47 Mind Blowing Aztec Tattoos That Will Amaze You!

Aztec tattoos are something the people are going crazy about! The reason is its uniqueness and appearance. Getting an Aztec tattoo is on the wish-list of several people, specially in the western world. Well, though the Aztec tat is amazing to look at and is something everyone likes to have on themselves, but it is still not worn by everyone. The size of the Aztec is mostly huge and covers an entire area of your body mostly. They are huge and have variations. One can wear something depending upon the meaning it holds. Aztec tats are really meaningful but again people have no idea about that.

This article is all about the Aztec tattoos. One who is a little curious about it will be interested to read this article. The article is divided into segments. Each segment will consist of content relevant to the title of the segment. There will be appropriate image to the each one. You will find out about the definition, types, different ideas, average cost, procedure of wearing one, meaning, and so on relating to the topic. If you are a tattoo lover, or want to find out something or everything about the Aztec tattoos, this is the right place for you. Go through the entire article!

What is an Aztec tattoo?

The word Aztec comes from the Aztec culture which was in favor of some Aztec God. The culture was followed during certain rituals. The Aztec tattoos resembled certain gods. They were worn to differentiate people belonging to different tribes. The Aztec tats are representing various symbols relating to warrior’s rank and sometimes achievements.

Th domain Aztec meant the greater portion of Meso-America in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. There were Aztec pyramids and some other artistry crafts. Every Aztec tat has a meaning and holds some position of the past. The popularity of Aztec tattoos have never died and is instead increasing now.

What is the history behind Aztec tattoos and what is their origin?

Aztec tattoos come from Aztec culture which started from the ancient Aztec gods. This culture was there in the fifteenth century. The Aztec civilization was mostly in the center part of Mexico between fourteen and sixteen century. But later it was destroyed by Spanish colonizers. Still, today’s Mexicans are the same ones derived from the ancient Aztecs. There is a great mythological history behind Aztecs.

Aztec tattoo was first made to honor Aztec sun god named Huizilopochtli. And, for that a left handed hummingbird was used which was to symbolize sun god itself.

What are the facts of Aztec tattoos?

There are certain facts and figures relating to Aztec tattoos that are fascinating and mind blowing. The clan of the Aztecs was one of the clans to attain the zenith in artistry aptitudes of tattoos. Aztecs have been knows as clan possessing areas near Mexican city.

Aztecs were extremely religious as well. The extreme level of energy was invested by the Aztecs in trying to appease the inflexible bright beings.

The entire thing is about sun god in Aztec culture. The main mission of this culture was to assist sun focused god. They have been the best civics as well who were exceptionally good in creating workmanship and science.

What are the meanings behind Aztec tattoos?

There are plenty of meanings behind Aztec tattoos. None of the Aztec tattoo is simply a design and without any meaning, that means, every piece of design has some valuable meaning. But the meanings vary depending upon what design is used. For example, the most common Aztec design will have a sun and a humming bird which mean the ancient Aztec god and the love for the ancient Aztec god.

How popular is it among men and women?

When somebody hears Aztec tattoos, they think of men tattoos in general. There is this misconception that the Aztec tattoos are purely for men and not for women. But well, this is only limited to a misconception. There are plenty of Aztec tattoos that are specially for women as well.

Therefore, the popularity of Aztec tattoos is equal for men and women. Though this is again popular only in some regions or tribes, but the popularity is not varied depending upon gender. Again, it is classified depending upon what kind of design the tattoo holds. Sometimes aggressive prints are meant for men while the soft ones are for women. But, the choice depends on the nature of a human or the personality rather than any gender.

Nowadays men and women are equally getting tattoos. But even if there are women who feel helpless and worried that this category do not fit their gender, then this can be a motivation. You can wear it without hesitation. The men who think the Aztec tattoos are only for men, or only for themselves, then they need to realize this is wrong. Even one has to motivate the opposite gender to wear it without hesitation.


But if we survey in a group of people wearing Aztec tattoos, the ratio from men to women is of course dominant. This is because of the old or ancient practice. Women were not allowed to wear tattoos and it made them go against their culture. This has made them not wear it despite the interest.

As the Aztec tattoos are less colorful, women again do not prefer it as per the survey. But these days we shall find plenty of women who love only the dark prints and also who wear it on purpose.

Moreover, there are plenty of tattoo designs which are specially for the women only. The designs or symbols can be varying when it comes to choosing from men. Well ,again, gender is not dominant here. Nowadays, there is no such classification for gender, and people are stepping out of the boxes and accepting Aztec tattoos to be of everyone and not just of one gender specifically.

What is the ideal placement of Aztec tattoos?

Whenever one asks for an ideal placement of any tattoo, there are multiple factors that affect it. There are plenty of things one has to consider while getting any tattoo. When talking about specifically Aztec tattoos, there can be some prominent factors. They are explained below:

Traditional Beliefs:

Traditionally, most people worn Aztec tattoos with a traditional belief. There was an ancient culture of impressing gods with tattoos. So, the ideal places were chest, back, neck, and shoulders. If you are wearing the Aztec tattoo with a traditional belief, you need to wear that on your chest, back or shoulder too. This is how the traditional belief or meaning behind a tattoo can impact the ideal placement.

Visibility of the tattoo:

The visibility of the tattoo plays a vital role in choosing which portion of the body you want to ink on. If you are a school student, or a college student, or if your office does not want you to have tattoos at work, you can hide it. To hide means to wear in such a place where the tattoo is hardly visible. The regions can be thigh, upper arm, shoulder, chest, etc. But if you want your tattoo to be visible most of the times, then you need to wear it on your wrist, ankle, neck, etc. Moreover, if you want to view the tattoo yourself most of the time, then wear it on your wrist. The visibility of the tattoo should be kept on mind while trying to get one. Because, this is a huge factor.

