I recently got the opportunity to travel to New York for the weekend to attend one amazing workshop called Blogging Your Way, taught by the amazing Holly Becker of Decor8, (if you don’t have the Decor8 book, I’ll be doing a review on it soon. Too good to pass up.) and Leslie Shewring of A Creative Mint. Both amazing, inspiring and talented ladies, with BIG ideas and even bigger plans. I loved every minute learning from them, and connecting with bloggers from all around. It was such an intimate setting, which really made it a hit for me. I would much rather be hands on with 20 people in a room, versus hearing a speaker teach to thousands in a room. It was very much straight to the point, my learning style exactly. I loved being able to share with other bloggers and get even more inspiration from them and their works. It was one huge room of right brained beauties :)

I really can’t say enough great things about this workshop. Holly and Leslie, thank you THANK YOU for all you poured out into this day. My creative veins are flowing, and I can’t wait to put them to great use. Xoxo

 One thing I’ve learned throughout my time in the creative business is that it’s so easy to get competitive, so easy to compare yourselves to others, and even I myself often find myself saying, “I’ll never get that far…”, or “How on earth will I ever make that happen!?” Truth is, you probably won’t get anywhere being a constant comparison to what you’re not bringing to the table. Focus on your strengths, work extremely hard at them, and do them to the fullest.

Oh yes, and make friends. Make tons of friends. In the wedding/blogging/creative industry- there are so many kind and talented people to connect with. Make that a priority- because they’re just like you!

Oh and P.S. – this Texas girl catching a cab in New York by herself… let’s just say I learned a friendly wave doesn’t get you very far. :)

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  1. Linnea: March 12, 2012

    Amanda, this looks like it was such an amazing time! I love how independent and adventurous you are. Also… you are so right on with your take on comparing yourself to others. I fall into the habit on doing that, and it doesn’t get me anywhere except stuck. Thank you for the encouragement & I hope you’re having a fabulous Monday! xo

  2. amandamarie: March 13, 2012

    Linnea, thank you so much! Your words made my day- hope you have a fabulous Tuesday, I’m glad I could bring encouragement to your day!! Xoxo

  3. Ashley: March 13, 2012

    Amanda, it was lovely to meet you and have a new blog to follow! :) I love all the Instagram pics you took! Super cute! Like Linnea, I too love your take on comparing yourself with others. It’s so hard not to sometimes, and so easy to be competitive, but I am a firm believer in hard work paying off!

  4. Paola: March 13, 2012

    Hi Amanda,

    It was great meeting you at BYW. Love your pics, and great to find your lovely blog. I’m still on the creative and inspirational high of that weekend. Keep in touch!

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