47 Best Aztec Tattoos Ideas To Make You Excited!

There are certainly a big number of different styles of Aztec tattoos available. This simple fact can easily make things quite complicated for you while trying to select something perfect. Aztec tattoos are not for everyone, therefore before you choose one, you will need to understand somewhat more regarding their occurrence as well as see some good examples. The Aztec Tats Meanings and Symbols are not simple to uncover, yet you will make this if you are really serious.

“Aztec” domain instructed the greater portion of Mesoamerica back in the 15th and 16th centuries. Apart from the scandalous “Aztec-pyramids”, the Aztecs had been very much famous for their particular craft. However, Aztec artistry is quite assorted, still, the foremost met motifs usually are ones related to geometric shapes, nature, creatures and divine beings.

These traditional shapes are typically the ones which allure people into having an Aztec crafted tattoo. In spite of this, you should not choose a tattoo simply because it appears cool without understanding anything about this. Here’s a short video for you! Here’s another post for you “50 Incredible Tiger Tattoos Ideas That Will Make You Look Bold!

Aztecs Facts You Need To Know!

In the history of mankind, there was an array of clans that communicated through the tattoo craftsmanship. One of the most certainly comprehended clans to attain the “zenith” of tat artistry aptitudes was clan of the Aztecs.

Aztecs were actually “clan-possessing” territories near current Mexico City. At the same time, they were religious extremely. They invested a significant measure of the energy trying to appease the inflexible bright beings. However, this country usually was known as general populace of sun.

It is given that its primary mission was to assist the standard of the sun focused god for this to own the ability to continue with its truth. On the other hand, Aztecs were among the best civic old establishments with exceptionally created workmanship and science. In spite of this, it is thought that a great number of abilities they possessed were obtained from Mayan people.

Meanings And Symbols Of Aztec Tattoos!

The innovative style was truly about their excitement to vanquish calamity and evade demise. It is a justifiable cause behind why Aztecs took the penances to a great level.

Still, not all the outlines have this kind of abhorrent reason. As an example, frog was a picture of euphoria, whereas butterfly was the spoke of transformation. Moreover, monkey was called for celebrations and so forth.

Another instance would likely be a knight flying over his foe with weapon. This particular picture would certainly grandstand the chance of triumph and success.

Aztec Tattoo Designs For Women And Men!

Males were those who preponderantly got tattooed, however, nowadays men and women both equally get inked. As this follows, you’ll see designs inked mostly on males, but there’s some motivation for all warrior women out there!

On the other hand, the colors are not impressive because the Aztec tattoo designs are usually white and black, but the dimension and the shapes they produce are truly awesome. On top of that, Aztec symbols included in the large pieces tend to make lots of sense.

The parts of the body you will usually gaze on to check out these kinds of tattoo designs are backs, chests, and arms. We are thinking the body parts which let you ink a big design. Additionally, you should understand that a big design will impress with the size only, let alone it’s content.

Placement Ideas For Aztec Tattoos!

Whenever we base this in the traditions and beliefs of numerous ancient individuals, they ought to be positioned on the face. However nowadays, they are added with a few contemporary twists, and also these now can be positioned anywhere you desire to. Listed below are a few of the typical placements which you may want to have a look at:

  • Tattoos On The Chest:

Lots of Aztec craft lovers additionally consider placing tattoo on the chest. The tattoos will be visible only when you’re topless.

  • Tattoos On The Thigh:

If you desire your tattoo designs to show up not that quite obvious, after that you can think about putting them on the thigh.

  • Tattoos On The Legs:

If you don’t want to put the tats on the arms but still you need to put them in a lengthen body area, after that why not put them on the legs. There’s no way that they can’t be gorgeous there.

  • Tattoos On The Arms:

The arms are lengthened in size; therefore these are excellent locations for the Aztec art. Keep in mind that these tattoo designs usually have the elongated sizes.

  • Tattoos On The Back:

It is ideal for those larger size tattoos as your back features a quite broad space intended for tattooing. Additionally, it might be simple for tattoo designer to engrave flawlessly the style in this part of body.

