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Angel Tattoos! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ

Angel tattoos are one of the popular tattoos that have a lot of meanings. They are not just meaningful but are also really pretty to look at. There has to be at least one person connected with you who has an angel tattoo. Are you amazed why the angel tats are so famous? Well, there are plenty of reasons behind that. You can find out the secret in this article.

This article consists of answers to all of the frequently asked questions on the web. If you have specific questions regarding angel tats, this is the right place to quench your thirst. It consists of details on angel tats, types of angels, ideal placement, average cost, maintenance tips, guidelines to wear, image gallery, etc.

After going through the article, you can find a perfect angel tat for you, something that shall match your requirements and personality.

Why are angel tattoos so popular?

The popularity of an angel tattoo begins from ancient times as it has fascinating meanings. The reason behind this is that the angel tattoos descend from a perspective relating spirits. You can also find the angels being repeated in holy books like the Bible. There are angels in every religion but different forms. The angels are the spirits that hover around people and help them. They have powers and are sturdy. The angels have been regarded as gods in some cultures while a free mind that resembles birds in terms of wings in the other.

The angels are always believed to protect human beings; therefore, people wear them for their self-protection and receiving positive vibes making them trendy tattoos. The tattoo is not just popular among religious people, but it also is a part of beauty. Some people wear tats because they are attractive and seek a lot of attention. With angel tats, your attractiveness is doubled, and you receive 101 care.

Moreover, angels are believed to be the mediator who connects the door of heaven for you. Because of this belief, people mostly wear angels as tattoos. Even older people regard it as a religious thing and sometimes connect it with Jesus Christ or their gods.

Similarly, the wings of an angel are something that makes the tat accessible too. People are fond of wearing wings on their backs, and it is also one of the trending tats among men, women, and youths.


What are the meanings behind angel tattoos?

There are various meanings behind angel tattoos. Some are based on historical beliefs, some on religious and cultural beliefs, some depending on the region, some are personal beliefs. There are also certain spiritual beliefs. Find out the meanings as well as hidden meanings of angel tattoos below:


The first and foremost meaning of angel tattoos is love. They signify all kinds of love. Maybe a romance between a mother and a child, romantic love between couples, and every other love may be in terms of care and affection as well. There is a perfect example for an angel to represent love. Cupid is a symbol of love. It is an angel of love and romance. Cupid is a baby holding arrows. It is believed that the one who is hit by cupid’s arrow is spellbound into a forever love. It is about romantic love. The angel called Archangel is a symbol of affection and care. She is a personal caretaker. In this way, angels represent love!

Religious Belief:

Another meaning is historic. The people who are more into religion have this idea of how an angel is connected to religion. There is an angel in every religion but different forms. I religious belief, there is an angel and a devil, a white and a black, a good and a bad. The angel represents excellent and white. There are an angel and a devil inside all of us as per the beliefs, and it depends on which one you let to dominate. People with such confidence wear angel as tattoos to support or conquer their inner angel. They wear it to be guided with the right path in every step of life. Even Jesus & Virgin Mary are regarded as angels, and people put wings behind them and get their tats.

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What are some famous angel tattoos ideas?

There are plenty of ideas to wear angel tattoos. It depends on what kind of angel you prefer. You can apply some of the following purposes and choose one from them:


One of the ways to get an angel tattoo is a cupid. A Cupid is a baby who has little wings and holds a bag full of love arrows. Whoever is hit by a love arrow falls into a spellbound love with another who is also hit by the love arrow. People who have fallen in love or are in a magical love with another person can get a cupid tattoo with their lover’s name. If you have a baby, you can dedicate the tattoo to your baby. You can modify the tat of a cupid with your baby and give her tiny wings. It shall represent your baby in the form of a matchmaker who made love between you and your spouse deeper. It is one of the perfect ways to express love.


The wings of the angel are enough to represent an entire angel. There are ways to wear angel wings. Sometimes they can be of feather and sometimes of scales. The angel wings are worn, especially on the back below shoulder blades. They shall represent the wings of the wearer. The wings are similar to the wings of a bird, and the initiation of the roots of the wings is also right on the spot. The sides not only make you feel like an angel yourself but also adds a lot of beauty. Those who wear it look sexy as well as attractive. It is one of the trending ideas under angel tattoos.


Fairies and angels are sometimes similar. The thing that varies is the size. Just like cupid is an angel in the form of a baby, an elf is an angel with a tiny size. The fairies are non-existent beings too. They are little human with supernatural powers, positive energy, and wings. They are also believed to take care of human beings and stick to good humans. If one wishes to wear a tiny tattoo, one can choose a fairy and look pretty!

God Mother:

There are godmothers to several kids, especially in western countries. Godmothers are the mothers who did not give birth to the child but helped in every step of the life of the child, just like a mother would do. Some people have godmothers, while others do not have. Wearing a God Mother tattoo is a tribute to the woman who was not less than your mother. It may not be a blood connection, but a godmother has a relationship with the child in every other factor.

Tribute to a Dead Soul:

The people who have lost their lives are believed to transform into stars and angels. If there is a dead soul who still means a lot to you, you can wear a tattoo of that lost soul with little wings and halo in the top, forming them into angels. It is how you can tribute a dead-on. It is less prevalent but still holds more significant meanings.


