to have a darker color, let the color stay for longer, setting time and vice versa.
  • Highlights require six weekly appointments at the roots. The best thing about balayage is it does not need it. But what you can do with your after-colored balayage hair is make saloon visits every four months for fresh touch up. It will make your balayage last for a very long time.

Some more

  • Balayage color works well with any hair color and does not require any specific hair color or type. Adding low lights or highlights to darker hair is as well possible. Gray streaks of gray hair are also quite stylish.
  • You need not have to let your hair into setting time for a very long time as a regular traditional hair color but can put it for very little time, as suggested in the package.
  • While balayage is typical hair color painted into the lighter base and darker roots, reverse balayage means brushing your more colored strands more than focusing on the lighter strands.
  • Once you have had your balayage blonde, it is recommended to avoid washing of hair for 48 hours minimum. It is because the color pigments shall require plenty of time to penetrate deep into the hair fibers and better accentuate the new color and stay there for a very long time. This case is also valid for lowlights, highlights, and ombre.


How popular is this hair color?

As compared to all the hair color techniques that require bleaching, just like ombre, flamboyance, highlights, lowlights, etc., this technique is the most popular one. The reason behind its popularity are some of the following things:

Self Customize/ Personalize:

It provides an attractive and exceptional result. You can personalize your style, or you can let your stylist personalize the form for you. Customizing makes you unique with no two balayage having identical appearance. It makes women fall in love with this style as compared to others.

No Use of Foil:

Unlike other hair colors like highlights or lowlights, it does not require aluminum foil to get the hair done, which is mess-free and easy. It avoids any hazard. One does not have to be a professional to get this hair setting done. Moreover, this makes it less complex.

Lasts Longer:

While another hair color requires weekly saloon visits or frequent touch-ups, this balayage blonde is perfect for four months. And after that, one has to make a touch-up visit to the hair salon. It lets women have this hair color instead of other hair colors. Super busy women wear this hair color, preferably for the same reason.

Accepted By All:

Till now, there have been no specific complaints by the majority of women having this color taste. It has made this hair color well accepted by all in any corner of the world. There are the least complaints and highest praise.

Celebrities’ Choice:

Several singers, artists, professionals, beauty bloggers, models, and celebrities have been wearing this hair color, making it very popular among common women. Because of them, their fans are following the same hair color.


How to make it last longer?

It lasts as long as four months with a little touch up after that through your hairdresser. To make it last for four months or a little longer, you need to be attentive to the procedure. Apply the hair color as instructed by the package box. Do not make it dilute or add some random thing to make it a mess instead of magic.

Let is set for the time, as suggested in the box, and not lesser than it. Do not forget to add enough Vaseline before applying the color, which shall help the color stick on hair quickly. After you have used, rinse thoroughly. Do not wash your hair for another 48 hours once you have dried the hair. The color shall require at least 48 hours to get deep into the hair pigment. Washing it before 48 hours will lose the brightness of the hair in some portion.

You should not add any hair color once you have it until it fades away or you want a change. You can apply treatment cream, conditioner along with clarifying shampoo later on for moisturizing and preventing damage and hair loss or damage. Conditioner also makes the hair smooth and does not make it very dry.


Image Gallery | Balayage Blonde

This section consists of the images of ladies with Balayage blonde. After all, texts are not always enough. Pictures can do that magic, which texts cannot. Therefore, this section is something you might be looking for in the entire article. Check out all of the pictures and pick something that you look very good with! There are ideas for every hair type, so have patience ladies and do pick something for you!


In conclusion, this article sums up every bit of beautiful balayage blonde. Out of enormous types of hair color with bleach essential, this one is unique and most loved. Having no requirement of adding any foils, able to receive easily customized hair color, getting unique color at every attempt, no need to make frequent touch-ups, and so many other advantages make it a popular hair color loved by even celebs, beauty bloggers, and stars.

This article does not just quench your thirst on the frequently asked questions over the Internet but also shower you with unique pictures of balayage blonde types of styling. You shall get something to wear out of these hair ideas that match your hair length, type, texture, and personality. Now, it is time for you to style your hair with balayage blonde and feel the beautiful difference.

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Have a happy time with Balayage Blonde!


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