Sometimes you just need down time with friends you love. A hangout in black and white film. Shot with // 400 Tmax b+w 120 film

My dear and talented friend Lauren taught her ever growing calligraphy class in LA  back in April.  I guess I passed the cool factor – because I was privileged enough to tag along and document the trip in the beautiful Designlovefest studio in downtown LA! I recapped the work and play parts of our trip, […]

There aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to describe my sweet, giving and beautiful mom. But since the world decided to have another March 27th, I figured her birthday was as good as any day to try. So here it goes… This is for you mom! She fell in love with her best friend, and […]

If you are passionate about the online world of social media, planning to launch a blog or already have been blogging, are a small business owner, or are studying branding, marketing or online communications, Go Blog Social is a conference you can’t miss. There will be amazing speakers at this year’s event in Kansas City […]

Two weekends ago I took a trip to New Hampshire to meet with ten amazing and beautiful women on Merrymeeting Lake for a little retreat called Return to Rest. These are all women who work in the creative or wedding industry, but this was not a typical ‘workshop’ to learn about photography, how to better […]