59 Closet Arrangement Ideas To Switch From Boring Into Cool!

The closet becomes dominating when you are to go out on a date or an exceptional evening occasion. You spread out all the clothes off your cabinets to pick something to wear, and once you are back, all you have is stress from the clothes lying out. It is a general problem for all of us. There are some other problems relating to the closet like not being able to track outfits for your kids, or not been able to find that tee or some socks, right?

Closet spaces are never enough for no matter how minimum items are there for it. There can be numerous items like books, shoes, socks, dresses, suits, uniforms, outfits, and even toys that can be arranged in the closet. But all of these items are different from one another and will require separate dimensional compartments. If these are not clustered, there will be a mess.

Well, this article will provide you enough ideas to make suitable arrangements in your closet. It is not about space, and it never was about space. There are tactic organizing skills and ideas which will make every corner of your closet useful. Once you have organized with our thoughts, you can find anything without even looking at your wardrobe. And this converts into a habit, saving your time and energy.

Therefore, go through this article for some fantastic ideas for arrangements in the closet.

What is a Closet?

A closet is defined as an enclosed space that is generally square or rectangular with doors that can be locked for storing various items like clothes, shoes, bags, toys, etc. Some closets are fitted on the walls already while making a house. These closets are immovable and are mostly made of woods or concrete. Others are prepared as per the user’s choice, or demand. These are movable and can be of wood, metal, bamboo, etc.

The closet is called a piece of furniture or only a cabinet that has a set of drawers, some compartments, and a place for hangers and, most importantly, having a door or a set of doors. A closet can be called as a wardrobe, but not all wardrobes are closets. It is because a giant cupboard with a set of drawers for folded clothes is also a wardrobe, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. A wardrobe can be fitted or built-in too.

The closet is that furniture in your house, which is not pretty or should not be pretty, as it does not attract your guests. It stays mostly in your room and is least visible to your guests. Therefore, you need not worry about how it looks but only focus on making the most use.

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Does closet size matter?

The size of closet matters, when you have a lot of things to add on it. But if you do not organize it well, the volume will not be a plus point. There are various sizes of the closet from small to medium and large. The storage space can be increased and maximized, even in the small wardrobe. The space usage will determine how many stuffs you can put in the closet.

If you have a small space for a closet, then you can get something that is long yet width being narrow. Then, the compartments can be added in the closet with hangers option, shorter racks, drawers, and many more. So, it does not matter how small the closet it. It should be well occupied, and all the items will still have space inside it.

You can design your own closet space depending upon what sort of things you are planning to put inside it. It will help you make the maximum use of every corner in the closet, and it should not be huge either. It provides you space for all the little things, and you can place them well without having them misplaced again and again.

How to organize the closet?

Well, organizing a closet is the biggest trick ever. You are giving all your time in a day to manage your closet, and in a day or two, there is a complete mess again. The trick is making as many compartments as possible. The best way to organize a closet is to provide a place for each item separately or shared space for standard items. It can be done in several ways. One requires organizing skills for that.

Organizing closets mean utilizing all the empty spaces and maximizing each corner. This section will teach you how to make proper organization within your cabinets and make space for everything. Go through these life-changing tips and get benefited.


Double hang is the best way to organize the empty spaces in the closets. The closets are usually long, and the hanging space is generally for two but is occupied by single hangs. One can divide the hanging section into two. For this, add the current rod up and decide how much space is okay for one layer of clothes.

With double hang, you can categorize what sorts of clothes are going on each layer. You can place suits on the top sheet with formal wear and casuals or gym wear on the lower layer. It will maximize the use of the space that is for hangers alone in the closets. Instead of folding extra clothes below the first layer of hooks, you can categorize into two segments and make maximum clothes into racks.

Hanging clothes is better than folding them because picking one out does not affect the other garments. Similarly, hanging clothes require lesser time than folding them. The clothes will also not exchange their smells when attached instead of folding. Moreover, hanging clothes look better than folded clothes.

Your hanging space should not always be limited to clothes. Be creative and think outside the box. You can use different types of hangers and hang several items like jewelry or even bags or shawl. You can add scarfs, ties, belts, or even towels.

Hangers’ Types

Most people pick wooden hangers for clothes, and some use metal hangers. Both are of similar prices. Plastic hangers can be less effective in the long run as it might be loose or even break due to heavy load. Similarly, metal hangers can get rust in case the clothes are moist sometimes. Moreover, wooden hooks can be comparatively expensive and less alluring. The best will be picking metal hangers coated with plastic that will last longer and will not cause rusting.

Sometimes merely adding hangers outside the closet or on the doors on the inside can also be very useful to add small objects like hair ties and jewels. It will also provide space for some random stuff that you are always confused or have no idea where to place.

If you are a person who is very much crafty or like things all organized in a beautiful way, then you can try getting color-coded hangers. It will look more serene and organized and provide a visual cue for you to get things with ease. You can get more full hangers for the men suits and shirts and medium or standard hangers for other clothes.


Labeling might sound very simple but is very useful. It is essential when you have decided to add a lot of bins or containers or have plenty of compartments in your closets. Well, labeling can never be a bad idea. You do not have to be a person who always forgets things or requires written information to get labels. Sometimes color code can replace labels but not necessarily always.

