77 Gorgeous African Braids That You Need To Check Out!


For African ladies, they were fortunate with the textured hair which is robust from start to bottom. For the majority of women, it is almost difficult to keep a braid firm to the “head” however African hair will do that easily and more!

Based on the hairdo you are trying to find and the contour of the face, you will find many looks which you can accomplish. Check out some of the best hairstyles here and select your signature style. Here’s a short video for you! You may also love this post “60 Best Arrow Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind & Style Easily!

Top 77 African Braids To Blow Your Mind!

  1. African Thick Braids Hairdo:

This gorgeous long is going to be partly because of the extreme “side-part” and partly thanks to thick braiding.

  1. Tunnel Of The Braids:

This is a Mohawk influenced by braids. It is in the form of the tunnel.

  1. A Braided Style:

This stylish look begins at the head with the symmetrical braids as well as let’s loses towards the end.

  1. Dreaded And Blonde:

The length is long with gorgeous dreadlocks.

  1. African Braiding Hairdo:

This is definitely a conventional African style used with the tiny braids. May not be something for our era but it is nice to take a look at.

  1. Corn Long Rows:

Speak about growing your own hair. These “corn-rows” take this to another level.

  1. A Conventional Mohawk:

In case you desire something genuinely unique, put on for “size” this braided wide Mohawk.

  1. Braids As The Bangs:

So why don’t you use the braids as “bangs” as well as begin a vogue trend? All of that other hair is actually less in stunning loose waves.

  1. A Pair Of A Sort:

One more dreadlock look, the first is usually left down to get a sophisticated appeal while another is taken into ponytail to get a casual design.

  1. Shaved Dread:

There’s so much originality to this design that it is hard to determine the best part. All these are the dreads and not braids yet they are colored beautifully. The shaved dimensions complete the appearance perfectly.

11. Mop Of The Curls:

You’ll get no braids right here however if you really like curls in that case this particular look is awesome.

  1. A Mohawk Corn Row:

These “corn” rows are usually available as a Mohawk along with hair tightly pulled. All of that other hair will be taken back into a ponytail.

  1. An Updo Which Says Wow!

One more appealing updo which does not offer braids. However, hair is simply pulled firmer as well as “piled-up” high.

  1. Mohawk With Lift:

Not to mention, you do not require braids for this specific look to appear looking amazing. This unique Mohawk is guaranteed to turn a few heads.

  1. Sweet Curls:

This is a blend of curls and braids for that unique little gal in your daily life. A gorgeous combination to experiment with for the particular school play.

  1. Fishtail Braids:

It’s a different type of amazing braid to provide a new look for the partial updo.

  1. Beautiful Volume:

Not forgetting, this look features the base along with small braids again, however, the remaining is actually a curl huge volume show. Stunning!

  1. Sweet And Short Design:

Another lovely design which has small braids in the base yet beautiful curls towards the end. It is a short look still no less satisfying.

  1. Side Spiral:

The “hair” is taken to a “side” to give a stylish look. On the other hand, the braids usually are similar to spirals trailing beautifully down.

  1. Trendy Corn Rows:

Miss. Kim is sporting her “corn-rows” drawn back from the face. The size is there yet the fashion is completely casual.

  1. A Wedding Hairdo:

Speak about a stunning updo intended for a marriage ceremony whether it is yours or even someone else’s. Additionally, this style is so amazing. The little braids are taken back to a firm yet classic bun.

  1. Corn Rows One-Sided:

It is one more take particularly on the style of the cornrows. Not to mention, the top of the head is extended aside to provide a unique look whereas all of the braids will cascade to a single side. On the other hand, the braids are not tangled up in the beads but they are loosely left to reveal a completely new look.

  1. Small Corn Rows:

Miss. “Alicia-Keys” is at this again however now she is utilizing small braids for the cornrows.

  1. Braided And Sleek:

The sides usually are designed with the minuscule braids whereas all of those other hairstyles are sleek and long hair. The point that the tresses are taken over to a single side truly makes the appearance what it’s.

  1. The Side Part Dreaded:

This style forward hairdo is a different one which looks more like dreadlocks than braids. The gorgeous side part tends to set the tone just for the great sexiness.

  1. No Braids Needed:

This stunning style arrives without the braids of all size. It is curly and thick and rather amazing.

  1. Where Is Marge?

This hairdo is similar to Marge Simpson’s popular hairdo. You require plenty of tresses or some severe extensions to be successful but once it is all braided as well as piled on the top you possess the finest updo at almost any event.

  1. Corn Rows Hairdo:

“Alicia Keys” is actually no weirder to style as well as in terms of corn-rows she will rock them. Not to mention, the particular look is usually firm to the head and the beads are usually a delightful accessory.

  1. Dreaded Twist:

This appearance is much closer to dreadlocks compared to they might be braids yet still an exceptional look. The big twists make a look which would be an excellent event style.

  1. Braided Tops:

It is an exceptional for someone seeking to spice up the things and test something unique. The little braids begin at scalp as well as stop about 4 inches from this and finish in the cascading curls. Everything from color to style of this hairdo is gorgeous.