Famous Aztec Tattoo Designs!

Not to mention, Aztecs were the “staunch” believers in the religion and utilized different elements in the nature as great symbols associated with religion. Additionally, a number of these elements had been used to symbolize the bravery and status of the tattoo bearers. All the elements utilized in the tattoo art represented something unique and special which might be understood by anybody who would take a glance at the tattoos. Listed below are a few common designs that go with these elements as well as signify something unique and special:

  • Skull Tattoo Designs:

Skull was viewed as the sign of death throughout Aztec tradition and skull tats make a famous choice among the tat bearers in present times as well. Aztec skull tats are an excellent option for people looking to offer the skull tat an exceptional dimension.

  • Warrior Tattoo Designs:

Aztecs are considered to be adventure and war-loving tribe that means the warriors have a major place in Aztec culture. On the other hand, the warriors had been adorned in the abstract costumes that were determined by their bravery and rank revealed by them within the battlefield. However, eagle was viewed as an outfit for the top ranking knights while others also were offered animal costumes instead of human ones.

  • Bird Tattoo Designs:

Besides eagle, one more bird that forms a famous element is vulture. The two birds are thought to be knight gods on Aztec calendar. Apart from being a vital sign in this tradition, these tats have an incredible visual appeal that makes them unparalleled in the aesthetic value.

  • Sun Tattoo Designs:

As stated previously, Aztecs were the people with solid belief in the religion and also they worshipped sun as their prime deity. They would give sacrifices to Sun God as well as observe grieving rituals during eclipse of sun. For the Aztecs, sun had been all potent and in control of protection of heaven as well as earth. Sun tats were definitely borne by numerous people in the Aztec tribes being an “ode” to the supremacy and power of sun.

  • Eagle Tattoo Designs:

Eagle is actually a revered symbolic representation in the Aztec culture because it signifies a high ranking and brave knight. An eagle knight would sport a traditional outfit with particular sort of headgear embellished with feathers and large beak, making this bear similarity to a powerful eagle. However, this particular bird of strength and power was additionally related to courage, nobility, and honor. An eagle tat was inked only on those knights who had shown great strength and courage as well as accomplished their training.

47 Amazing Aztec Tattoos Revealed!

  1. Skillfully Forearm Shaded Tattoo Design:

Mesoamerican pyramids usually are a typical sight among the Aztec tattoos. That is most likely because the vital thing which arrives at mind when somebody mentions the term “Aztec” is actually their pyramids.

  1. Mystical Monster Eating Lunch Tattoo:

This particular tattoo design is of dragon or perhaps some kind of monster consuming an Aztec knight who looks pretty calm considering what is occurring to him. Perhaps he is sick and fed up with this world, or he continues to be chewing on a few magic leaves as well as his senses are dulled drastically.

  1. The Geared Up Knight Tattoo:

This knight has a wonderful array of accessories and costume pieces. Makes you desire you could return in time just to encounter spectacle in flesh. Devoid of all the sacrificial offerings and killing of course.

  1. Temple Back Tattoo:

Getting temples flawlessly tattooed on back is now an increasingly famous form of tattoo. Perhaps it has a little something related to our body becoming our temple?

  1. Tribal Shoulder Tattoo:

An excellent example of blending intricate detailing and curvy “line-work” to work into an excellent looking shoulder tattoo.

  1. Blackwork Sleeves Tattoo:

Blackwork is a progressively famous form of tattoo design for those games sufficient where most of the tattoo will be dark-colored with the “line-work” simply using the natural “skin-tones”.

  1. Half-Mandala Hip Tattoo:

Another hot hip tattoo design with tribal motivated “half-mandala” on hip.

  1. Tribe 3/4 Sleeve Tattoo:

There is a lot happening in this and also you can easily see just how they’ve ensured that lines there are working with muscles and just where the arm is going to bend, quite cool indeed!

  1. Stone Sleeve Tattoo:

Here is one more superb illustration of a “stone-style” tattoo which is heavily influenced by the Aztec art.