Our pets mean a lot to us: especially dogs and cats. But alas, their life span is minimal. Even in a short period, they manage to brighten our lives and leave back pleasant memories for us. Most people get angel tattoos for the lost life of a pet. One can ink their dead pet animal and provide little wings and halo to them, signifying the angel in them. It is one of the popular ways to tribute your pets and loved ones.


What is an ideal placement for an angel tat?

There are so many regions in the human body, where angel tattoos look quite promising and perfect. Among them, here are the regions discussed depending upon the top areas with maximum choices. They are clustered in terms of different factors.


In terms of popularity, angel wings tats are popular, and for that back is the most suitable region. Back is the most famous area, not the entire back but the top center, which is below the neck and between the shoulder blades. There have to be identical wings on both ends, making the appearance of the arms emerging out of your body. Backs are a fantastic region for angel wings tats instead of the entire angel body.

Size of the tat:

If you are willing to get tiny angel tat, there is no point in wearing it on your back, as it will not be visible. The same is the case with the thighs, chest, belly, and all other vast spaces on your body. The tiny angel tattoos look perfect on your wrist, ankle, neck, and even on your arms.

Level of Pain:

If you are scared of needles and do not want to risk more pain, you can avoid getting the tattoo on your neck, forehead, and even face. These regions can be painful as compared to the other areas. You can wear it on your arms, thighs, legs, or even back, and it will be less painful.

Visibility Requirement:

Another factor in picking an ideal placement for the angel tat is the visibility requirement. If you want to make your tat visible all the time, the best spot is your neck, or merely the wrist. These regions are always visible. You can also ink on your face, but this can also go absurd sometimes. If you are an office person or a high school student, you might not wish to make your tat visible. Or, even going for interviews or formal events, tat can be problematic. In such cases, getting it on either chest, belly, back, even thighs, and shoulders can make the tat less visible.


What are the possibilities with angel tattoo?

There are enormous possibilities with angel tattoos. Some are explained below. Could you go through them and pick a style?

Simple Outlined:

One can get an outlined angel with no heavy colors or designs. It shall let it be simple yet meaningful. The original form of the angel tat gives a sophisticated look and reflects your similar personality.

Creative Designs:

One can be creative and fill the inside of an angel with original designs. It can be something similar to a tribal design inside of the outline. With this, you can incorporate a lot of meaning and an ocean of reflections. Keeping it simple is no bad, but adding your efforts to make it more creative is art.


You can add several colors and make it a bright one. There can be original colors like yellow for the halo, white for wings, etc. but it is also impressive when one can twist the colors and come out with a fantastic combination. The angel with colors looks more beautiful and visible.


One can go with the flow and add 3D effects. 2D is mainstream, while 3D is a trend. Adding a little 3D touch might cost you some extra dollars, but the price is worth the output. Get ready to receive all the wows and compliments on it. People shall ask you about it when you have a 3D effect on your angel tat.


What are the right ways to get an angel tat?

There is nothing called a step-wise method to get an angel tat. One can get it with their terms. But, when there is a guideline, people cannot divert. They are always on the way to a better destination. Therefore, one should follow the following steps to get an angel tat:

Step 1:

You need to make sure you are doing this. There are a lot of people, early fifty percent of them, who are regretting the tat they had while in high school or without proper knowledge. So, it is always a better thing to ask yourself if you want to get an angel tattoo.

Step 2:

Feed yourself with a lot of choices. You can always go through online papers about them. From that, pick yourself an outstanding one that shall fit your body and personality well. It should be beautiful, attractive, meaningful, and suit you.

Step 3:

Find yourself a perfect studio. Visit the nearby studios or do online research. An ideal studio should be sound, hygienic, has experienced artists, charge you not more, use sterilized needles, and have the proper quality of ink. If you succeed in finding all of these in one, you have found the right one. There is no point in compromising as your tattoo shall exist till the lifetime.

Step 4:

Make an appointment. You need not be in a rush but rather relax and be excited about it. Hydrate yourself well. Avoid alcohol and smoke. It will keep you conscious as well as fresh and active.


What are ways to avoid infections?

People have this false belief that getting a tattoo is the end of responsibility. But they should know that it is not the end but rather the beginning of the duties. The duties are added up because you need to be cautious enough to avoid infections. If you are not careful enough, the infection can end up in cancer. Following are some ways:

  1. The studio should be clean. While inking, the germs can go inside through ink if the studio is not clean enough.
  2. Some people can be allergic to certain kinds of inks. You need to figure out if you are allergic to the ink being used or not. If yes, you need to replace it to avoid infections.
  3. Add a bandage over the tattoo region to prevent contamination. The dressing should not be very tight but rather loose enough for fresh air to get in.
  4. There should be no direct contact with the region like through hands or hair. Indirect contact with clothes should also be avoided.
  5. Do not rub the area, no matter how hard it itches.
  6. Avoid going to public swimming poop even after getting the bandage off because the region can be contaminated.
  7. Clean the area with the sap with the least fragrance.
  8. Visit the tattoo artist or the doctor in case of severe itch or pain.

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In this article, the answers to all the questions regarding angel tattoos are mentioned. The queries are all answered, and this also provides an image gallery section for the viewers to choose from multiple options. If you want to get an angel tattoo, this is your ultimate guide.

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