Best 46 Angel Tattoos You Should Take A Look & Get Amazed!


Have you discovered the large number of individuals with the angel tattoos as well as pondered to yourself exactly why they’re so famous? Or maybe you’re trying to grab yourself an “angel” tattoo. Do you desire to learn more about angel tattoos? Well, this post is about to assist you to comprehend these incredible tattoos better. We’ll provide you with the reason why they’re so famous, and after that, we will move further to reveal the different things about them. You may also enjoy this post “41 Epic Bantu Knots In The World Try This Year!

So What Makes Angel Tattoos Famous?

To begin with, it is significant to be aware that these amazing tattoos descend from a spiritual perspective. In most “Holy” books of different religions seen on earth, always you will find the religious creatures that are usually the angels. So in these religious books, most of the “angels” happen to be described as great caring creatures excluding 1 or 2.

The angels also have been revealed as the religious figures that help to link the world with heaven. It is exactly what has worked with the reputation of these amazing tattoos. When women or men get these particular tattoos, usually they tend to get a sense of protection and calmness because they connect tattoos to religious stories which they’ve read. That’s why you’ll always find the tattoo lovers with these amazing tattoos or often an image of wings of the angel. Here’s a short video for you!

What Do The Angel Tattoos Symbolize?

These tattoos usually give 2 simple representations that are supposed to present various aspects of our life.

Initially, the tattoos can be employed to symbolize love. The explanation of “love” is quite common particularly in “Archangel” whose task is considered to be taking care of humans. On the other hand, Cupid, who tends to shoot his bow thru people’s hearts, also is another angel figure that shows individuals falling in deep love.

These tattoos then symbolize the connection between heaven and earth which is supposed to indicate religious and spiritual beliefs.

All of the major religions are seen to talk about angels, and that’s why these tattoos are used to symbolize the religious beliefs.

46 Amazing Angel Tattoos!

  1. Angelic Lady:

Here this angel is pictured as a gorgeous lady. It can either relate to the elegance of these utterly divine beings or even to their nearness to the human nature.

This angel is coated in the mist because she comes down from heaven above as well as brings the bliss.

  1. Not All The Angels Are Same:

Everybody thinks of the angels in different ways. This illustration presents a minimum of 2 images of the angels: the adult and the child.

The nude arms of adult and facial expression of the kids give this a stimulating twist. It tends to cover the entire chest properly.

  1. Angel Fighting With Sword:

It is certainly not a calm angel. However, this particular “angel” tattoo is a strengthening one which inspires one to battle for the life in spite of the odds.

On the other hand, the sword and big wings are the important elements here, featuring the hard duality between angelic nature and also the knight one.

  1. Iconic Manifestation Of Angel:

This might seem like a usual tattoo idea which includes an angel, however, the shading provides it with a unique touch. This forgets about normal grey one as well as it uses the warmer “dark-red” shades to make dimension of pristine angel.

  1. Like A Cute Angel From The Heaven:

This is an amazing arm tattoo which focuses on the angel tattoo concept and different shading choices to highlight the arm.

This can easily hold a perfect motivational significance for owner and encourage her or him through the tough times because it’s a classic portrayal of angel.

  1. Your Heart And Angel:

An angel lady brings along an impressive message (Where the treasure is actually there the heart is going to be also). It is definitely a tip that one must value truly significant things in his or her life rather than shallow ones.

No matter if you desire to adhere to your own essence or even to resist the temptation, have this one.

  1. Fallen From The Grace:

The angel tattoos usually are linked to religion or spirituality. This particular angel tattoo style is completely different. This is quite bold as well as it includes the concept in such a way which feels downright amazing for many people. In case you prefer to shock, then it is your main one to choose.

  1. AB Tattoo And Full Chest:

This is undoubtedly the most complicated angel tattoo idea. It does not just cover the entire AB and chest area, but also it includes different designs and themes within it. Every one of them features different gradient shades which give that a fairly gothic look.