  1. Necklace On Girl Tattoo:

It does not get much hotter than this “necklace-tattoo” on this lovely girl. In some cases, simple ideas/patterns work the best!

11. Necklace Tribal Tattoo Design:

This appears to be an “immunity” idol right out of the Survivor. However, shading on the necklace is amazing and on top of that, it is completely concealed the moment you wear a t-shirt.

  1. Stone Shoulder Tattoo:

If you are expecting to go classic, why not have a piece which appears like it’s created from the solid stone? Superb creative work on it!

  1. Jaguar Knight Back Tattoo:

Wow! It is absolutely spectacular and just somewhat creepy. It looks quite impressive and it will be best if you get this on your body. It is the greatest knight back piece; there is no doubt about that!

  1. 3D Knight Tattoo Design:

It is scary how natural this stone knight piece looks. It pops right from the skin!

  1. Shoulder Sun God Tattoo:

It is as great an outcome as you might hope for while selecting an Aztec crafted tattoo which involves the calendar as well as some very comprehensive line work.

  1. Native Bird Tattoo:

Not to mention, face on bird is actually a typical place in numerous tribes. We unquestionably enjoy the patterns drawn on wings on the piece here.

  1. Shoulder And Chest Tattoo:

It is an excellent use of exactly how to flawlessly work several separate tats together into one incredible looking piece!

  1. Aztec 3D Tattoo Design:

As you see the ingenious “shading” on this classic tribal symbol offer it an excellent 3D effect, pretty much appears like the individual has been branded freshly with a “hot-iron”!

  1. Maze Tattoo Design:

So much happening in this particular tattoo. We really like the mixture of the “squad-looking” character in center intertwined with a complex pattern which almost appears like a web, we know we are lost in this!

  1. Dragon Shield Tattoo:

Shields had been a common sign of power and knights. What greater way to blend the ultimate sign of protection with the ultimate mythological fighting beast, the dragon.

  1. In The Progress Chest Tattoo:

This tattoo is arriving together perfectly but you will find a few areas of this which are still unfinished and can additionally see a few of the “line-work” is not perfect. When choosing the right individual for your amazing “Aztec-style” tattoo, definitely it helps in case they have previous practical knowledge in that particular style.

  1. Half Sleeve Tribe Tattoo:

Inked freshly, we really like how all different patterns and shapes intertwine in it. Appears like it’s going to be sore down the road!

  1. Sun Chest Tattoo:

You can here see an incredible version of Aztec compass flawlessly tattooed on the chest of a person. He won’t ever forget exactly which way the “North” is with it on him, am I right?

  1. Chest Tribal Left Tattoo:

Here you simply can find a tattoo design in progress which will undoubtedly form a sleeve and chest piece. Sometimes this can be best concept to try getting a piece similar to this frame at the same time to ensure that all ink colors can flawlessly match up.

  1. Legendary Back Tattoo Design:

It is just as impressive as you go with the Aztec tattoo designs. This back tattoo would have consumed several sessions and additionally, the ultimate result is extraordinary. If you start looking closely then you can easily notice lots of various deities.

  1. Forearm Tattoo Design:

Again, an excellent example of just how patterns and shapes can all get together to develop a timeless and interesting forearm piece.

  1. Aztec Segmented Tattoo Design:

This is an ideal illustration of a unique tattoo just where you are able to see plenty of various geometric patterns happening and all functioning together just to bring bigger piece together.

  1. Back Tattoo:

Tribal back tattoos are particularly well-known tattoos amongst males. The intricate patterns and artwork imply that they do not necessarily require color and even can look wonderful in simply black ink.

  1. God Tattoo Designs:

Often Aztec gods might be carved into the stone that was a form of art form Aztecs mastered as well as above is a few of that unique form of carving translated into tattoo art.

  1. Rainbow Tattoo Design:

Another modern meaning of a typical Aztec symbol along with a contemporary colorful twist.

  1. Tribal Tattoo Design:

Interconnecting patterns and shapes were quite common in the Aztec culture and art and these patterns and shapes can translate truly well into interesting tattoo designs, notably ones on back, arms and chest.