  1. Twisted Updo Hairstyle:

This appearance is sophisticated and will be amazing for almost any event which needs attire. This particular look isn’t a lot of braids as the twists. The tresses from scalp were tightly twisted into the intricate designs. After that, the twists started to be bigger as well as were tied into updo up. The final result is amazing.

  1. I Love The Braids:

We must admit, this unique braid style is one which would be excellent for children. This would shave off the time of getting all set for school as well as being ideal for summer months. On the other hand, the heart style is extremely cute and beads are an extra accessory which complements the currently cute design.

  1. Half Down Half Up:

It is actually a “partial-braided” look for anybody that does not desire to do a complete head of the braiding. At the same time, the “crown” of head is tightly braided to the head and taken into the ponytail while remainder of hair is kept loose and curly.

  1. Side Do Hairstyle:

This wonderful hairdo is a vintage look and even is excellent for a daily look. The tresses are usually braided in little braids and taken aside. The “side-part” gives some beauty whereas the tresses are taken to a single side for the sexy updo.

  1. Wedding Look Hairstyle:

This unique look is ideal for any marriage ceremony which you will be visiting this summer season. The braids, on the other hand, are elegant and small and whenever “pulled-up” for a “partial-updo” it turns into a vintage look which is exquisite for the wedding events for this year. You will discover you are utilizing this look again and again.

  1. A Little Braid Is The Best:

Here’s an excellent way to make use of a braid like an accessory rather than an entire look. In case you desire to keep the hair loose as well as flowing just braid several pieces and make a head-turning look which everyone is absolute to notice.

  1. Braiding The Bun:

As we can see, this firm braided style is near to the head and looks excellent for a celebration. The braids usually are pulled into the bun to make a wonderful look of beauty.

  1. Curls Entirely:

This updo will be a stylish one which would be gorgeous for a wedding or an event. The side style is zigzagging as well as curls on the top are shaped into small braids to accomplish the entire look.

  1. Partial Updo Hairstyle For Office:

One more “long” look which is utilized as a “partial-updo” as well as one which looks extraordinary. It is something which you cause check out for an informal day or even 24 hours at your office.

  1. Spirals Or Braids?

This “far-part” is gorgeous and the size is fantastic for any event. The particular braids from this look are similar to spirals than the braids. However, the braids tend to be medium in dimensions that create an elegant look.

  1. Elegant And Small:

Another timeless long look having some length. However, the braids tend to be little with this but it can make the hairdo a lot more stylish. The “side-part” permits some major sex appeal.

  1. Loose Long Braids:

The lengthy braids are usually a stunning hairstyle whenever you require a casual day-to-day look. The organic look is an excellent one and the medium-sized braids provide elegance.

  1. Classic Braid:

The “side-part” provides an attractive edge and thick “rope-like” braids tend to be a lovely addition. In case you are searching for a hairdo where you may keep the length, then this is an awesome one to note.

  1. Gorgeous Pigtails:

The thicker braids, one particular on every side in an attractive style of the pigtails is actually an exciting look intended for a day trip at beach. You will find small braids firm to your forehead “criss-crossing” all over. It is an appealing style; therefore, give it a try for your upcoming new style.

  1. Red Spirals:

Just taking little braids and also spiraling them in an updo will be an excellent way to have a great do for the next event. At the same time, the “red” is definitely a pleasant appeal which adds edge to any kind of look. In case you ever had the idea of becoming a “redhead” then it is your time to get that.

  1. Braids Like The Crown:

All these particular braids stream down a side as well as back of your head. It is a well designed and gorgeous look for anybody. The braids tend to be tight to your head intended for an informal day-to-day hairdo.

  1. Blonder Ponies Can Be Lovely:

This braided blonde look is actually taken back into half ponytail and half updo. The dark color and contrasting blonde truly compliment the entire look.

  1. Blonde Braid:

This long style is taken back on the top in clip. The “blonde-color” is an excellent contrast to natural shade too. On the whole, it is a lovely look.

  1. Restore The Fro:

It is a mix of a conventional fro and a few shaved aspects. Additionally, you can certainly keep this casual or even use this as an excellent talking piece anywhere you go. It is a superb look.

  1. Curls For Girls:

This astonishing look is fantastic for anybody that desires something unique. The entire bottom is normally a braided style while curls are usually tussled up on the top like Mohawk.

  1. Wacky Braid:

If you’re trying to find braids which have a bit edgy for them then it is the particular look to suit your needs. Talk about a few unusual but very awesome designs. Just pair them along with color as well as you will get a look which will get you the discussion of your upcoming event.

  1. My Own Updo Is Superior To Yours:

Speak about a pile of locks and it is a pile you will have to create this astonishing updo. There’s so much happening with this design to even speak about a favorite one. The “criss-cross” of the braids on forehead is definitely an excellent touch.

