77 Gorgeous African Braids That You Wouldn’t Like To Miss!

African braids are one of the crucial things about Africa. The African women are proud of being fortunate with such textured hair as it is robust from the beginning to the end. If you do not have the Afro hair, your braiding might not look as fresh as the African braids.

There are plenty of ideas inside African braids that are all unique and cool in their ways. Afro braids are individual because the women started with long term protective hair using extensions as they had a unique texture and hard to take care of it.

Though it started as a necessity, African women began creating a revolution with braids making it famous worldwide. This article is all about African braids. You will find out its origin, different types of Afro braids, different looks possible with it, and everything else that you need to know.

After all, one has to know about the African braids as it leads the hairdo list overall. Therefore, this article solves the curiosity and quenches the thirst about Afro braids.

Go through the entire article and make yourself enlighten about the African braids!

Did braids originate in Africa?

Without a doubt, braids originated from Africa. It is because one can visualize how African people or people in the Black community have this bonding experience among each other with braiding. This tradition started with African mothers, sisters, and cousins. Braiding is not a solo task. It requires helping hands and a lot of time. It brings affection, care, love, and some pain, but the end is worth it.

The tracing of braids can be seen in African cultures 5000 years back at around 3500 BC. It became a kind of popular sport among women. Looking at the history by turning pages, one can find the origin of braids in Africa by the Himba people of Namibia. Alysa Pace of Bomane Salon stated it.

Various tribes as a unique identity then adapted the use of different styles of braids. It started as a necessity, culture, tribe identity, gesture of affection, unity of women, and then now a worldwide fashion trend.


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What should you know about African braids?

Braids are one of the perfect ways to take a break from styling your hair regularly. You can forget about your hair for months with braids. It gets enough rest and protection from different environmental factors as well. You can attract attention, admiring glances, get sincere smiles, and feel fantastic with the African braids.

There is a creative space with braids. With different styles, one can be creative enough to create a new one with little effort. Also, one can experiment. Add highlights, make curly textures too, add clips, make different shapes, etc.

If you have a natural perm and thick hair, it is a boon or a bonus for you as you can now make amazing braids out of it. Though it is also problematic as it requires a lot of time to care and make different hairstyles, for braiding, it is perfect. Stop complaining, start braiding the natural perm and thick hairs! Because, if look at the advantages only.

Moreover, African braiding is versatile as it has plenty of options you can pick from. They are micro braids, twist braids, cornrows, fishtail braids, box braids, tree braids, French braids, etc. It depends on what kind of hair you have and what suits you the most. You can shape the hair into gorgeous twists depending upon the special events you have.

The African braids were a trending fashion hairstyle even in 2000 years b.c. as confirmed by the researchers. If this hair has been in trend even today, it has to be unique. Also, there are plenty of designers who work only on braiding to create new and modified ones now and then and present them even at fashion shows. It has made braiding a loved hairdo of not just African women but women worldwide.


What is a popular trend in African braids?

Fashion is something that brings spice into our lives. Adding fashionable clothes every time is not possible. The weather also determines the clothing. However, when it comes to hairdos, you are comfortable to carry out a new one at any weather. Things are more accessible to hairstyles.

There are specific popular trends in African braids, which are fantastic, inspired by the great fashion artists and attempted by celebrities.

The following are some of the ideas. Check them out.

  1. Edgy cornrows with a tight grip, and a bun at the end: This is quite casual rather than an official look. You can wear this on a club night or even at your school. Look relaxed yet amazing with this idea.
  2. Wrapped braids, twists with flowers: This is for a chic and sexy look. With flowers, you slow down and also manage to look cute. This idea is inspired by Boho chic.
  3. Long hair looks with Whimsical Braids: It is a unique idea that starts from the mid-shaft, which is not noticeable to the front and looks quite sloppy in the back with that braids.
  4. Low Braided Buns: This idea is quite common yet very popular. Braids look awesome when converted into low buns. The updos are also exciting, but little buns are casual and fashionable and go well with various looks as well as outfits.
  5. Twisted Rope Braids: This is a three-dimensional braid which is ideal for thick hair and looks chic with a little effort. Give this hairdo a try, which is worth a try!

What are the different types of African Braids?

There are plenty of African braids ideas and types. They are different depending upon the tribes that originated, hair type, time, modification, etc. Some of the most popular African braids are listed below:

Havana Twists
Micro Braids
Mini Braids
Box Braids
Janet Braids
French Braids
Fish Braids
Dutch Braids
Yarn Braids
Goddess Braids

There are plenty of African braid ideas, but the above listed are some popular and famous ones. Most of them are very common because they are easy to prepare as well. The main idea of choosing a braid depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a simple one, pick loose braids like cornrows, mini twists, etc. 

If you are looking for something fancy for huge voluminous hair, go with goddess braids. The goddess braids are royal and give you a luxurious look. They provide a high volume, and you are looking gorgeous with that party look. Goddess braids are somehow cornrowing only but extended ones. 

Some of the braids like French braids, Dutch braids, etc. also have African origin but modified in France & Holand, respectively. These are specific and stylish. People like these braids as they are unique and mastered with styles. 