  1. Amazingly Awesome 3D Angel Guardian Tattoo On The Forearm:

Have a look at this beautiful 3D tattoo of guardian angel. However, the artist mixes special shades and ink with magnificent details to attention making a masterpiece.

The candles are included in background further boosting the elegance of this tattoo.

  1. Gothic Angel Tatted On Torso For Females:

What about a “Gothic” tattoo of an angel on the part of the torso? Gothic-angel tattoos tend to be an excellent tattoo concept for anybody who celebrates the defiance and non-conformance.

In contrast to the “fallen-angel” who is frequently depicted in loss and sadness, this gothic angel sports a defiant look.

11. Gorgeous Sleeve Angel Tattoo For Males:

Inset is actually an “angel-tattoo” that will depict 2 guardian angels. Observe the shine or glow close to their heads as well as their protective attitude. The tattooist puts heads of angels smartly on the size of wearer’s shoulders for enhancing the muscularity.

  1. Amazing “Fallen-Angel” Tattoo Placed On Back For Males:

It is an awesome tattoo which shows the great loss of heaven. See how the “fallen-angel” poses in loss and shame. However, this particular tattoo can be also worn by individuals who have conquered terrific hurdles in their day-to-day lives. The designer uses a bold and dark outline to boost symmetry of wearer’s body.

  1. A Beautiful Angel Pin Up Tattoo Between The Shoulder Blades:

Not to mention, this tattoo displays a sexy “pin-up” angel with sexiest look on the face. This tattoo blends religious beliefs with some temptation to make a strong message for all; that both bad and good exists in us.

In case, you’ve ever asked yourself why “Victoria-Secret’s-Angels” collection is very thriving, the secret may be within this angel pin-up tattoo.

  1. Impressive Angel Tattoo Of Virgin Mary On The Forearm For Males:

This tattoo displays the “Virgin-Mary”, like an angel, which looks immaculate as ever before. This type of wonderful tattoo might be sported by individuals who have an intense spiritual connection and also wish to bring their guardian angel anywhere they go.

  1. Fallen Angel Simple Tattoo:

It is a lovely tattoo of fallen angel. This is employed in most instances to symbolize loss or pain. See how the designer goes through excellent lengths for bringing angel’s arm out over the head further producing a demeanor of sadness or loss.

  1. A Very Detailed “Fallen-Angel” Tattoo At The Back For Males:

This tattoo displays a “fallen-angel” in a gorgeous design. However, the artist is using realistic shading and black outlines to illustrate this fallen angel.

You should know that this “fallen-angel” tattoo isn’t used always to symbolize loss or pain; one can sport it to symbolize their triumph over a challenge.

  1. Amazing Angel Tattoo On The Shoulder Back Just For Ladies:

This is actually an awesome tattoo of “winged-angel” seated on a stone staring into the space thoughtfully. Such kinds of “angel” tattoos usually are employed to symbolize calm and serenity if tatted on females and wholeness if tatted on males. However, also they can be employed to stand for protection from troubles.

  1. Cute Fairy Angel Tattoo Between The Shoulder Blades Just For Ladies:

Clearly unique but yet exquisite, this particular tattoo indicates a “mash-up” of a fairy and an angel. The fairy-angel can be observed having a sword that represents protection.

As fairies are regarded as a sign of youthfulness, so this tattoo can refer to the individual preserving his or her youth.

  1. A Praying Angel Half Sleeve Tattoo For Males:

This extremely detailed tattoo illustrates a praying and lovely angel which has a halo and wings. This kind of “angel-tattoo” is utilized to represent the necessity to link with God as prayer is regarded as the greatest mode of connection between God and human beings.

  1. A Gothic Dashing Angel Tattoo Which Covers The Back:

Rather than the immaculate tattoos of angel, this “gothic-angel” tattoo provides an aspect of defiance and rebellion. Unlike the “fallen-angel” tattoos which always stimulate emotions of shame and sadness, this “gothic-angel” tattoo has a tendency to encourage non-conformity and rebellion.