  1. Aztec Calendar Tat Design:

A standard symbol in the culture of Aztec is actually the “calendar” or perhaps the months, which includes daytime and night time just like you can notice represented in chest piece in this image.

  1. Half Sleeve Aztec Tattoo Design:

Some new and old ink, all to create an excellent patterned “Aztec” tat design.

  1. Tribal Sleeve And Chest Tattoo Design:

One of many most common options of tattoo designs with bigger guys is the chest pieces which work all of their best ways down into a “full-sleeve”. It is partially because of “The Rock’s” surge to fame as well as his famous tribal tattoo. Right here you find one with the Aztec influences.

  1. Aztec Knight Symbol Tattoo Designs:

Contemporary interpretations of the Aztec tats can resemble the above, exactly where you see arrows as well as more of geometric, symmetrical pattern.

  1. “Aztec’esque” Mandala Tat Design:

Common amongst ladies are the “mandala’esque” tats on their “shoulder-blades” which have the Aztec style shapes and patterns, often incorporating stars.

  1. The Placement, Theme, And Color Of Aztec Tats:

Whilst this particular tattoo is probably not Aztec wholly, it is absolutely influenced by typical “Aztec-art” themes for example nature as well as the geometric patterns and shapes which can work miracles into developing a unique tribal sleeve.

  1. Aztec God Tattoo Designs:

You will find many gods in the Aztec culture, a lot of to list. Additionally, they were separated into groups and all those groups generally would symbolize a route on compass. The Aztec god tattoo designs can show up great, simply make sure that you seek information into the god as well as their particular meaning just before getting this tattooed.

  1. The Moon Tattoo Design:

The moon can be quite a unique one. The Metzli was a so-called God of moon, and it had been Aztecs perception that moon was basically a failed try at sun, and therefore he was initially a “lower-god” responsible for such things like creepy worms and crawlies.

  1. Aztec Tattoos With Sun:

Sun in the Aztec terms symbolizes the world as well as all its habitants. A world, in fact, was thought to last 53 years. Although there was not any Aztec “sun-god”, there was initially a god for all the living things that amongst the other things, involved the sun.

  1. Aztec Knight Tattoo Design:

As you see here it is a representation of an “eagle-warrior”, the most terrifying of Aztec knights, with jaguar knights the next most feared.

  1. Tattoo With The Bird:

Here’s a different design of the Aztec eagle which is worth displaying. Aztec designs of art may differ considerably, and it is put down generally to their own eclectic exposure and nature to a wide variety of styles and forms of art.

  1. Aztec Serpent Motif Tattoo:

Serpents were fairly common in the Aztec art as well as they symbolized rebirth or regeneration because one of serpents features was its capability to shed the skin.

  1. Floral Motif Tattoo:

Flowers denoted 20th or perhaps “last-day” on Aztec calendar. Apart from being a famous tattoo style for their complex pattern, Aztec “flower-design” is also a symbol of a particular deity and the path of “south” on the compass.

  1. The Skull Tattoo:

Aztec skull tattoo designs are quite preferred amongst males. The skull symbolizes the Sixth day and also the deity referred to as Death. Additionally, it is pretty common for individuals to involve their traditions around Aztec skull tattoo design.

  1. Aztec Eagle Motif Tattoo:

This is a unique symbol of eagle warrior. However, the eagle knights were actually an “Elite” team of infantry warrior as well as were the “most-feared” warriors. Their key goal was to catch as many criminals as possible just to sacrifice to the god later. Eagles were additionally a symbol of sun.

  1. Heart Tribal Tattoo:

Finally, here’s a good illustration of a tattoo that is mixing both modern and ancient pattern concepts to form a special tattoo. See that “heart-rate” pattern around exactly where the “heart” is, really like this one!


To conclude, Aztec tattoos are quite impressive and meaningful that will turn a few heads. There are many Aztec tattoo designs out there. You can choose the best one which meets your needs best. Hopefully, you have found yours from this post.

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