Size of the tattoo:

The size of the tattoo plays an important role as well. If you have planned of something big to wear then you cannot wear it on your wrist or knee cap or ankle, right? Similarly, if the size is tiny, and you wear it on your chest or back, it becomes less visible. Therefore, size also plays very important role in choosing the ideal placement in the body.

Personality Exposure:

If you are a wrestler, or a boxer, you can wear enough of Aztec tattoo designs on your arms and entire shoulder and even on your neck or forehead. This gives a bold look. But if you want to look sexy, you can wear it on your thigh. If you are a beach person, get it on your waist or even your breast sides. This way you can put greater impact.

What are some famous Aztec Tattoos designs?

  • Skull Tattoo Designs:

Skull is one of the signs of death and was used as the same sign even in the Aztec tradition. This is one of the famous tattoo idea and can be well decorated and modified for some unique appearance as well. If one is looking for a skull idea to wear, refer to Aztec collection of skulls ideas.

  • Warrior Tattoo Designs:

Aztec tattoos provide plenty of ideas regarding warrior tattoo designs. They are adventurous, war loving tribal tats and provide some abstract meanings along with that. People who still prefer same kind of designs can get warrior tattoo designs from Aztec collection of tattoos.

  • Bird Tattoo Designs:

There are plenty of birds like eagles, vultures, etc. that come in mind when relating bird tattoos and Aztec tattoos. These birds are specially chosen as they are believed to be the knight gods on the Aztec calendar. Their use in tattoo is meaningful as well as makes the tattoo more beautiful and appealing.

  • Sun Tattoo Designs:

There are many religions and cultures that worship sun  and regard it as a godly thing and it is the same case with Aztec tribe. The prime deity itself is sun in this culture. They sacrificed for sun and also believed it has some unique power. That’s why this sun tattoo is really popular in Aztec tattoo. If you want to wear sun then refer to Aztec designs, and you will find plenty of ideas.

What is the Average Cost of getting Aztec Tattoo?

One has to keep one thing one mind that no matter how similar the two tattoos are, the price will still vary. Every tattoo is unique no matter how similar it looks.

There are various factors that determine the average cost of any tattoo. Talking about Aztec, they can be of different sizes. Though, mostly they are of dark colors mostly black, but there are certain ideas with colorful inks. Aztecs are mostly filled tattoos but sometimes even a hollow can be modified. Therefore, because of such specifications, factors like size, color, popularity, quality of ink, experience of artist, etc. affect the average cost.


First and the foremost is the size. If the size is big, the price shall be more as well and vice versa. The price is taken on the hourly basis. For a bigger size, the hours will be more as well making the price more.


The next thing is use of colors. If you stick to same color like black, the price can be less but if you have multiple colors in your tattoo, the price will be higher. The quality of the ink also determines the price of the tattoo. If the quality of the ink is high, the price will be high as well and vice versa.

Ink Quality & Popularity of Place:

Moreover, it depends on where you are getting the inking done. If you are inking in one of the popular cities for tattoos in the world, you might will have to pay a huge amount. Again, the case is different in a less popular city. Some cities are extremely popular for tattoo purpose making the hourly charges high.

Experience of Tattoo Artist:

Similarly, the experience of the tattoo artist also makes the price difference. The artist who makes tattoos on celebs and sportsmen will take double or even four times or five times more amount than the normal artist for same tattoo. If the artist is new or have less customers, he/she can do it in lesser amount.

What are the ways to avoid infection while getting Aztec Tattoos?

There are certain things one has to follow to avoid infections after or before and during the time of getting any kind of tattoos. Though most people are already aware of the basic things but people still fail to keep themselves away from the infections and end up getting infected.

These infections if not cared well can damage skin and also lead to some dangerous diseases like cancer and other skin diseases.

Things to consider before getting tattoo:

There are certain things one has to look after to avoid infection before getting the tattoos. You need to check the quality of ink. If it has an ingredient that you are allergic to, then you need to replace the ink. This will be a life long problem if you do not change the ink. Similarly, you need to check if the needle is sterilized or not. Do not use the needle without sterilizing. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoke a day before and on the day of tattooing. This will keep you fresh and conscious.

Things to consider after getting tattoo:

You need to avoid contamination of the region of the tattoo. The region has to be bandaged well with enough air pores. You need not make direct contact with your fingers and indirect contact with hairs or clothes in the tattoo region. Moreover, avoid going to public pools. Use least fragrance soap and warm water for cleaning purpose.

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Image Gallery

This section consists of the images with Aztec tattoos. The images are of famous people like celebs, artists, sportsmen, etc. These are unique prints and are all meaningful. Go through all of these and pick yourself one tattoo design!


To conclude, this article is all about the Aztec tattoos from the Aztec lifestyle, culture, and origin. The content provides an impressive and meaningful information relating to Aztec tattoos. There are so many people who are interested in Aztec tattoos but have no clue where to get the information from. For such curious people or the tattoo lovers, this is the right platform.

After going through the article, one is able to find out all the basic information relating to Aztec. The topics like origin, definition, meanings, ideas, types, ideal place, average cost, etc. are all dealt so well. One can skip the entire content and go simply to the required section as well.

Well, people take Aztec tattoos differently. There are so many ideas and choices while people are not sure about them. This is the reason behind writing this article. There is also a section called image gallery where one can get the access to all the images. These images are unique, worn by celebrities, sportsmen, commoners, people from different gender, background, countries, etc.

Take full advantage from this article. But, do not forget to share it with the tattoo lovers, your loved ones, and the one that is in your mind right now. Feel free to send us the feed back along with the Aztec tattoo you have chosen for yourself.

Have a nice time tattooing!

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