  1. A Lovely Angel Pin Up Tattoo On The Belly For Ladies:

Featuring a delicate combination of nice and naughty, this tattoo displays a lovely “angel” peeping its knickers down. It represents desire and temptation and sends a seriously powerful message.

In case you are searching for something completely unconventional, then it is what you need.

  1. A Remarkably Detailed Protector Angel Tattoo:

Gorgeous but symbolic, this protector “angel-tattoo” is a wonderful masterpiece of design which can be sported by both women and men.

This tattoo style is often sported by individuals who have an intense spiritual connection. Remember that this angel can possibly be female or male based on your choice.

  1. A Powerful “Fallen-Angel” Tattoo For Males:

Representing pain, loss or a bad past, this amazing tattoo displays the “fallen-angel” on knee with the head down. On the other hand, it is necessary to discuss that the “fallen-angel” tattoos don’t always symbolize something negative. To tell the truth, angel tattoos tend to change the meaning based on the individual.

  1. A 3D Angel Tattoo Just For Men:

It is an amazingly composed 2D tattoo which offers you a 3D optical illusion. This angel is actually drawn falling thru the ground, possibly a portrayal of banishment. Note that this angel is additionally looking upwards to get an opportunity of redemption.

  1. A Detailed “Fallen-Angel” Tattoo On The Back Of Man:

The “fallen-angel” tattoo style symbolizes the truth that both bad and good exist in every person. Observe how the pose of angel is- head tucked in between knees- reveals an aspect of shame or dismay.

A darker ink is employed to reveal the details much more clearly.

  1. Simple And Cute Angel Tattoo On The Upper Back Of Woman:

Inset is actually an excellent tattoo of “fallen-angel” with the head tucked in between the knees in sitting position. This is a pose which intimates pity. Why pity?

Well, the “fallen” angels are considered that they have been banned from paradise. That’s the reason why this pose intimates pity.

  1. Grim Reaper Design Death Angel Tattoo:

We all know that death never has looked more tranquil than this “grim-reaper” like avenging back tattoo of angel. With the resigned body expression and an enormous wing span which emerges from smoky background, it is an effective reminder that the death is behind us!

  1. Hot Praying Angel:

You will find a lot of tattoo suggestions which mix the concept of sexy and holy and this does it flawlessly with a lovely praying “angel” with not just wings but also a “rosary” in the hand, each of which juxtaposes the naked yet tastefully coated torso. This tattoo is truly amazing to sport.

  1. Angel Soaring From Flames On The Fantastic Back Tattoo:

Wings of this angel in the tattoo above flawlessly follow the organic line of man’s shoulders and back and “taper-down” in a natural triangular shape.

The simple use of the red ink gives the right amount of details to the flame at the end of this tattoo.

  1. Full Sleeve Super Detailed Angel Tattoo:

Simply as the “eye” on top of the sleeve pops at you out, one’s eyes cannot help but stick to the intricate pictures down the whole length of man’s arm.

Blending iconic pictures of life, the death and dying state of the time this angel in the middle of this item is the best compliment.

  1. Amazing Details In Crouch Ing Angel Tattoo:

Not to mention, the quantity of details in this particular angel tattoo concept boggles our mind. You can just envision how long this took to have the best quantity of “shading” on the slender and long figure.

On the other hand, the amazing play of light and shadow make this angel seem almost 3D on back of the model.

  1. Art Deco Type Angel Forearm Tattoo:

We must admit that the smooth features of the face of female angel and also the “stained-glass” style window which creates a halo right behind the head pay credits to the “art-deco” style famous during the “first-half” of 20’th century while billowy fabrics highlight the lady figure.

  1. Praying Angel Photo Realistic Tattoo:

Utilizing photo references can result in excellent tattoo ideas for example when having a kid or a beloved and transposing the face on a good-hearted angel body.

Again, the “praying” hand position of this angel, as well as the “look” in the eyes, make sure the man usually has a beloved looking out.