Dreadlocks are the most complicated type of braids for black hair. But yet they are the most popular ones not just among girls but even boys. They are worn by artists, athletes, rappers, wrestlers, etc. It also is featured among pirates and people who work in the sea. The best part about it is, it is a long term braiding style that does not require any attention but patience. But the worst part is, you cannot get back your original hair by removing the dreadlocks. You have no choice besides cutting it off. You cannot make it yourself and have to go to the hair salon. It is a complicated African braid yet loved by people worldwide.

How compatible is it with different hair types for African braids?

There are no certain hair types that only can have African braids. The hairs that are straight, wavy, curly, or natural; it does not matter. Though it started typical Afro hair as a necessity, it does not mean other hair types do not support this hair. Of course, it is more comfortable with the Afro hair type, making it a plus for African hair. But with little hair products and efforts, every hair can have them.

There are different styles, some might not be compatible with all hair types, but most are. In short hair, damaged hair, and thin hair, one can add hair extensions and still make it workable. The extensions of hair are a common thing for African braids. Afro women face a lot of problems with damaged hair and not getting the required hairdo. Twists are unusual as they are so real with even the extensions. Also, you can do it yourself or with less professional hands.


How to undo African braids?

Braiding is a difficult task, so it is undoing braids. Making braids can be different for different types of African braids. But destroying the African braids is almost the same, except for dreadlocks. Dreadlocks cannot be undone, and it is permanent, while other braids can be undone.

You might require a helping hand to undo the braids. But you can do it yourself as well. There are the following steps to undoing the braids. Go through them which work as guidelines:

Step 1:

Start with the central part of the head. You need to start from one point, and you can do it from the center. It can fail if you have begun the braids from one side. It is to be guided and on the right track. If you do not choose a point, you might mess up entire braids. It is the longest step and requires a lot of concentration and patience.

Step 2:

Now that the braids are off, you need to untangle the hair before anything. There are tiny braids in between staying as tangles that can be removed with fingers easily. For the other remaining small knots, use a comb with loose teeth so that there is the least damage to the hair. You can use the tiny teeth comb after you have combed with the loose teeth comb.

Step 3:

Apply coconut oil and massage your hair. It is to provide enough moisture to your hair. The hair has been under protection and requires enough humidity to get back to its real hair. Massaging the hair will help it be elastic, gain strength, and the scalp also becomes well moisturized. Leave it with excess coconut oil on your hair.

Step 4:

Wash your hair the next day or after 3 to 6 hours of applying coconut oil massage. Use clarifying shampoo for washing the hair. The shampoo should not be allergic to your hair or scalp. Wash it well.

Step 5:

Condition the hair. It is done to moisturize, add strength, and make the hair smooth. Also, apply treatment cream to your hair.

Step 6:

Let your hair naturally dry unless you are in a hurry and have to use a heating device like a blow dryer.

Are African braids beautiful for kids?

African kids also wear African braids. The African braids can be very simple, depending on who is wearing it and which hair type is wearing it. It can be a kid’s hairdo too. Having an Afro hair can be depressing for small kids as they cannot make their hair themselves. In that case, parents make them braids, which will last longer.

But are they excellent for kids? It depends on how you make it. The braids can be dangerous sometimes. If the braids are tight, there can be extreme pain, hair fall, hair damage, and sometimes reduction of the hairline. In some cases, there can be baldness of hair.

If you make tight braids, your kids might not be able to concentrate on anything because of the constant pain. Similarly, making braids for a long time can cause some permanent hair problems as well.

The scalp of a kid is susceptible, and the hair itself is not very strong, either causing hair problems that can last forever. There are some other problems as well that can be seen with improper braiding. In such a case, it can be a big issue.

Therefore, if you are not very good at braiding, do not braid your kid. But, other times, it is beautiful.

Look at the picture below. The beautiful braids with loose ends look attractive on this kid. This hairdo is harmless and is completely fine to this kid unless there is a permanent loss of hairline. Only prefer loose braiding on your kids.


How do African braids increase hair volume?

High volume comes from a massive amount of hair. Making braids can create high volume as well. It is because the twists have spaces inside them, taking more space and creating hollow inside. It is a trick and often works. High volume hair is often desired and makes any hair look instantly attentive and gorgeous. You can add high volume through different braiding ideas like adding loose cornrows or boxes.

One can also get a high volume by the addition of hair extensions. You need to use the right amount of extensions for the correct size. Sometimes adding an ample amount of extension can be problematic. It increases the weight of the hair, causing the head to be massive. Also, the original hair might not be able to handle the burden, causing hair fall and pain to the hair. So, there should be the right amount of extensions added in the hair for making African braids.


Image Gallery | Afro Braids

This section consists of images showing different kinds of African braids that are unique. The idea of keeping this section is to provide you with multiple photos that express hairdo ideas better. It is never enough to tell about all the Afro braids with texts, so one has to go through the images.

The images presented below are the ones on the entire Internet. They are worn by celebrities, models, commoners, and stars. Go through all of the pictures and pick yourself something that matches your personality, hair type, hair length, and texture!


This article is all about African braids. To conclude, African braids have been existing for a long time and have been carrying a lot of cultural beliefs along with outstanding hairdos. This article deals with the definition of African braids, different types of ideas about braiding, cultural beliefs, the origin of it, advantages, disadvantages, classes, and so on.

If you are curious about the African braids, worry no more. You get what you are looking for here in this blog. Even the tiniest curiosity ends with this page. You will also find plenty of images about braids comparing it with the types of African braids. These images are nonidentical and unique.

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Have an excellent time braiding your hair with the African braids! 

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