Either write on the bin or compartments itself with a permanent marker or add a card with the labeling done. You can add codes or strings as well to mark the label. Labeling can be done in baskets, compartments, drawers, bins, and even on shelves.

You can also add pictures instead of labels to make it more comfortable to understand or to make it look more beautiful. Adding photographs of the tee for tee section, jewelry for jewelry section, shoes for shoe section, and so on. It will help to save enough time and make your work more comfortable with sorting as well. If you have kids who cannot read, adding pictures on their closets will help them figure out what stuff goes. Try it out and save your time with mess-free cabinets.


It is not easy to get closets of your choice or design your cabinets every time. You will have to be happy with what is available in the market or what is available in your house. Even if you have designed closets, you might need to make some adjustments or compromise it with time. You will require additional drawers or compartments that can be created using bins, baskets, or containers.

The best part is, you can get various sizes of bins, containers, and baskets in the market. These are as per your space available or required for items. If the area is too small, you can still add jewelry there with a small basket. If the space is enormous, add big containers or small containers with multiple numbers. It will help to place the items by sorting each one. Also, by adding labels to these, you can make a proper understanding of what things are placed where.

When it comes to bins, there are several options like tights bin, belts bin, gym clothes bin, winter sweaters bin, scarves bin, bags bin, jewelry bins, and so on. You can get a typical container for different items or different kinds of different things.

Organizing With Bins

The bins are mostly of plastic, and baskets can be of bamboo as well as woods or again plastics. You can also get containers of metal, but it is not very much preferred because of its weight. It is better to use lightboxes because it will be easy to lift the light ones than heavy ones.

It is fantastic to have colorful bins because it also makes your closets look prettier and more organized. You can add blue bins for your husband and a pink one for you, and for kids, it can be bright yellow or green. The drawers can have pores for more ventilation, especially when the clothes are sweaty or moist like towels or gym clothes.

The use of plastic bins or containers will protect your clothes from the rotting from the furniture itself. The furniture can sometimes cause smelly clothes and rot it. The bins will avoid this from happening. It is the bonus, and you can have as many compartments as you like leaving behind zero space!


But there are few cons too. Having containers or bins for clothing store requires a lot of folding of clothes, which is time-consuming. Moreover, if one of your clothes is smelly, it might transfer into other fresh clothes too. Similarly, do not add wet clothes or sweaty clothes; otherwise, it will not dry and also transfer moistness to other cloths.



It also depends on how you fold your clothes. You might be tired of having all the clothes to iron again and again or not having enough space because of the random folding of clothes. The secret is the technique of folding clothes. If you are folding shirts, you need to follow a complete procedure because it requires a little effort. You can then place one shirt above the other without needing to iron them again and again or misplace.

If you have a lot of clothes that you wear rarely, put them on the base and the clothes that you wear more often lie them above it or stack them above the pile of old clothes. This way, you will not have to continually fold all the gears while picking one at a time.

If the space is small and the clothes are a lot, you can try rolling them into a small pouch instead of folding them. It is one of the travel hacks where you can add more clothes in a little suitcase of yours. Doing this regularly in your closets is preferred when the clothes do not require ironing, especially elastic garments, socks, leggings, and even underpants.

Organizing Tips For Closets

Adding a lot of things to a single board can be a mess, right? Though it lasts very well for a few days, from the third day, confusion is back. So, there are specific tips that one needs to keep on mind to organize without any mess. The following are some tips that can be life-changing for some of us!

  • Add bins, containers, baskets, etc. for small items that do not have private space.
  • Use hangers for shawls, jewelry, and even ties, which will add more space.
  • Stick magnets or sticky nails on the inside of the door for more items to hang.
  • Add socks and underpants one above the other through small containers.
  • Roll leggings and pants that do not require ironing.
  • Use labels or color codes for easy sorting.
  • Avoid metallic hangers to avoid rusting of clothes.

Some Organized Closets Images:

This section consists of pictures or images of the closets that are well organized or sorted. You can find how beautifully all the items are placed without any mess. You can try copying these ideas from the images provided below. You can also pick the hangers’ design or the furniture itself, bins, or containers, as shown in pictures below. Be creative, and learn from what we have added here!


This article is all about closets! Yes, lockers are often a messy enclosed box or furniture. We all have been there where opening a closet means flowing out of all your stuff on you. It is not a problem of a single person, but everyone who has jobs, college, and less time at home will admit having problems with sorting closets.

Therefore, closets require organizing. It can be done in numerous ways. It is not always possible to get a designed cabinet for all your items. With time, the kinds of stuff can be different, and you will require a new design again. So, the only solution is organizing your closets smartly. There are various ways to do that.

This article tells you what sort of things will help you keep your closets organized. In addition to this, you will also find out the best ways to make that boring closet look fantastic. There are ideas of sorting clothes, jewels, shoes, scarves, bags, purses, and every other item that fits the wardrobe.

If you made it here, congratulations, you have reached the bottom of the page! If you liked it, please share it with someone evil at organizing closets. Moreover, could you share it with anyone who you care about? Please send us your feedback on this one.

Have an excellent time with organizing your closets!

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