  1. Golden Goddess:

Needless to say, this “golden-goddess” has a gorgeous updo which you may simply wish to emulate. Not to mention, the amazing designs of braids are absolutely one to make use of for your upcoming event. Then simply tie this all in a bun

  1. Green Is Actually Envy:

The thick long “rope-like” braids can be precisely what you’re looking for. Bring some color, almost any color, and this might be specifically the pop you’ll require for your own signature style.

  1. Rope-Like Braid:

This hairdo is unique because it features the braids taken all to just one side. There’s a style on a single side along with thick “rope-like” braids slipping to just one side.

  1. Thick Braid:

This particular “long-look” is one that is amazing. I really like how braids begin super thick as well as then become tiny braids. It is a special look which anyone can easily try.

  1. Curly Braid:

This hairdo is sexy and short. The locks are curly and look exceptionally braided. This particular look can easily be utilized for an informal day or an event.

  1. Sexy Braid:

It is a super long look which will probably need some severe extensions unless you’re lucky sufficient to have locks too long. The “side-part” provides a hot braided design for anyone.

  1. A Combination Of Looks Like A Pro:

This combination of looks provides a number of choices to a person with the long hair. There’s an updo appearance and also long looks which offer numerous color options.

  1. Braids For A Designer:

It’s a look which is firm to your scalp but additionally offers an exceptional look. The locks are taken to just one side as well as designed to gain a masterpiece of design.

  1. Queen Of The Braids:

A different long look along with the cascading braids. It is a stunning look which can attract almost everyone. The included “head-accessory” is a beautiful addition to this hairstyle.

  1. Long Long Locks:

Here it is a gorgeous length if you possess it or desire to include a few extensions in. At the same time, the contrast of color is an excellent touch.

  1. Braided Pony Hairdo:

This “long-look” is ideal for those women that do not desire to trim their hair. Just braid this and pull this into a higher pony to get a look which will be both a “dress-up” and casual.

  1. Whitney Who?

Wow! This particular look is extremely similar to Whitney Houston’s signature look. It is not braid but it is a lovely short style filled with the caramel curls.

  1. Bob With Updo:

It is actually an updo which starts with the bob. Not to mention, the “bob” is an antique look which looks sweet if paired with the braided updo.

  1. Lovely Shortness:

This is one more short style which complements any shape of face. Plenty of braids along with a “side-part” are an excellent look.

  1. African Braids Are Available In All The Sizes:

In case you are trying to find a short design, after that look no more. This bob is possible in braids as well as it can easily be worn in updo or casual.

  1. Mohawk For A Designer:

It is a special design for somebody who loves the braids. It is additionally paired with the high Mohawk to get an additional bit of the edge. If you’re looking for an exceptional look then it is the particular one to suit your needs.

  1. Braided Mohawk Hairdo:

This “wrap-around” braid is an excellent design and it is combined with a sexy Mohawk. There’s lots of “height” to this look and also it will be a head-turning updo for almost any event.

  1. Braided Bun Hairdo:

This “braided-bun” is a stylish choice for updo. On the other hand, the organic color is attractive for this classy look.

  1. Princess Laia Hairdo:

It is a sweet style in case you require an updo. You will find plenty of small braids all linked together as well as looped up in little buns. This “criss-cross” style in front is genuinely inspiring.

  1. Long Spirals Hairdo:

In case you like the long hair, after that, it is the particular look to suit your needs. Long spirals tend to be simply the look as well as add a few colors to contrast.

  1. Tight And Elegant Braided Bun Hairdo:

This hairdo is a common box braid style, but it appears very unique. The twists tend to be medium in dimensions but they appear plentiful, and it is for the reason that the locks are quite thick. Their unique appearance originates from the design, and it involves tugging them to middle of the scalp and also tucking the hair in a braided “tight-bun”.

  1. Creative Cornrows Hairdo:

You will find no improvements to this design because it’s all-natural and therefore all the elegance originates from the ingenious knitting. For making this hairstyle, you must weave the locks into a few cornrows but end by leaving hairs on ends free as well as fluff out them. Additionally, adorn the design with a few feathers on ends and a few rings on rows to boost the appearance.

  1. Defensive Rows For The Natural Hair Hairdo:

The cornrows are a style to consider when you’re not sure exactly what to perform with your locks and still desire a protective hairstyle. These special ones are all-natural without any artificial strands, and they’re medium in dimensions and also flowing to backside.

  1. Gorgeous Braided Bob Hairdo:

Your “bob-length” hair can additionally make surprisingly eye-catching twists, yet you need to be innovative if you desire them to appear chic. This particular Bob has that beauty to make you sexy.

  1. Braid Knot Jumbo Box:

The color selection of synthetic locks in this hairdo is amazing, and it’s one thing which makes it a classy style. However, the “medium-size” box braids additionally have perfect knitting, and even they end with a trendy design which entails pulling a few to crown as well as twisting them in a knot.


To conclude, African braids are just awesome to sport. Don’t make any delay and choose the one which you love most. All the African braid hairstyles mentioned above are all set to make you look stunning. It will be best if you get the help of a skilled hairstylist.

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