  1. Angel For Justice Tattoo:

The tattoo design of this angel get the organic lines of back simply by lining the figure up all along man’s spine making an ideal symmetry with that to equalize the justice scales.

It is also an innovative mixture of 2 iconic symbols: the holy angel with justice lady.

  1. Incredible Angel Sleeve Full Color Tattoo:

The angel tattoo concepts like this “full-color” sleeve get noticed with their vivid and bright colors which include a stunning use of details, gradients, and shading.

On the top of this design of angels, wings, as well as Smokey background, develop the great shape for full “upper-arm” sleeve.

  1. Angel Tribute To The Lost Love Tattoo:

The tattoo of this angel features a soothing angel embracing the child which was obtained from the Earth ahead of time.

Above this tattoo is actually the kid’s death date and also a touching homage by means of the written text below which reads “Forever-Lost” in a stylish text which matches other design of tattoo.

  1. Intricately Tinted Crying Angel Tattoo At The Back:

This “weeping-angel” aligns flawlessly on the rear as body of this figure falls along the backbone and two wings of angel spread out across the shoulder. The “shading” of wings, the body, and the hair add an extra sense of power and depth to this tattoo.

  1. Powerful Cross With The Angel Wings:

This tattoo is anchored with solid looking cross along with cracks, shading, and textures which enhance its authenticity as well as make it look like it may be actually made from stone.

If it weren’t sufficient, the larger wings express the ultimate power of this cross itself as well as everything related to.

  1. Dark Medieval Angel Madame:

The tattoo pictured above sits beautifully on “upper-arm” of the person and looks out at viewer having a face which seems to carry a dark top secret.

Just how she retains the base of her “robe” tends to make it appears like she is just going to move around and go off into a long distance.

  1. Simple And Cute Logo Type Angel Tattoo:

A perfect illustration of straightforward tattoos ideas which can be sported on the parts of body which are covered easily but as effortlessly uncovered whenever you desire to show off them. This unique angel tattoo tends to take the iconographic design and shape of angel and brings a soul for the good measure.

  1. Crouching Beautiful Angel Tattoo:

Wings on the “angel-tattoo” design stick to the organic curves of the side of this girl as they usually climb the body up and just hardly wrap around the back. Similarly, the “curled-up” body of this angel makes a stunning echo of girl’s waist straight below this tattoo.

  1. Emo Angel Tattoo At Lower Back:

This comes into a type of the angel tattoos which convey 2 messages at the same time. While the “crouching-figure” of this girl is glancing down conveying the despair and frustration the larger wings sprouting from her back offer hope that she’ll fly one day again.

  1. Lovely Baby Angel Tattoo At Lower Back:

This design places a “spin” on traditional “angel-tattoo” concept by making use of a cherub-like, child design for body of angel. On the other hand, the position of this figure and the point that she is facing far from us additionally creates an excellent visual echo along with the body of girl sporting the tattoo.

  1. Full Back Wings Of Angel Tattoo:

Not forgetting, these types of “angel” tattoos can turn the person into an angel with the detailed wings which occupy the whole of back. However, the curved form of wings particularly accentuates the lady form as well as the gradient that is used in the roots strengthen the trick that they are actually an integral part of person’s body.

  1. Diamond Chain With Floating Angel Back Tattoo:

An attractive female angel flying up towards the heaven with the wings spread wide open and also with a path of diamonds covered beneath her. At the same time, use of the diamonds both under the wings and immediately on the face provides a visual portrayal of the power and energy that this figure holds.

  1. Elegant Angel On Neck Tattoo:

Folded wings of the angel beneath a halo offer you a stylish angel styled “tattoo-design” without determining with a particular female or male personification. However, folded wings of the angel symbolize a resting condition communicating a feeling of tranquility and calm for the particular tattoo wearer.


Last but not the least, these angel tattoos mentioned in this post above are both for the men and women. You can easily choose the right one which meets your needs to a great extent. We will be happy to see you share your opinions with us. Now it’s time to choose the best angel tattoo for you!




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